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  1. I know it may be a bit 'outing' but people may have knowledge about the courses she is accepted to which may help you...
  2. Hi - do you have a Wear Moi in size S remaining? Thanks!
  3. Hi - please could you send photos of Ballet Rosa and Mirella S? I'll pm email address. Many thanks!
  4. Unfortunately there are some dance schools who are willing to use very aggressive over stretching techniques and post them on Instagram. And on young children also. I'm particularly frightened of the box splits with band round feet and then pulling the band from behind to extend the stretch behind the bodyline and the over splits on chairs. I don't know if it's more common than 20 years ago but potentially it increases the incidence of such techniques as kids whose dance schools stretch safely are now exposed to these techniques and try them at home etc....
  5. Ideally 2, maybe 3 classes a week by year 5 I would think - assuming they want to of course! Ideally some non syllabus work included. But if a DC was totally recreational only then one per week would be fine. Is your DD keen to dance a lot?
  6. It would be worth speaking to KS Dance. They have a classical course for which there is still time to apply.... It's a small personal school with fantastic teaching....
  7. We bought a light to clip onto bed and also trug for bathing items. Additional storage boxes etc are useful but was is needed may vary depending on which room they get?
  8. In the past Hammond sent us a MDS sliding scale chart out promptly on request so we could work out contribution...
  9. Flexynexy you should start your own thread. I'm sure your room will be snapped up!
  10. Oh sorry Canary I thought they were because of the U18s....
  11. Ballet West is not boarding. It is self catering accommodation either on site or in village. KS is Trinity Diploma with very limited funding. Accommodation in houses with all KS students and vetted landlords.
  12. I agree you have done the correct thing by querying with the AD. If the concensus is that there is an issue then school should really help your DD via their physio. It's very frustrating when vocational schools say something needs attention but fail to address it themselves as that's what you're there for! We had similar... It may be worth seeing someone out of school for a second opinion. Theballetstrength pro at KS Dance is a potential source of help. All the students there do a lot of strengthening as an integral part of the course. I'm sure others could also recommend depending on where you are.
  13. I think Urdang do a foundation year which has no fees and prepares for auditions for level 6?
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