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  1. Legseleven

    My first night at work tonight since 1996.

    Wishing you and Sean all the very best, Lisa! (Could he perhaps apply for the night porter post by the way? Obviously it would depend on the number of shifts and his Access course days and hours) xx
  2. Legseleven

    Rain - at last!

    Lisa, I’m so sorry about Pumpkin 😔 Wishing you all the very best in your new job! X
  3. Surely the top schools have always had a healthy mix of UK and international students? I can’t believe that White Lodge pupils would ever have thought that the Upper School would not have students coming from all over the world and from a wide range of backgrounds.
  4. I have no problem with anyone expressing any opinion they hold and no problem with anyone disagreeing with that view and explaining why. There have been passionate debates on the forum where each ‘side’ has robustly expressed firm opinions and I hope that this continues. I do however have a problem with patronising, hectoring supercilious rudeness as displayed here. Your views are just as valid as anyone else’s, ‘my dear’ Livia, but they are no MORE valid, despite your intimations (but not, I see, confirmation) of a vastly superior knowledge of ballet compared to that of anyone who disagrees with you here. If you find this forum so appallingly amateur and ill-informed in that members are daring to praise dancers or performances which you have decided are unworthy, then you don’t have to participate in its discussions.
  5. Legseleven

    Graduation musings

    Many, many congratulations to your DD and I wish her a lifetime of happiness and great contracts! All the very best to you and your younger DDs too 🤞
  6. I don’t mean to like the fact that Osipova has withdrawn due to injury - but I am very envious of the Madrid audience on 19th July!
  7. Legseleven

    Ballet West -New Lower School to open

    I think I read that studios at Oban High will be used for the lower school?
  8. Legseleven

    Oliver’s story

    I have signed and am sending you my heartfelt condolences, Primrose. Oliver’s story is heartbreaking and I sincerely hope that changes are made xx
  9. Legseleven

    Associate schemes - alternatives to RBS JA

    I would contact any scheme you’re interested in and ask whether you can still apply. The worst they can say is no and you won’t be any worse off than presently. Good luck!
  10. I agree - but perhaps she didn’t want that, Capybara?
  11. Even way back when I was dancing, our school usually had c 5-8 students in each RAD vocational grade (then pre-elementary etc) and about 3-6 students from other dance schools attending each of the vocational grades as these weren’t available due to lack of numbers in their own dance schools.
  12. Legseleven

    Vocational schools GCSE results

    I second that, results have never been available over the phone at the various state and private schools of which I have knowledge; in fact there has usually been an expectation that arrangements are made for each pupil to attend in person unless absolutely impossible. Obviously at a vocational school where many pupils board and may live some distance away that may have been different.
  13. Legseleven

    RBS Summer School

    The girls will all help each other I’m sure - DD said that at the summer schools she attended everyone was willing to help. It’s easier to help someone else rather than doing your own bun I think. Older students may also be willing to lend a hand and so may housemothers but obviously if your DD can practise doing the best she can with her own hair - and her friends’ hair - she will feel more confident.
  14. Legseleven

    English youth ballet - Buxton audition

    Congratulations to your DD, dancertaxi! All the sweeter after your anxious wait I imagine x
  15. That is great news, Anne ley. So glad it has been resolved!