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  1. Sassy girl

    Wear Moi Leotards For Sale

    I have the following leotards for sale. All in excellent condition. Wear Moi Opaline in Black - Size Ladies XS - £12 plus p&p Wear Moi Kitri in Black - Size Ladies XS - £12 plus p&p Wear Moi Kitri in Pink - Size Ladies XS - £12 plus p&p Plume Po7m Leotard in Fucshia - Size Ladies Small - £8 plus p&p Please message me if interested. Thanks
  2. I have a purple Tring Classical Ballet Academy leotard for sale. Camisole style in a ladies size small. Style worn in classes 5 & 6. Excellent condition £10 plus p&p. Message me if interested. Thank you.
  3. Sassy girl

    Elmhurst 2014 entry auditions

    Nope, it's not just you Tulte can't see it either! Also can't find preferred audition date on application form???
  4. Sassy girl

    Falling at the first hurdle!

    Do Unite accept under 18's in their Kirby Street acommodation?
  5. Sassy girl

    Dance Photographer

    Thank you!
  6. Sassy girl

    Dance Photographer

    Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced dance photographer in or around the London area?
  7. Sassy girl

    Tring parks classical ballet academy

    Yes I think it is based on age and ability. My DD is 15 and in Class 6 which is the last class of the day 2.30-5.00pm.
  8. Sassy girl

    RBS Upper School Finals (10/3/13)

    Yes London SA's!
  9. Sassy girl

    RBS Upper School Finals (10/3/13)

    The current SA's have their appraisals this weekend, so that's probably why no results yet!
  10. Sassy girl

    Elmhurst Summer School Photos

    I sent DD's application in quite a few weeks ago & haven't heard anything either. Does anyone know when we find out if they have been accepted or not?
  11. Sassy girl

    Flesh coloured leotard

    Dance Direct have quite a good selection, however I think they are around £15. Having said that I bought one for my DD quite a few years ago & she still wears it now! Its very stretchy & has adjustable straps. We have definitely had our money's worth!!
  12. Sassy girl

    Royal ballet summer school Covent garden

    Closing date is 1st March. Found it on page 3 of the application form! x
  13. Sassy girl

    Royal ballet summer school Covent garden

    Thank you!
  14. Sassy girl

    Royal ballet summer school Covent garden

    Does anyone knows roughly how early the classes start each day and what time they finish? Wondering whether it is commutable, or whether there are any evening events?
  15. Sassy girl

    ISTD Imperial Classical Ballet Awards 2013

    According to this years programme they are on the 3rd & 4th March. HTH!