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  1. I clearly didn't look up the tour cast - hence a surprise to me
  2. Rupert Pennefather in Manon? That came as quite the surprise to me and I feel a sudden urge to squish a matinee into my busy January.
  3. Ta! I've also found a nice site to check the view for Staatoper seats https://sitzplatzvorschau.de/staatsoper
  4. Thanks for the video link Angela - the production looks gorgeous Im sorely tempted to splash out on a Berlin trip. Does anyone know what the view is like from an aisle seat in the central block of 1 or 2 Rang?
  5. Fab Sadler''s season, and all I had to do to get aaaaall the tickets I wanted was to cancel Christmas. Shame that ENB takes the high seats near the stage on the first circle off sale - their stalls prices are moving towards the unaffordable for more than one viewing.
  6. I had to google that - excellent suggestion. Maybe the most hardcore Campbellites could hire a piper to play a suitable Pìobaireachd (am I getting this right?) at the first night of any ballet where he's not cast in the main role
  7. Coated

    No! What "Oh heck!" Moments Can We Share?

    Day off for Alison, innit? I just spent hours fixing my online calendar, after not noticing that the iPad cal stopped talking to all others calendars and I had merrily added entries using whichever device/app was closest to hand for the last few weeks. New rule on calendars in my house as of today - updates through google calendar only. On the plus side, my calendar now looks marvellous for June. Instead of showing a dearth of dancing, it's full of BRB and SFB
  8. Judy Dench, Ian McKellen, Taylor Swift etc might argue on what the lead role is https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5697572/fullcredits/?ref_=tt_ov_st_sm seems to be one of these 'a little bit of everything and some cream on top' musical productions (Please don't make either Dench or McKellen twist their legs around their ears, Mr McGregor, they count as national monuments and should not be endangered for the sake of a musical)
  9. filming over summer would have been nice...
  10. Nicely booked up, apparently it's so popular that they made the dress rehearsal public.
  11. Just saw the King Dances and can only say that Tyrone Singleton is magnificent and the piece itself is practically meditative. So glad I dragged myself out of the house for the matinee. A seat close to the stage is perfect for the lighting, which is beautiful but a bit dark from the back of beyond. I rather hope that this will be a Bintley piece that stays in BRB''s repertoire (not always fond of his pieces, but when he gets it right they are very good)
  12. If you ring them today to cancel the ticket due to booking error, the box office might be able to help you. I've called them before in situations like this and they cancelled the ticket as long as it hadn't been printed yet.
  13. Should the thread perhaps be renamed the 'Campbell Lament' or something similar?
  14. Cesar Corrales acquired his acting chops slightly before his rise through the ballet ranks - he was a Billy Elliot in Chicago in 2010/11