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  1. taximom

    A Level Dance or Dance BTEC

    Seles, have a look at The Place where Lndon Contemporaey Dance School are based, in Euston. There may b opportunities for one off and holiday courses. They also run a CAT scheme you could ask about - the cut off is 16 so have a look ASAP. Good luck Taximom
  2. taximom

    Drop-in classes in London

    Have a look at what is available at The Place for contemporary and ballet for contemporary dancers
  3. taximom

    Dance physio

    I can recommend Nicky Ellis for Osteopathy. She works at Central, LCDS and us the physio for Strictly amongst other schools and companies. She has a clinic in London and is just wonderful.
  4. taximom

    Sibling Rivalry

    Whilst your eldest may not have the body of a ballerina, she has the ethics and focus of a dancer and may excel in another form such as contemporary where that ballet technique will give her a heads tart. It is more usual to start this later. COuld you access the Summer Courses at The Place for example, could you consider a CAT if this might be a path she would enjoy exploring and taking on a new challenge in? Heather aka Taximom
  5. taximom

    Good dance schools in Worcestershire.

    I can also recommend Harlequin as my dd was there for a number of years. THey have very focused all round training, successful at the highest levels of training, very competitive with brilliant ballet, modern and tap results. They do RAD and ISTD with lots of performance opportunities. They ask do jazz musical theatre etc. They do not do Greek - Academy Dance are very good for Greek and win competitions for that aspect. Heather aka Taximom
  6. taximom

    Life after a dada award

    You need to research the funding for initial teacher training as that may be a possibility. Call student finance if you need to for advice. heather aka Taximom
  7. taximom

    Dance physio suggestions?

    Have a look at nidms.co.uk (National Institute for Dance Medicine and Science) your GP can refer or you can self refer. There is a centre in London and also the QE in Birmingham. Linked with Uni of Wolverhampton and BRB specifically to treat dance injures and dance related issues. Heather aka Taximom
  8. I don't know the correct answer to this however I would suggest you need to audition in the year you intend to go. PLaces are unlikely to be offered for 2018 entry at this point as you may never have any more lessons for example and your standard would potentially have then dropped. It's a bit like applying for a uni gap year - not usually an option for dance or music students. Good luck with ypur application when it comes around!! heather aka Taxmom
  9. taximom

    Teaching career

    Volunteer centres sometimes offer this. heather aka Taximom
  10. taximom

    Central School of Ballet funding

    It is written off after 30 years and institutions who are members of CDD used to get an automatic additional £1000 grant, don't know if this is still the case though. Ypu will get the tuition fee loan to a max of £9250(?) plus your maintenance loan on a sliding scale dependant on parents income. If this is for entry in September 2017, student finance is open and you should make your application now. Student does their bit which takes about 15 minutes then parents can do theirs. Heather aka Taximom
  11. taximom

    Birmingham Ormiston Academy BOA

    I can't comment about the amount of practical or academic work but what I can say is that it has very good outcomes. I have a young friend doing the audition rounds who has 7 offers, all funded, for musical theatre. I believe many of her fellow students have similar musical theatre offers. These are all at top schools such as Laines, Arts Ed, GSA, etc etc Heather Aka TaxiMom
  12. taximom

    EYB audition/rehearsals

    At. The audition they are particularly looking for performance quality! They are very good at adapting roles to suit the dancers and what might have been a group dance en pointe at one performance might be changed to reflect the strength of that group and done in flats. Equally they are good at pushing to help with confidence! Brilliant organisation! My dd went to her first audition without knowing anyone and made friends with another dancer who is still a friend over 10 years later! Heather Taximom
  13. taximom

    Audition Solos

    Have you considered using the spoken word instead of music? Heather Aka Taximom
  14. taximom

    Contemporary degree courses

    My DD graduated from LCDS (London Contemporary Dance School) 4 years ago, ask away if you have any questions and I can try to answer. Don't expect graduates to go into dance companies, there are very few places, but lots of opportunities to become part of very small up and coming dance companies. Heather Aka Taximom
  15. taximom

    When your teenage son dances: food.

    The Place certainly used to have a great cafe n the basement with lots of healthy dancer food, although this was a couple of years ago or so but it was VERY good and well priced! Heather Aka Taximom