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  1. Boogalou

    Best way to dye/paint pointe shoes black?

    I too had the emergency phone call last week and thanks to Amazon prime sent sharpies to dd. They did the trick and as you say they all looked black on stage, I also got a text to say the black lipstick was no longer needed! The show was amazing and as always everyone looked fabulous, now time for a well earned rest.
  2. Boogalou

    Rambert summer school - what is needed?

    Thank you so much, I have found the email and sent the medical form. I don't know what I would do without this forum! x
  3. Boogalou

    Rambert summer school - what is needed?

    Not got our info pack yet, so we don't know yet either.
  4. Boogalou

    To guide or not guide vocational choices ... ?

    This course sounds very similar to the course offered by Hammond, am I correct in thinking that?
  5. Boogalou

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    lol, I should read properly!🤣
  6. Boogalou

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Thank you, so as Meadowblythe says its only Central, Rambert and RCS that do a Dance degree for 16 yr olds (Not heard of Dancewise).
  7. Boogalou

    RAD exams at vocational school

    If 16 yr old DD wants to pursue a Diploma or degree down the Dance route rather than the MT route how important is it that the school offers the chance to continue her RAD exams? I've started researching various schools and some mention RAD exams and others don't but does that mean they don't offer them or just that that info isn't on the website?
  8. Boogalou

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Thank you Balletbean, so does this mean that where a degree course requires A level or equivalent then its still worth DD applying at 16 with her RAD intermediate and ISTD Modern Intermediate? I was starting to think the degree courses were only for 18 yrs+.
  9. Boogalou


    How do we find out which schools have agents that come to their graduation shows? Dd is currently at vocational lower school and so we can't attend open days, the only info we have is from websites and their prospectus.
  10. Boogalou


    How do you know if a agent is a good one or not???
  11. Boogalou


    OK please excuse my naivety but how does it work if dc are taken on by an agent? Looking at some destinations of upper schools I see some students have been accepted by agents rather than going on to joining a company or cruise company which also makes me wonder what other options are there after upper school?
  12. Boogalou

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    She will be 16, she quite fancies contemporary so rambert or NSCD but I thought keeping her options more open first then concentrating on contemporary might be best?
  13. Boogalou

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Dd looking at applying for upper schools for Sept 2019 and after looking at websites and reading through this brilliant forum I am still completely confused by the whole process but need to get my head around it all in order to help dd make a decision. We completely agree with those that say go with the "feel" of a school but I am confused about whether she should be looking at the level 6 diploma or the BA hons degree? She would have to have funding as we are an average income household but does funding include the accommodation costs or do we fund that ourselves? How did you all start the process or selecting just a few schools to apply for? Dd is dance orientated not Mt although she doesn't mind doing it all for one year then selecting the dance route. Any advice please.
  14. Boogalou

    Living at The Hammond

    Sorry yes Yr10 ☺️
  15. Boogalou

    Living at The Hammond

    Can any parents of Yr11 children please get in touch regarding tomorrow's careers interviews, I have lost my letter, I can remember our time slot but no other details. Thanks