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  1. Flowers in Giselle

    Yes, could be overactive imagination. I like the Russian version where there are only twinkling lights that scare him away - that seems a better way of ‘anticipating’ their arrival. Sorry - a bit away from the flowers ....which is such an interesting topic
  2. Flowers in Giselle

    I’ve often wondered how there can be Wilis scaring Hilarion at the grave at the start of the act when they haven’t been raised by Myrtha yet ......
  3. I have Amphi D37 for sale for Thursday March 15th £6 Officially restricted view. It's on the side, but actually has quite a good view. It's an E-ticket so I can email it. Message me if you're interested. Many thanks Jacky
  4. I totally agree, Fiz - and with all the comments above. The moderators do a great job, which is greatly appreciated. Jacky
  5. This is a very early request for two SCS tickets (ideally together) for any of the Morera performances of the RB Bernstein mixed bill. March 15, 23, 27 or April 6th. I realise this is very early, but am hopeful of getting two tickets together this way. Many thanks Jacky
  6. Onegin!!!!! Serenade Theme and Variations (not sure when this was last done) Woolf Works
  7. Jason Reilly IS Onegin for me. I remember the performance in London with Alina, and it was electric.
  8. Dmitri Hvorostovsky RIP

    Very sad indeed - such a lovely voice and such stage personality. He'll be missed!
  9. Thanks, Sim - as you say, fingers crossed!
  10. I thought that was the case, but was hoping someone might know whether Bennet will be doing it for any performances. Oh well .......
  11. Thanks Sim - that works, and is very interesting. On a different note - does anyone know whether it's possible to find out the casting for Hilarion in the up-coming run of Giselle? Jacky
  12. It was stunning! My first viewing, and I was completely blown away. It will stay with me for a very long time.
  13. Thanks, everyone - I'm really looking forward to it tonight.