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  1. There are some tickets available over the Christmas period. Definitely worth it. Pulcinella, I didnt know who Josephine Barstow was before I saw Follies, but I'll certainly remember her beautiful solo/duet with younger self for a long time to come. It really grabbed my attention.
  2. Interesting. Has Chebykina danced many Nikiya's before? Personally I don't quite see that type of potential in Chebykina, who is not a recent graduate, and her characterisation didn't grab me emotionally . Her eyes are expressive, but they weren't enough to distract me from the at times too insecure delivery. Obviously mileage varies and we all have different favourites. All I all, I loved this run of Bayaderes and think I enjoy them for the pure spectacle that they are.
  3. Recommendation for 17 yo dance novice

    Fab advice, thank you, and it sounds like he'll have some choice. Nice to see that there are initiatives for latestartets and to get more boys dancing
  4. I think the conceptual meaning of infra becomes obvious once someone reads the programme notes or similar, but it''s not necessarily clear by itself. I asked a very analytical friend what he thought it meant after the show, and said it seemed to be something about random people.
  5. Recommendation for 17 yo dance novice

    Thank you all, that''s really helpful
  6. Recommendation for 17 yo dance novice

    Yes, it would be evenings or weekends, he is probably looking at one class per week.
  7. A friend's son is nearly 17 and just about to start his A-levels. His main passion is for musical theatre and he does a lot of amateur dramatics productions. He seems to have a natural ability in dance which he wants to pursue further (in the first instance to augment his musical theatre, but who knows what will develop). In talking with (stage) friends, the place to begin seems to be a beginners' class in classical ballet (as a solid foundation to all other forms of dance). He had recommendations for Pineapple Studios in central London and also looked at Trinity Laban in Greenwich which is easier to get to for him. Is Trinity Laban a good place for someone like him? Are there any other alternatives he should consider near Plumstead or Sidcup? And is an adult beginners' classical ballet class the right place to start, or should he look at some other type of classes? Thanks for any advice you knowledgable people can offer
  8. Just to chime in to agree with pretty much everything that has been said about the Saturday DonQs. Yevseyeva has the rare combination of exquisite comedic timing, awe inspiring dancing and real stage presence and charm. She didn't just quickly shake her tabourine in the one handed lifts, she did something different each time and managed to convey the equivalent of a cheeky wink at the audience. Her variation in the dryad scene was beautiful an ethereal, and her fouettés were to die for. Her arms went above her head for some, and she finished with having one arm on her hip, making it all look so easy whilst turning perfectly and finishing with a little flourish. Yermakov was a little underpowered which I didn't expect after his Rothbarting, but hopefully he'll get that ironed out. I thought Matvienk and Askerov were competent, but not desperately exciting in their Swan Lake, so it was lovely to see them come properly to live in their DonQ. Matvienko is probably never going to be what I would think of as a dance actress, so I was pretty chuffed with her Kitri - not exuberant, but light and charming, a little exasperated with her Basilio at times. They appeared like a charming couple of long standing and I thought their partnership worked really well. Gimadieva's Cupid was once again a real delight, and it was great to see a bit more of Shakirova in the act 3 variation - she's such a beautiful dancer and I hope to see her in a bunch of leading roles when the Mariinsky comes back for its next London season. The Saturday performances were a perfect antidote to the initial slow start of the DonQ, and I'm exceedingly glad that I didn't return one of my tickets.
  9. Swan Lake 2/8 SCS

    It's D36
  10. I have one spare ticket, D3* (sorry, can't look up tickets at the mo) for the 2nd. It's an eticket, pm if interested
  11. The prime minister also gets free travel and accommodation, up to £115k public duty cost allowance and a pension mortals can only dream of. Unless ADs get similar perks, an exact comparison can't be made. A 17% pay rise seems fairly hefty, considering that the average wage increase for 2017 is forecast at around 3.5%.
  12. I felt similar about the performance and that was without annoying neighbours. Parish has a very beautiful line, and I quite liked his Albrecht with ENB earlier this year but his Siegfried doesn't do much for me. I don't get who the character is, and the dancing felt conservative and careful, especially in act 3 after a mishap in an earlier act. I dont think Parish and Tereshkina are a match made in heaven, it doesn't seem to me that they bring out the best in each other. Her Odile seemed to have a lot more connection with Rothbart than her Odette had at any point with Siegfried. There was some smiling and a lot of somber acting that came across as somewhat expressionless to me, but the partnership never came to live. it wasn't a bad swan lake per se, but it didn't really rise above run-of-the-mill for me, with the exception of a couple of Tereshkina's solos. Andrei Yermakov makes a fine Rothbart, which helped a bit as well.
  13. Xander Parish has been promoted to principal after today's performance, according to Graham Watts on Twitter.
  14. You win, though I'd nominate the Barbican site for worst booking any day of the calendar - I often only find things in their labyrinth because I definitely know they are on at the Barbican before I get to their site. For general crashing I'd also like to nominate the Young Vic and for length in queue, Glyndebourne is definitely up there with the best of them (6hrs was my 'best' recently). Most of these places are victims of their own success, and you'd never please a prospective audience when everyone is after your (good) tickets. Sure, these places could spend millions of getting a super speedy, crash proof IT system, but I'd rather they have something that mostly works and the cash gets spend on art and artists.
  15. Shklyarov can come back and guest with the RB anytime. Anytime at all. He is just so incredibly beautiful to watch, sometimes he's just standing on stage with such presence and poise that I nearly forget to watch other proceedings. He made an adorable, bouncy Basilio. A bit more understated than the previous 2, which worked very nicely, and genuinely funny in his 'death' scene. When he rejected Kitri's advance after she had her hands kissed by his 'love rival', he mimed 'excessive hand kissing' in a wonderfully jealous and annoyed way. He then repeated a ghost of that gesture just before he lay down on his cape in such a droll way that most of the audience around me (self included) caught the giggles. I thought Shakirova was very impressive, even more so when someone told me she only graduated and joined the company in 2015. Her movement has a really light quality to it without appearing delicate or fragile and her Kitri had a proper zest for life. And I really didn't expect someone that young to throw out fouetté with such ease and grace. Those two made a really nice stage couple with lovely chemistry and a bit of mischief thrown in. It felt like they were both taking risks at times to take it up yet another little notch and there were a few bits where the dancing became a little messy, but it was exciting throughout and at times even exhilarating.