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  1. The next meeting will feature the Royal Ballet's Alastair Marriott and Jonathan Howells. Both are currently appearing on stage in Mayerling while also putting the finishing touches to The Unknown Soldier and, in Jonathan's case, acting as Ballet Master for other works in the rep. Date: 7th November Time: 7.30pm Place: Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Avenue Nearest Station: Tottenham Court Road Cost: £5.00 (members); £4.00 (usual concessions) and £9.00 (guests)
  2. I'm afraid that it will be but Mr O'Hare is implicated here too!
  3. I echo FLOSS's comments about this being a very informative evening focused on teaching, with two guests who were also very entertaining. Thank you for writing about it, FLOSS. The next 'conversation' run by The London Ballet Circle will be with Joseph Caley (formerly with BRB and now a Lead Principal with ENB) on Monday 12th November at 7.30pm at The Civil Service Club, Great Scotland Yard.
  4. Firstly they fail to acknowledge on the day major cast changes which have been announced online (the notes in the cast sheets disappeared during last season - so discourteous). Then they fail to announce the changes online as well (even more discourteous to the dancers concerned). Now they say you are only advised about cast changes if you have booked. I don't recall receiving any such e-mails. Are they sending me a message of some kind? And, unless I check the not always up to date casting under each production, I have no way of being tempted to book because of a cast change. They are definitely trying to put me off coming to watch the RB. Moreover, there is still no casting for Infra or Symphony in C. Putting The Company is a cop out and is discouraging multiple bookings. A message to the regulars? I feel a letter to Kevin O'Hare coming on. The ROH people replying to posts etc. clearly don't have a clue.
  5. Good news CAN spread fast, then.
  6. Still feeling too 'full up' to write about yesterday's matinee and Matthew Ball's performance in particular. But I do so agree about Paul Kay's Bratfisch - pitch perfect.
  7. It has definitely been confirmed: Civil Service Club, Great Scotland Yard, 7.30pm 15th October. Far from being deserted in favour of Facebook, The LBC's website is in the process of being upgraded to include not only improved information but also the opportunity to join, renew and pay online. [The fact that things are in transition at the moment was one of the reasons for posting on this forum.]
  8. Just bumping up a reminder of this CONVERSATION EVENING with Elena Glurjidze and Anita Young talking about teaching young dancers. [There's no need to miss Mayerling in the cinema as there are a lot of 'replays' next Sunday (21st).]
  9. This sounds like an introduction to a Trocks performance, but I'm not laughing.
  10. I note that the ballet synopses, which, it is said, Kevin O'Hare fought hard to achieve, have now been pared to a minimum and combined with an 'injunction' to buy a programme if you want to know more. Clearly, the important thing is to sell programmes rather than to have a well-informed audience. I was pretty much surrounded by non-regulars this afternoon, many of them attracted because it was a matinee. Around 90% were aged over 60.
  11. It’s only the first interval but MATTHEW BALL - wow, just WOW.
  12. It's such a pity that, since the opening night of Mayerling, far more has been written on the FORUM about the botched PR and the deficits of the 'new' ROH than the masterpiece which is playing on the stage. I'm just hoping that Matthew Ball's performance this afternoon will cause us all to burst into print about ballet once again
  13. This has all been seriously mishandled and it's the last thing that they should have lobbed into the equation just as the 'new' house opened. Talk about scoring an 'own goal' !!!!
  14. I saw him dance with Viviana Durante initially and, later, with Mara Galeazzi.
  15. I had a conversation with an usher about all the imported food and drink and she mentioned that it was obvious from bag checks that people had always been bringing substantial picnics in with them. There used to be a notice (on the cast sheets?) to the effect that "only food and drink purchased on the premises may be consumed here" but that has always been flouted. Before there was a charge for plastic bags and M&S was open nearby, there were literally dozens of bright green bags to be seen on tables on rehearsal days.