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  1. Would love to watch that!!
  2. Still Problems!!

    I still cannot access the site from the URL address but have found a two touch way in so not too much of a problem!! i will however take the iPad into the Apple shop in Brighton where the staff are exceedingly helpful and see if they can change anything as I am reluctant to go into a process like " clear history and website data" without knowing a bit more clearly exactly what will happen if I do!!
  3. Simply Adult Ballet

    Okay first audience capacity We usually do two performances so our group doesnt really need much more than 100-150 seats in the theatre. So can be quite a small space. (when I was with LAB that was a much bigger group of people so obviously needed more audience capacity) But there is a balance to be struck between audience capacity and size of stage. In one venue we performed choreography and groupings were having to be changed on the day of performance because the stage was SO small!! The other thing with community type theatres is often the floor .....they're not really set up for Dance specifically....so sometimes we have to buy a floor in which all adds to the costs!! So finding an IDEAL Space is not as easy as you would think. I thought the Westminster Kingsway College came pretty close.....good size stage....partly sprung floor...good largish rehearsal studio....just about the right size audience capacity ....reasonable size changing rooms....and a few nice quiet spaces to wander off to if required!! AND a reasonable price!! Thanks very much for the above info Anna C ......this is in that area behind Kings Cross I think ....which I still haven't explored yet!! (My partner keeps on asking me to try out a restaurant there...the Granary...before the main chef there leaves which must be imminent now!!) I will ask Michelle if she has looked at this space .....I'm sure she will have...it being near Kings Cross ....but if not may well be worth looking into...but my guess is it will be too expensive ...just a hunch!! I think we were looking at Toynbee Hall ....however they are undergoing some refurbishment etc at the moment ....so not sure exactly what facilities they are offering right now.
  4. Simply Adult Ballet

    Many years ago I used to perform at the Commonwealth Theatre that used to be in Kensington High Street with Chelsea Ballet and that was a lovely theatre....alas no more. The Bloomsbury Theatre (as part of the University of London) is another great little venue but this is now far too costly for our group since its refurb. In July we performed at the Westminster Kingsway College Theatre near Kings Cross and that served us really well but is booked in December! So we are on the hunt just now. The Rambert school has quite a good performance studio but it is (in my view) a bit of a trek for most of us and probably the audience too! And a nightmare if any rugby on! Hopefully we will find somewhere soon. Yes Ballet West is a training school and in a really wonderful location but not quite as sensitive as Floral Street!
  5. I wasn't implying a massive difference between the quality of the dancers!! Certainly if I was very young and thinking of training in Russia I would still choose Vaganova school in St Petersburg. I love both Companies there are dancers with real quality in both of them. Friends who have been to both theatres in Russia and who don't know each other say they preferred the Bolshoi experience but whether it's the grandeur of the theatre more or the real actual quality of dancing I'm not sure!! I hope to remedy never having been to the Bolshoi in 2018 At the moment I have a soft spot for the Mikhailovsky Theatre ....and that Company ...who may be smaller and not quite so classical but nevertheless gave off so much joy with their dancing when I saw them last year anyway. I am also glad that over the top extensions are being toned down a bit ....though still saw a couple of what must have been 200degree extensions on occasions!! Okay in the right ballet I suppose. It's the extensions in second that I particularly dislike when too high for some dancers bodies to look graceful or beautiful.
  6. Simply Adult Ballet

    Hi Anna yes probably....as this theatre has been used by amateur companies as well as smaller professional companies and localish Dance school performances too. Im sure it might be just me who has a thing about the ROH After all Sadlers Wells is also a professional performance venue but the Bayliss Theatre has a Community feel about it so am sure is more suitable than the Clore Theatre for example ....for us. I only write this here because Michelle and I have talked about this in person and we agree to disagree on it!! I thought the the deal with the Vaganova school ....if it comes off....was that we would be watching some classes....great ...and we would have a couple of classes to attend especially aimed at us (so not with the Vaganova students) Thats an invited workshop type situation so absolutely fine......a bit like some of our members attending the Danish Ballet Summer school a couple of weeks ago.
  7. Simply Adult Ballet

