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  1. I like the cygnets! Did I read somewhere that traditionally this used to be danced by students? Or did I just imagine it?
  2. I thought about that after I posted, Alison. Even so, leaving aside the issue of her height, and also programming, which obviously comes into it, I admire her ability to adapt quickly. It can't be easy for either the female or the male in those circumstances, especially as Swan Lake is one of the most technically challenging roles
  3. Is Takada the go-to replacement for every injured leading lady? She seems to have the ability to dance with a variety of partners at short notice.
  4. I have read this thread with interest. Speaking personally, I have found that I only start to really appreciate a certain dancer after I have seen them with a particular partner. Sometimes a pairing really clicks, and they bring something to the performance that I haven't seen before. I won't name names, but there are certain dancers who have never really appealed to me because they have never touched me emotionally, no matter how accomplished their dancing and acting. Then I have seen them with what looks on paper like a very unlikely partner, and seen a new side to them which has really impressed me.
  5. Yesterday afternoon, in between bouts of work, I spent a very pleasant time watching a Swan Lake I found on Youtube. Starring some couple called Fonteyn and Nureyev. With choreography by Nureyev. Very interesting. I can't remember the ending of the RB version, I haven't seen it for so long, but there is no happy ending in this one. I won't put the link on here, as full works videos like these have a nasty habit of vanishing, but I am sure people can find it if they want to. Fonteyn did some lovely fouettes, incidentally, but not to the normal music. I am not that familiar with the score, so I don't know what Nureyev actually used.
  6. Fonty

    Audience Behaviour

    Try serving on a committee with one of these people. When challenged, they begin a campaign of bullying.
  7. Just a quick warning to anyone who might be planning to get about in London by Jubilee Line later today. It is currently out of action because of a power failure. I have no idea how long it will last, but because the whole line is out, there may be quite lengthy disruption later on. Just a quick warning for anybody who might be going to the ROH this evening, and were thinking of coming in early for some reason.
  8. Not only fast, but done beautifully in time with the music as well.
  9. If anyone wants to see Dame Beryl doing the Black Swan to music, there is this little snippet from a Pathe News about her performance at the Bolshoi in 1958. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qJxoHkOpz8
  10. A wonderful clip, such gorgeous dancing. If anyone says that the dancers in the past didn't have the technique of those today, then they should be made to watch this, she was fantastic. Can the new Swan Lake be danced at this speed, please? They do seem to be dancing on a postage stamp, though!
  11. I've only ever seen Helpmann on film. However, judging by the descriptions given in the post by Floss, I would love to see Campbell have a go at something like that.
  12. Fonty

    Filming/DVDs Royal Ballet

    Yes, that was what I was saying, Lizbie. I was trying not to offend anyone by naming specific names.
  13. Fonty

    Filming/DVDs Royal Ballet

    I would like to know the thinking behind which performance is chosen as the one to be filmed. It can't be because the powers that be think that the chosen cast are the best in the particular roles, because I would think that is an impossible judgement to make. There are some wonderful principals at the moment, some long established, and some new and exciting, and each and every performance brings something unique. On the other hand, none of them are known to the wider world in the way that Bussell was, are they? Or are they? Maybe I don't read the right news pages on line, but I don't remember seeing any names featuring in the media with any regularity. A question for Mr O'Hare at some future date?
  14. Your comment reminds me of someone I first met at university. I can't remember where he came from, but both his names were almost impossible for us Brits to pronounce correctly. The nearest English approximation to one of his names was halitosis. Fortunately, this could be nicely shortened to Hally.
  15. Sh Clear Off he shall become. At least in my head, anyway!