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  1. What would be the minimum number of performance of a full length ballet in a season to make it financially viable and not overtax dancers with rehearsals? Would it possible to schedule short runs, say 6-8 performances of Fille or Cinderella if they were put on regularly? My ideal would be shorter runs of full length ballets so I don't need to chose between regular Ashton and Macmillan performances, but I suspect that's not feasible.
  2. It really does not, but it did remind me that this forum has a block function.
  3. This is roughly the time when I start liking football, the end being nigh
  4. Coated

    Audience Behaviour

    Busted, that was me. I probably should have asked him to stop, but wasn't up for the potential argument.
  5. Coated

    Audience Behaviour

    I'm still a bit gobsmacked at the woman texting throughout the balcony scene of R&J at Sadlers. The guy sitting right next to her didn't come back after the intermission, so I'm thinking I either sat next to a nest of ballet haters or she ruined a perfectly good performance for him. Today's swan lake was enhanced by a non-stop chewing gum chewer, thankfully he was noiseless with it, but the movement of light bouncing off his overactive hamster cheeks was pretty distracting, so I'm now in possession of a slight ballet injury from holding up my binoculars non-stop to block him from my view.
  6. Definitely go if you can. Cojocaru is truly wonderful in this role and I really enjoyed Shiore Kase as lilac fairy, she came across as charmingly benevolent yet also had the authority required to intimidate Carabosse. Kase had a bit of a stumble on Friday but even so she was probably the best lilac fairy I have seen recently.
  7. Sadoan, I pretty much agree. I don't think Campbell was particularly engaging Monday night, but the uneven casting of the sisters probably didn't help the overall impression of the pd3. Neither does the Nutcracker outfit in act 3 which makes some dancers look like lion tamers who wandered in from Zippo's travelling circus. So far I'm having a blast with the swan lakes. No one has yet come quite near the buzz of the opening night, but Monday was one of those ballet days that I'm likely to remember. Naghdi's debut was fantastically promising, giving a thorough glimpse of the delights that are in store for RB watcher over her hopefully long career with the company. I though act 1&2 were still a bit tentative or beset by first night nerves, but for me Naghdi arrived as a fully fledged principal in act 3, and broke my heart a little in act 4. Whilst I would love to see a Naghdi /Ball Swan Lake, I suspect that O'Hare knew what he was doing when he cast her with Kish. He was a gentle foil to her sassy Odile and I actually liked his characterisation (though not his solos), standing close-ish to the stage with decent binoculars might have helped. I think that his secure partnering allowed Naghdi to focus on mastering the choreography. There were a few occasions where it was noticeable that this is not a part she has danced umpteen times, but the wonderful thing was to see how the odd little hesitation or wobble (watching from side stalls I probably caught an angle that made it look like she is about to fall out of her fouettés) didn't really faze her, she just recovered and made it look natural and elegant. Equally, Ball could focus on his dancing and characterisation, and not worry too much about perfect partnering with Osipova smoothing over slight slip-ups in that department with verve. Benjamina Ella's Benno definitely deserves a shoutout, he managed to be both elegant and lively, and I thought he had a really beautiful line throughout. His barrel turns added energy to the role and I think it worked really well - would be curious to see what it looks like if he were to dance the same choreo as other Bennos. I loved the high octane evening performance. As other posters have mentioned, Ball seems to improve with each performance and despite knowing this, I was yet again surprised at just how much he exceeded my expectations. I hope he doesn't spend his entire waking life in the studio pushing himself hard towards reaching his goals, but I can't think of another explanation for his constant rapid improvements unless it involves crossroads and witches. I thought they had ample chemistry and loved the way Osipova's Odette leaned into him for a rare moment of human warmth and contentment whilst he held her like the most precious being he'd ever encountered. Of course Osipova dominated the performance somewhat, she is a larger-than-life performer at the height of her power and would put most experienced principals in the shade, whilst Ball was dancing his first swan lake, but he sure didn't drown in her wake. They created an exhilarating, truly exciting Swan Lake together. I love the energy and passion Osipova brings to pretty much any role, and last Monday's show definitely took me to my happy place. Turns out I like pique turns a lot more than I thought. Amongst all the excitement and drama, the one moment that stayed most vividly with me is Ball's Siegfried throwing himself onto his knees with such passion and vehemence to beg Osipova's Odette to not sacrifice herself that a) I had a lump in my throat when she wrenched herself away heartbroken and b ) I could literally hear his hands connect with her outstretched (now possibly bruised?) arms.
  8. I assumed that the 'A' cast is stuffed to the rafters with principals and filmed so that they can then release that as a DVD. Perhaps it's too early, but it would make sense to me to whet people's appetite for future runs...
  9. William Bracewell looked so secure and natural in the first act, I had to check whether he had danced it before (not according to his bio). *swans back off to for more lac*
  10. And thus another run of Manon's is over and I couldn't have asked for a better ending. Clarke and Cuthbertson simply nailed the last pdd, there was even a smidgen of moisture in my normally bone dry eyeballs. Initially elated at their escape, De Grieux slowly realised Manon had nothing left in her, but held on to hope until the very last moment, trying to share his remaining strength. Clarke's characterisation was spot on for me and Cuthbertson excelled at portraying utter exhaustion, becoming increasingly wane until you could practically see life escaping her body. The last pdd works best for me if it starts with a slightly elated De Grieux, whose initial happiness or hope amplifies the tragedy of Manon's death and these two got it just right for my taste.
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    Audience Behaviour

    According to the article, they are likely the first ballet company offering this service. I sincerely hope they are also the last.
  12. I wouldn't be keen on debuts by relatively inexperienced dancer, young dancers deserve the support of their (hopefully kind) home crowd for a first outing anyhow. Apart from that anything goes and I will undoubtedly end up booking Swanlakes as well - if they don't bring any, I'd be seriously surprised.
  13. It's worth bearing in mind that some Twitter users love taking down well established performers for a laugh or in the firm believe that no one meets their stringent criteria other than a few selected up-and-coming performers and any old regie theatre production. Last night's Manon was a joy for me, and I've decided that 2 Russians of this caliber wanting to perform this with the RB is actually a very lovely compliment to Macmillan. Naghdi was wonderful as mistress, I loved her knowing looks and the humour she brought. I didn't get much of Sambe's character in this, he seemed too much of a nice boy for the role. Agree that the production is a little fusty and wouldn't mind if there could be just a bit less fabric all over the stage.
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    What qualifications do you need to work in an office?

    If you're not a fast typist, it helps brushing up a bit - makes MS Office skills shine so much more than demonstrating Excel as an one fingered typist trying to find a hyphen. There are are free online games etc that can help to increase typing speed. A bit boring, but it only takes half an hour a day over a couple of weeks to get fast enough. We've had interns who barely knew which way up to use a keyboard, and it really makes a difference when you get one who can touch type.
  15. Wow, trying 5 different browsers on a mobile and a tablet, and either all dates I checked have exactly the same cast, or they need to fix their website.