    No Michelle it isn't pretentious to do it anywhere!. its like any amateur artistic venture ....amateur dramatics, amateur opera companies, etc it's a group of people who love doing something but are not at a Professional standard (though occasionally some nearly are) Their main audience is usually family and friends and a few locals who have seen the event advertised and enjoy those things too and everyone knows that's it's an amateur production but with everyone giving it their absolutely best effort!! Sometimes amatuer productions can be quite moving because of this. There is nothing pretentious about it at all. However for me.....and it may just be a quirk of my personality ...I feel that the whole area around Floral Street and the ROH is the territory of Professional dancers and singers ......so would feel very sensitive about our audience coming to see us perform at the RBS in Floral Street or the Clore Theatre in the ROH!! Because it is the preserve of the Professionals ....and we are not...just that really.
  8. I do agree that just at the moment the Bolshoi does seem that much more of an attractive prospect but I'm sure the Mariinsky will be back to rival them soon!! I sort of hate saying this as I do love both Companies and shouldn't really be rivals as such but perhaps in some ways the Companies have grown a little more alike but certainly quite a few Vaganova trained dancers from the Mariinsky school have gravitated towards the Bolshoi as a Company. I'm not sure this has always been the case a more recent occurrence.
  9. I'm sorry to miss a dancer like Kondaurova too but in the end was very happy with Chebykina yesterday afternoon. I think she has a very dramatic presence and so preferred her in the first two Acts and loved her second act solo which she used every inch of the music It's not to say that she isn't a lovely purely classical dancer too but she seemed to come across slightly less vitally once in that classical tutu. She is ( or seems) quite tall so I think will naturally be more stretched by some of the choreography in this piece. But I would be happy to see her again. Really yesterday was about seeing Bayadere as a ballet as these days cannot get to multiple performances but to be honest cannot take this either anyway....I don't know why. Certainly years ago I went an awful lot to the ballet and enjoyed seeing lots of different casts etc but these days I find if I see too much of one ballet on the trot I start to feel a little jaded and take it all for granted..... as all these dancers are pretty damn good so it's often something just a bit undefinable why you prefer one dancer to another!! I loved Askerov he is a very fine classical dancer and no mean actor ...beautiful lines always in his jumps...I didn't care that much that he only did 7 or of those assemblee turns....they were beautifully executed. There will always be some dancers who have a particularly wonderful facility for jumping just as those dancers with the special facility for executing perfect fouettés etc but I hope not all dancers feel they have to live up to exceptional technical feats. It's exciting to see them that's true but in my view only if this isn't at the expense of real style. So Askerov didn't disappoint at all but also would love to have seen Shklyarov in this role too......that undefinable something...... .Batoeva as Gamzatti has a very strong stage presence and interaction between her and Chebykina was very convincing but would like to see her in a more dramatic role. So enjoyed the shades yesterday ....that particular piece of music so evocative..beautiful corps and all the individual dances were wonderfully executed ....though in general yesterday afternoon the audience seemed fairly quiet in their appreciation. The dancer who played the High Brahmain role was so good in his characterisation even when he wasn't in the limelight on the stage. This production ends with the Shades scene and I had forgotten this ( no programme again) so was disappointed when the curtain came down and realised that was it (As if that wasn't enough!!) but I was rather hoping to see the destruction of the temple scene .....I think... but am not sure ...that the Royal put this scene in their production...or maybe was another company and I rather enjoyed it to complete the dramatic action of the story( though I seem to remember some think it's superfluous) I assumed Solor was dreaming the Shades scene.....that he hasn't died and gone to heaven as it were ....so feels rather abrupt from the "story" point of view ( not the dancing aspect) to end it there....but guess you can't have everything! So sorry we won't be seeing the Mariinsky again in UK for a minimum of three years.....time is of the essence as you hit the seventh decade!! Yesterday afternoon was special in another way too ....lovely to catch up with some other forum members but especially with one member who finally met ( unarranged) after not seeing each other for 40 years....that was a really lovely surprise ....some very happy ballet memories!! And many thanks to the Forum members here who I got my rather last minute tickets from ...very grateful to them and especially the member who very kindly managed to get me yet another ticket issued when after all that I had left my ticket at home!!
  10. Simply Adult Ballet

    I'm not sure Colman ....because it's a full on performance in costume and makeup etc it would somehow feel slightly pretentious to put it on at the RBS!! I wouldn't have a problem doing a workshop there though....work in progress as such ....and the studios are lovely etc etc ....it's just the idea of a show somehow taking it into a venue so associated with professional dancers.
  11. Still Problems!!

    Look this is going to appear extremely ignorant but what does "empty it's caches" actually mean?
  12. Still Problems!!

    Well I've just been into settings and found safari and there it was ....."clear history and website data" But am a little afraid to touch this tab at mo .....as what will it do...will it cause problems for other websites I use if I clear it? Think I will deal with this one tomorrow now time to go to bed I think!!
  13. Simply Adult Ballet

    I think LAB used the RBS for a couple of their workshops a few years back ....no doubt gave them some extra income etc. If the studios happen to be free I don't think it would be a problem as its extra revenue for them Am not sure what you mean by workshops can be seen as competition against the RBS ....amateur groups are no threat to them unless you mean competition for the studio space ....well I cannot see this arising as its their space first and foremost ..so obviously can only let others use it when it's convenient to them ....so it's not going to be free that often in the end I think. I seem to remember the wings are quite shallow .....and not sure how easy it is to get round the back which we often seem to have to do But those are just practical considerations. I still wouldn't be happy to perform our show there just because it is the Royal Ballet School who are training to be professionals and closely linked to the ROH etc In that way I would feel uncomfortable about it as an amateur dancer.
  14. Still Problems!!

    I'm definitely on an IPad I have been storing Balletcoforum in my address book under B i only have the URL address there of course but it's just the usual place where you keep people's addresses phone numbers and email etc etc. Its been very quick accessing the Forum this way up till now as just had to open contacts go straight to B etc so with just two clicks was open. Currently if I go to this URL from there it still is going to the 123 REG page. But if have recently been on the Forum I can see it along the top under the address bar so is quick to get to from there but if haven't then need to access from my bookmark favourites where I stored it yesterday from the Doing Dance page...that works okay I did try retyping in the URL into my address book but it still takes me to the REG site. I also tried turning off the iPad completely for five minutes but it made no difference. Perhaps I should turn itoff overnight!!
  15. I'm trying to remember now ....there's a bit with a series of very fast faille assemblees and then there is an assemblee into a deep forward port de bras moving up into a developee. Normally assembles are just a linking step so attached to other steps in a sequence but I can imagine attached to double turns in the air could look spectacular if the turns are high and fast etc