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  1. I didn't know that they were no longer allowed to enter, Sim. When was that rule brought in? I can think of at least two ex female RB principals who entered and achieved success.
  2. I must admit that all the bird pecking irritated me when I saw the last run. But I thought this time it was much less exaggerated, more the suggestion of birds rather an imitation.
  3. I thought I read that Muntagirov was considered a very good dancer, but was very shy when he first graduated. Consequently, he might have been a bit overshadowed if he had joined the ranks of the RB. Going to ENB was probably the best thing he could have done in terms of his own career development. How lucky we are that he did so and blossomed as a result. Otherwise, he might still be doing some solo roles and possibly getting the occasional chance to spread his wings a little with the odd lead role. Anyway, back to 2P. I bought a last minute ticket for Wednesday, and am very glad I did. I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy Asphodel Meadows, never having seen it before. I didn't like the music that much, but I have to say the time flew past. I couldn't believe it when the curtain came down; I thought I had only been sitting there for 10 minutes. I would be very happy to see it again but next time I will try to be closer to the stage, as it was very difficult to make out who was who from my seat in the rafters. When I saw the 2P during the last run, I enjoyed it but not as much as I thought I should have done, which is why I hesitated about going this time. However, I am so glad I went. I still think that perhaps the Young Girl is made a little bit too sweet and dainty - a bit too balletic, for want of a better word. I never saw Seymour, but I don't think sweet and dainty were ever her style. I read a description of the girl as being naive. I always think of her as just being an ordinary girl getting a bit irritated with her boyfriend. Suddenly, a much more sophisticated vamp appears on the scene, who effortlessly entices him away, and she doesn't quite know how to compete. If she is played as being too young and innocent, it is almost as if we are venturing into Giselle territory. However, that is just a minor thing, because overall I absolutely loved it. What was different this time? Well, it seemed to me that the company seemed much more comfortable with it, and the gypsy scenes were performed with such liveliness and skill, as if they were all having a wonderful time and really enjoying it.
  4. To the person sitting in the ROH amphitheatre on Wednesday (13th Feb) with the device that peep peeped an alarm loudly at regular intervals. Next time, make sure you turn the bl***y thing off completely. And consider yourself very lucky that I didn't track you down and crush the offending item under the substantial heel of my boot.
  5. Sadly, I think the most logical response would be for the subsidy to be reduced even more, on the grounds that the ticket buyers are prepared to pay the higher prices.
  6. Talking of R & J, how much will they have to put up the ticket prices before we, the devoted ballet fans, say "Enough. I'm not going, I simply cannot justify paying that much for a single performance." I've just had a quick look, and practically all of the seats in the expensive areas, where the seats are all over £100 each, have sold out early in the run. Later performances still have a good number in nearly every area, but I expect those to be snapped up when it gets nearer the date. Won't that cause the management to chortle with glee, and encourage them to shove another £10 to £20 on each price band next year?
  7. Brilliant! Wearing jeans or casual clothes has become so much the norm now, that I hope lots of young men start adopting this as a new trend. Now, where did I put my tiara?
  8. Why have they stopped doing them? I am mystified by it. I pick up loads of information on all sorts of upcoming exhibitions, new plays, concerts and so on, simply while I am walking through the corridors or standing waiting on a platform. As Alison said, that squiggle is the only one I have seen for the last few months. And even then, it really annoys me when it says, "Now open all day." I feel this childish urge to get out a felt tip pen, scrub out the word Now, and add Always Was instead. I seem to remember there was a real backlash when the V & A had posters saying something like "Great cafe with a museum attached." A lot of graffiti went on those, along the lines of "bl**dy expensive cafe with free museum....."
  9. The idea that everyone is now looking at websites on some sort of mobile device is one of my major annoyances. Yes, a lot of people do this, but personally I like to access the web in the comfort of my own home, via my PC with its nice, wide monitor, comfortable full sized key board and a separate mouse.
  10. Is it really true it hasn't sold well? Have there been masses of spare seats? When I checked, the irony was that all the expensive ones seemed to have been filled, and although it says there are 100 plus seats available, they are the cheaper ones right at the back of the amphi or round the sides up the top. Any others are returns, as they weren't there yesterday or the day before when I booked. Same for R & J, I have to say. It appears there are lots of seats still available for all the performances, and not all of them are ones with poor sight lines or restricted views. Although a lot of the very expensive ones have been filled. At 130 odd pounds a ticket, as well. Nobody can say that R & J isn't popular, surely?
  11. I haven't seen a single poster for anything at the Royal Opera House on the tube. Might just the route I take, but I have seen several for Victoria by Northern Ballet. And a splendid poster it is too, by the way. Edited to add there a loads of cheap seats left in the amphitheatre for the last performance. Exactly the sort of prices that should attract newcomers to the ballet. If only they knew about it.....
  12. Well, I wasn't going to go this time round, as I saw masses of Pigeons last time. But I have finally caved in, and bought a ticket for the last performance. Being a member of this ballet forum can be a bit hard on the bank account sometimes.
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