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  1. Genee 2017

    Wow Cara, she has done incredibly well especially when she attends a normal state school and a non-vocational dance school! I hope she continues her dance journey (for as long as she wants to do that) as well as she has started it - aged 15, qualified for the Genee and a finalist!
  2. RAD Marks awarded

    Good grief! Are those new GCSE marking system levels 'set in stone' or do the level 9s go to the top percentage and then the rest of the levels in tranches?
  3. dance fiction for children

    The First Step trilogy by Jean Richardson. I have been trying to find my copies for ages so I can re-read them, many years later
  4. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    Congratulations to your GDD! That's a great mark, especially at 14!
  5. Importance of pianist in an exam

    That's exactly what I said to DD when she came out of her IF exam upset, hfbrew! She actually laughed because she said it was also a struggle to stay in time with the pianist for the adage because one of the girls was clearly determined to dance at the speed at which it should have been played rather than the speed at which it was being played, which made it difficult for those dancing with the music as they could see her doing her own thing I do think, though, that it was so very slow that the examiner could and should have stopped it and given the correct tempo to the pianist. This is the first vocational exam with candidates aged 11 and quite honestly the exam fees should guarantee them a pianist who is not completely disregarding the correct tempi! A little faster or slower, yes - but this was like a funeral dirge.
  6. Importance of pianist in an exam

    DD always had a couple of practice sessions with the pianist for the graded exams taken at her own studio, but not for vocational exams.
  7. Importance of pianist in an exam

    DD had a pianist for IF who played agonisingly slowly for the adage and then ridiculously quickly for the already foul allegro number 2. The teachers and parents waiting were horrified. She felt it put her off considerably - and that was reflected in the mark sheet from those exercises onwards. I do think that examiners should stop a pianist who is manifestly playing at the wrong speed and give the correct tempo. Exams are expensive and candidates shouldn't be penalised by rogue piano playing. Not sure how they could best deal with pianists playing badly, though - other than by reporting incompetence to the RAD.
  8. 2 years between exams???

    Absolutely agree with you again, Cara. Maybe the issue would never have been an issue if Babyballerina's DD wasn't on the RBS and Elmhurst associate schemes - and she wouldn't be on those associate schemes if she wasn't very talented and in need of dancing with similarly able children as well as with her peer group at her own dance school. I'm surprised in a way that a school which insists that everyone must stay with their peer group and take exams only when the rest of the group is also ready would support one of its students in applying to these extremely prestigious associate schemes, which have shown her at what level she could and should be working. And, unfortunately, are causing her to lose confidence as she is realising how far behind she is in training. I think a new 'home' dance studio is needed if your DD's teacher remains of her view, Babyballerina. I hope that her associate teachers can recommend somewhere, especially as they themselves have pointed out that there is a problem with your DD's current situation affecting her adversely. Wishing you and your DD lots of luck!
  9. 2 years between exams???

    I couldn't agree more, Cara. DD skipped a grade and went from grade 4 to IF and thrived on it. The problem for Babyballerina's DD seems to be that she is being told that she can never go at her own pace but must stay with her peers.
  10. This makes me slightly cross

    Yes! I couldn't agree more. This is very common, unfortunately.
  11. 2 years between exams???

    We had this, in particular in relation to one grade where everyone was told (in the older grades system) that at least 18 months or more likely 2 years plus was required for ANYONE wanting to take the exam, regardless of age/previous training/number of classes taken/ability etc. It turned out that the teacher for said grade didn't teach any higher grades and was basically maximising her income from teaching this last grade.... Your DD is obviously talented and keen - RBS and Elmhurst JAs, wow! - and I can't believe that she should be kept with her peer group at all times. Yes, it is sometimes difficult if students are dancing with older ones (although DD loved it ;)) but most able and enthusiastic students can manage and need to be given more of a challenge. I second the advice to chat to her teacher and would also ask advice from her RBS and Elmhurst JA teachers re alternative dance schools they would recommend (maybe after asking other JA parents for any suggestions?) Better to have the JA teachers' backing for any new school - or you may even find that they have no problem with the slow progress your DD will be making at her current school if her teacher/s there are respected. However, even if they are happy for your DD to stay where she is, I would suggest you see what other classes she may be able to take because she will certainly become bored and possibly even fall out of love with dancing if she feels she is being held back (which she does seem to be). At her age she could be starting a pre-IF class (in flat shoes) and as a talented dancer she should certainly be capable of achieving at grade 4/5 level even if she isn't ready to take the exams. If she remains in her current grade until she is 11 she will definitely be overwhelmed and quite possibly lose confidence in classes/auditions when she is with her JA peers.
  12. Much as I would like the U.K. vocational schools to train a majority of U.K. students, I would rather they continue to accept the best candidates for training rather than require a certain proportion to be 'home' students. That is the only way they can maintain their worldwide reputation.
  13. Questions about Upper School auditions

    Some students won't learn according to an exam system so won't have a 'last exam taken/grade achieved' to confirm. Others may not take exams or every exam, for various reasons e.g. exam fees or inability to attend an exam session. I'm sure your DD's teacher can confirm at what level she is working and this can be entered on the application form. A friend of DD's had been unable to take exams after grade 4 because of financial difficulties in her family - they prioritised classes over exam fees - but her teacher advised that she was working at an Advanced 1 level for her application forms and this was no problem.
  14. Facebook

    FB seems to operate on a 'do as it pleases' basis. I have reported vile racist comments before and always receive a bland response clearly generated by a computer saying they don't consider it breaches their standards. Heaven only knows what WOULD breach their 'standards', as I replied.
  15. The Hammond - success!

    How amazing! Congratulations to your DD - and to her supportive family