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  1. Questions about Upper School auditions

    This worries me a little, dd currently in Yr10 and starting to think of where to audition for upper schools, She is currently at vocational school and I was kind of relying on the school/teachers in helping her decide what's best for her?
  2. North east pointe shoe fitter

    clicked on your link smallbythesea and got a suprise! lol
  3. North east pointe shoe fitter

    Can anyone recommend a pointe shoe fitter please, we live near Darlington. Many thanks
  4. Hammond Summer Schools (including solo coaching)

    I see the leaflet this year does say " girls must have very strong pointe skills" I don't think it was clear enough last year as it was the first ballet intensive ss they had offered. My dd thoroughly enjoyed it but I agree there were quite a few pupils who were out of their depth last year.
  5. Hi there, DD moving up into Year 10 so needing a black cap sleeve leotard size M plus the pink cap sleeved leotard size 3. Does anybody have any spare or going cheap please.
  6. Living at The Hammond

    Couldn't agree with you more Ballet4Boyz, our dd joined last september in yr9 and with the amazing support and kindness from all staff at school and the boarding house our dd has blossomed beyond our expectations and more importantly she is happier than even. You are spot on about how it feels to have them away boarding, we never expected to miss her quite so much and the affect it would have on her younger sister who is actually still learning to cope without her older sibling around.
  7. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Regarding singing, my dd auditioned for yr9 last year and was offered a place without singing at the audition at all (she's never been a singer). She started last September and her confidence has gone from strength to strength so much so that she started her private singing lessons today and said it was brilliant.
  8. Living at The Hammond

    It wouldn't suprise me if my dd got it wrong!
  9. Living at The Hammond

    The examiner was called Mrs Richards
  10. Living at The Hammond

    DD had hers this morning she has finally text me so say it went well ( apart from her turns apparently!).
  11. Tap grades at Hammond

    Tell your dd not to worry my dd joined Hammond in yr9 last September and she hadn't done any tap apart from the very basics when she was 5. She is in the beginners class with yr7,8 and a couple of other yr9 and she's loving her lessons.
  12. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Just want to say my dd didn't sing at the Hammond audition and was still offered a place.
  13. Living at The Hammond

    Hi all, got DD's assessments results today and very pleased with how she is doing as she only started yr9 in September but I just wondered, do we get assessments results every term? and also it says pass mark is 50% so does that mean some students do get below 50% and will those students be assessed out at the end of the year?
  14. Hammond Open Day Sat 1 October

    We weren't allowed to record or take photos but that didn't matter. We thoroughly enjoyed watching dd dance and were so impressed with the improvements she has made in just 4 weeks, we are extremely proud and everyone at the school has been so supportive in helping dd settle in, she is loving it!
  15. Hammond Open Day Sat 1 October

    Our DD is doing an hour of dance then English then RE, are we allowed to take photos or video them dancing?