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  1. I have SCS D38 for sale for Oct 25th at 7.30 - cast Bonelli/Morera. £9 It's an e-ticket so I can email it. Let me know if anyone wants it. Thanks Jacky
  2. Seconded, James - they were stunning! Their performance stayed with me for days.
  3. Tatiana gets my vote - I'd love to do the mirror scene - in my dreams!!!
  4. 'I'd be gutted if they dropped Onegin and I think you could argue a MacMillan/ Cranko link there to retain it' (Jenny) I'd be gutted too, and the RB do it so well! I'd be happy to drop most of McGregor, too.
  5. Oh no - I hadn't heard that - thanks for the info, Bruce. Oh well - it'll have to be Berlin, Stuttgart, Amsterdam then if this turns out to be the case. But it was always such a pleasure to see it in London - i still remember the electric evening when Reilly guested with Alina - and of course, later on the Naghdi/ Ball stunning Olga/Lensky pairing.
  6. But what about Onegin ........????? And yes, several triples I'd be able to save money on ...
  7. Site is working again now
  8. I've sent them a tweet ...
  9. Yes - I am having the same problem, and I'm using Safari
  10. There's no indication of casting yet, is there?
  11. Sorry Sim - we crossed! And sorry that you were replying to Dave, not me .... No, I got my dates wrong - I didn't see her debut - it was her second performance that moved me so much.
  12. I saw her for the first time on Monday 18th. I know that we all respond emotionally to different things, but I just found that Monday performance very emotional. It was her complete trust in him and the sheer beauty of her dancing that got to me. I didn't feel it in the same way last Monday night with Bonelli, lovely though it was!
  13. I loved both her performances, the second one with Kish and then Monday evening with Bonelli. I don't know whether it was my familiarity with the production or her obvious trust in Kish, but I found that performance absolutely electric - even more so than Monday. I was nearer then (SCS), and saw the performance with Bonelli from above, which may have made a difference - but it is interesting how things affect us all differently.
  14. It's always nice to have something to look forward to ........ 😀