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  1. Dmitri Hvorostovsky RIP

    Very sad indeed - such a lovely voice and such stage personality. He'll be missed!
  2. Thanks, Sim - as you say, fingers crossed!
  3. I thought that was the case, but was hoping someone might know whether Bennet will be doing it for any performances. Oh well .......
  4. Thanks Sim - that works, and is very interesting. On a different note - does anyone know whether it's possible to find out the casting for Hilarion in the up-coming run of Giselle? Jacky
  5. It was stunning! My first viewing, and I was completely blown away. It will stay with me for a very long time.
  6. Thanks, everyone - I'm really looking forward to it tonight.
  7. What's the running time, please? I need to know for trains tomorrow. Thanks! Jacky
  8. I'm glad you've got a ticket - I wasn't trying to get in front of you - I obviously didn't make it clear that I was hoping for a seat! Jacky
  9. Does anyone have a spare ticket for Bayadere tomorrow (Thursday) or Saturday - either performance? I've been checking the ROH website for a while, but only the expensive seats seem to come up. Fingers crossed Jacky
  10. After the recent discussion on the Forum (Not Dance) about 'The Girl from the North Country', I hope no-one will mind if I say that I have 2 tickets for the matinee on Wed Aug 23rd at 2.30. They are senior concessions, £67.50 tickets in the stalls which I bought for £30 each. I'm happy to sell them for £25 each if any seniors are interested. Mods - please move or delete this post if you think it's not appropriate on the Forum - I was just following up on the discussion. Many thanks, Jacky
  11. I really enjoyed it too - I found it engaging and beautiful to watch - I thought all the dancing was excellent. A good night for me, too!
  12. Talk about lucky - within about an hour of posting this I got a ticket on the ROH website! So thanks everyone, but I'm I'm now sorted. Jacky
  13. Having got myself a ticket for Aug 1st, I'm now also looking for one cheap seat (not a standing place). Let me know if anyone has a spare! Thanks, Jacky
  14. I'm sorted, thanks to Now Voyager - very much appreciated! Many thanks. Jacky