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  1. Can anyone tell me the dates Matthew Ball is appearing as I remain baffled by ENB's website.
  2. Mr. Wainwright seems to have a chip on his shoulder the size of the fly-tower. How nice that regular patrons have been put through the years of re-building just so that people can see we aren't all wearing tuxedos. How terribly juvenile and right-on. Can you imagine the furore if a national newspaper wrote a piece lampooning visitors to a Bingo Hall or a Dog Track? Pathetic. Why can't people live and let live and each enjoy what they like without having to run the gauntlet of ridicule? Don't tell me - it's all about inclusivity!
  3. Take a look at the champagne prices...
  4. penelopesimpson

    Audience Behaviour

    Explain my reaction? Well, that's a poser. I suppose the PC answer would be to say that I didn't mind at all the vomit on my shoes and bag and on my jacket. That the smell was really refreshing and that the resulting commotion simply added to my enjoyment of Winter's Tale. But, not being PC I'm telling it like it is. The performance was ruined, I couldn't go on sitting there because of the smell and I spent half an hour in the cloakroom trying to make myself presentable as well as very wet before hoofing it over Waterloo Bridge for a three hour journey home. Think me a hard-hearted Hannah if you like; as I said, I find virtue signalling offensive because what it really seeks to do is shut down debate on subjects that the majority will brook no defiance. In the interest of completing my story rather than defending myself I will tell you that: these two ladies arrived late, reeking of alcohol. The one who became ill twisted and turned in her seat before sitting with her head in her hands. I discreetly passed her a cold wet wipe and asked if she would like me to take her out to the nearest cloakroom. She just kept her head down so I leaned across to her friend and said similar (getting dirty looks from people infront) but friend said she didn't know the way. I said I would take her and friend asked her but she refused. Three mins later she threw up big time. I helped them out to the stairs where attendants summoned help and I got water from the Hall. She recovered and I believe they went back in to the auditorium. At no time did they thank me or make any gesture of contrition. Wonderful ROH staff said they would try and find me another seat but I'd missed Act 2 by that time and called it a night. And there you have it. I am also kind to animals and drink - copiously.
  5. penelopesimpson

    Royal Ballet Spring 2019 Casting ?

    That is a great phrase! Takes me back to Hayward and Golding
  6. penelopesimpson

    Audience Behaviour

    Ah, 'inclusive'. Another wonderful BBC word that effectively includes the minority but tells the majority to suck it up. For the record, I have no problem with somebody getting up to use the lavatory. I take it for granted that they would not inconvenience people unless their need was great. I was less charmed by the woman next to me who threw up all over the seat in front at Winter's Tale, but I suppose that's probably because I hadn't read my inclusivity missive that morning. Fortunately, I have no need to virtue signal, preferring to rely on simple good manners.
  7. penelopesimpson

    Audience Behaviour

    How typically BBC. The majority who don't have Crohn's disease must be disadvantaged and inconvenienced for the minority (very) who do. The whole piece has Jeremy Vine written all over it.
  8. Inconvenienced? No, not really, but I've hated seeing the place, particularly the Floral Hall, look so ugly for so long. I also wonder about the viability of the bars and restaurants (which are always full) being open to the public at performance times. The bar prices are also now absurd. I don't mind paying a hefty whack given the beauty of the surroundings, but £15 for a glass of champagne is ridiculous. You wouldn't pay more than that in a top rank hotel with waiter service to your table.
  9. Before I go mad, can anyone tell me if Alina is dancing the matinee or in the evening on the Saturday in Southampton? Thanks if you can help
  10. Perhaps I have suddenly lost all my computer skills, but I find ENB's website unfathomable. It says Casting for all Dates and then all you get is Manchester. I eventually found Alina's dates under Performer but does it have to be that difficult?
  11. I shan't be rushing...!
  12. penelopesimpson

    Royal Ballet - Mayerling - Autumn 2018

    A well-thought out post with great truth. RB has to make money and if the public want to see those they consider 'bankable stars,' then you can hardly blame management for its choices. Personally, I think its a pity to show Macrae in Mayerling because it is not Macrae at its best, which means the audience are neither seeing the true star nor this absorbing ballet as it should be. But you are absolutely right in what you say.
  13. penelopesimpson

    Audience Behaviour

    What a pity you didn't have a tube of Superglue in your bag...!
  14. penelopesimpson

    Royal Ballet - Mayerling - Autumn 2018

    They can have it every season for me! For those seeing Macrae, I am sure you will enjoy the performance. He brings a lot of energy and technical assurance to the role and never looks remotely tired in what is a flawless performance. My problem (apart from an addiction to Watson and Kobborg) is that I just don't think its the right role for him and others do it better. As for the younger Principals being given a chance, I think it is wise to wait until they are older and not just for the physical demands of the choreography. It is a mature role that requires many nuances in the characterisation which somehow sit better with slightly older dancers. Even the wunderkind Polunin did not, for me, manage to capture the depth of feeling and total despair that Rudolf needs to exhibit.