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  1. Wanted Winters Tale

    thanks John - yes that would be useful This Friday, 17th
  2. SCS or Amphitheatre - looking for 2 tickets please
  3. Questions about Upper School auditions

    Have sent you a pm Dancing2003
  4. Prix de Lausanne 2018

    In the article I read it stated that her parents will be moving to the UK to support her ...
  5. Balletdadblog

    Reading this blog has catapulted me back into the nightmare that is vocational school , when things go wrong ..... more wine needed !!
  6. if this is still available I'd love to take it
  7. I would definitely go look and attend an open day - Paul , Ray and Gail are wonderful people. Your dancers will be in good hands both technically and most importantly the pastoral care is strong.
  8. Summer school 2017

    Another thumbs up for OPES . Beautiful showing of work yesterday - lots of happy face and young dancers not ready to leave just yet ..
  9. What a wonderful lady - she will be missed and an incredibly tough act to follow. I'm sure that many of us On this forum will wish her well and thank her for the passion she has put into YBSS - grateful that my DD benefited from this fabulous summer school and from Marguarite's teaching.
  10. Summer school 2017

    Glad to hear he's had a great week -I'm looking forward to collecting this time next week
  11. Ballet Skirts recommendations

    Ballet skirts by Lucinda are lovely as well
  12. Unfortunately with a DADA there is no provision for accommodation - school fees only.
  13. Dear moderators I hope that this is an acceptable posting. I am posting this opportunity aimed at those working towards their first contract having completed vocational schooling. I have no association with Autrand Ballet France, however I have first hand experience of Pascale Autrand, her training ethos, creativity and passion for ballet, choreography ,and for her dancers. I feel that this is a wonderful opportunity, well worth considering if you have yet to secure your first contract. Below is Pascale's message ... This is the opportunity to join the emerging young company of Autrand Ballet France - based in the region of Toulon. Open for trained classical dancers from 17 to 24 years who are seeking a contract. You must be of a good standard and looking to progress towards perfection. This opportunity will allow you to train, dance and perform whilst still searching for your first professional contract. Autrand Ballet welcomes you. The opportunity is for the pre professional dancer and offers weekly 20 hours of classical class tuition, 6 hours of contemporary and 10 hours of contemporary/classical creation and rehearsals. There will be numerous performance opportunities and internships available during the school holidays. With notification of 3 weeks to the director, young company members are free to audition and accept contracts outside of Autrand Ballet, also within the year you are welcome to return, so allowing the acceptance of temporary work. The training cycle and contract are for the period of 12 months at a cost of 1000 euro. Apartments are available within the vicinity of the studio and the village offers typical French life. Toulon university is able to offer French language learning to international students. Tuition within the company is in English. To apply for this opportunity please submit CV/photo /video to pascaleautrand@gmail.com
  14. Congratulations to the joiners from Elmhurst