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  1. National Youth Ballet auditions - main company

    Results are coming out this afternoon 😊 good luck everyone x
  2. National Youth Ballet auditions - main company

    Just had the following email 😊 Dear All, Thank you so much for auditioning for the NYB this season. We really hope you enjoyed your audition. We just wanted to let you know that you will hear the outcome of your audition by Friday 16th March 2018, by email from info@nyb.org.uk. It is a good idea to add this email to your contacts to help this email arrive in your inbox rather than into your junk/spam folders. Have a good weekend. Kind regards, Katie NYB Team
  3. Hi Bluelou They are really quick at getting back to you, I’ve booked dd onto the 2nd week she will be 15 in March, the only thing I was surprised at when completing the online application form it doesn’t ask for the current dance examation/level , but did read this on the website students should be working at approximately Advanced Foundation level, or above, in ballet to benefit fully from the course. On the first day teaching staff will observe students as they participate in classes and stream them into groups appropriate to their level. The purpose of this is to ensure everyone gets the most out of the course and is taking part in activities appropriate for their experience.
  4. Hi two left feet I’ve pm you 😊
  5. Questions about Upper School auditions

    Hi Balletbean, DD is very much wanting to stay on the classical ballet route, so ENBS will be on our list, but it’s going to be a very long and hard journey, trying to gather as much information on courses/pastoral care and funding. How about your dd, is she doing auditions now?
  6. Questions about Upper School auditions

    My dd attended the ENBS audition workshop in Jan, we found it very useful as she’s a yr10 vocational student so getting as much info as possible where we can, they told us the reason behind them now asking for dvd audition application is that they have more time to look at each applicant, last year they had over 500 applications.
  7. Hi, I would be grateful for any feedback on the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland BA Modern Ballet Course and if they run a Ballet Summer School Course (re the summer course ideally what ballet level this would be aimed at). Doing a bit of research for dd auditioning in 2019. Thanks in advance 😊
  8. Hammond Leotards For Sale

    Hammond Leotards For Sale Ballet Royal Blue Arabesque leotards size 2 x 2 Royal Blue Arabesque leotards size 2a x 2 Royal Blue Arabesque leotard size 3 x 1 Tap/Modern Wear Moi Elipse Pacific leotards size age 10/12 x 2 Wear Moi Elipse Pacific leotards size xs x 2 Each leotard £5.00 each plus postage or can be given to the student at school
  9. For Sale - Capezio Practice Tutu Skirt Black XS

    Hi SMabbutt Ive dropped you a email 😊
  10. Capezio Practice Tutu Skirt Black XS Seven layer traditional practice tutu with elasticised knit waistband and full brief. Excellent condition, from a pet and smoke free home £18.00 plus £4.50 p&p
  11. National youth ballet 2017

    Main Cast Results are out ?
  12. Hammond tracksuit tops and blazer - for sale

    Hi Karen is the blazer also 32" I'm not sure what size my dd but she is outgrowing hers and could do with a replacement, I'll text her and find out what size she is ????
  13. Tap grades at Hammond

    Hi With regard to the Summer show photos, - these are the details to obtain copies of the Forever Dance photographs. Go to: http://apertures.dphoto.com The pictures in the galleries are watermarked and can’t be downloaded. Parents can contact Brian Slater for the password to access the photos at bjs120@virginmedia.com to order. Print prices, including postage, 12”x8” £10.00. 7”x5” £8.50.
  14. Living at The Hammond

    Hi SarahW as it's their 100 years celebration so this is very unusual week, my dd is also def more classical but has enjoyed this week. I can't wait to go and watch tomorrow, she also has her assessments starting on Monday she's in year 9 she seems ok about it but you can't help to worry for them. Im not sure if any more performances will happen until the end of the term year. It would be lovely if they put on a ballet as I miss watching her dance ???? I'm sure they will catch up on the academics and dance they have missed