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  1. Not for me personally, but I love Lescaut's black costume - and how good most of the men wearing it look in it!
  2. I haven't yet had a chance to view my recording of Dark Knight - but I wondered how it compared with Derek Bailey's documentary of some years ago, made when MacMillan was still alive. Did anyone on the forum see that documentary - called Out Of Line? As far as I remember, that one was much more balanced.
  3. jm365

    Audience Behaviour

    I must speak up in defence of the lift lady at the Coliseum. I too go reasonably regularly and she now recognises me and greets me in a friendly way - but she was always pleasant, though asking to see tickets to be sure which floor people needed.
  4. jm365

    Audience Behaviour

    I wish that the ushers at the door of the Amphi at the ROH would take a bit more care in inspecting tickets to see that audience members are using the correct door - always specified on the ticket - so that a person who hasn't bothered to check is prevented from disturbing an entire row to reach their seat.
  5. jm365

    Grace on ice

    Mostly it's a question of money. Sports rights are very expensive and the satellite channels buy them up to attract viewers. The BBC for one cannot compete.
  6. Like Plisetskaya, Fonteyn didn't do the fouettes, just a very fast manege. The story about Nerina is true - Nureyev did entrechat six during his performance as Albrecht in Act 2 of Giselle as he is dancing at Myrthe's command.
  7. I expect only A|ct 1 was re-used because some production needed just one reel of tape and for some reason was issued with the Act 1 tape. Perhaps once 'someone' realised what had happened, the other two acts (on two more tapes) were saved. Sometimes these very big productions were considered too expensive for a repeat showing - the inevitable question of rights that has been discussed so often on this forum - and therefore their value as archives was sometimes ignored.
  8. In the old days, videotape was so expensive it was frequently reused. This is what happened to Act I of SB. Noone knows who authorised either the re-use of that reel or the keeping of the remaining two thirds of it. I don't know if the production was ever sold overseas - probably not as clearing the rights would have been so expensive. I also doubt if anyone set up a cinecamera in front of a screen at home, which is one of the other reasons some episodes of popular serials survived. We are talking of the days before any kind of home video recording was available.
  9. Some of us made forceful protests on the day - and notice was taken. I think it was a case of inexperience at the beginning. The latest series of masterclasses was much better from a technical point of view.
  10. With reference to the discussion on another thread about replacing or adding to original choreography, especially Swan Lake, would Ondine be one of Ashoton's ballets where it might be allowable to re-choreograph some sections? Or is the fact that this ballet was created so much more recently a reason for leaving it untouched?
  11. Lynn Seymour as Juliet and Giselle Alexander Grant as Alain, looking at the ring when he realises Lise will never be his. Almost anybody in the last section of Song dof the Earth. Beriosova and her partners at the end of Enigma Variations (Derek Rencher and ANOther - to whom I apologise for forgetting his name) Fonteyn in Giselle Durante and Mukhamedov at the end of one very special performance of Manon
  12. Thanks, Shade. I will look out for it.
  13. could you please give the actual title of the book - I am always interested in new items about Diaghilev.
  14. jm365

    Christmas television?

    Maybe repeat rights have lapsed.
  15. IMHO No pieces are missable and yes, do go for both programmes! Even if you are outside London, Paquita is well worth seeing twice and you might get a different cast anyway.