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  1. Hackney Empire cancels opera

    I would have thought that in a World where race does not matter ANYONE should be able to perform any role anywhere in the World. But perhaps this is naive of me I don't know anymore. To sympathise a bit Sim ....the other day when all the horrible things were going on in Spain and Trump was going on about "standing up to Korea" and all the Brexit Shennanigans going on here I thought exactly the same thing ....I'm glad I'm in the last decades of my life ...which I honestly never thought I would ever think ....I've always had a sense of optimism ...but now I'm just not so sure any more.
  2. I’m extremely frustrated

    I'm not sure about moods changing/improving as you reach different Stages etc ...I seem to go through the whole gamut just in ONE class sometimes lol! Depending on how the different exercises in the class come off! Definitely don't compare yourself to anyone else....it's bad enough just comparing yourself to yourself.......I'm sure most dancers know it........pirouettes fine in one class and terrible just a couple of days later....or absolutely on balance in adage work one class and then it's wobble wobble wobble in the next. Right up to speed in a fast petit allegro one day standing around half way through in a complete muddle the next! All very frustrating!! But Ballet is a difficult Art and you are using the whole of your body so not surprising it doesn't always come together as you may wish it too Nobody who had just started to learn the piano would expect to be able to play a Chopin concerto in just a few months after all!! It takes years and years of practice to get to this level and ballet is no different. I think an important part of your post was you said you are" really in love with it" Hopefully this should see you through some difficult times!! Try not to be so hard on yourself .....I'm guessing you are fairly young still ( under 30!) Things are often a lot more intense when so young but all that gets easier as you get older too!!
  3. So annoyed I cannot get to this programme as I hate missing Concerto and have never seen Le Baiser de la Fee Enjoy all who are going!
  4. Good Lunches in Covent Garden

    There's a comparatively new place in Drury Lane again practically next door to Wings ....a sort of bar/cafe type place...can't remember name but will be going past it on Wednesday so could let you know. If you want a bit more style but also a bit more expense there is a place just further down from the big Apple shop which is called Palm Court( I think) it's waiter service etc but if you want to kill a bit of time the food is good there and it's quite relaxing to sit in ...a little old fashioned but in a nice way.
  5. Yes did that for Fonteyn and Nureyev performances a few times!!
  6. Good Lunches in Covent Garden

    And I suppose it depends what "lunch" means! To,me lunch is more of a snacky type meal...soup and toasted sandwich sort of thing. In Covent Garden I like Wings cafe just before the junction with Drury Lane and Longacre....just past Bloch its not very big and is very basic etc but cheap and perfect for certain types of meals. They do get very busy at times but the staff are very efficient and keep the tables cleared and clean....so never too long before you are eating etc. Just round the corner in Longacre is Patisserie Valerie ....again good for what I call lunch ....however I do think this chain as a whole has deteriorated somewhat in the last couple of years...and sometimes service is VERY slow ....usually because only ONE person trying to serve everybody....not good when busy.... so a management problem really...it's the same in Brighton I'm afraid....and in Salisbury where we ate recently .....However the food is still good once you've been served and is reasonably priced etc. Apart from the usual Neros, Costas and Prets etc There are so many places to eat in Covent Garden now I just cannot keep up with them so I'm sure there are new places which are very good. If you like fish and chips by the way there's a very good cafe in Endell St...about half way down ...sorry can't remember the name ..but good value anyway! Good luck!
  7. I seem to hear wooo-hooo a lot these days. On the whole I' m a bit tame with the vocal cheering really but usually if particularly excited just shout hooray! One of the few occasions got a bit carried away in this last year was in St Petersburg cheering on CeliB's son ( now with the Bolshoi) at one of his student performances. There was a group of us and including an American family whose son was dancing as well and we went a bit mad!! Well, made a right show of ourselves I suppose.....but was a special occasion is my excuse!
  8. Loose Seats on sale

    Are you doing the Osipova sat matinee for Sylvia? A couple of days ago I got a good Amphi seat for this which a few weeks before had not been available! Just wondered if you going to this one so can look out for you.
  9. One of the things I most enjoyed from the RB day was the coaching of the young White Lodge students by Belinda Hatley. I recognised a young lady in that class who was at YBSS in July and who really caught my eye there but had no idea she was training at White Lodge then. It reminded me of the importance of the difference sometimes in what a dancer gives off with their actual physical presence as opposed to on film etc. Talking about full circles I went to a student performance of the RBS quite a few years ago now and one of the the young dancers I had underlined in the programme was Belinda Hatley!! I must have thought she was destined for the top at the time but don't remember seeing her in a big role. I did have at least a ten year absence from going to the RB so don't know whether I've missed her or not.
  10. There was an article about Yasmine in tonight's Standard as well.
  11. Talking about dance wear I loved the variety of leotards/ skirts worn by the female dancers....the only thing I dont like and luckily nobody in the RB did it ......is the wearing of pink tights over the top of a leotard ....this just isn't a good look....no matter how good a dancer you are!!
  12. Not a hundred per cent sure but it may have been Julia Roscoe behind Hirano on the barre!!
  13. Perhaps they haven't put it on YouTube yet?
  14. I miss British humour

    Many thanks for that Melody reading the replies just made my Sunday afternoon!! I had to study in Germany for a while in my twenties .....the first time a really long time away from UK and it wasn't till I got back when guess what the train up to London was late....so nothing new in the universe then.......and the wry comments from people about this made me suddenly realise what I'd really missed while away....our very understated,deprecating and subtle sense of humour.