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  1. Or even just popping to Tesco...
  2. penelopesimpson

    Something less tragic?

    Drama is always based on conflict.
  3. I am presuming Ed is not dancing?
  4. penelopesimpson

    RB Principal Pipeline

    Me, too. I thought he was close to return. Does anyone know what is happening with Ed Watson? Not looking for medical details - just any news as he is very silent.
  5. penelopesimpson

    RB Principal Pipeline

    Any news on Watson?
  6. Oh goodness, thanks for that. I am watching the ROH website hourly for returns. He sounds incredible.
  7. Or, commenting on a discussion forum.....
  8. I suppose with me its the triumph of hope over experience!
  9. penelopesimpson

    RB Principal Pipeline

    She certainly did in Woolf Works but otherwise, for me, not.
  10. Err, the same would apply to nurses, bus drivers, hospital porters, cleaners, etc......
  11. To state the obvious, because I am interested in dance.
  12. penelopesimpson

    RB Principal Pipeline

    Many dancers 'deserve' promotion. What matters is that they can command a stage and that their name on the cast list makes people buy tickets. Yuhui simply does not qualify
  13. penelopesimpson

    RB Principal Pipeline

    No. That ship has surely sailed. I admire the beauty of Yuhui's dancing but IMHO, she just doesn't have that extra something that Principals must surely have. I would be very surprised if she achieved higher rank.
  14. Agreed. The trouble is that with him lamenting is on repeat play...
  15. Factually, it is hard to disagree with your post. But...does one really decided to be a ballet dancer on the basis of whether or not you can afford a flat in London? The same would apply to many of the professions, doctors, barristers, etc. Yes, affording accommodation in a world capital is a pretty big ask, but... it surely comes down to whether you want to dance or not?