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  1. sarahw

    A light-hearted look at auditions

    Yes apart from he's in Lausanne/NY or similar - could be hungover as well I suppose..😂😂😂
  2. Yes that is true @meadowblythe. I'm not sure if we hit a bad year. I would also like to add there are some fabulous ballet teachers there. It's more a lack of prioritisation of ballet and a lack of training structure at time. I'm sure the same issues make it a good place for MT.
  3. Wiz Regarding your offers from Tring/Hammond - if he is really keen on ballet particularly I would make sure that where you choose (if you have a choice!) has adequate hours of ballet and compare that to what he can access at home. Our personal experience of Hammond is that it offers a wide range of dance and doesn't always give priority for ballet. For example, a lot of dance is sacrificed for preparing for the carol concert in December. Hence when my DC auditioned in the January due to the carol preparations and Xmas holidays there'd been a month with no ballet. Not ideal at all. Good luck with your choices!
  4. sarahw

    Tring dance auditions/results 2019

    Cotswoldmum - we heard (and found in our experience) that you're less likely to get an offer from Tring the later you audition (or after Xmas). DD auditioned for dance so may be different. It seemed that exceptional candidates were made offers at any time and invited for funding auditions. For everyone else (including us!) places were filled in chronological order of auditioning.
  5. sarahw

    Height for girls in Year 11 - restricted?

    My gut feeling is that the very top upper schools in the UK will select in a preferred height range. Other schools , where excellent training is offered, offer to a range of heights. I feel your pain - dancing is a harsh world. Have you applied anywhere in the UK? Many European schools take on the taller side At 15 your DD may still grow so fingers crossed..... It's difficult news to break but she may grow yet. Better to be told that then a plain 'you're not good enough'. Good luck! I know KS Dance, Ballet West, Tring currently have some shorter girls.
  6. sarahw

    Missing ballet through illness

    Fantastic news. Your DD is amazing- such resilience. Hope she enjoys her future dancing adventures.
  7. sarahw

    Unqualified teachers

    Many SS and Masterclasses seem to advertise only the details of the professional's dancing career not their teaching qualifications. There seems to be an assumption that teaching ability is proportional to professional achievements.
  8. Hi These are Capezio CC750 black cotton/lycra jazz Pants with v front waistband. Two available. Bought 3 pairs as on DD uniform list and not yet worn so selling 2 of them! Have had a name label sewn in which I'll remove. Inside leg 80cm. https://www.planetdance.com/MobileSearch.php £22.95 new. Would like £14 each please. Postage at cost. Thanks
  9. Moorlands definitely worth considering.
  10. Julia Fisher in Manchester is fab. Also does a clinic in Kirby Lonsdale I think. https://www.privatehealth.co.uk/doctors-and-health-professionals/physiotherapy/julia-fisher/contact/ She's worked at Northern Ballet School. Was great with my DD. Rupert at KS is an excellent sport's scientist. I'm not sure where physio and sports science overlap but he would be a good place to start and there is a physio at KS also.
  11. sarahw

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Agree @Pups_mum. Kids are told 'work hard and you can achieve anything'. Had some very difficult conversations with my DD when she was younger about how this isn't always the case As dance parents we have to hope we encourage them into a realistic path while enabling them to retain their love of ballet.
  12. Loved the relay. So enjoyed it in every way. A total treat. The only thing that let it down was (noticed independently by all in our party) the ill fitting shoes worn by the female party children. Such a pity - they danced perfectly and will have the best feet in the country It's so basic.
  13. sarahw

    Northern ballet School Manchester

    Think they all need to get together and do a re-naming session.... 😂😂😂😂.
  14. sarahw

    Sewing elastic to pointe shoes

    Cross posted. Just be aware that fittings at school are often not given the same appointment length as you get by visiting a shop. Maybe try locally in Xmas holidays?