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  1. The reason I dislike McGregor is that I just don't think his style is appropriate for the ROH. If I want to see modern ballet, I will go and see a company that specialises in that style of dance.
  2. Fonty

    Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    Coming rather late the tennis party, although I have gorged on tennis for the past few weeks. I felt quite bereft when the French Open finished. I don't know how any tennis fan could call that boring, Alison! I thought it was an excellent match, with great play from both finalists. Rafa had to produce his best tennis in order to win, and I have huge admiration for him that he always seems to be able to do that when he has to. I love clay court tennis, it is my favourite, and I think Nadal is a genius. I feel immensely lucky to have been able to see so many of his matches, and anybody who says he is just a boring ball basher needs to get their television adjusted. Or new glasses....😉 I thought the Murray match at Queens was very encouraging. He seemed to be moving ok, and just needs to play a few more matches. Having said that, the draw for Eastbourne couldn't have been worse if someone had fiddled it. Murray v Wawrinka in the 1st round, and the winner to play Edmund in the 2nd? Sadly, I shall not be able to get to Eastbourne this year. A pity, because I really enjoy it. Roll on Wimbledon.....
  3. I suppose it is the idea that something tragic or serious is much more meaningful and "artistic" than something funny. After all, when was the last time someone won a best actor award for a comedy role? And yet, I would argue that it takes greater skill to make people smile or laugh than to make people cry.
  4. I don't think I know anything about Jazz Calendar. Looking at the details, it had a wonderful cast when it was first staged, and as far as I am concerned, it would be worth going to see it just to get a marvellous line up of the current RB dancers.
  5. No, there have been long discussions about this on another thread, and I also get a little bit bored after about 16. If Odile chooses to mix them with something else, or insert her own particular party piece, personally I would be overjoyed to see something a bit different occasionally. I think it is one of those very rare moments in the classical rep where this could be personalised. Having said that, Osipova is a marvellous fouettér (if you will forgive the word!). Maybe she is recovering from a slight injury of some sort, and felt that the fouettés would put too much pressure on the supporting limb? I don't want to start unnecessary speculation, it is just that I am slightly surprised that she, of all people, chose a substitute, marvellous though the alternative obviously was.
  6. Absolutely! And I felt very mellow indeed after watching Monotones 1 & 11.
  7. I loved this as well. Please tell me they still do it at that speed? And is it still the Ashton choreography? It has been so long since I saw the RB's Swan Lake, I have lost track of how much of the Ashton stuff has survived.
  8. Slightly off topic, I suppose, but in the clip above with Wayne Sleep and Rosemary Taylor, I am fascinated by the shoes they are wearing. She looks as though she is wearing very soft pointe shoes. In fact, I was wondering if she had removed the shank completely, they look so flexible.
  9. I like the cygnets! Did I read somewhere that traditionally this used to be danced by students? Or did I just imagine it?
  10. I thought about that after I posted, Alison. Even so, leaving aside the issue of her height, and also programming, which obviously comes into it, I admire her ability to adapt quickly. It can't be easy for either the female or the male in those circumstances, especially as Swan Lake is one of the most technically challenging roles
  11. Is Takada the go-to replacement for every injured leading lady? She seems to have the ability to dance with a variety of partners at short notice.
  12. I have read this thread with interest. Speaking personally, I have found that I only start to really appreciate a certain dancer after I have seen them with a particular partner. Sometimes a pairing really clicks, and they bring something to the performance that I haven't seen before. I won't name names, but there are certain dancers who have never really appealed to me because they have never touched me emotionally, no matter how accomplished their dancing and acting. Then I have seen them with what looks on paper like a very unlikely partner, and seen a new side to them which has really impressed me.
  13. Yesterday afternoon, in between bouts of work, I spent a very pleasant time watching a Swan Lake I found on Youtube. Starring some couple called Fonteyn and Nureyev. With choreography by Nureyev. Very interesting. I can't remember the ending of the RB version, I haven't seen it for so long, but there is no happy ending in this one. I won't put the link on here, as full works videos like these have a nasty habit of vanishing, but I am sure people can find it if they want to. Fonteyn did some lovely fouettes, incidentally, but not to the normal music. I am not that familiar with the score, so I don't know what Nureyev actually used.
  14. Fonty

    Audience Behaviour

    Try serving on a committee with one of these people. When challenged, they begin a campaign of bullying.