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  1. Would love to have been at La Scala Milan for the gala....with Bolle performing in Apollo....a role I loved Nureyev in. I'm sure Bolle is one of the few dancers who will do the role justice anyway. Perhaps there should be some big celebrations for Nureyev in 2021 .....sixty years after he defected. Perhaps the Bolshoi coming to UK with the new ballet Nureyev!
  2. LinMM

    Any cuckoos out there? ... and other BirdWatch news

    The Box lot have fledged!! They were out on Friday ....at the moment have counted four ...have only seen six altogether so far which might include the original two who fledged earlier. I don't know if there are others still to come from other gardens but the numbers seem down on last two years .....though not the noise level!! Some years have counted eleven babies all hanging around in the week after fledging. After a couple of weeks they usually play this game of going in and out of the nesting box .....probably playing at Doctors and Nurses!! The blue tits are still in their box but the sparrows have also fledged and maybe on a second round as are visiting one of the three boxes still ( this is a series of three boxes connected together which sparrows are supposed to like) but we never see them all nesting together eg: three boxes simultaneously occupied. We are really hoping to see a baby jackdaw in the garden .....not seen one before ....as the adults have now been visiting daily and often. conspicuous by their absence this year are the blackbirds....I really miss their song in our garden....I can hear them down the road but not quite the same thing. Perhaps they are put off by the nesting starlings ....am not sure. I just think there are generally less of them around at the moment so not enough for one for each garden!!
  3. Forgot just wanted to say something about Guillem She was one of those dancers who could "get away" with hyper extensions and still look really good. Am not sure if it was her who set the trend for this but unfortunately many other dancers don't have Guillems lucky body and can look quite ugly. I love the strength of an extension rather than necessarily the height. If you are standing close to someone at the barre who has had say Royal Ballet training standard ( just as an example) you can feel the power of it and the strength and classical line make it beautiful for me. I know this has been thrashed out before but as its been mentioned I'd rather see say Lopatkina in Swan Lake than Zakharova for reasons above.
  4. Thanks for that clip Lizbie 1 ....took me back a bit...that dance is knackering but particularly liked Sleep in this role and had forgotten about Rosemary Taylor. There's another dancer he danced it with quite a bit whose name is on the tip of my tongue!!
  5. LinMM

    Any cuckoos out there? ... and other BirdWatch news

    The starlings are out! Had the first two VERY noisy babies outside the window at about 5.30 am on Wednesday!! Not sure if they are "ours" though as don't think the box ones have fledged yet. But it will be obvious when they have! We have some new visitors to the garden for us....three jackdaws have started coming ....never had them before. But they are not aggressive like the magpies can be and happily starlings sparrows finches and tits are all feeding together. Top dogs are definitely the two very BIG crows who come we call them Ca-Ca ....and Bruno....all the feeders empty when they fly in or just land on the roof though sometimes one of the magpies can give them a run for their money!! But it's only the magpies who fly deliberately "at" the other birds....I'm sure sometimes just for the fun of it not because they're trying to catch or kill any particular bird ...just like scattering them all....and then it gives them free range at the feeders!!
  6. LinMM

    Room 101

    On a different matter I'd like to put into Room 101 all those big Companies who just assume you have an iPhone....and keep asking me to do things in texts that I can't .....click on links etc etc. one firm in particular who I told only to email me as I didn't have an iPhone still continued to text me in this way. And today I went to pay a bill by the automatic phone system and the customer number had some additional symbols which were impossible to reach easily on a non iPhone. So had to end up going through the long " sorry all our lines are currently receiving high volumes of calls at the moment" ( when are they not!) route.
  7. LinMM

    Room 101

    Not sure if this is true of all of them....where you have chosen to subscribe to a newsletter etc ....but then these tend to just inform you that they have updated their policies etc so you don't have to do anything unless you now want to discontinue and so on. But agree Alison I had a couple of days away from IPad ( one day because my partner had hidden it) and when I went on this morning there were 97 emails awaiting!!
  8. LinMM

    Old Money!!

