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  1. The ceremony and preceding interviews are now up here:
  2. Posts on the ROH news sites are said to be moderated but there was one occasion when I thought that something unacceptable had slipped through. It was quickly removed after I got in touch.
  3. Wanting very much to say a great big thank you to the Mods.
  4. Sometimes, some more experienced dancers seem to have more time - or are able to create an illusion of having more time. This must be very difficult to achieve in an adrenalin-fuelled debut. Thinking back to Two Pigeons 2 years ago. I remember Matthew Ball seemed to be rushing his steps rather in his first show. Second time out, it felt to me as if the steps had become much more a part of him and the necessary exertion less obvious. His second show was, I thought, marvellous in every respect.
  5. Telegraph for opera; Mail for ballet. I often feel that critics are out of their own personal comfort zones when outside London and their perceptions can vary accordingly. Maybe the BRB principals would receive fairer reviews if they were guesting with the RB? Now, there's a thought. Why not the occasional swap between companies?
  6. I have only just realised what this thread is about. There are two aspects of posting which I have difficulty with on here - even though I appreciate why they happen: that it is not possible for people who may be involved in a particular issue to "tell it as they see it" because they would be contravening the rules; and that we are sometimes offered what reads like an "official line" on an issue by an anonymous contributor Otherwise, I'm cool with all the differences of view. The more substantive the comments on productions/performances the better informed I feel in my own ballet-watching.
  7. The presentations on Monday 19th Feb,starting at1.15pm will be livestreamed on the Facebook page below: https://www.facebook.com/NatDanceAwards/
  8. Another example of how differently we see things. I think that Florizel needs to show us that he comes from royal stock and McRae feels very 'country boy' to me.
  9. In a way, it's a pity that Naghdi couldn't have had an extra show so that she could get Giselle even more embedded in her mind and body. One show is not enough for anyone!
  10. Loved the bear last night. I think he's much better viewed from higher up. But, although he was a big hit for me, Cuthbertson, Morera, Lamb and Muntagirov won the laurels by a mile . Such great dancing and artistry from all of them. It will be wonderful to see them up close in the cinema relay I feel that I need time to grow accustomed to Ryoichi Hirano's Leontes. Part of my problem in Act 1 might have been that a superlative interpreter of the role (Bennet Gartside) was on stage nearby and I wanted them to do a swap! Agree that it was good to see Sambe back dancing with gusto. I think that the story-telling in this ballet is vividly drawn and dramatically very affecting. But I still feel that a bit of corps dancing could be shaved off in Act 2 (particularly) and Act 3.
  11. Maybe we shouldn't run ahead of ourselves here. I've got everything crossed for Ed's recovery.
  12. I read it as a common turn of phrase, not an order! Please keep posting, penelopesimpson, I enjoy reading your thoughts.
  13. ENB/Khan's Giselle/Chicago

    I get the feeling from Facebook that it is exciting news for everyone concerned
  14. Oooh, what a treat to have that lovely line-up of young dancers. The problem with these masterclasses is the hefty entry price. I hope that they've fixed the microphones now?
  15. Please NO - not on top of all those Sylphides from ENB this season!