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  1. Kat09

    Ballet West School

    Congratulations!! I'm absolutely thrilled for you xx
  2. Kat09

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    Have a look at Ballet Cymru -you'll love it
  3. Only my opinion, as our problems surfaced much later, but if his emotional well being is being compromised by being away from home , maybe bring him home, let him continue to dance locally and with an associate programme and look to going away again at 16 ,when he will be more mature and possibly more in a position to know that this really is the life that he wants. Best of luck with it all.
  4. Kat09

    Laine and Rambert

    We know of a recent Laine graduate now dancing in 42nd street - the more versatile the dancer , the more chance of work. Classical contracts are like gold dust whichever school you graduate from.All the best and congratulations to your daughter.
  5. Kat09

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    It would be interesting to hear if anyone has experienced excellent/supportive pastoral care within the UK vocational system ....
  6. Kat09

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    It's knowing how and where to rock the boat and not to be a lone voice crying in the wilderness .....
  7. Kat09


    If any of you are lucky enough to be within striking distance of this amazing opportunity please do seize it .... Emma offers an environment and approach that will allow your DD/DS to flourish and achieve their potential - Emma will have total belief in your child - imo that is far more important than the Kudos of attending a big name ballet school, where you, the parent, is a lone bye stander to the regime your child has signed up for, where your child might be struggling physically/mentally without you ever knowing .... before it's too late.. As a parent, I come across Emma when my DD needed help - It is my belief that had my daughter met Emma and trained with her from an early age, then she would now be following the career that she dreamed of. I cannot recommend her or this opportunity highly enough. Wishing you the very best of luck Emma - it is your time to shine..
  8. Kat09

    Wanted Winters Tale

    thanks John - yes that would be useful This Friday, 17th
  9. SCS or Amphitheatre - looking for 2 tickets please
  10. Kat09

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Have sent you a pm Dancing2003
  11. Kat09

    Prix de Lausanne 2018

    In the article I read it stated that her parents will be moving to the UK to support her ...
  12. Kat09


    Reading this blog has catapulted me back into the nightmare that is vocational school , when things go wrong ..... more wine needed !!
  13. if this is still available I'd love to take it
  14. I would definitely go look and attend an open day - Paul , Ray and Gail are wonderful people. Your dancers will be in good hands both technically and most importantly the pastoral care is strong.