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  1. I wonder if the man demanding an apology has actually been to see Bayadere or getting his info second hand via the press etc.
  2. I've already shared this on Facebook but was hoping the other two Shade variations would also start appearing....though that particular night I did think Jasmine Naghdi was particularly good.
  3. LinMM

    Buying ballet shoes for boys.

    Most of the shops have been mentioned except for Freeds which is a little further away from the bunch around Drury Lane....they are in St Martins Lane just up from the Colisseum.
  4. There are some pretty expensive seats in front of the Stalls Circle standing tickets as well....... £8 is an amazing price for such a good view.
  5. Hee hee Ninamargaret....I wish!! Would really love to be a snowflake .....or Clara....not sure about Sugarplum though .....that solo looks deceptively easy!!
  6. LinMM

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    Ive always gone to see other Companies though ( Don Q's post) not just the Royal. Sadlers Wells is not that far away if you travel into Central London! And in the very early 70's before I lived in London one of the first Companies I supported before going to the ROH etc was " Northern Dance Theatre" ( Now Northern Ballet Company) I took a group of kids from Pleasant Street School in Liverpool over to the Wirral one summer evening to see them at Sunlight Hall. Interesting ...I think this Hall was built by big Business people ( I think it was Unilever?) .....so that their workers could go to a community theatre near where they lived to help foster a love for Culture and the Arts. We seemed to have moved a long way from this benevolent attitude at the moment ....it is now all much more about making money. And that same disconnect is evident in other organisations like the NHS for example.
  7. Need to be a true stalwart of a professional I think to take on this role!! Firstly the age to put the makeup on. Then a Dance.....a good one but....it's only what 3-4 mins Then a somewhat quick and ignominious discreet stage exit behind the High Brahmin! Then another hour to get the makeup off again!! Think they should get double pay that night!
  8. Well Bridiem feelings do run rather high when you are under 30 at least!! Though mostly revenge is in fantasy rather than action!! ( luckily)
  9. Yes I did notice the leg swap on the turns at end of row not so much coming off from the ramp. I do hope Corrales injury isn't too serious .....its just that he has had a longish term injury before so hope it's not the same thing re occurring. He does really go all out in his performances ( a bit Osipova like) and dancers like this do often get injured more Anyway speedy recovery to him or Kevin O Hare will be tearing his hair out!!
  10. Goodness have just got back from London and it's taken me an hour to read this thread from where I last read on Tuesday!! I won't be saying much as have already given my view on this ballet so just a few comments on the casting for this performance (Tuesday) Having seeing Nunez and Osipova in both the roles of Nikiya and Gamzatti it's very close but just prefer the way around it was on Tuesday I personally didn't feel Nunez was too regal and found her performance just wonderful in the main solo ( at the betrothal) .....she is definitely one of the main dancers I would study if preparing for this role ....and I loved Osipova as Gamzatti such a good actress great projection and expressive face and thought she played it just right for me .....sympathetic about the demise of Nikiya but not too emotional about it .....as she loves and wants Solor for herself ...perfectly understandable!! Especially when that Solor is Muntagirov!! Beautiful Muntagirov. I agree with a poster who said this role really suits him ....he plays it in a noble and understated way ....but with feeling and you can see ( or I could be imagining it) that he is so comfortable dancing with Nunez. Shades wonderful as before it's so amazing how that choreography perfectly fits the music as if Minkus and Petipa did it together.....with Naghdi and Takada as two new ones for me in the solo parts .....all completely on top of their game and Naghdi made that solo look SO easy! Just a word about the snake ...or lack of ..and that basket dance! I was bemoaning earlier that the Royal miss the final frenetic bit of this dance out.....and that I think it's perfectly appropriate .....to express her joy ( as she thinks the basket has come from Solor) and on another thread here about another Bayadere ....where they do keep this bit in ....Geoff ( regular Forum contributor) said well at least that would wake the snake up and incur it's wrath enough to bite her!! So in view of the snakes obviously still asleep in the baskets in this run perhaps the frenetic bit should be reintroduced. One last thing ....sorry I did say this would be short....as an amateur dancer when we give performance our tickets can sometimes cost between £12-15 depending on venue etc but on Tuesday I paid JUST £8 ( admittedly standing ....but sitting in the intervals) ....... £8 ......with a terrific view from stalls circle to see such gorgeous dancing ...hear beautifully played music... and with beautiful sets ....what a privilege!!!
  11. Just to say am too looking forward to Bayadere tonight with a standing ticket by courtesy of someone from this Forum. I hadn't booked to see it twice originally but all the rave reviews here and from friends who have seen tonight's cast decided another visit was a must!! So am very pleased to have obtained this ticket. Inspite of a few flaws in this ballet as soon as the music starts I 'm sure all will be forgiven on the historical front and I will be able to just revel in the wonderful dancing. Wont have IPad access for a few days so hope this thread is still open when I come back!!
  12. Ha ha Geoff now have two reasons to keep the fast ending to this dance....her ( deluded) joy ....and the snakes wrath!! The very first time I saw this ballet I knew Nikiya died at the fangs of a snake so when she did this frenetic bit I wasn't sure if the snake had already bitten her and I just hadn't seen the snake!!
  13. Thanks for that video Bluebird and so glad to see they keep the ending to that dance which the RB now cuts out. I don't think it's inappropriate as at this point she is still believing that Solor cares for her ( perhaps will even run away with her!!) and so is feeling joy at this prospect of continued love. And Amelia thanks so much for that info on the ballet. I've always felt the Idol role is a bit strange especially as performed with the Royal as it looks so isolated from everything and this sort of explains why. I love the dance as a piece of dance though....so don't mind it having been added on ....but probably not entirely fitting in an artistic whole sense!!
  14. LinMM

    Pointing toes in ballet

    Enjoy yourself anyway and there is nothing like a public performance for motivating you to improve technique and presentation!!
  15. In defence of Coleridge and his opium addiction he did have poor health and initially took the drug to relieve problems with this ( Anna C pointed out this was often used for "medicinal" purposes at the time) perhaps akin to barbiturate addiction today? I don't think the Ancient Mariner was the only work he wrote while under the influence but he seems to have been an amazingly creative human being inspite of everything. sorry to bring in the Neanderthal reference in my post but couldn't resist it as was fascinated to read an article that we still do have their genes within ours....so of course can blame all our bad behaviour on them!! ( although ironically in this context it is mainly bad health they may have passed on to us!) I think ( but not sure) that jmb may have been worried that Indian people seeing this ballet may have been offended by it but I personally don't think so .....though am probably basing this on one Indian ballet friend who seems to obviously have a very good sense of humour!! Nogoat your post was quite moving and I certainly agree with you that we need to face up to difficult subjects.....and why I admire Macmillan for doing so ....the Judas tree is an uncomfortable watch ....but to me the ballet serves us with a reminder that not all is lovely in the world and can reflect back some uncomfortable truths existing in modern society. Bayadere also touches on Good and Evil but the former ballet is much bleaker as it is more real. Bayadere is more on the old fairytale version of Good and Evil where real evil will be destroyed and true love is rewarded ....at least in the afterlife ......usually by the redemptive love of the female!!!