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  1. Very happy that they are doing Manon as I don't think I'll be able to get to the RB Manon this year. Also pleased it's coming to Milton Keynes . ENB's Swan Lake version is my favourite* so I will be pleased to see it again. *Will I still say that after May/June ?
  2. You are so very right BBB. When I saw the roses handed out I did think 'aha, I can guess who those are from'. A very nice touch indeed.
  3. I'm guessing she won't be doing the mid-week matinee I've booked . I did book this one hoping I'd get Rina Kanehara as her Sylphide made me think she'd be a great Aurora.
  4. I must start using social media!
  5. Thanks all, I hopes it's CC, she is most excellent in everything I've seen her in .
  6. Do we know who Myrtha is going to be tomorrow? I don't think anyone has mentioned this in the Osipova/Hallberg/Ball reviews above.
  7. Thanks for posting these thewinelake . Like you I love the Russian Dance music, unlike you I also like the character dance . This choreography was fun though.
  8. First Operas

    Mmmm... Dunno, brave might not be the right word! I'll have a look for returns nearer the time but I'm hoping the next ballet season will be better than the last and my Autumn will be full of ballet .
  9. Thank-you so much to all the mods for the hard-work, and from a personal point of view, making it my favourite place on the internet . Re the messages, I am both disappointed and astonished .
  10. First Operas

    Thanks both. It looks like you can only get tickets as a package for all of the Ring Cycle, is that right? (Sold out anyway). I'd give the Ring ago if I could do it over four years .
  11. First Operas

    Geoff, I know you suggested Wagner might be a bit ambitious for a beginner, but does anyone have any thoughts on Lohengrin? I ask because it has a fair few Sunday matinees which work well for me from a personal point of view and also takes the edge off the prices!
  12. I think a bit of steam-letting is healthy enough and I'd much prefer it on a dedicated thread such as this rather than on an actual 'performances seen' thread . Personally, if someone says something I disagree with I'll mention it once or twice and then stop. Internet arguments are essentially pointless and we should rely on the mods to step in if comments go too far. Edited to add: by arguments I don't mean discussions on points of technique etc., just general bickering.
  13. Now, did you two do that deliberately to show how we can argue and yet still be friends ? (I've just been reading the 'snowflake' thread).
  14. Yes, the criticism of MG was very much below a level that I felt comfortable with, especially for this generally very civilised forum.
  15. First Operas

    That's shocking , I love my research, I'm currently reading three different Giselle books!