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  1. There are a few sellers similar to this that advertise tutus made by established tutu makers in the UK and worldwide. The tutu you receive is a poorly copied version of the tutu pictured when you order and also for a very cheap price. I’m not saying this is definitely one of these sites but be very cautious. You get what you pay for and these look very cheap to me. There are some very good honest tutu makers in the UK, you would be better off ordering from one of them. You’ll also get a much better fit if it’s made to measure and you have fittings in person.
  2. Some of the boys lived in Holland House when my daughter was at ENBS.
  3. I have some I’d be happy to send you if you’d like to pm me your address?
  4. Yes. The year my DD auditioned we had to accept Tring and Central before having other results. We forfeited a deposit at Central in the end.
  5. Just to add to my above post, one of the t-shirts is brand new in the packet and I also have a book that the 1st years were asked to buy Dance Anatomy by Jacqui Greene Haas. PM me if you are interested in it. Happy to send anything directly to the school or to QAH if needs be.
  6. I have lots of first year uniform for sale if anyone is interested? I believe they changed their supplier this year though so not sure if the leotards are any use. Includes: Pink practice tutu that’s only been worn once for a photo. 2 x Black tracksuit trousers and zip up jackets Magenta chiffon wrap skirt Lots of magenta leotards some strappy, some cap sleeved. Bloch black shrug (brand new) Couple of other black approved warm ups. Black t-shirts Pm me if interested in any of it.
  7. From others Instagram posts it’s clear that it’s Leticia Stock that is leaving.
  8. Thank you Mnemo, it was a very difficult decision for my dd to make but we are very proud of her for making this decision so maturely. I would just like to say that she is fully recovered from her injury and another lovely school has approached her about the possibilty of joining them. However she has decided not to pursue a classical career but luckily as she was an all rounder, may audition for dance/MT after her A’levels. Thank you everyone else for your best wishes, I don’t want to hijack Taxi’s thread so will say no more. If anyone wishes to talk to me about out experiences please feel free to pm me. I don’t have any criticism to throw at the school she attended.
  9. My daughter also gave up vocational training in January and also due to injury (which she has fully recovered from) and a few other issues. She has also gone back to her school 6th form to study for A’levels and is dancing locally purely for pleasure now. She’s enjoying in her own words ‘normal life’. I’d like to wish your daughter every success Curious. Taxi4ballet please wish your daughter all the best with her future endeavours and I send you my best wishes. Our daughters did know each other from their associate days.
  10. Yes she thoroughly enjoyed the audition process and was offered a funded place. However she was lucky enough to have multiple offers and chose ENBS.
  11. When my dd auditioned for 6th form last year, the emphasis for the solo at Tring was to do something that you are relaxed and confident in and can perform well. They like you to do your own choreography as it shows your creativity but it’s not a problem if you don’t. My DD is very classical but did a lyrical solo, some did ballet though. Most seemed to do modern/jazz or lyrical/contemporary.
  12. My dd was offered places on both. She accepted Elmhurst as at the time we felt she would not manage the travelling and the long day at Central alongside GCSE’s. With the benefit of hindsight I wish she’d done Central as I believe she would have benefited more from doing the Contemporary classes. Difficult decision for you though.
  13. There were three auditions each audition day last year as far as I can remember. Also the most auditionee’s per class of all the schools last year as far as I remember.
  14. I would recommend staying in Birmingham the night before as traffic in the morning is terrible. Allow extra time to your journey from your hotel in the morning too. It took us half an hour to do what should have been a 10min journey last year.
  15. Prelim results came by post last year. Good luck!
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