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  1. I think this just shows the RANGE of dancers who can be extraordinary performers but for different reasons!
  2. Very very unfortunately I am having to offer this ticket for sale due to timing of partners operation( confirmed today) This is row C in the amphitheatre C49 ( end of row) on left side and costs £74 I will be up in London to see Sylvia on the 16th December so will return to box office then otherwise as this performance is sold out. I will also be around in London a lot next week for possible handing over etc or can be handled via post etc. Great cast for this!!
  3. I agree about Makarova not having that vulnerability. She was just an extraordinary dancer and it was almost more the sheer beauty of her technique which moved me with her ( and I'm not someone overly into technique) At that time I had never seen a Giselle ( in second act) with such an other worldly being quality as if she was not real somehow!!
  4. I still think Fonteyn was the most amazing Juliet! Even when she danced this towards the end of her career she portrayed that wonderful girlish quality so beautifully ....you were always right with her there on the stage! Somehow she made you really care about her characters.
  5. Very late to this thread but would like to thank MAB for that wonderful clip of Fonteyn!! needless to say she is the dancer who has made me cry the most and am not entirely sure why! She always seems to completely epitomise the music and has that true vulnerability in performance that so few dancers seem to have. Perhaps it's just that she is the first dancer I really sort of "fell in love" with and wished to be like( if only!) Fonteyn truely danced with her whole body especially her eyes and may not have had the more extreme technique of today's dancers but had a real quality of movement and expression. Not many individual dancers make me cry....its usually more the ballet and the mood I'm in etc etc. Which again is why Fonteyn is special for me. Markarova in both Giselle and Swan Lake made me cry .....but the latter ballet was for sheer beauty of movement ....and her Giselle for an extraordinary interpretation and wonderful second Act I'd not seen the like of before ...though Osipova comes pretty close these days. Usually though it's watching the students performances which really get me. Something about watching extremely young dancers producing amazing performances is very moving and in the end of year show of RBS the occasion as well ....the last time they will all be together already sets the mood up!! Over the years there have been many special performances of ballets which have been very moving but too many to list here!
  6. Prince Harry engagement

    I must admit I thought she just looked what I call South American Spanish looking. perhaps if she had not had her hair straightened it would have been more obvious.
  7. Simply Adult Ballet

    Can anyone tell me how you post a picture which is in the public domain to this site!!
  8. "Filming" ballet

    I could see the dancers really well but maybe your DD just didn't like the heads of the audience in front of the footage even though they didn't get in the way at all of seeing what the dancers were doing!! There were no close ups of the dancers ....was that the problem?
  9. Simply Adult Ballet

    We would never have got those costumes and head dresses organised without your help Michelle but we all knew you would much rather be dancing!! Next time 😊
  10. That's good news I wonder if they will bring to UK in summer of 2019.....I hope so as I'd like to see it but often they don't bring more controversial or really modern material.
  11. Omg glued onto hair!! It's bad enough removing loads of grips one has rather short sighted ly and in a bit of a panic put in hair to hold on some headdress or other which you then lose half your hair trying to get out!! But glue is in another league altogether!!
  12. Prince Harry engagement

    Yes there's quite a few of them...altogether...you'd think at least one of them would be seriously into the Arts
  13. She was gorgeous in Fille with Acosta definitely moved me then and as Giselle.
  14. Prince Harry engagement

    I also think there is something satisfying about seeing both Diana's sons seemingly very happily matched after their parents unhappy marriage. i suppose I've a bit of a soft spot for William and Harry as will never forget the sight of those two boys walking behind the coffin of Diana with all that emotion going on in the streets around them. How they did it I don't know. So lovely to see them finally both happy now.
  15. I know a bit of a way ahead but has anybody two spare seats ...or scs standing ...for this Giselle performance? sorry but not back of Amphi ( past row L) or Slips. Many thanks Linda M