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  1. Sorry - I certainly didn't mean to worry anyone!
  2. That's really good to know. My friend will be in A39 - and she's around the same height as you, Jenny. Thanks to Don Q Fan, too. Jenny, it was very nice to meet you the other night at the premiere. Jacky
  3. That's great advice, thank you. I just got worried when I saw what the restriction was on the e-ticket! I'll get a cushion for her and tell her that she can lean forward slightly if the person behind is OK with that. (My ticket is on the side in Row G, and is more expensive!) Many thanks! Jacky
  4. Sorry - I may be posting this in the wrong place, but I just want to know what it's like sitting in the front row of the Amphi - I've just snapped a SL ticket up for a friend, (fairly central) but am now not sure whether she'll see over the tier as she's short. Any advice, please? Thanks Jacky
  5. Yes, it was - and it was great!
  6. I'm looking for one ticket for a friend for this performance - she'll consider anything that's not too expensive! Thanks Jacky
  7. And in Cambridge Picturehouse ..... plus the sound kept cutting out for a couple of seconds at various times
  8. Sorry - this is the first time I've tried to quote, and I seem to have messed it up! But I just wanted to say that I agree with Indigo and DaveM - some parts were hard to watch, and the middle act did seem to go on a bit with the harlots. I didn't get the sense that Manon herself was manipulative at all last night - she was just being used. However, the quality of the dancing, particularly Alexander Campbell, was stunning. Maybe it's time for a bit of a re-think for the ballet, both the staging and how it is presented - though obviously we can't judge it from the moral perspective of today. I also agree with DaveM that being thrown around in a swamp is probably not the best approach if you're on your last legs! Jacky
  9. Fingers crossed for that, Ruth ........
  10. I agree, Sim - and that's in the play. Many of the reservations above are Shakespeare's fault!
  11. J_New

    Royal Ballet 2018/19 Season

    So no Onegin. Oh well ... And I was hoping for Theme and Variations, but maybe there's a reason they don't/can't do it ...?? Jacky
  12. Due to a sudden heavy cold, I'm reluctantly selling my SCS for tomorrow March 13th. It's D11 £10. Pm me if you're interested - it's an ticket, so I can email it. I'll return it to the ROH tomorrow if no-one wants it. Thanks Jacky