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  1. This cast change was put up on the appropriate thread on BCF a while ago.
  2. Agreed, but also Angela Wood and Barry Drummond who joined ENB. I have forgotten who played the second woman................
  3. Maybe because Bonelli is a Principal and the equally admirable Hay and Sambe are not - yet?
  4. Unfortunately, the casting on the ROH website isn't to the clear format: (BALLET A) name, name, name / (BALLET B) name, name, name, name / (BALLET C) name, name, name The slashes between the ballets make all the difference and allow for dancers to be named twice. When I read the reply quoted here, I thought that they had cracked this problem, but apparently not.
  5. Ashley Dean has been a Mirliton. Leticia Dias has been the Angel. The 'emergence' of Leo Dixon is interesting. He has been in the Company 'proper' for two years (following an Aud Jebsen year) and was a stunning 'sub.' in Rubies and an excellent 'Chinese' dancer - but not much else. Now he has been given more opportunity to demonstrate what he can do and he's 'going for it' - and being rewarded with further roles. Well done to him - nice to see.
  6. That’s really good news. At the moment, I feel that I want to give the ROH/RB a bit of space to sort things out.
  7. Your post was a lovely homage to these two wonderful dancers, Mary. Thank you. I completely agree with what you say about Muntagirov. I sense there is a risk of his awesomeness sometimes being taken for granted, including on here.
  8. I didn’t give the name because the original casting was set out above. It is indeed Fernanda Oliveira.
  9. Tamara Rojo is now dancing Clara/SPF at the matinees on the 14th and 16th December.
  10. And now I see from Valentino Zuchetti's Facebook page that there was a Draft Works on last night which I didn't spot either. Grrrh!!!
  11. I’d no idea that this was happening and don’t understand how I missed it. Does one now need to trawl through every single day on the ROH website or is there a special page for ‘pop up ‘ events that I haven’t discovered?
  12. Completely agree. There is no artifice about her. She's one of those dancers who, for me, acts and moves 'from the inside' and I love that in an artist. Besides, as Clara (and Alice), she completely looks the part - as she will as Juliet, I'm sure.
  13. I, too, must record how marvellously Begona Cao dances Odette/Odile. Of all the dancers currently performing the roles with ENB, she is the one who most brings out the contrast between the two characters and, even when soft and wondrously fluttering as Odette, fully projects the story into the auditorium. And she did this in Bristol while dancing with a partner she was only paired with a couple of hours beforehand. Remarkable.