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  1. Royal Ballet Spring 2018 Casting

    Wonderful post, Floss. Makes me understand so much more. I thank you. I often come with newbies to the ballet and they are always amazed by my knowlege. I do own up and say I owe most of it to this forum! In terms of cost, is the cost of a new production ever published? I couldn't help thinking that Alice must have been heavy on the pursestrings.
  2. Hackney Empire cancels opera

    Is it April 1?
  3. Royal Ballet Spring 2018 Casting

    Looks very much like 'give everyone a go' season! Still the rest of the Spring programme hardly amounts to anything for RB. Wonder why that is?
  4. Royal Ballet Spring 2018 Casting

    Fab! Loved it last time around when he was such a supportive partner.,
  5. 'Major' BBC series on opera this autumn

    Talking of Gheorghui, I have bagged a ticket for her Tosca. How likely is she to show?
  6. 'Major' BBC series on opera this autumn

    Hmm. If Maestro Pappano has no problem with his star tenor addressing the orchestra, I cannot see why anyone else would get worked up about it. Kaufmann went on to explain, extremely clearly, exactly why he did it, and it made perfect sense. I adore this guy's voice, his stage presence is fabulous and his attitude attractive. But then, I'm just an amateur! Loved your descriptions of his voice, Bangorballet boy. Thank-you.
  7. 'Major' BBC series on opera this autumn

    I found the documentary fascinating and Kaufmann exceptionally charismatic. Seeing his Othello in the summer was certainly the highlight of my year. An astonishingly wonderful evening. Should have added that I was disappointed with the Worsley programme, apart from the shots of Venice. I can cope with her better than I can cope with Bussell and Oduba but somehow the programme seemed disconnected and I found my attention wandering.
  8. I felt the same about Viviana Durante who, for me was a magical dancer.
  9. It is, indeed, a very powerful medium. My husband had a long illness and I was frozen in fear. It took Ed Watson's Mayerling to unlock the grief and I sobbed the whole way home on the train. Probably not the reaction the cast were aiming for (!), but the RB has helped me a great deal. I was always a big fan but in the three years since his death, it has been a healing lifeline. I walk in that building and it is a nourishing balm for the soul.
  10. Only so many nuts to crack.....

    I suppose the trouble is they are such good bankers. I can't stand Nutcracker, but noticed it sold really quickly on the RB website. I do wish they would do something else, though.
  11. Royal Ballet Autumn 2017 Casting

    I tweeted him to ask if is okay but nothing so far which is also strange as he usually responds. Does anyone have any idea?
  12. Royal Ballet Autumn 2017 Casting

    Yes, it's weird. I posted a comment about it on the ROH website and its been moderated out. Has something happened?
  13. Big congratulations to Alina and Johan. You are much missed.
  14. Royal Ballet Autumn 2017 Casting

    S o did I. However, I preferred Watson.