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  1. Overseas summer schools 2019

    Dar Danse summer schools are held in Morocco and I think are advertised as a summer school/holiday in one. I believe their website is bubbleonthebeach but perhaps if you Google Dar Danse that would be better.
  2. Help with hair please!

    Practice may not make perfect quickly but it will definitely work An alternative is a ‘bun maker’ from Claire’s or Boots or similar, which you roll up to make a bun. Not necessarily great for exams or festivals etc but fine for class and once you get the hang of it it’s very quick. No pins needed (although it looks neater and better with pins for any stray wisps and a net).
  3. Pointe shoe ribbon help!!

    Most dancers seem to cut the ribbons rather than have them going under the foot. DD prefers to have her ribbons going under the foot for extra security.
  4. How long do your pointe shoes last?

    DD had one pair of Freeds - which died shank-wise after approximately an hour, even though this was when she was a relatively new pointe student and not doing an awful lot in them. Better luck with Bloch hard shanks (although one pair started to squeak positively agonisingly as they reached the end of their life - amusing but embarrassing) and with Grishko hard shanks and is now using Gaynor Minden hard shanks; even they are more ‘mortal’ then expected but they have lasted for c 8 months of pretty heavy use (RAD Advanced) before the shanks start to feel precarious.
  5. To be fair I would go to watch Naghdi do any role - even to watch her read a telephone directory as someone said recently 😉 - and I have no doubt that her intelligence, acting ability and musicality along with her technique would mean that she could play any role in Mayerling extremely well. I realise I may be a little biased...and I appreciate your views, Darlex whilst disagreeing with them 😉
  6. How to get a Distinction in ballet exams!

    Wishing you lots of luck for the two exams and I hope you enjoy every moment! If you relax as much as possible and try to show the examiner how much you love dancing I’m sure you will do very well. I’m surprised that you say that the Intermediate is exercise-y not dance-y, as we are accustomed to IDTA friends criticising the RAD syllabus for being exercise-y not dance-y; not our experience at all and certainly not the current RAD vocational syllabi. Just shows that we all have our own opinions!
  7. Disappointed that Naghdi isn’t cast in Mayerling.
  8. Audience Behaviour

    We have a habitual stater of factual untruths in our office. When questioned or corrected they can become quite aggressive and will insist, even in the face of their demonstrable - and often demonstrated - inaccuracy, that they are right. Goodness only knows what they are like at the theatre or a concert or sporting event, where they have a different and captive audience. It is very wearing and I wish I felt able to suggest that some sort of counselling or psychological treatment (or even presumably psychiatric treatment) for their habitual lying to ‘big themselves up’ would be appropriate.
  9. Laine and Rambert

    How amazing to have a choice of two such fantastic schools! I second the advice to go with your gut and decide which place feels right. Looking back on decisions made in various areas, the ones I ‘just felt were right’ - even if in some cases they were the wrong choice on paper - are indeed the ones I am happiest with.
  10. Associate classes - increasing number of hours of ballet pw

    Wonderful news! Please let us know how she gets on x
  11. Barre Less Class

    I don’t think the RAD or indeed any particular set syllabus would expect that a teacher would ONLY give the set barre or indeed centre work exercises. Indeed, as far as I understand it, the RAD makes it clear that they expect their teachers to teach new work and to consolidate on acquired knowledge without relying solely on the set exercises. Certainly that is how DD’s teachers teach (RAD syllabus but as they have Cecchetti and Royal Ballet School training, I’m sure this gives an extra dimension to their teaching).
  12. Associate classes - increasing number of hours of ballet pw

    Absolutely. But this is not what this teacher is doing. She is leaving the room and while she deals with administrative matters outside, these young unqualified assistants are supposedly teaching the class. Ridiculous to have such a complete role reversal!
  13. Associate classes - increasing number of hours of ballet pw

    That is great news, both about the offer of extra classes at the other school and about the RBS associate application! I think you would be absolutely right to inform your current teacher that your DD WILL be taking up the offer of extra classes rather than asking her - you know what her response will be. On the basis that your DD wants to do more ballet and that this is not going to be offered at her current school, you don’t have a choice. (And the requirement that exams are taken in order is nonsense - what if a beginner aged 10 started, would they have to do all exams from pre-primary onwards?!) Your DD will make friends at the other school and that may sway her in favour of a move after all
  14. Associate classes - increasing number of hours of ballet pw

    Would the teacher consider your DD doing grade 2 alongside grade 1? That way she could be ‘stretched’ as well as getting some extra training. I don’t think it could reasonably be considered a problem as you said that children her age are in the grade 2 class? Also, remember that there is no requirement for all of the grade exams to be taken (or indeed for any exams to be taken at all) - my DD missed her grade 2 RAD ballet and went from grade 4 to intermediate foundation with no problems at all; her teachers just ensured that she was working at a level they considered appropriate for her and that she was taught all of the increasing technique ‘vocabulary’, just not necessarily by means of exam syllabus work. Having said that, the fact that the teacher isn’t actually teaching for most of the class is a HUGE red flag for me. You are paying for expertise from a qualified teacher - and one who is apparently worried that your DD going to another dance school as well might mean that she wouldn’t receive the appropriate quality training! - not for older students to be left in charge! This is dangerous and is also frankly taking money under false pretences. I would certainly be voting with my feet if a discussion of my concerns in this regard didn’t result in a complete change...
  15. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Wonderful news, Pictures! And MrsMoo2, that sounds pretty positive - lots of luck for his Associates trial class and here’s to his continuing ballet journey x