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  1. Most of the girls live at a queen Alexandra House in South Kensington - safe and with meals available , or homestay. With the move that will probably all change .... this is for ENBS
  2. Gutted not to able to attend .... Sadlers Wells 04 April - L15 for sale £25 (restricted view) E ticket so able to forward
  3. Have you tried Bowen therapy for you knee injury ? non invasive, safe and often helpful
  4. Can you pm your email address please
  5. So much wasted time, effort , years of education - not to mention money - it’s heartbreaking - wishing all of your dancing young adults eventual success- unfortunately passion and talent alone do not pay the bills - exploitation- makes my blood boil ! probably controversial, but so many dance schools have sprung up , IMO there are now far too many graduates ,and this is fuelling the behaviour of the dance companies - a bigger and bigger pool of candidates chasing an ever decreasing meaningful contract opportunity.
  6. Small size in turquoise with black trim - spaghetti strap - low back but with bra strap mid way. cost a fortune - little worn - £40 photid available to email
  7. Thank you all for your interest - Bundle now SSTC
  8. can I have your email please
  9. Hi- i'll send the photos over - sadly no xs
  10. I have an XS wear moi ... happy to send a photo
  11. I might ... is it a small size you are looking for? bare with me while i check ....
  12. I have a bundle of 10 small leotards of various makes and colours - all are in good condition. Suitable for a summer of dancing. £30 for the bundle or £5 per leotard. please message me for photos
  13. Black and Green now SSTC .... 1 black remaining
  14. Yes they are - if you would like photos , please let me know your email address
  15. Grey leotard is still available ...would you like me to send a photo to your email?
  16. They are available at the moment - if you would like photos please send me your email
  17. Hi - I have 4 unworn Claudia Dean Leotards which were originally shipped from Australia. Size M which run at a UK size 8 £50 each . (2 black, 1 blue , 1 green) 1 worn Claudia Dean leotard in grey £30 All have high cut legs and are super flattering More info or would like photos please send me a message
  18. Congratulations Arucaria , so happy to read that your hard work and tenacity has been rewarded. Good luck with fund raising , maybe start by researching charitable trusts that might be able to support you.
  19. Drat - I just put 50 pairs into the skip 😱
  20. I would say, please don't worry adjust work hard towards your next goal. When you audition for Upper School, the panel are interested in seeing you dance, definitely not what your past or even latest grade was. Goodluck with everything
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