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  1. Isn't it ownership rather than copyright on the part of heirs and foundations which is the issue? There has been many a mention on here about heirs/guardians who take it upon themselves to make changes of which not everyone approves!
  2. Novikova - ooooooooooooooooooooooh!
  3. . YES. So much of what is performed in Japan seems exclusive. We do live on the same planet of dance, after all.
  4. It's a lovely programme with Cesar Corrales dancing with Cojocaru as well as all the usual suspects.
  5. I think that we can anticipate that the Manons will be Cojocaru, Rojo, Takahashi, Dronina, Cao and, perhaps, Kase. They will be very different from one another but all will be excellent in their own way. The casting might not issue as soon as we would like as the Lest We Forget Programme at Sadlers Wells precedes the Manon tour.
  6. capybara

    Which Role Would You Dance?

    Von Rothbart in the RB’s new Swan Lake has an even better view.
  7. capybara

    Which Role Would You Dance?

    I think I’d go for the women who die or really suffer: Mary Vetsera, Manon, Marguerite and Tatiana in particular. But I’m with TothePointe on the baddies as well.
  8. That's fantastic, Richard.
  9. There are a number of 'clubs' where people can mix with others who love dance. I don't know where you are based, Gina, but, if you can get into London, there are two which might interest you: The Ballet Association, which supports the Royal Ballet, the Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Royal Ballet School, has regular guest speakers from both companies and the school: http://www.balletassociation.co.uk/ The London Ballet Circle is for people interested in dance (not just ballet). It, too, has meetings where there are conversations with dancers and others from the world of dance: http://www.tlbc.org.uk It doesn't cost much to join and both organisations offer visits to ballet schools and social events as well as the informal talks.
  10. It is definitely Hayward/Bracewell. They have 2 shows and Choe/Campbell also have 2 shows. So all round.
  11. There is a set of pigeonholes at the Royal Opera House Stage Door and letters for dancers are put in there. I know this because some dancers enquire on their way out as to whether there is anything for them and one or two regularly leave with envelopes. I don't know what the arrangements are elsewhere but I think that the approach suggested by Janet usually works.
  12. I have a feeling that the RB will be 'doing something' for Margot Fonteyn around the performances of The Firebird next summer. If not that, then what?