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  1. Absolutely, Sim - and yes, Bruce - that performance of Reilly and Cojocaru in London was certainly stunning - it was one of those 'I was there' nights. I can still remember the Mirror Pas de Deux - so emotional and 'dangerous' too. I like Vogel as Lensky - but that's just me ...... for me Reilly is a superb Onegin who really inhabits the role.He brings an edge to it that I really like.
  2. I have SCS D31 for sale for R+J Matinee (13.30) on Saturday April 27th - £11. Cast Hamilton/Clarke. It's a 'real' ticket, so I'll post it. Send me a pm if you're interested. Thanks Jacky
  3. I was there last night and his jacket was definitely light grey.
  4. I saw the first performance tonight in London, and enjoyed it very much. As Jan said, there is so much to notice and so many details that are interesting and draw you in. The dancing (particularly in Act II) was glorious. I found the music a little 'dull' in Act 1, but that was a minor niggle. It's a shame that it doesn't seem to be selling so well, as it is definitely worth seeing!
  5. I know that there are lots of tickets still available, but I have 2x £8 (senior discount) tickets for Thursday March 28th matinee (14.30) if anyone is interested. They're in the Second Circle M5 and M6, and are available for collection from the Box Office. Let me know. I'll be out of email contact all day on Wednesday, but back online in the evening. Thanks Jacky
  6. I’m looking for one cheap seat for Sat 2nd. I will try the Friday Rush but if anyone has a spare then let me know. I already have my ticket but now need a second and it needs to be a seat. Many thanks Jacky
  7. Does anyone have a spare SCS ticket for Sat Feb 16th matinee? Thanks, Jacky
  8. It never seems logical to me that a good Olga will make a good Tatiana - they're so different - but then what do I know??
  9. Yes, I've read that too - but there must be a time when new Tatianas have to emerge ..... also I saw it in Amsterdam with every role being a debut. I just hope that we can keep it in London!
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