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  1. Grace on ice

    I am not so fond of the ice dancing now since they changed to rules to make it more like the other branches of skating. In the old days, they had compulsory dances where certain moves had to be performed, but the free dance was exactly that.
  2. Winter Olympics

    Only the figure skating? Goodness me, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching people sliding down at vast speeds lying flat out on tea trays. And I enjoy the downhill skiing stuff. But my favourite events have been the snowboarding, especially the snowboard cross. And the commentators are so funny, they have me in stitches with their remarks.
  3. Maybe you need to put this in a separate Sticker, Sim, so it doesn't get lost? Sorry to hear you have received nasty messages.
  4. This comment is not directed at any particular individual, so I want to state straight away that I am not having a go at anyone in particular. I think this has been an interesting discussion, which may have run its course, I don't know. However, in the past, when a topic has been going on for a while, there has been a tendency for various people to come on and start posting that it is getting dull, people are repeating themselves, can people stop posting here now and concentrate on something else, and so on. . It has always puzzled me why anyone would do that. There is no compulsion to read anything on here. Sure, a thread may get to the stage where nobody has anything else to say on the subject, but if so, it will die out naturally. There is no need for people who have no further interest to come on and say so. There may be others who still have a view they want to express, and providing they are not breaking the rules they should be allowed to do so. If you don't want to read any more about a topic because you think it has become boring.....just stop reading the thread.
  5. Well, if that is the case, Bridiem, then maybe they should not post at all. If somebody is posting anything on line, it is not a good thing to be too sensitive. Speaking personally, I have no problems at all if someone disagrees with me. I expect it, and would be astonished if they didn't. That is what constitutes a good, lively discussion in my opinion, and is the whole point of having this forum in the first place. What a boring one it would be if we were all in total agreement with each other. But I want their disagreement to be well reasoned, and expressed in a civil manner. Not simply someone saying words to the effect that the poster is an idiot or a fool for saying such a thing, or that they are just plain wrong, without expanding the argument.
  6. I am a moderator of two websites myself. I know why threads are closed, and I am not criticising the moderators for their actions. It just seems to me that there are certain people on this forum that can be relied upon to inflame a situation, which results in thread closure, because they seem to get offended so easily.
  7. Of course not, and in any case, the size of their nose has no bearing on their dancing. But by the same token, we should be allowed to make comments about their physique, which might make them look less than exquisite in certain outfits. Obviously, saying dancer A's costume emphasises their big a**e would be rude, but surely it is perfectly acceptable to say it doesn't flatter their extremely muscular physique. Likewise, if a female is wearing ugly shoes which spoil the look of the pointe work, then we should be free to say so. Unfortunately, the way things are going, I feel that if I did say something critical about their overall look, then somebody would take exception, there would be a multitude of comments about how the poor dancer can't help the size of their thighs or their bunions, that I should remember that they have feelings as well etc etc. And before you know where you are, the moderators have closed yet another entertaining and interesting thread, because someone took a dislike to something posted that was less than gushing enthusiasm. Well, dancers are picked for training in the first place because of their looks: the shape of their bodies, the length and shape of their limbs, their overall proportions and so on. And I am sorry if their mother gets upset if there are critical remarks about their child's appearance, but I am sure it is nothing that the dancer themselves hasn't heard already many times throughout their training.
  8. Precisely my feeling, too. You would think so, but after some of the comments made recently, I am beginning to wonder.
  9. I am reading this thread as I have read several others recently. Open mouthed with astonishment. Having been misunderstood on another thread after using a certain word in what I thought was a clearly ironic manner, and then subsequently had my light-hearted attempt at humour savaged by a Moderator in a most public rebuke, I am starting to wonder what on earth is happening on this forum.
  10. Speaking personally, I don't remember Cuthbertson getting that much publicity in the general media, for all that she is a home grown talent.
  11. Did anyone else see Morera? Or did everyone use up their money seeing the debut performances?
  12. I remember seeing Kobborg with Rojo, and I would say he played it as a bit of a roué as well. I can still remember the rather obnoxious leer he gave behind Rojo's back when she was doing the "loves me, loves me not" bit. Sticks in my mind to this day, that this Albrecht obviously thought the old droit du seigneur was perfectly acceptable.
  13. You imagined right, Lizbie. I would have thought it was obvious that I was making a joke. Hence the winking smilie after I used the word. That is standard on line forum etiquette that says I AM JOKING!! Goodness me, I didn't realise that anyone could possibly take that inference from what was meant to be a light-hearted dig at those who deem ballet to be for "nobs" and "toffs" only. Has everyone on this forum lost their sense of humour? Edited to add the definition of pleb: an ordinary person, especially one from the lower social classes. Like wot I is....
  14. I haven't got a problem with them either, but while I find Ore pleasant enough, the fact that he is one of the presenters puzzles me. Sure, he is supposed to be high profile, although I must confess I had never heard of him until he took part in SCD. However, I would rather Darcey worked with another person from the ballet world. It might help her to relax a little bit more in front of the camera, as I never feel she is entirely comfortable. I thought Jonathan Cope came across very well when he did some presenting. He was comfortable in front of the camera, very charming, and he and Darcey have known each other for a long time. He would be my choice. Of course, it is never going to happen, sadly. Much more important to get someone the plebs might have heard of.
  15. Posh is as posh does

    Interesting that the older you are, the less posh you consider these activities to be.