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  1. And that is one of the cardinal sins on BCF 😉 !!! Picture of the new guest Romeo (Timofej Andrijashenko) is below (separate post).
  2. I adore Diamonds but I'm actually quite surprised that aspects of this performance passed muster with the "Balanchine police". And I'm think corps as well as soloists here. [Runs for cover.............!]
  3. It is usual for ballet companies to have 'covers' in addition to those cast, with those 'covering' being in the studio learning the role "just in case". However, in the case of R&J, there are/were so many casts that accommodating 'covers' may not have been feasible - or it might have been thought that there was sufficient capacity within the casting to meet any need. However, when timing, height and other commitments are taken into consideration, the RB obviously needed to look for someone from outside who was also familiar with the ballet. Hamilton and Clarke rehearsed together at one of those Royal Ballet Live events in the Floral Hall and, when on pointe, she came well up on him. They looked good together and it must be devastating for Clarke not to be able to perform.
  4. Yes, of course and he is very fully occupied at present. I suppose I was thinking that Muntagirov was yet to surface in R&J as it's felt as if there has been two 'shifts' for that ballet.
  5. Another Liam Mower fan - good! I found that I was watching him when Matthew Ball was on stage as well and that's some compliment!
  6. We now have 2 threads covering this cast change! So I'll mention here as well how sorry I feel for Reece Clarke and that Timofej Andrijashenko is a 23/24 year old Principal with La Scala who was born in Riga, Latvia.
  7. So upsetting for Reece Clarke. Timofej Andrijashenko is a 24 year old Principal with the La Scala Company and hails originally from Riga, Latvia. Melissa Hamilton has guested with La Scala (and dances with Roberto Bolle a fair bit) so they might know one another. I am 'due to attend' but have had no such e-mail!
  8. But Reilly has had his turn (many, many times in at least 4 locations!), so have Vogel and, I think, Hallberg. Of course, they are artists one would like to see, but..................!!! It's interesting, when one thinks about it, that the role of Onegin demands strong acting and partnering, with that of Lensky carrying much of the dancing. [Apologies for continuing to divert this thread.]
  9. Oh, please, not another guest for Onegin here as it would deprive an RB company dancer of the opportunity and do so quite unnecessarily.
  10. Really interesting point. My phone won't "remember me" for BCF and I am therefore checking the Links without signing in. In fact, I now use my phone to read the Links much more than I do from my PC, which is, of course, signed in. That wasn't the case until about a year ago.
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