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  1. Audience Behaviour

    Ah yes of course! Doh!
  2. Audience Behaviour

    But why would they take the biscuits off you what was their reason ( obviously something I'm not seeing here)
  3. Audience Behaviour

    I don't understand the cake thingy! If it was in your handbag how did she know when you were going to eat it? Could have been for a nightcap later on! Im sure she didn't have a right to stop you taking it in anyway.
  4. Well, it's goodbye from me... and goodbye from her

    The very best of luck to you and your DD and hope she is successful in her future career and may even get to enjoy some recreational dance down the line a bit. I hope we will benefit from your humour from time to time perhaps on the Not Dance thread....especially if you see any "strange signs" around!
  5. I was trying to work out "medicinal" thought you might have meant "detached" lol!
  6. puberty-help!

    If gave up ballet from 15 ....went the academic route ...but was back again by the age of 22!! Its a difficult bug to get rid of once bitten by it!! And I gave up originally in a bit of an adolescent all or nothing strop!! Still ll at it again now at 70!!
  7. Just to add my thanks to the Mods too and so sorry to hear of any abuse you may have received. I've seen some of the comments that people can "freely" make on YouTube and on Facebook posts so am grateful for some degree of moderation on this Forum as it has a very good balance about it in my view.
  8. Winter Olympics

    She is incredibly brave to return after shattering her kneecap in eight places!
  9. Winter Olympics

    Am writing this here as well as on Grace on ice thread! Just seen the short programme of the Canadian ice dance couple ...absolutely terrific ...this is going to be a great competition!
  10. Winter Olympics

    Wow just seen the short programme of the Canadian ice dancers absolutely fab!! The problem us there is now an Olympic thread so don't really know where to write this! If should be on other thread Mods can move if want!
  11. What does this mean? (comment by JA teacher)

    Yes absolutely loved Woolf Works and she looked naturally fab at a talk I went to at the Clore which she gave. Fonteyn was still dancing at 60 plus But she gave up the big classic roles round about 60 ....was still ravishing in roles like Marguerite and Armand and she like Ferri had this ability to project a much younger age ( as in Juliet) than she was....amazing! I wonder what Fonteyn was like at just nine years old!!
  12. puberty-help!

    This seems to,be a familiar pattern for many in puberty. Im sure those with DC's on this Forum currently or just gone through puberty can put your mind at rest!!
  13. What does this mean? (comment by JA teacher)

    Ive just read that she first played Juliet in 1984. She was born in 1963 so depending on exactly when she performed the role in 84 was either 20 or 21. i think she has the distinction though of being the youngest dancer to be promoted to Principal at the Royal at 19.
  14. What does this mean? (comment by JA teacher)

    Gosh was she as young as 15! Perhaps when at the Royal Ballet School then. she did dance Juliet young in the Company but thought she was about 19 then....am not sure now.
  15. We'll have driven almost into Newhaven to get this week's Sunday times lol but have now read....in the Culture section...slightly more favourable to Hayward on this occasion but Ball does come off well. Not sure if anything more meant behind this comment on Campbell "He kept his fine dancing entirely in the Romantic style- no excess." I did think Mr.Ball appeared to "suffer" more in the role of Albrecht in the second Act ...as he seemed to exert himself more in his dancing! However Mr. Campbell did a wonderfully expressive step sideways into arabesque in second making the most and showing the beauty of that particular movement.... Balls leg may have been a tad higher but the movement was more rushed....just something I noticed. But still remembering both performances equally fondly a week later!