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  1. Tring 6th Form Dance Course - academic tests

    Yes she thoroughly enjoyed the audition process and was offered a funded place. However she was lucky enough to have multiple offers and chose ENBS.
  2. Tring 6th Form Dance Course - academic tests

    When my dd auditioned for 6th form last year, the emphasis for the solo at Tring was to do something that you are relaxed and confident in and can perform well. They like you to do your own choreography as it shows your creativity but it’s not a problem if you don’t. My DD is very classical but did a lyrical solo, some did ballet though. Most seemed to do modern/jazz or lyrical/contemporary.
  3. Central associates vs Elmhurst ext associates

    My dd was offered places on both. She accepted Elmhurst as at the time we felt she would not manage the travelling and the long day at Central alongside GCSE’s. With the benefit of hindsight I wish she’d done Central as I believe she would have benefited more from doing the Contemporary classes. Difficult decision for you though.
  4. Central school of ballet prelimary audition

    There were three auditions each audition day last year as far as I can remember. Also the most auditionee’s per class of all the schools last year as far as I remember.
  5. Elmhurst audition queries

    I would recommend staying in Birmingham the night before as traffic in the morning is terrible. Allow extra time to your journey from your hotel in the morning too. It took us half an hour to do what should have been a 10min journey last year.
  6. Central Audition for 2018 Entry

    Prelim results came by post last year. Good luck!
  7. Budget friendly Hotels, London, If they exist!

    We always stay at Putney Bridge Premier Inn for ENBS.
  8. Under leotard - what's good for a child?

    Sadly some theatres or maybe the organisations that hire them do not adhere to these rules. My DD had four dances in one section (clump of classes) at a certain competition in London. She had to strip and redress at the side of the stage with no screening (she was 14 at the time) and my insistence on being present back stage with her was met with resistance and impatience. There were girls and boys waiting in the wings, the only screening provided was by her friends (and I) standing in front of her. She wore undergarments but couldn't wear an upper body garment under her tutu due to the same issues as mentioned above. Luckily she didn't care too much, but I did!
  9. Living away from home at 16 upper schools

    The majority of the Central students live at Liberty Plaza which is not the accommodation just across the road. They have a bus or tube journey everyday. My DD (16) is at a different London school and also takes two buses to school and back every day. She is lucky enough to have he breakfast and evening meal provided which helps enormously but does all he own washing and shopping for lunch, toiletries etc. Theg are all in the same situation and adapt very well.
  10. ENBS application form question

    Also graduate employment as shows the success of the school. I'n sure my DD circled more than one and I'm certain it's not something that overly influences a decision to offer a place.
  11. Cost of living away from home 6th form dance colleges

    Yes that's exactly what we are paying and also loosing child benefit.
  12. Cost of living away from home 6th form dance colleges

    The entire year including breakfast and evening meal.
  13. Cost of living away from home 6th form dance colleges

    Boarding for DD whilst at ENBS will be approx £10k plus the fees we will be paying once our dada is deducted.
  14. Questions about Upper School auditions

    I would say belt wearers were in the minority at US auditions this year. Not to say you shouldn't, DD took one with her to every audition just in case, but never wore one.