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  1. Can you pm your email address please
  2. So much wasted time, effort , years of education - not to mention money - it’s heartbreaking - wishing all of your dancing young adults eventual success- unfortunately passion and talent alone do not pay the bills - exploitation- makes my blood boil ! probably controversial, but so many dance schools have sprung up , IMO there are now far too many graduates ,and this is fuelling the behaviour of the dance companies - a bigger and bigger pool of candidates chasing an ever decreasing meaningful contract opportunity.
  3. Small size in turquoise with black trim - spaghetti strap - low back but with bra strap mid way. cost a fortune - little worn - £40 photid available to email
  4. Thank you all for your interest - Bundle now SSTC
  5. can I have your email please
  6. Hi- i'll send the photos over - sadly no xs
  7. I have an XS wear moi ... happy to send a photo
  8. I might ... is it a small size you are looking for? bare with me while i check ....
  9. I have a bundle of 10 small leotards of various makes and colours - all are in good condition. Suitable for a summer of dancing. £30 for the bundle or £5 per leotard. please message me for photos
  10. Black and Green now SSTC .... 1 black remaining
  11. Yes they are - if you would like photos , please let me know your email address
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