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  1. Well I must admit it was a bit disturbing to read that the Director of RBS wasn't there to assess the auditions here in UK Could have been a clash of dates but doesn't exactly look like very good planning on RBS part does it. The Prix dates are known a year in advance!! I have a friend who is a Friend of the RBS she might have more internal knowledge I will ask her next time I see her. Yes perhaps not all those students from abroad have been at White Lodge since Year 7 but have joined a couple of years later but I suppose more "home grown" than complete newbys coming into Year 12. Even girls going into year 7 have trained somewhere else first!
  2. One thing I will say which could be misleading about competitions is that some dancers spend months and months just rehearsing one variation. A competitor at the Prix said that he had to go into his performance with only two to three weeks of preparation and then learned that some others had been practising the same piece for months! When you watch Belinda Hatley rehearsing the year 9/10 girls from the World Ballet Day videos I thought they were all delightful and am sure if she had given them a piece from Coppelia and asked them to practice the same piece every day for three months they would be on a par for sure. Quite a lot of girls from abroad who manage to get into the Upper School have been through White Lodge for a number of years anyway not all from abroad have only just gone into the first year of Upper schl etc.
  3. I am not stalking you Taxi but I tried your advice by hovering over your name and nothing happened until I got so close it took me to your home page!! More than once!
  4. Many thanks Richard LH for that lovely clip of Akane!! That would be me doing petit allegro in my dreams!! its the lovely ballon she has and what feet!! You can put changes of direction in ( en tournant etc) which make it that much more complex but it should be quick moving ( no time to think) and very neat of course!! Probably my body type doesn't suit petit allegro but I still love it and it's exciting when you see someone doing it well. Unfortunately what often happens in classes where there is a time issue is the petit allegro becomes just sixteen jumps in first/second/ fifth etc and then straight on to the grand allegro.
  5. Oh dear! Some of us learnt ( or is it learned) French grammar a long time ago now! I also studied German a very long time ago and what used to be natural I now have to think twice whether the noun is fem/ neuter / or masc!! Dont give us any more complexes Jamdancer!! Some things are best ignored I think.
  6. Unfortunately I do think" petit allegro" has gone out of fashion a little ....even with some of the Russian dancers who visit who invariably take most things slower in general than RB dancers tend to. But if choreographers don't use it what can the professionals do? Although Im an amateur dancer of course I love the petit allegro section ( though my brisees are pretty abysmal compared to professional level of dancing) but I do notice that if there is a shortness of time in classes these days it is likely that it's the petit allegro section of the class that gets missed out which is a shame because although difficult it can be fun! I have one teacher up in London who is admittedly now 90 so of an older generation but we always do really nice bits of petit allegro in his classes often with lots of directional changes ...so good for the brain! But what you learn from this section is the dynamics of the different steps which I think is important. I would have thought that it's always wise for any Company to use a dancer for coaching on whom a role was created if they are still alive....and want to do it of course. Lynn Seymour was a fantastic dancer and I cannot see why they would not use her to coach other dancers but perhaps there are reasons we are not privy to if she is not used. I Haven't seen that Seymour/Rojo clip yet.
  7. LinMM

    Any cuckoos out there? ... and other BirdWatch news

    Oh naughty pussy cat Quintus but I suppose they can't help it. About two years ago I was driving along a very narrow lane near Ditchling in Sussex when suddenly a weasel ran into,the lane with a dead mouse /vole in its mouth!! The only time I've ever seen a weasel. I think stoats are bigger than weasels so am surprised a cat would go for one!
  8. The performance I most regret missing is the Northern Ballet in Las Hermanas/concerto/ Gloria up in Leeds ....such a great combo.
  9. I've definitely become a Cathy Marston fan now so seconded from me!!
  10. LinMM

    Dance physio

    There is an extremely good lady based here in Brighton called Jo Avison ....she is wonderful and completely different to anyone else I have seen over time and did wonders for my hip flexor injury ( also hurts in the groin area) a couple of years back. But she does like to work holistically with the body as well. She does travel so whether she works sometimes up in London I don't know but definitely goes to the USA every so often and gives courses too. I will see if I still have her website address or phone number. There is a Thameslink train through to Brighton from parts of Herts now but whether the timetable is working....who knows!!🤔😳
  11. LinMM

    Any cuckoos out there? ... and other BirdWatch news

    We've had a few stunned starlings in our time....all recovered...well as far as I know! This happens often when magpies come into a group and they all fly off in different directions including the window unfortunately. Thanks for the info ...there are some finches because we never see them around here who I never get sorted out! Is it the Haw Finch who is very pink in colour?
  12. LinMM

    Any cuckoos out there? ... and other BirdWatch news

    Gorgeous looking bird is it in the Finch family?
  13. Inspite of the new employment law I feel sure that somehow a class lasting 90 mins for the Royal Ballet could not be accommodated As someone who still attends class there is nothing like feeling properly warmed up when coming into the centre and I really dislike classes which only last one hour as you just don't get the muscles warmed up properly OR you can spend 40 mins at the barre and then quite a lot is necessarily missed from the centre work. What happens with other Companies. I'm sure I've watched ballet class at the Rambert Company which lasted for 90 mins and same with ENB. Ive always thought that you strengthen the classical technique by doing and improving the exercises that support it rather than loads of extra in the gym however I do think the gym and Pilates etc can be invaluable when recovering from an injury. The dancers who look good in Macgregor's works are those who have those rather "free jointed "bodies ....nothing wrong with that...many who study classical dance started as gymnasts so have this particular freedom but you don't have to have this degree of movement in the body to be a fine classical dancer. I do like a mixture of classics and modern works but maybe casting could be improved for some works....not everyone suits Macgregor and not everyone suits Ashton or Macmillan. To get back to the thread well 2019-20 is a long way ahead but I would love to see some more recognition of Fonteyns centenary which I do think has been rather overlooked so some of those suggestions further up the thread particularly Les Rendezvous and I personally would love to see the Haunted Ballroom ( never saw it ....just those wonderful pictures of Fonteyn) revised but have no idea how it would sit today. Of course 2021 is not far away .....sixty years since Nureyev made his leap for freedom as it were....so perhaps could link the two in the 2020-21 season!!!
  14. I would genuinely like to know which dancers ...apart from Muntagirov and Nunez ( definitely couldn't disagree there both wonderful dancers with fine and expressive technique) ....and can be from the past if necessary ...that you would consider worthy of principal status Livia and why you like these dancers. Though can't help thinking this is for a different thread as its way of topic at mo etc!!