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  1. Wow what an intense little dance piece and in a tiny circle of stage. I think these two have that wonderful power of communication before films got sound!!
  2. That's very sad news what a wonderful pair. Condolences to all in the family.
  3. Sometimes I think it depends what mood you yourself are in on the night as to how receptive you are to dancers performances and the piece performed.
  4. Have found out you cannot book for classes online at the moment....you have to contact individual teachers directly( but even I don't have the contact details for Laurie yet as he is so new) You can find out details though by emailing Sander so will give that again now: blommaertballetandtoning@gmail.com
  5. Well in the end we've had to split into two groups to see the film next week. So I will be going on Wednesday evening. And have passed on the info about the BBC 4 film this Monday. A week for some nostalgic Nureyev wallowing then.
  6. To go back to the "Red Run" discussion on previous page I genuinely thought Rob S was being a little facetious as there was so much red running down Frankensteins costume!
  7. Kate_N I cannot make that link work!! For example I tried putting in the date I am next attending (Sunday 31st March) and nothing comes up!! But there is definitely a class that day!! As far as I know there are two ballet classes running....one on a Thursday evening followed by a pointework class ....and a lady teaches this but I've never done the Thursday class so don't know her name unfortunately. There used to be a ballet class on the Tuesday which I went to for a while but this stopped when Sander moved to Birmingham in January. The other class is on Sunday's which is the Rep. Class.....now taught by Laurie Mcsherry Gray and he does a stretch class for an hour after as well. I haven't tried to pay online since January so just pay on the day at the moment! The person who could help the most with this is currently in Germany but I will email her over the weekend.
  8. I liked the Dance to Freedom film very much....particularly Artem Ovcharenko .....I think he caught Nureyev quite well .....though not quite so fierce or fiercely intense ....that quality which Nureyev had. Luckily for me I've got two cinemas showing it next week near me ....one is the arty cinema in Brighton....Duke of Yorks ....and the other is the new arty cinema in Lewes called the Depot. Our Saturday Ballet group is hoping to organise a trip next week to one of these!!!
  9. I know that dry mouth thing from performance nerves!! Wishing you all the luck πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€
  10. Sander is a twin also!! I will find out for you and post here as useful for others to know maybe how you now book on his classes. I used to book online but recently have been paying on the day as there have been different teachers etc.
  11. I'm going on 9th April.....no idea who is dancing! But last night watched a rehearsal at Markova House with Katja Khaniukova Barry Drummond and Irek.....didn't realise how exhausting that role must be for him....especially in the costume. Anyway guess Katja and Tamara will be at least two doing the main role in Broken Wings....not sure about others. Incidentally I spoke to one of the ENB dancers after class on Wednesday and they still don't know exactly when they are moving into the new City Island site .....and I'm sure they've only got Markova House till the end of March!!
  12. RuthE have sent you a PM With Sander I think he is under Blommaert Ballet and Toning but I've only got the link to his old website address certainly his email is blommaertballetandtoning@gmail.com Hope this helps. The new teacher who I really liked is called Laurie Mcsherry -Gray .....he takes the Sunday classes .....I'm not sure if he will take over the Thursday classes as well next term.
  13. If you are anywhere near Battersea you might like to consider Sander Blommaert's classes at the BBO Headquarters ... Though he has just taken a job at Elmhurst and only recently found a really good replacement teacher who also trained at RBS and has danced in Belgium and New Zealand.
  14. I was attracted to that Tuesday class because apart from being at roughly Intermediate level they also do Rep normally on a Tuesday. However this summer term their general Rep isn't happening as they have a show coming up in July at the Greenwood Theatre ( London Bridge). I'm still not sure it isn't best to wait till the Autumn now. They have a whole range of classes throughout the week but most are north of the river. Im lucky in that respect as I stay near Highbury Corner when in London so anywhere in the North and Central is easy!!
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