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  1. I don’t disagree bridiem - I just remembered that Hayward hadn’t been cast in the traditional tutu lead roles before she became a principal and thought at the time that perhaps she hadn’t been considered the best choice for those roles. As you say, she has now danced the Sugar Plum Fairy and Aurora and obviously any doubts as to the tutu roles have been dispelled. I suspect that Hayward’s casting as Manon and Naghdi’s as Odette/Odile does indeed ‘balance out’ the roles for the most junior principals, as Sim suggested. We are certainly in for several treats this season!
  2. My apologies, I hadn’t realised that Lauren Cuthbertson is cast in Swan Lake - great news! I stand by my belief that seniority shouldn’t always be the main concern when casting a role and perhaps as Sophoife suggests it is Liam Scarlett who has cast his Odette/Odiles rather than - or together with - Kevin O’Hare, according to a particular view he or they have of the requirements.
  3. Francesca Hayward and Yasmine Naghdi are very different dancers and if I remember correctly Hayward hadn’t danced a lead ‘tutu’ role before she became a principal, which in itself is surprising but may suggest that she was/is considered less suited for those roles than others. As Lauren Cuthbertson and Laura Morera are also missing from the list of Odette/Odiles this time, there doesn’t seem to be a seniority issue outplaying any other concern and clearly Kevin O’Hare is simply casting the role as he sees best at this time.
  4. Juggling timetables!

    Yep, it would be helpful if DD only danced and we only had to try to fit in various classes (which in itself is a mission). Sporting and other commitments are lovely but just add even more stress for all of us! Ah well, wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves if we were un-stressed 😉
  5. IDTA vs Cecchetti

    I wouldn’t want to move her to a new school where she finds the ballet ‘far too easy’. Whether it is or not is not the point, she has assessed it as such and moreover the new school would want her to stay in that same class for some time; she will become bored and disillusioned with ballet. Even with the new competition work to focus on, the ballet is required to participate in the competition work at the new school and if it were me I wouldn’t move her if she has to stay in a class she immediately said was too easy. I would chat to both teachers, especially for more information as to how they will correct her turning in as that will be very important as she progresses in dance. I would also find out whether she can attend both schools and stay in her current ballet class if both teachers have clear plans for the turning in. I would also be a little wary, as taxi4ballet says, about tap at this stage when she has been identified as having the issue with turning in and her ankle. Surely tap could wait until this has been resolved.
  6. Ballerina attire

    The other thing about pink tights is that the teacher can see your musculature clearly and identify any issues; black tights don’t allow this very easily.
  7. Cesar Corrales resigns from ENB

    I think we should indeed be applauding ENB for investing in Corrales, although I confess that Tamara Rojo’s statement on his departure, which mentions only the work put in by ENB rather than any reference to the young man himself, makes me rather less likely to do so. There is a lack of graciousness in there which is rather grating.
  8. Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    That’s made me guffaw! Not the best likeness....
  9. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    Wow Viv, that’s amazing! Congratulations!
  10. I too thought that the side by side coaching of Magri and Heap was very illuminating and agree wholeheartedly re musicality with AnnaC. It isn’t that Heap isn’t musical, simply that Magri’s dancing seemed to flow through the music much better. And I too would describe Magri as ‘softer’. isnt it amazing how different dancers respond so differently to the same music with the same choreography? And thank goodness they do; life would be very boring otherwise.
  11. Feet Rolling In

    I would definitely ask her teacher and associate teacher for a physio recommendation as your DD is having difficulty with this correction; they may know of a dance physio or of one who has previously treated dancers. It would be good to get physio advice and treatment while your DD is so young in the hope that her rolling can be corrected at this early stage.
  12. Negotiating the boys dance world!

    I second the suggestion to try for a full time place at Hammond, especially as you’re in north Wales. Even though their boys’ day is oversubscribed, there may be a full time place with MDS on offer - or a place on their associates course has rain another boys’ day of dance coming up. If you treat an audition for a full time place as simply a chance for more dancing, with a different teacher and quite possibly with other boys in the class and in a vocational school, anything else will be a bonus
  13. I don’t think you flew off the handle or made any unwarranted accusations, Two Pigeons and I sympathise with your frustrations at the late casting announcements for BRB. It may be, as suggested, that there is a contractual obligation to announce casting earlier for RAH performances, but that doesn’t negate the irritation you understandably felt at the distinction between casting announcements at the different venues. Late casting announcements have been an annoyance for BRB followers for some time and your feeling that this showed that the home audience was possibly being take for granted is also understandable.
  14. As a side note but leading on from capybara’s comment, how tall are Matthew Golding and Vadim Muntagirov? Are they substantially taller than other RB male principals? And now that Zenaida Yanowsky has retired, what range of heights is there amongst the female RB principal dancers?
  15. He sounds absolutely lovely. I wish him all the best with his career move - and more importantly with his baby boy in January!