    In the end I had no problem changing the money. I sort of automatically took it into the biggest local branch of my bank (Lloyds) and they weren't in the least fazed....only me!! The bank closures down here are really bad. My very nearest set of banks when I moved here used to be in Rottingdean. At that time there were four banks in a comparatively small high street. Last month the final bank operating there ....Lloyds ...finally closed so now there are none. its not really a problem for me as I can hop on the bus into Brighton or car it to Lewes ....am in one or the other place on a daily basis but for older people living there it's a real downer. Added to which they have now also closed the two Doctors surgeries closest to Rottingdean. Basically if you are over 70 you don't ( or shouldn't ) exist!! I am very grateful that I am in generally good health and have good mobility still.
  9. LinMM

    New ballet obsession

    I loved your post Djaamila as it was so honest but why not give ballet a go. I have no idea why I loved ballet as a child as I was not a girly girl was out on my bike all the time and could climb trees with the best of them!! I think it was the music which attracted me and I never wore a tutu until my 20's .....in fact I don't like them much but luckily many ballet stories don't require you to wear a tutu! I went to see Northern Ballet dance in Jane Eyre on Saturday.....and not a tutu in sight! I think sometimes people can stereotype others too much. This may happen a little more with teenagers as they are trying to form a group to "belong" to and conforming to a peer group can become a bit too much of a pressure.....especially if it stops you trying to do something you would like to. You don't have to give up hip hop of course! Just try a few ballet lessons and see how it goes but it does take quite a long time to look good and acquire the technique of ballet. I'm sure one type of Dance helps another. I love going to Young dancer of the year Competition where you see all styles of dance and last year I loved the hip hop dancers even though I know I'd be not very good at it myself!! Like others ....over the years I have tried all kinds of Dance .....was really into Indian Dance and a more free style type of Dance called Five Rythms for a while......but I keep coming back to ballet. So go with your attraction and see what happens.....a couple of your friends may eventually end up following you! Good Luck Linda
  10. Will report on this later....matinee as had a very late night as when I finally got back to Brighton I watched the whole of the Royal Wedding Coverage so was gone 2.30 am before got to bed! But I thought how appropriate to be watching one famous love story on the day another was being played out for real. Absolutely loved both!!!
  11. LinMM

    Adult Ballet RAD grades uniform, help!

    Well in the skirts I am talking about they do ....as mine is an "L" in a lovely dark lilac sort of colour!! This is the Capezio one though. In fact even for me it's probably on the almost too longish side as the ones Dare to Pink lady has made for me we've got the length I like to a tee!! .....just below the knee ...So the ones in Capezio are slightly longer than that. When I looked at the RAD lengths ....would need to check....but thought the shorter length might be better though there sizes seem to,be in inches so would need to look at the tape measure!! Freeds said they could get one in for me if I checked exact size and colour online but then I saw a lovely colour that Dare to Pink was doing ....a sort of soft silvery grey and went for that instead and I think for me enough ballet skirts at mo!!
  12. The new Depot cinema ( lovely complex) next to the train station in Lewes is showing Swan Lake on Tuesday June 12th Not much use for you but I wonder if this shows up on the ROH website. It's fairly new and I've only just discovered they show these live relays.
  13. LinMM

    Prince Harry engagement… and wedding

    Have just watched it all in real time this evening ( hence the late hour) as was up in London at the ballet today .....but I thought the whole thing was lovely particularly as they seem so obviously in love ....so moving when he took her veil back and they really just stood and looked at each other. I loved her trusting the page boys to hold her veil and they could hardly contain their excitement ...all the bridesmaids and page boys so sweet. The joyousness of the occasion was infectious. I did feel a little sorry for Meghans mum as the only member of the family there ...it would have been nice for her to have someone to say the odd word too though she didn't look unhappy at all! Great to see all those people having such a happy time too.
  14. LinMM

    My former drama teacher was on Corrie tonight !

    On the whole I think there is a time limit for these soaps. I watched Coronation St for quite a few years when I was much younger and then in my 30/40's I watched Eastenders. probably my worst soap addiction strangely was Neighbours! But not in the early days of it....much further down the line. I think I sort of watched it as some sort of relaxation when first coming home from work when you don't want anything too taxing for a few hours. Even when I could see that the storylines were sort of being repeated I still watched it!! But haven't watched any soaps for about ten years or so now.