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  1. LinMM

    Arthur Mitchell RIP

    I saw him and his Company dance many years ago now a great trailblazer and wonderful how Balanchine supported him back then ....just seems normal now ...so easy to forget how resilient and determined people like Arthur Mitchell must have been.
  2. I partly agree Lizbie I find the RFH just a bit too busy at times and not at all restful to sit before a concert etc. Perhaps I'm just showing my age!!
  3. I am not understanding why Raymonda is not a possible option.
  4. Although only at amateur level have done a lot of dancing over the years. I have narrowing at Lumbar five and moderate arthritis in the left hip mild arthritis in the right hip! But I am 70 and still dancing though my lower back does get very stiff ....never really loosens up for long. Doing scaravelli yoga and Pilates has helped a lot as well as regular massage and very occasional trips to the Osteopath. Luckily my Pilates teacher and masseuse have both done a lot of dance in the past albeit contemporary rather than ballet. I have no doubt that eventually I may need a hip replacement on the left side at least but just carry on and do strengthening exercises and hoping for the best! Rather scaringly I recently learned that things don't always progresss at a nice slow even rate and can suddenly deteriorate rapidly .....like a friend of mine with moderate impairment who woke up one morning and couldn't get out of bed!! I do know some excellent people who work with dance and sports injuries but not over specifically trained in these areas. I prefer working with people who see the body as a holistic whole and how it's all very closely connected together. One of the people I have been lucky enough to work with told me that she once worked with a famous golfer( she didn't name him of course but in USA) and started working on the opposite shoulder to the injured one initially ....which he was not best pleased with at first!! And said "you've got the wrong shoulder" But of course she hadn't ....the two are closely connected .....he was very happy with the results in the end though! She worked on a hip flexor injury of mine and was fantastic......the progress made in just a few treatments after I had been struggling with it for months!! ....however she is not a Dance Specialist etc etc. If there is pain in the groin this could be hip related too. Has she had any X Ray's? This is a must I think if in a lot of pain. The Psoas muscle is a tricky one too and goes through the groin area .....But it could be a disc problem too restricting movement etc. In an indirect way the thyroid could be connected to any pain in the bones....not specifically the back though... as its directly involved in the formation/ destruction of bone process ....but this is a distant memory of exactly what the process is and its interaction with calcium and other minerals etc....a Doctor could tell you this!! Incidentally invisible circus what were your symptoms with your hypothyroidism....I'm always borderline in tests and am often asked to retake the blood test but then it's normal again! it does run on my father's side of the family...two aunties and two cousins take thyroxine daily.
  5. LinMM

    Yoga as an Art of Movement

    Yoga can be a very good complement to ballet. I do a lovely form called scaravelli yoga which is very explorative and totally about the process of moving "towards" a pose and how you are in this process and "resting" in a pose rather than there is any sort of forcing either of the body or of pace. Its a wonderful chance to see what's really going on in the body more which you don't have so much time for in ballet. It can be very creative and restorative in this form. I love both! Ballet just gets the edge because of the music!! And Ive never done this before but ....welcome to the Forum ...and hope you will post again. Do you do ballet as well?
  6. Well I've never seen The Bright Stream ....so at least one new one and it's a VERY long time since I've seen Spartacus so that's good too!! However I was hoping they would bring Raymonda instead of Bayadere ( especially as I know Oscar had a proper role in this in Moscow very recently!) Still looking forward to visit but it is sad no Nureyev I agree.
  7. Am not free then but would love to hear about it!
  8. LinMM

    Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    I will look into the RAD grade 7 then ....just to follow the syllabus not do an exam......as I really love character dances and it does seem....from what people say....to be a nice dancey grade!! I know there is a class in London taught by Michelle Harrison but unfortunately it's on a night I can't do at the moment....without staying up in London for three days!! There could be a class locally but when I looked into this before a few years back now when I first returned to ballet I couldn't find any RAD adult grade classes at that time so I switched to BBO instead. Have done grade 4,5,6 and grade 7 in BBO ( just syllabus not the exams) and then decided to have a break from syllabus classes....so quite a while now since I've done one. Since then Ive had three teachers who I mainly use for really focussing on technique and used the other time for Performance based groups etc. Im thinking this will be my last year of performing so may do more syllabus again plus attend workshops for choreography experience. The RAD rep combined with Grade 7 sounds perfect!
  9. LinMM

    Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    Having said above that I'm not so interested in doing classes in order to take exams ...in the summer I did some taster classes for the new RAD Rep course. I really enjoyed these classes and am hoping to start a new class in this Rep at level two....with two very enjoyable variations from Coppelia and Giselle. However the level two barre is VERY easy!! Apparently you can mix and match barre levels and variation levels if you want to actually take an exam. ...As the level three barre seems more appropriate for the level two variations it seemed to me ....although where centre work is concerned this is aimed at doing exercises which support the variation you are attempting which is good. If the class does start up am still not sure will eventually take the exam but might just be tempted in this case because it's much more performance based than technique based( though of course you have to be able to pull off all the steps in the variations well for it to look good) I liked the level three variation we did ( one of the Bluebird variations from Sleeping Beauty) too. We did not touch much on level four on this course just tried some of the steps....eg "lame ducks" with pose turns ...quite tricky rhythmically to do well ...but first things first! I suspect the level four ones will be difficult! It is interesting that you can take these Rep. Exams on pointe or just on Demi. Perhaps a nod to older dancers like myself? But I think those on pointe should be marked differently ( eg two separate exams) as it is mostly harder on pointe....except perhaps for faster chainees turns!! Just on a point another poster made if time should "run out "for a student in their current dancing school because they are off to Uni/college etc then they can always look in the area they are moving to in case it's possible to continue with their training in another local RAD school etc. Quite a lot of RAD ...but not all...do separate adult classes now but if not joining some older teens in local classes would be okay for a Uni student anyway I would have thought.
  10. LinMM

    Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    The above post is really about 30-60 year olds!! I am always surprised 60 plus dancers want to do exams! Once you hit that 60th decade things are definitely different. Everything is harder especially getting a good height in arabesque ....and particularly doing a decent penchée.....penchées don't really work unless you can hold your leg at 90 in arabesque as you just cannot get a good line if the leg is lower than this. You can do a reasonable arabesque if the leg is between 45 and 90 and the extension is good and arm line good etc. Jumping gets more difficult .....to accommodate beats and do things like brisees you need more than a couple of inches off the floor!! And doing steps like grand jetes en tournant have to be approached with caution because of getting the height but landing on one leg!! Most 60 plus have some degree of age related erosion in hip and knee joints .....it doesn't stop you dancing but you have to monitor yourself more carefully than a younger person.....and remember when in class that some people will be 20/30/40 years younger and you cannot compare to them on the technique level at least (dance quality and musicality are different of course) I don't know what the marking rules are for much older people taking RAD exams etc. But if they are applied exactly the same way as to a teenager taking the exam then it would of course be much harder for a post 60 year old to get really high marks. A Merit would be their Disticntion I think!! So aiming just for a Pass is okay in that age group if you are attracted to do exams! Personally although I came back to ballet at 62 and could have been exam fit by 65 I decided not to go that route in the end because I didn't see that I could get the marks I would have wanted and felt frustrated by that.
  11. LinMM

    Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    I think there is also a good point to attempting an exam with the intention of aiming for the top marks. For people dancing at recreational level I don't see the point of putting yourself through an exam just to aim for a pass! If you aim for high marks then you may not get a distinction or honours but you will definitely get more than a pass. So,probably better to take it a bit more slowly ( there's no hurry if you are an older recreational dancer anyway) and achieve something to be proud of.....if you want to bother with taking exams etc that is.
  12. LinMM

    Simply Adult Ballet

    Well just watch you don't get a shoulder injury too Michelle with all that digging!! See you next week.
  13. LinMM

    Proms 2018

    I have a soft spot for Simon Rattle as I worked with his father when I was teaching in Liverpool back in the early 70's!! Simons father was an interesting man and very good on the guitar I might say! He retrained as a teacher in his 50's and I worked with him at Speke Primary school for a year. On miserable rainy days when the kids hadn't been out all day he would come across to my classroom ( adjacent to his) and say do you want to bring your kids in for a sing song!! And then we'd have a good old time for the last half hour of the day or so.....can't get away with this these days...unfortunately!! He was always on about his son who was about 17 at this time and who "will be famous one day" we finally met him one Christmas where they lived in Menlove Avenue. A couple of years later Simon was the youngest ever Conductor at the Royal Festival Hall at the time ( that age record has now been beaten though) I remember it was Berlioz and Shostakovitch 10th.....this was an introduction to Shostakovitch for me who I've loved ever since. I took my parents to this concert and in the first coincidence who should be in the next row but Mr Rattle senior!! He had met my parents before ( long story) and insisted we all went backstage to say hello to Simon.....much to my fathers dismay .....he hated any sort of fuss or show like that....but we did anyway!! Simon was lovely all masses of dark curly hair and green eyes and lots of charm!! Some years later I was in Barnsbury Park in Islington near where I lived then sunbathing when I thought I heard a voice I recognised ....it couldn't be....but it was ...Mr Rattle senior again with a young toddler!! Second coincidence. It turned out Simon now lived in the next street to me!! It was at this point that Mr. Rattle told me that Simon had turned down some lucrative contracts to stay with the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra which he did for another few years after this and I have always really admired him for this and what he achieved with this orchestra. I would really love it if there was another coincidence .....Simon invited to conduct in Birmingham and he is conducting Shostakovitch 10th OR even the second piano concerto!! I also hope we get the new concert hall that he would like .....but for me no half measures....either not at all ...or some truely amazing building that everyone would love to be in.....it has to be at least the best in Europe!!
  14. LinMM

    Proms 2018

    It's great to have Simon Rattle back in the UK. Im hoping he will be invited to conduct his old orchestra in Birmingham at some point too....a good excuse to go to the Birmingham Symphony Hall!
  15. LinMM

    Proms 2018

    Thankyou Alison I used to be great with heights until about five years ago. ....it's why at the Amphi at the ROH I now have to be not much higher than row K and cannot sit in the slips at all any more. its probably a weird combo of deteoration in inner ear balance and sight not being so good now for middle distance etc. And the huge space of the RAH. Many years ago was right at the top to see Shirley Bassey and had no problem at all then. I think the seats in the Rausing Circle are quite steeply raked as well.....so great for viewing but you don't feel protected that much by the row in front!! What I did like was the lovely warm atmosphere in the audience and the RAH is an amazing space for sure. i tend to pay less for concerts than for ballet but if there was someone or some concert I particularly wanted to see I would just have to pay more for a seat. But certainly when the Proms are on I think that bottom space would be great.....and not expensive!