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  1. LinMM

    Simply Adult Ballet

    Well it is lovely to see an 80 year old dancing in this way .....have seen other videos of her dancing....however odd for her to be on this show ....slightly incongruous with the title of the show ...The Greatest Dancer! Are there categories according to age on this show then? There is a £50,000 prize for winning this!! Though I suppose at 80 ...if she were to win ....she could set up some Grant for a young person needing the money for training etc. Im not watching the show any more as it all seems a bit of a farce....who is it aimed at? Some very unlikely people got through in the first week so decided the show is at best badly named at worse a bit of old rubbish! Not that Barbara Peters was rubbish of course but what is she doing in this show?
  2. LinMM

    Prince Philip's accident

    The problem is with many car accidents though is that it's only occasionally all one persons fault. It's often a combination of two drivers making often minor mistakes. Unless you have been drinking or on your phone while driving none of us is perfect. Most people have near misses so are lucky but this usually reminds one to be more careful.....accidents can easily happen and luckily most are usually minor with just damage to vehicles. There is a possibility the other car was going too fast to stop safely when Prince Phillips car pulled out. I do understand that this road is a fast road and people do have a problem trying to join it. I'm sure most of us drivers has experienced that frustration when nobody will let you out onto the road and you are sitting there for ages as much as 10 mins sometimes. It's likely that in those situations you are more likely to then take chances....not advisable but rather human. I think they are going to reduce the speed limit on this road because other people have complained about trying to join it. Obviously more traffic lights are needed in certain hot spots but cash strapped councils probably don't want to put them in. I don't see anybody being over deferential to the Duke in this particular incidence ....quite the opposite most people slating him off because they think he is too old to drive!! Also he did enquire how the other people were in the accident at the scene ....he was apparently more worried about them than himself. But there's only so far you can go once you see they don't need your help. His protection officers who were following probably took over fairly quickly I assume too.
  3. LinMM

    Room 101

    How infuriating! Blood pressure inducing. Perhaps you need a night out with friends seeing who can come up with the best idea of "revenge" over a nice drink or two!!
  4. This could be because Corrales is injured still. As he is not in any of this casting I am really worried about him ....it looks like he could be out for the whole season. He is still down to do the R and J 's but now I'm not so sure. I would have loved to have seen him in this as the tutor setting all the ladies hearts alight!! Also .....sorry blathering on about the website again it annoys me that when you click on the red button which tells you you can't book yet .....it used to come up with all the new booking dates but now just takes you to the more about the ballet bit so completely stupid I'm afraid.
  5. Thanks for that Bluebird .....looking at overall casting for each ballet looks like June 12 th for me!! I probably cannot afford to go more than once unless I am lucky again with a standing ticket from this forum when I would go for Osipova and Hallberg as second choice I have seen Osipova before in this role but not Cuthbertson and love the idea of Vadim in this role!!
  6. Glad you enjoyed it Riva I will give it another go at some point shame I won't see Matthew Ball though who I originally had booked to see.
  7. LinMM

    Hip Injury/Dance physio??

    I've had a hip flexor injury and have to say I didn't hear a sound or anything like that....it was just a suggestion. .....When the OP said he had probs with developpe etc
  8. LinMM

    Prince Philip's accident

    Luckily I think most people stop when they start to feel uncomfortable about it. I'm 71 and am a pretty confident driver but don't drive in London anymore even though I drove there for years!! Just too much traffic....even if it is crawling along at 20 mph most of the time. We are all so different though and one 80 year old would be fine but another not! Some people have done loads of driving in their time and in built up areas like London etc and so are very confident generally .....whereas others have not done that much have always been only occasional drivers. However 97 is quite old!!. I really don't think the current GP assessing the situation is adequate. It was very difficult but I had to stop my own father driving at 83 as he had developed a level of dementia that I thought made him unsafe even though at that point he only ever drove to the local shops. This was not easy to do either but I had some help with a couple of really good neighbours. His sight was okay though!! And that seems to be the main thing the GP looks at otherwise the form the driver has to fill in is not challenged .....the person could say everything is hunky dory and they get the licence for another three years!! Personally I think that after 80 at least every 2-3 years you should be assessed to drive by a professional driving instructor in the car with you. Not a driving test as such ....but an hour or so to assess how you are driving and whether you still understand the road signs and so on. A family member could be in the car with you to make sure this was done fairly. Most elderly drivers ....unless they do have some form of dementia ....start to limit themselves eg : don't like driving on motorways any more .....don't like any journey lasting more than about an hour....only drive really familiar routes and so on. And it has to be remembered that drivers in the 20-35 year age group have five times more accidents than 70- 80 year olds and more serious ones too where a death may be involved. Regards Prince Philip he was only behind the wheel after the accident on his own land I gather .....and this is not illegal!! We don't know the precise details of the accident yet before entirely assuming he is at fault ......though pulling out of a smaller road onto a main road usually puts the responsibility onto you. We don't know yet the speed the other car was going .....though I think assessing this sort of thing for more elderly drivers may be one of the difficulties.
  9. LinMM

    Hip Injury/Dance physio??

    I would also advise physio first ....though often better to have a personally recommended one if at all possible I would say physio first because it they think there's anything really serious about the injury they will tell you to see a GP anyway who,in turn would probably refer to the appropriate consultant. But let's hope it doesn't come to that. The physio may be able to give appropriate exercises to do as well to stop the area stiffening up too much. It does sound like a hip flexor injury when it's very painful doing developpes and grand Battements especially to the front....and could be difficult holding the leg up in a retiree position to do pirouettes. But a good physio should soon be able to work out what's wrong. Hope it goes well. I also think the teacher should have told you. Perhaps it didn't seem that serious to her at the time but nevertheless she should have mentioned to you that your son had had a problem in the lesson and to keep an eye out for him.....things can sometimes worsen a few hours later etc. By the way a hip flexor injury may not necessarily be so painful when just walking.
  10. I suppose it would be quite nice to know .....at these sorts of prices......just to know if it's worth trying to save for or not!! Much as I loved Fonteyn I'm not going to pay over £80 and plus to see this celebration of her birth if I don't like what's on offer!! So if it's going to be completely out of my price range or is vastly overpriced for what's on offer then I can just forget about it and perhaps do another workshop( which is expensive too) around the same time. I cannot do both!!
  11. Gosh I might be priced out of the ROH soon if they start going mad with Amphi prices!!
  12. ???🤔 I think I'm missing the point Coated....is there a double entendre in the word pounces?
  13. LinMM

    Results of YBSS auditions 2019

    Have just seen this on my Facebook page! That's good news for students applying.
  14. Well hope it's your lucky day tomorrow then! Have you heard whether Polunin is definitely dancing or not?
  15. Wow Irmgard! I feel exhausted by it all and wasn't actually there!! Great Review Thankyou. Am really sorry to have to miss all these Manons they have all sounded wonderful. Its one of those ballets which if you have been really drawn into the experience everything else seems a bit trivial when you come out!