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  1. Masters of Ballet Academy

    The classes will be of a very high standard with the calibre of teachers at the school. The aim is to provide vocational level training, both in quality and quantity of classes (although the hours will be slightly less than at a vocational school), but in after school hours, giving students the best of both worlds hopefully. The older children hoping to audition for Upper Schools will no doubt take classes on most days during the week, however I'm sure the younger children will be able to take a more introductory approach and parents shouldn't be put off applying if their child wants to start on one or two days only. Olga also teaches at English National Ballet School and Central School of Ballet and Elena (an Ex Lead Principal at ENB) has been teaching for both ENBS and RBS in the last year. My Dc has been going to Olga's classes for a year on Sundays and will now be attending every day (except Mondays when there are no classes). We've found her teaching to be incredible technically, disciplined yet kind and good value for money. The classes aren't the cheapest around, but if your child is serious about their ballet and when you consider who's teaching them, what you might get for less money and the bad habits that your child might struggle to break further on down the line, it's money very well spent. The brand new studios have been built to their specification, so will offer fantastic facilities to train in
  2. ENBS 2017 graduates - any news?

    So it looks like 12 company contracts. Would there have been 12 boys and 12 girls in the year, or does it tend to be less in the third year?
  3. Flexibility

    My Dd has done more than one Masters of Ballet course with this teacher and had it impressed upon her never to come in to the studio and stretch cold, but to warm up the body properly first and never to cause the body pain in stretching. The Russian teacher also went to great lengths to explain that the turnout each child should be demonstrating should be from the correct use of the inner thigh and posteria rather than forcing from the feet and straining the knees. i would imagine this comment was possibly misunderstood because of the slight language barrier. This Russian teacher has an extremely good reputation and has her own London based dance school. She's also had in the last year one pupil accepted into the Bolshoi School, two into White Lodge and two to Vaganova School. Dd loves these courses. She is Year 10 at vocational school and this is always her favourite course for Easter and Summer. The facilities (and food!) are also amazing at Sadlers Wells!
  4. Summer school 2017

    Hi Tootu, I asked similar questions and got an email saying: Lessons for students from 11-19 year old start at 10 .00 am and finish at 4/5.00pm depending on the daily timetable. Foundation group: from 12.00-2.00pm Students may wear any ballet uniform abs bring Character shoes and character skirt. For the final day Performance: girls : black sleeveless leotard, black chiffon skirt, black footless tights for contemporary boys: : black tights and short sleeve white top, black ballet shoes. hope this helps!

    I'd definitely suggest Tring, either Musical Theatre Course: https://www.tringpark.com/associated-courses/musical-theatre-summer-course or Dance Course: https://www.tringpark.com/associated-courses/summer-dance-course-July2017 both residential
  6. Questions about Upper School auditions

    I viewed a First Year US class at RBS before Easter, it was part of the pupils B Tech assessments, using both contemporary and classical dance that they had choreographed in small groups. The pupils were a range of heights and body shapes. Not particularly leggy or skinny which did pleasantly surprise me. They were all immaculate dancers technically, especially in the contemporary that we saw the most of and all had a lovely stage presence. I would encouranpge everyone not to put too much store by rumours of height and weight requirements and just go in there and go for it. You might just have what they're looking for despite being 5'1" or 5'9"
  7. 3 tickets for sale on the front row of Balcony right. MAYERLING Satyrday 29th April Soares/ Cuthbertson 7pm Main Stage Balcony Right A74, A75, A76 face value £36 but will accept £25 per ticket if all 3 are taken. If just 2 are taken £60 for the pair. if interested please PM me by Wednesday. Many thanks
  8. Questions about Upper School auditions

    So sorry BadBallerina xx
  9. Summer school 2017

    Hi Elia, We have applied for Masters of Ballet which will be based at Sadlers Wells. The webpage is: http://www.mastersofballet.org Applications are by sending a video of a ballet or contemporary solo. The teaching faculty is amazing.
  10. Summer school 2017

    None of us at our vocational school have heard yet Loulabelle.
  11. Royal Ballet School SS

    We've never applied for RBS Summer School, so my comments are purely based on my opinion not sour grapes. My Dd will be doing POB SS and has always done ENBS SS in the past.
  12. Royal Ballet School SS

    Katy-N photos do not show ability and skill they show body type primarily, limb length and strength of turnout at most. If they wanted to judge on ability they'd ask for videos as POB and Masters of Ballet require.
  13. Royal Ballet School SS

    Katy-N photos do not show ability and skill they show body type primarily, limb length and strength of turnout at most. If they wanted to judge on ability they'd ask for videos as POB and Masters of Ballet require.
  14. The London Russian Ballet School

    Or Olga Semenova at Russian Imperial Ballet School. She has had a pupil accepted to Bolshoi Ballet School and two to WL this year.
  15. WL auditions for 2017

    One from YAGP and one following RB Summer School.