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  1. Questions about Lower School auditions

    I'm sure if you emailed and requested a date they wouldn't mind. They are always very helpful. It's a minefield!!
  2. Ribbons on character skirts

    Just decoration I think Scottishdancermum. I'm not sure if the colours are set by each dance school or by RAD. Re the shoes - character is often used to describe european national dances and I guess character shoes are more similar to what would be worn than ballet shoes. Sorry cross posted with balletbean.
  3. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Regarding audition dates there is only one scenario where it's definitely worth auditioning early and that's where you would be in a position to accept a non funded place at Tring because they do seem to run out of places.
  4. Questions about Lower School auditions

    If she's at the extended programme I would imagine they are likely to know already if they want her so I would go with whatever suits you...
  5. Questions about Upper School auditions

    Has anyone heard from Elmhurst with an audition date yet? Thanks.
  6. Genee 2017

    Thanks Viv - that fits.
  7. Genee 2017

    Probably not a coincidence. .... A lot seem to be Aussie. Are they all at normal academic schools?
  8. Genee 2017

    Incredible how many finalists are 15 and must already have Adv 2 distinction!! Amazing.
  9. RBS National Skirt desperate plea

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. I feel for you!!
  10. WL auditions for 2017

    Fabulous - I'm thrilled for you both. The highs are much sweeter when preceded by a low...
  11. Audition decision wait - compulsive email checking

    Karen you've improved the lives of a whole generation of dance mums!!
  12. Audition decision wait - compulsive email checking

    I'm definitely completely bonkers and blaming it on stress of being a dance mum 😂😂😂😂
  13. Another audition leotard post

    https://www.planetdancedirect.co.uk/MobileDetail.php?Prod_ID=3010404 What about this Wear Moi Coralie Pictures? It comes in lots of colours. We've not tried it but the leg cut is usually flattering with Wear Moi x
  14. Audition decision wait - compulsive email checking

    Wish I knew the answer..... I've wasted hours, no days, doing the same thing. Good luck!
  15. Another audition leotard post

    I wonder if the black cap sleeved leotards may have changed Pictures? DD also finds it unflattering. When I've watched their classes I have also thought the leg cut could be higher..... I'm afraid I can't help with cap sleeved Leos but maybe ask Sheila at Just Ballet?