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  1. totally agree. A genuine masterpiece.
  2. I don't really think this gives one any idea at all of what might be in a new documentary about Nureyev! It has, after all, been shown endlessly. I would like to know what new footage they might have discovered!
  3. Thanks for the background to Dupond - but I am still really keen to know who taught/coached him in Tricorne.
  4. Any idea when it was filmed? And who taught Dupond? I bet Massine never would have danced it as well! But his presence would probably have made you forget.
  5. jm365

    Choral Ballets

    The sad thing is that many of Bejart's ballets - especially these large scale ones that require actors and/or singers as well as dancers - are unlikely ever to be performed again. I am so lucky to have followed Bejart from the 1970s on in Brussels, Paris and Lausanne as well as his all too rare visits to London. I particularly regret that so many of the ballets were never recorded. In particular I would love to see Notre Faust and Moliere again - though whether the current Bejart Ballet Lausanne could field artists to match those who were trained and rehearsed by Bejart himself is an unknown. Gil Roman, the AD, was one of the last etoiles who actually worked with Bejart. Sorry - again off the central line of this thread - but I am so happy to see Bejart coming up for discussion!
  6. Thanks for the information - greatly to my surprise it is going to be shown at the Watford Vue Cinema on 25th September. It will be interesting to see what the turn out is like
  7. Nureyev was also pretty good - though I'm among those who don't ever want to see it again -- because of the 'music' rather than because of the choreography.
  8. jm365

    Audience Behaviour

    Sharon - I always prefer to be higher than the stalls in order to see the floor patterns of the choreography. My recent visits to BRB were both booked in the centre of Row J of the First Circle. However, given my recent experience (see my previous post), I would suggest a seat nearer the sides rather than centre because of the lack of stagger. It is of course a matter of chance who you get in front of you. For example, I had exactly the same seat for R & J two nights earlier and there was no one in front of me in Row H - perfect! But you can't rely on that every time - and for the sake of the visiting companies, I'm glad. By they way, I'm about the same height as you. I usually sit in the Second Circle at SW (price reasons), but the view from there is fine too, if you have opera glasses. As I always sit in the Amphi at the Opera House, I'm quite used to being miles from the stage.
  9. jm365

    Audience Behaviour

    It's not only the Coliseum! I was at Sadlers Wells last night in the First Circle for the triple bill and was originally sitting behind a very tall man - not his fault, obviously! However, the fact that seats in the middle of the auditorium are directly behind one another, it meant that the centre of the stage was totally blocked. In the interval I moved - along with quite a few other people frrom various parts and ended up on the end seats in the back row for a much better view. I must remember this when booking in future.
  10. Having seen what sometimes feels like hundreds of performances of this ballet - from the first night right up to the last revival at the ROH, I was really engaged by the BRB version as I haven't been for ages. It was splendidly danced and acted by everyone, but Hirata and Morales were outstanding. After what I had felt to be a particularly lacklustre, unengaging and second rate Sleeping Beauty performance - despite Cojocaru and one or two others - this was a truly wonderful evening. Such a pity that the first night coincided with the live tx of Swan Lake. The audience at Sadlers Wells seemed to contain quite a few people who didn't know the ballet - my neighbours were suprised that the balcony scene came straight after the ballroom and before the interval. However, I think they all enjoyed the evening. Bravo to BRB!
  11. Not for me personally, but I love Lescaut's black costume - and how good most of the men wearing it look in it!
  12. I haven't yet had a chance to view my recording of Dark Knight - but I wondered how it compared with Derek Bailey's documentary of some years ago, made when MacMillan was still alive. Did anyone on the forum see that documentary - called Out Of Line? As far as I remember, that one was much more balanced.
  13. jm365

    Audience Behaviour

    I must speak up in defence of the lift lady at the Coliseum. I too go reasonably regularly and she now recognises me and greets me in a friendly way - but she was always pleasant, though asking to see tickets to be sure which floor people needed.
  14. jm365

    Audience Behaviour

    I wish that the ushers at the door of the Amphi at the ROH would take a bit more care in inspecting tickets to see that audience members are using the correct door - always specified on the ticket - so that a person who hasn't bothered to check is prevented from disturbing an entire row to reach their seat.
  15. jm365

    Grace on ice

    Mostly it's a question of money. Sports rights are very expensive and the satellite channels buy them up to attract viewers. The BBC for one cannot compete.