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  1. Baby ballerinas

    I don't think Shearer felt any animosity towards Fonteyn, but I think I remember reading somewhere that De Valois was extremely nasty to her. Why, and how, I can't remember, maybe someone else will know?
  2. Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    I think the US Open has been the most peculiar one I have seen in a long time for both the men and the women. We are used to the female seeds dropping like flies in the early rounds, so I shouldn't be surprised. But given that Serena Williams is out of the competition, this was a real chance for some of the other top 10 seeds to grasp the opportunity. Instead, it was the lower ranked players who came through, and well done Sloane. As for the men, again, good for Anderson for making his first final, even if the bottom half of the draw was rather lacking in quality players. The two bright spots were the fact that Del Potro is playing at a good level again. I've always liked him, and thought it was so sad that he has had to cope with all those injuries. He should have had at least 3 grand slams under his belt by now, if not more. And of course, wonderful to see Rafa having a good year, after the mediocre ones he has had for the past 3 years.
  3. This makes me slightly cross

    In case the pedantic wonder why I added the apostrophe, I misread the original label, I thought the clothing range was labelled Boys' and Girls' rather than Boys and Girls. without the apostrophes. Apparently, they also have labels that read Girls and Boys. Phew, that's a relief. Edited to add the smilie. I would hate anybody to think I was having a go at pedants!
  4. This makes me slightly cross

    The press has been full of stuff about John Lewis, who have "introduced new non-gender specific John Lewis stitched labels and combined 'Girls & Boys' swing tags to clothing for John Lewis own label collections in 2016." If they wanted to be non-gender specific, why didn't the label simply say Children's?
  5. This makes me slightly cross

    Actually, I looked it up, and it did give the Q as Queer. As in "I am one of the LGBT group, but I don't care to have a specific label, as I identify with all of them" Where is that facepalm smilie when I need it? I would like to make it quite plain that I have every sympathy for those who may have real gender problems. It must be a terrible thing to have to live with. I just wonder how many of the population of Britain actually fall into that category? I have many gay and lesbian friends who are quite bemused by this sudden lumping together of all these groups, as none of them have any issues about their gender at all.
  6. I always thought that it was only the public announcement that was made such a short while before. It never occurred to me that the dancers themselves didn't know! Thinking about it, I suppose they couldn't if the whole idea is to get people to book, no matter who the performer is. Somebody would always leak that information. But it does seem very hard indeed on the dancers themselves, who will want to do other things on their nights off. I don't see the problem with having sell out performances for certain dancers. Surely this generates interest amongst the general public? A sign saying, "Book quickly, many performances sold out" indicates how popular it is, and the casual audience member who isn't particularly knowledgeable about the individual dancers might be more inclined to get a ticket?
  7. This makes me slightly cross

    Oh good heavens! This is ridiculous. Have we really come to the point where we cannot refer to someone by gender? Or indeed, to ban it? Sorry, this is like a red rag to a bull for me. I went through all the uproar at University, where the militant PC brigade brutally and publicly insulted anyone who dared to use any terms that implied gender. Hence the insistence on the word Chairperson, which still grates on me. I already find it stupid that the Oscars decided that the word Actress was demeaning in some way, although I have no idea how. So now they have awards for Best Male Actor and Best Female Actor. How long before they are not allowed to use the words Male and Female? "Best Actor with a Penis. Best Actor without a Penis. Best Actor who has neither. Best Actor who can't decide whether or not they want one......" Still, I suppose it increases the number of awards available. Oh, and while I am ranting. What do the letters I and Q stand for in LGBTIQ stand for? Anyone care to enlighten me, in case I get arrested for using the incorrect term while addressing someone?
  8. This makes me slightly cross

    I agree, this makes sense, and would soon stop the females being referred to in a way that suggests they are a lot younger than the males.
  9. My first ballet was the full length Swan Lake, performed by the Sadlers Wells RB, in our local theatre. I was 5 at the time. I remember my parents telling me that I was absolutely entranced for the whole performance. It certainly triggered a lifelong love of classical ballet. My parents liked classical music, and often played the Tchaikovsky ballets, so I was already familiar with it. This definitely helped, I remember. If I was taking a small child, I would pick something with gorgeous music. I've sat behind small children several times at the ROH, and they have always been well behaved and quiet. Much better behaved than many of the adults I've had to endure over the years.
  10. Sir Bruce Forsyth RIP

    I can still remember crying with laughter at the Generation Game. He was just such a natural with members of the public, and managed to make fun of the situation without making the contestants feel embarrassed.
  11. Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    He is always very humble when he wins. But if he loses, it is never because the other person played better than he did! Anyway, we all have our favourites, in the tennis world as well as the ballet world. I can admire Federer's grace and style, I simply prefer other players. I don't care much for Djokovic either, because of his on court antics. Perfectly legal, the other players shouldn't let it get to them, but it just annoys me every time he does it. A player of his talent shouldn't have to resort to that sort of gamesmanship.
  12. I agree, Bridiem. I can't pass comment on Sambe, I don't know enough about him. But I love Campbell's acting, and am also disappointed.
  13. I've not seen Hayward with Sambe, but I thought she was establishing a partnership with Campbell?
  14. Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    Two deeply disappointing finals. The first one was two sets, with a bagel in the second set. The second one was a limp 3 setter, lasting less than 2 hours. Cilic has played so well throughout the fortnight, so it was very sad to see him struggle so much. I would be surprised if it was the occasion. He is a grand slam winner, and very experienced.
  15. I don't think Titania is said to be blonde in the play, is she? My copy of MND is up in the loft at the moment, so I can't check, but I don't remember it. Can't think why Shakespeare would give her a particular hair colour. More to the point, why did Ashton want all the Titanias to have these horrible wigs?