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  1. A long shot but does anyone know of any reasonably priced tickets for more or less any of Matthew Ball’s performances at Sadlers Wells? I was put off by the prices originally so didn’t get one and now regret it. One or two tickets (they don’t have to be together) and just one would be fine. Thanks Jacky
  2. I'm sorted now, thanks. Yay! Jacky
  3. Does anyone have a spare SCS ticket for Dec 15th evening? If so, I'd love to have it! Thanks Jacky
  4. I have Balcony standing for sale for Nov 20th C66 £6. It’s on the side, and says not suitable for those of small stature. Send me a message if you’re interested- it’s an e-ticket. Thanks Jacky
  5. Thanks for the heads-up, Amelia but I was too slow! Yes, I have seen your ticket but would really like a SCS if possible. I’ll hang on for a couple of days and see if anything turns up. Thanks again Jacky
  6. I'm looking for one SCS ticket for 20th, or 22nd or 23rd Nov. Fingers crossed that there's one out there for me! Thanks Jacky
  7. I rushed to grab a ticket on the ROH website and then realised that I couldn't make that evening - duh! Amphi D80 Price £16 - officially restricted view, but not too bad. I'll return it to the Box Office tomorrow, but if anyone would like it then PM me. Cast is Osipova/Muntagirov/Nunez. Thanks Jacky (reminding herself to check her calendar before buying a ticket)
  8. I'm returning these tickets to the Box Office tomorrow if no-one wants them. Thanks Jacky
  9. OK - ticket is no longer available. Thanks, Jacky
  10. Hi - let me know if you want the ticket. I’ll return it to the BO this afternoon. Thanks.
  11. Officially yes - it says that on the ticket (sorry, I should have put that in my original post). I don’t think it’s too bad though. If that puts you off, don’t worry- I was planning to return it to the Box Office on Wednesday anyway.