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  1. Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    I saw this on the BBC, and it made me laugh. It is a good thing Andy Murray is standing next to it, or I would never have guessed. Some people have suggested it looks like Jose Mourinho, but my first thought was Anthony Dowell! http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/andy-murray-of-great-britain-poses-for-photographers-at-the-unvieling-picture-id129031254
  2. I couldn't get to any of these performances, so I second that.
  3. Room 101

    I've moaned about the tickets for tennis at the O2 before. Outrageous to charge an extra £10 (I think) as a "booking fee." They charge exactly the same if you go and buy tickets at the box office in person, which is shocking. When I asked what it was for, they said it was to pay for "the use of the facilities." Not sure whether they meant the toilets, or the seats in the arena. Maybe it was the lights? If I am paying £70 for a ticket, I think I have paid for the right to use the facilities. Can someone tell me why the people contracted to do the work in the council parks cannot co-ordinate the leaf clearing activities? Yesterday, we endured the sound of incredibly noisy leaf blowers, as two workmen spent several hours blowing the leaves into neat piles. Which they then left. Today, we have just had fierce winds, which have blown the leaves all over the park again. Is it really beyond the realms of possibility to have one man blowing leaves into a pile, while another man puts that pile onto the lorry to take away? See it every year, and every year it annoys me. Such a waste of time, and presumably money as well. Not to mention the fact that we will have to endure another day of NOISY leaf blowers some time in the not too distant future.
  4. Follies

    I am going to see this at the end of December, so I will let you know then, Geoff. Are you comparing it to a previous production? I've never seen it before, so I won't have that comparison to make. I went to see a version of Guys and Dolls at the Savoy theatre a few years ago, and while it had a well known cast and had excellent reviews, I thought that production was somewhat lacking as well. This is because I still remember one at the National done in the early 80s, which was so wonderful. Nothing could ever measure up to that.
  5. Prince Harry engagement

    That was my thought as well. In fact, she isn't that different in colouring to my mother, who certainly wasn't mixed race. She was Welsh, and had that very dark olive skin that tanned at the first hint of sunshine.
  6. I haven't seen the RB's Nutcracker for years. Or indeed any other Nutcracker, for that matter, apart from my favourite (Matthew Bourne). I am curious about the Rose Fairy role. I don't remember anyone dancing this when I used to see it as a child. I thought it just used to be an ensemble piece for the female corps.
  7. Prince Harry engagement

    Looking at pictures of the couple, I was thinking that if the media hadn't said she was mixed race, I am not sure I would have even noticed. Am I: 1. So used to seeing every nationality under the sun walking the London streets that only a truly extraordinary complexion colour would catch my eye 2. Very dim
  8. Leanne Benjamin in Gloria brought a tear to my eye when I saw it live. I love many of the other suggestions made here, but I think the most intense emotion I have felt has been while I have been watching clips on Youtube. Are we allowed to include those, or does it have to be live performances? There are some of Fonteyn dancing in both the Rose Adagio and the Act III pdd of the Sleeping Beauty that are so stunning, I can feel myself starting to well up when I watch them. And another of her dancing the second act of Giselle with Nureyev. Gets me every time. Edited to add the film of R & J, with Fonteyn and Nureyev is also full of weepy moments. Am I a bit odd crying over snippets on Youtube?
  9. Not all Picturehouses do the Encore. And my local one is very expensive. They insist that the prices are set by the ROH, and their hands are tied. But I have seen several live screenings while I have been in Portugal, and we just paid the normal rate for a cinema ticket.
  10. She was wonderful in Giselle when I saw it at the cinema, but generally I agree with you. She is very accomplished in every role, but something is missing for me.
  11. Speaking personally, I would have loved to see the Naghdi/Ball/O'Sullivan/Hay cast at the cinema. But there is only one principal, so that is probably why.
  12. Oops! Too late for a sneaky edit. I did, of course, mean Hinkis...
  13. Prince Harry engagement

    I assume you work from home, Alison, and not in an office? As a contractor, I would find it difficult to work if the office is shut for the day! Bad enough over the Christmas period, when half the permanent staff seem to be off sick with hangovers "working from home". Hope the royal couple are very happy. I think the mixed race thing has been blown up by the press. It is not that remarkable in this day and age, surely?
  14. I thought of that after I posted, Janet! Hayward is very petite, and clearly it wouldn't do to have young Clara towering over everyone else. But I've never got the impression that Stock or Hingis are particularly small, or O'Sullivan for that matter. Maybe I just haven't seen enough of them.
  15. Lovely photos, but it got me thinking. Is it normal to cast a principal as Clara? I always think of this as a lovely opportunity for some of the lower ranked ladies of the company to show what they are made of. I know that the current casting does do that, which is why I was slightly surprised to see Hayward cast as Clara, especially as she is also doing SPF. Not that I am complaining, but I just wondered.