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  1. I keep hoping they will do the Riverdance close again in London - much though I enjoy the New York New York finale.
  2. Partly referring to the thread about new audiences - if the ROH would fund a few more documentaries like the SBS Mayerling (which might encourage the BBC or ITV or Sky to show them, without the huge expense involved these days in making them in house), that would go some way to letting new potential audience members see what is involved in ballet and how it is not all pretty girls in tutus and that men have a really strong role.
  3. As a film, it is in my opinion, pretty terrible. It is bitty, the music is overwhelming at times, the dance sequences are too short, the pieces are not identified until the closing credits. If you know the Nureyev story it has some interest - I can't imagine how it is expected to appeal to a non-specialist audience. It is true that there are a few sequences that I had not seen before - mostly on the documentary front. I agree that you would get a better sense of Nureyev the dancer by watching him on Youtube. If your local cinema is charging high prices, I wouldn't bother.
  4. As a Facebook 'refusnik', I do hope that information about performances etc. will continue to be available to those of us who don't use social media.
  5. Just a tiny correction - it was John Drummond, not Ian. Also, back then there was not so much competition from other television stations and other media. The BBC is under constant threat now and feels it has to fight harder for larger audiences than it did in the 80s and earlier to justify its licence fee.
  6. I saw the last Putrov production at the Coliseum - really pretty awful! Maybe this one will be better - but I'm hesitant to buy tickets.
  7. I saw Fonteyn during the first performances of the ballet and I believe she was as old in years as Tait, and she too was totally convincing as a young girl.
  8. Dear Angela, Thanks for this information. Unfortunately I shall be at performance by the Trocks! Do you happen to know if there is, or is to be, a dvd of the documentary? I see it is only an hour long. Julia
  9. looks great - but no indication of how much it will cost!
  10. jm365

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Most recordings of theatrical ballet performances will have up to six cameras in position. The cameramen have to take the shots the director asks for - so the Bolshoi performances owe everything to the director, not to the cameramen.
  11. totally agree. A genuine masterpiece.
  12. I don't really think this gives one any idea at all of what might be in a new documentary about Nureyev! It has, after all, been shown endlessly. I would like to know what new footage they might have discovered!
  13. Thanks for the background to Dupond - but I am still really keen to know who taught/coached him in Tricorne.
  14. Any idea when it was filmed? And who taught Dupond? I bet Massine never would have danced it as well! But his presence would probably have made you forget.
  15. jm365

    Choral Ballets

    The sad thing is that many of Bejart's ballets - especially these large scale ones that require actors and/or singers as well as dancers - are unlikely ever to be performed again. I am so lucky to have followed Bejart from the 1970s on in Brussels, Paris and Lausanne as well as his all too rare visits to London. I particularly regret that so many of the ballets were never recorded. In particular I would love to see Notre Faust and Moliere again - though whether the current Bejart Ballet Lausanne could field artists to match those who were trained and rehearsed by Bejart himself is an unknown. Gil Roman, the AD, was one of the last etoiles who actually worked with Bejart. Sorry - again off the central line of this thread - but I am so happy to see Bejart coming up for discussion!