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  1. Bolshoi Ballet has announced their 2018/2019 season. https://www.bolshoi.ru/upload/medialibrary/725/72599b4c8a3b4ea2d93a70ad6cdb64bf.pdf Their tours, La Scala in Milan, Riga Latvia, Brisbane Australia and London. London tour is 25 JULY – 17 AUGUST 2019 Royal Opera House and repertoire is TBA.
  2. Sjeng Scheijen is in fact a Dutch author (who is a specialist in Russian literature) so I think the original language of this book is Dutch. I have read both the English translation and the Japanese one and this book is fabulous IMHO.
  3. It is World Ballet Festival, not Forum. And here is the information of A Night of Royal Elegance in English http://royalelegancenight.com/english/tickets.html This gala is run by Dance Tours, which is a company led by Justin Meisner and Laura Morera.
  4. Hotel fees are relatively cheap here, and also food and shopping thanks to the weak Yen. The venue Tokyo Bunka Kaikan is located in Ueno, where there is a zoo, several museums, parks. The venue is in front of Ueno Station and is very convenient. There are some hotels available in Ueno, and also Asakusa which is popular among tourists has many hotels. I live in Tokyo, but as a result I do not have enough knowledge of hotels here. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me via PM. A small video introducing this festival, with some comments from participating dancers.
  5. Here are the dancers participating in this event. https://www.nbs.or.jp/stages/2018/wbf/cast.html And the schedule, tickets https://www.nbs.or.jp/stages/2018/wbf/schedule.html There is also 2 performances of full length Don Q (with Tokyo Ballet) in Tokyo and one in Osaka https://www.nbs.or.jp/stages/2018/wbf_pro/ July 27th Myriam Ould Braham/Mathias Heymann July 28th Alina Cojocaru/Cesar Colares August 18th Osaka Festival Hall, Maria Alexandrova/Vladislav Lantratov Unfortunately not enough information in English, but you can purchase tickets or ask questions from here (by email) https://www.nbs.or.jp/english/ticket/index.html english@nbs.or.jp Tickets are not for sale yet.
  6. I think this says about the cinema screening of a previously recorded performance at the Bolshoi a couple of years ago.
  7. Naomi M

    Polunin in Red Sparrow

    Isabella Boylston is doing body double for Jennifer Laurence. http://www.pointemagazine.com/red-sparrow-isabella-boylston-dance-2412945297.html
  8. According to this New York Times reporting about the Peter Martins case, https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/04/arts/dance/peter-martins-new-york-city-ballet.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&_r=0
  9. Naomi M

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Woolf Works will be broadcasted in Japan in February.
  10. >Alina Cojocaru and Filip Barankiewicz danced a pdd at the World Ballet Festival 2006, but I don't know if this recording is officially available. This is not available. Also, at 2012 World Ballet Festival in Tokyo, Manuel Legris and Maria Eichwald danced the last pas de deux and the entire gala was filmed and broadcasted on television, but this and also Cranko Romeo and Juliet were cut off. (there was a special charity screening twice and those were screened, but only shown on that occasion.)
  11. The November 3 and 5 performances were filmed, but I heard the performances were not so good except for Alicia Amatriain, Elisa Badnes and Marcia Haydee who are of course always brilliant. https://www.stuttgarter-ballett.de/spielplan/2017-11/ Also Stuttgart Ballet's Cranko Romeo and Juliet was filmed and was already broadcasted in Japan. It was starring Elisa Badnes and David Moore. I was surprised there were so few dancers that I know in the other roles.
  12. And they try to erase anything of Onegin's recording online. But I hear they are going to film the performance at Stuttgart this season.
  13. One performance outside Tokyo, Sleeping Beauty in Nagoya May 15th Samara Downs, Yasuo Atsuji https://hicbc.com/event/nimf/41th/20180515/
  14. I think the reason is so. The promoter is doing The World Ballet Festival this summer, and the two dancers are likely to be participating there. Cojocaru is also guesting for Hamburg Ballet's Japan tour in February (Lady of the Camellias)
  15. Birmingham Royal Ballet's Japan tour has been announced to subscribers. (not online yet) Peter Wright's Sleeping Beauty May 18th/20th Alina Cojocaru (guest from ENB)), Mathias Dingman May 19th Delia Matthews, Brandon Laurence La Fille mal gardee May 25th/27th Momoko Hirata, Mathias Heymann (guest from POB) May 26th Celine Gittens, Tyrone Singleton Tokyo Bunka Kaikan not sure if there are performances outside Tokyo yet.