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  1. Legseleven

    Room 101

    Fiz, I’m so sorry to read about the loss of your mother and your accident. Thinking of you x
  2. Capezio tights have always lasted well here, both in terms of non-laddering and of colour retention.
  3. I have seen on social media that a dancer has been offered finals for a Y9 place.
  4. Legseleven

    Room 101

    Karma is clearly doing its thing for your daughter with an extra session - great news!
  5. Legseleven

    Room 101

    Oh my goodness LearningCurve, we have been there! Sending you positive thoughts and a wish for karma to do its thing....
  6. Regarding the comment about dancers being petite - I agree, the vast majority are, even those who may be taller than many of their peers eg Zenaida Yanowsky. DD has often been referred to as petite although she is quite a way above average height. ‘Petite’ does not always mean short, despite their commonly being used interchangeably; it’s a question of frame size, which can be smaller than average whether someone is short or tall.
  7. DD has had the privilege of being taught by Brenda Last and she too commented on her huge ‘presence’. Her main teacher danced with Brenda Last and said she was the most compelling dancer there. Clearly being shorter than many or most dancers is no automatic bar to commanding a stage or classroom! TwoLeftFeet - I’m so glad your DD has grown and that you and she are feeling less anxious and I wish her a little extra height and successful auditions!
  8. Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year to you all!
  9. Legseleven

    Room 101

    People who live in their own fantasy world and become unpleasant when challenged over their outrageous stories.
  10. Peanut68, what a perfect way to describe it. I have also witnessed dance teachers who most definitely did indeed refuse to allow cold hard facts (in dance, re body shape even if the more subjective subject of ‘sparkle’ and stage presence was ignored) to affect the rose tinted spectacles which kept a very healthy income stream coming their way for several years. Students and parents obviously want to believe the myth that hard work will make anything possible for absolutely anyone and some teachers perpetuate this because it keeps students attending and parents paying.
  11. I haven’t seen this production with Anna Rose O’Sullivan as Clara so I can’t comment on her performance, but you also mentioned Yasmine Naghdi having more opportunities to shine because of Francesca Hayward’s absence. Naghdi certainly didn’t need Hayward to be absent to shine when she danced the Rose Fairy about three years ago in the Nutcracker live cinema relay; she more than held her own in a small role alongside the main characters with Hayward as Clara and Lauren Cuthbertson as the Sugar Plum Fairy. Naghdi certainly has that indefinable ‘it’ factor and charisma.
  12. It’s very therapeutic to bash a dead pair of pointe shoes into submission for use as soft pointes - lots of stress and frustration can be released by ripping out the insoles, hammering/running car wheels over the blocks and generally attacking them. (Best to wrap them in a couple of fairly strong plastic bags first to avoid tyre prints etc....) Then wash the ribbons and clean the shoes before using calamine or similar on them 😉
  13. Harwel, I’m so very sorry you received such a repellent and hate-filled PM! Sending you virtual hugs and hoping that you can put it out of your mind xx
  14. Do the dancers playing Rudolf feel the need to change their hair colour so that they look similar to Crown Prince Rudolf though? Not sure I see the need for all Marys to be brunette if not.
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