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  1. Negotiating the boys dance world!

    I second the suggestion to try for a full time place at Hammond, especially as you’re in north Wales. Even though their boys’ day is oversubscribed, there may be a full time place with MDS on offer - or a place on their associates course has rain another boys’ day of dance coming up. If you treat an audition for a full time place as simply a chance for more dancing, with a different teacher and quite possibly with other boys in the class and in a vocational school, anything else will be a bonus
  2. I don’t think you flew off the handle or made any unwarranted accusations, Two Pigeons and I sympathise with your frustrations at the late casting announcements for BRB. It may be, as suggested, that there is a contractual obligation to announce casting earlier for RAH performances, but that doesn’t negate the irritation you understandably felt at the distinction between casting announcements at the different venues. Late casting announcements have been an annoyance for BRB followers for some time and your feeling that this showed that the home audience was possibly being take for granted is also understandable.
  3. As a side note but leading on from capybara’s comment, how tall are Matthew Golding and Vadim Muntagirov? Are they substantially taller than other RB male principals? And now that Zenaida Yanowsky has retired, what range of heights is there amongst the female RB principal dancers?
  4. He sounds absolutely lovely. I wish him all the best with his career move - and more importantly with his baby boy in January!
  5. I don't know what to do!

    Is your associates teacher able to advise you re potential new teachers/studios, how many hours a week, in what syllabus (if any in particular) and at what level? The studios attended by your fellow associates might also be worth a look. The teacher who offered you private classes may also be able to assist in recommending someone closer to you? Wishing you lots of luck! And remember that much as you love and feel loyal towards your current studio, you must do what is best for you to maximise your chances. A good teacher will understand that, even though they won’t be happy.
  6. Daughter in wrong class?

    DD has also always been the youngest in her ballet class. If the teacher is happy that they are able to do the work and if they are happy with their older classmates, they are in the right class for them even if their friends from school are dancing in different classes. Wishing your DD all the best at her new studio!
  7. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    That made me laugh out loud, Mimi’s mom! I can just imagine my DD saying that and in that exact tone of voice too...
  8. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    Yorkshire Ballet Seminars (if that’s the correct title?) is definitely approved by RBS.
  9. Simply Adult Ballet

    I agree with her that ballet fills your head so completely that you can’t worry about anything else other than your class. It has always been a complete mental relaxation for me because of that - the mental gymnastics of trying to do class as well as possible leave absolutely no room for anything else!
  10. Make up for ballet Upper School auditions

    Mnemo, I can just picture the scene...
  11. Room 101

    There are indeed Fiz - and when not on the internet too! The gap between reality and fantasy seems extremely blurred for some people and the internet facilitates this.
  12. abit of an announcement

    Wishing you all the best Nicola!
  13. Genee 2017

    Wow Cara, she has done incredibly well especially when she attends a normal state school and a non-vocational dance school! I hope she continues her dance journey (for as long as she wants to do that) as well as she has started it - aged 15, qualified for the Genee and a finalist!
  14. RAD Marks awarded

    Good grief! Are those new GCSE marking system levels 'set in stone' or do the level 9s go to the top percentage and then the rest of the levels in tranches?
  15. dance fiction for children

    The First Step trilogy by Jean Richardson. I have been trying to find my copies for ages so I can re-read them, many years later