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  1. So sorry I didn’t get to meet you amum/Cathy. Aileen, it was a pleasure to meet you. LTD
  2. Not sure where I’ll be yet Nana Lily and Janet as haven’t collected my tickets yet. Look forward to seeing you both. LTD
  3. I’m so looking forward to seeing this tomorrow at both the matinee and evening performances. Send me a PM if you are going and would like to say hello. LTD
  4. Missed from this list for 2015/2016 Guangzhou and Beijing (China), Bogota (Columbia), Singapore & Barcelona 👍
  5. I'm selling 1 ticket at £37 (first circle) for the 2pm matinee, Thursday 21st September for Akram Khan's Giselle at Sadlers Wells. Message me if you're interested. Ticket can be collected at box office.
  6. Brand new pointe shoes for sale

    Grishko pointe shoes have been sold. LTD
  7. Brand new pointe shoes for sale

    I have the following brand new pointe shoes for sale: Bloch TMT Axis - size 4 1/2 XX - 7 pairs - £30 per pair or discount for multiples plus p&p (Bloch retail price £59.95) Bloch Balance European - size 5 1/2 XX - 1 pair - £25 plus p&p (Bloch retail price £53.95) Grishko 2007 Pro - size 5 XXX M - 1 pair - £25 plus p&p (retail price £48) Available due to DD's foot size/width changing. LTD
  8. ENBS students living at Queen Alexandra's House

    My DD lived at QAH for her 3 years at ENBS and she was very happy there. They tend to put the ENBS students on the same floor, so that they can be together to socialise, cook etc. I liked that it had someone at the desk 24 hours, so that it was very secure. The food was excellent, although not always healthy, so they have to be disciplined on what they eat. After the first year, my DD's room was upgraded, which was fantastic and I believe that they are slowly renovating all the rooms. She had the small room, which was fine, as they are not in their rooms much. The staff are very friendly and caring of all the residents too. Please send me a private message if you need to know anything else. Hope this helps. LTD
  9. (I'm going tomorrow. I just wondered, as it's Sadlers, what time it ended please? I'm on a very very tight timeline due to engineering works. The site says approx 21.45, but Sadler's always start late at least 5-10 mins. Thank you...) The working dress rehearsal started at 19:05 and even with 2 long breaks, it was finished around 21:30. Hope this helps. LTD
  10. I was at the working stage rehearsal on Wednesday evening and wow what an evening. The first piece In The Middle, Somewhat Elevated, was beautiful danced, although for me it went on a little too long and the music was not really my cup of tea. Standout performer was Precious Adams. The second piece Adagio Hammerklavier was beautiful. The 3 couples were Fernanda Oliveira, James Forbat, Laurretta Summerscales, Fabien Reimair, Tamara Rojo, Isaac Hernandez. The piano playing was exquisite. Finally Le Sacre du printemps with Francesca Velicu as 'The Chosen One'. I was not sure how I would feel about this piece, but OMG it was so emotional. The commitment from the dancers was amazing. In short, Graham Watts Instagram post sums it up "gorgeous, life-affirming dance". LTD
  11. Hamburg ballet school

    I don't know anything about the school but here's a link to their website and if you scroll down, it shows 2016/2017 graduate contracts. LTD http://www.hamburgballett.de/en/ballettschule/index.php