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  1. That is true, nearly a year ago there was a documentary in Japan called "Akane and Ryoichi, the splendor of Royal Ballet", on their daily life at ROH, interview with them and Kevin O'Hare, Miyako Yoshida visiting them and the full version of their Nutcracker pas de duex.
  2. MacMillan / Massenet: Manon (The Royal Ballet) Lamb and Muntagirov's fabulous performance will be coming April 2019
  3. A clip from BRB Nutcracker, Yoshida and Mukhamedov. So lovely
  4. It will be a gala (2 performances) but no details announced at this point. It will be held at the New National Theatre Opera House and supposed to have international guests. I will inform when it will be announced. There is a lovely message on her Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/miyakoballet/ Last summer I saw her in Raymonda 3rd act and she was still in perfect shape, she still dances the classics at the age of 53 and I heard she takes daily classes at the National Ballet of Japan every day. it is so lovely to hear all the fond memories of Miyako back in her SWB days from the balletco’ers!
  5. I agree with that, Janet, it is a shame. However, BRB seems to have a special place in her heart. After leaving RB, Yoshida has guested in BRB's Japan tour (Peter Wright's Coppelia) and also have danced with many BRB dancers in performances in Japan, such as Robert Parker, Iain MacKay, Cesar Morales and last year, Mathias Dingman (dancing David Bintley's Flowers of the Forest, and was broadcasted here) Her farewell performance will be hosted by the public broadcaster NHK so it is likely that it would be broadcasted here. More details to come.
  6. Former Royal Ballet Principal Miyako Yoshida will retire this August. After leaving Royal Ballet, Yoshida has been performing as a freelance ballerina and she performed last weekend in a gala performance, dancing Esmeralda, still with polished technique and musicality. Last summer it was announced that she will take over the role of artistic director of National Ballet of Japan in September 2020. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20190130_27/
  7. I watched The White Crow at the Tokyo International Film Festival, with a Q&A session with Ralph Fiennes. It was a stunning film, going back and forth through 3 tenses, Nureyev's childhood, when he was a student at Vaganova, and the fateful Paris tour, with the look of the cinematography different. Oleg Ivenko was very good in acting, he displayed the mood of Nureyev very well and his inner turmoils and his ambitions, his high cheekbones resembled Nureyev . Especially the defection scene was very well directed, very tense and dramatic. (Pierre Lacotte contributed very much for the realization of this scene) The locations were in the Vaganova academy and Garnier, Mariinsky Theatre. It was great that the dialogue was done with the original languages, (mainly Russian and French) and Fiennes as Pushkin spoke very good Russian. (he said in the Q&A that he had to be in the movie to gain funding for this film) It was also great that the roles were played with actual dancers, the beautiful Anna Polikarpova (former principal of Hamburg Ballet and before that a Mariinsky Dancer) played the role of Natalia Dudinskaya with the glamor of a movie star. Sergei Polunin appears as Yuri Soloviev and actually shows his technique in some of the dance sequences but not a big role. Ivenko has the mood of a Soviet dancer and his dancing is also fabulous. (He competed in the program Big Ballet representing Kazan Opera) I think this was a very well made movie and will recommend to ballet fans.
  8. Or the Luchino Visconti film "Ludwig". I also watched it in Munich with Lucia Lacarra as Princess Natalia, what a stunning production and there is a fabulous DVD by the Hamburg Ballet.
  9. Now his Instagram account is hacked and has nothing left inside. https://www.instagram.com/sergeipolunin/
  10. I think the best report on this visit is the Twitter feed of Kensington Palace, where there are several tweets with lovely photos at the ROH, the costumes and the dancers. https://twitter.com/KensingtonRoyal/status/1085523830372818945
  11. Sorry I could not provide information as i had been very busy- There is a more detailed page in Japanese where they show the headshots of the dancers expected. https://www.nbs.or.jp/stages/2019/royalballet/cast.html Now it says that Federico Bonelli and Nehemiah Kish will be on tour. And there is a "Package ticket" that is, a set of all 8 performances in Tokyo for 200,000 yen with an autographed brochure of all the principals and a photo session on stage on your own with the dancers, invitation to the dress rehearsal and 8 drink tickets, tour T shirt. https://www.nbs.or.jp/stages/2019/royalballet/index.html
  12. Cats full casting according to IMDB https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5697572/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast Former NYCB Robbie Fairchild's role Munkustrap is an important one, the storyteller.
  13. It says from the link of the article so Lizbie is correct. Victoria is the white cat.
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