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  1. I understand that the dancers were asked to 1) go and meet Prince Charles and 2) attend a reception for Sponsors. Marianela often 'arranges' with people who have made contact with her to come down dressed thus and it is really heart-warming to see the way she relates to everyone. You might have noticed that some of Vadim's 'Stage Door Regulars' were not there last night because the word had got around that he would not be coming out until much later. However, on the first night of Don Q, he too spent a very long time inside the Stage Door (autographs and selfies) and, then, equally long outside with a large group of children from a Portuguese ballet school. That, too, is lovely to see as he is particularly generous with his time as well.
  2. You have to vote for The People’s Choice well ahead of the night LinMM and that voting option includes all members of the Company below Principal level, not just the six nominees.
  3. Yes, it was. He seems to have got taller during the 18 months he has been with the RB!
  4. I love Broken Wings too and, last time round, Begona Cao was an amazing Frida as well. Her Diego (Max Westwell) has now left the Company but there is one particular character dancer within ENB who I can visualise donning the necessary 'fat suit' to excellent effect.
  5. Maybe at that rehearsal (which I was also fortunate to attend) Gary Avis played the Don because Christopher Saunders was 'taking' the rehearsal.
  6. This is one of those occasions when I feel a sense of contentment with the results as well as pleasure for the winners. It was a lovely celebration off wondrousness in the world of dance.
  7. I would have thought that there was a huge increase in the number and cost of 'Ushers', especially during the day.
  8. Ouch, FLOSS. I think that it also about giving the paying audience something for themselves.
  9. Once again, there were 5 seats empty in the front row of the Stalls yesterday afternoon. They were 'occupied' after the second interval by 'movers' but why, oh why, do their original owners not come - or not return tickets they can't use? There were people sitting elsewhere who would have given their eye teeth for those seats but were deprived of the opportunity to buy them.
  10. As I said earlier, I rather liked the unusual sprightliness of Yudes's Sancho Panza. That Telegraph review is a disgrace.
  11. Goodness, Kaneko is having quite a busy 24 hours, Nice cast for the cinema.
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