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  1. I have been a great admirer of Mark Morris in the past but sadly I really didn't get on at all well with Pepperland. I actively disliked what had been done to the music and the singing. It all felt curiously inconsequential. I couldn't recommend it I'm afraid.
  2. It seems that the new website keeps you signed in all the time, unless you specifically sign out. I don't think it used to do this - I think previously if you had been signed in, closed the tab and came back and reopened it, you had to sign in again. Now it seems if I open a new ROH tab, I'm still signed in. I'm not sure why this has changed (if it has changed, and it's not my memory at fault). It's not very easy in the new layout to see whether in fact you are signed in or not - this used to be in the red banner that ran across the top of all the old screens. You can go to My account and check there. But I did wonder if this was deliberate or purely accidental.
  3. This is on at Sadler's Wells on 6 May at 6pm. https://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/2019/yuli-the-carlos-acosta-story/ There's a post show talk with Acosta and the director. (It's on at the Linbury too, on a different date, but I think that is sold out).
  4. Queen Victoria's journals have been transcribed and are available here http://www.queenvictoriasjournals.org/home.do They are searchable, and there is a substantial amount of background detail on people named in the diaries. Victoria attended the ballet and opera often, and wrote briefly about hat she thought about singers and dancers. For example, 15 March 1842 "Then followed the Ballet of "Giselle", in 2 acts, which is very pretty. Perrot & his wife (Carlotta Grisi that was) danced & acted beautifully in it. I had not seen Carlotta since 36, & she is now a most perfect dancer, & still very pretty & sweet, though changed. Husband & wife, dance so charmingly together. We remained to the end of the Ballet." And an earlier example, before she was queen, 22 June 1833 "At ½ past 9 we went to the opera, with Alexander, Ernst, Charles, Lehzen, & Sir John, Alexander & Lehzen going in our carriage. We came in at the end of the Opera “Norma”. The ballet was “La Sylphide”. I saw it last year at Covent Garden. The principal characters were, la Sylphide Mlle Taglioni, who danced beautifully! & looked very pretty. Effie, Mlle Pauline Leroux, who looked very pretty. James, Mons. Albert. Mlle Fanny Elsler danced a pas de deux with another man. She looked very pretty & danced very well. We saw the whole of it. I was very much amused. "
  5. Whatever special offer it was seems to have worked for tonight - ROH web site now says 11 tickets available instead of hundreds.....
  6. Spotted on the ROH website. https://www.roh.org.uk/productions/annette-page-tribute-to-a-ballerina-by-various I hadn't seen any news about this otherwise. Booking is open. 12 March, 6pm.
  7. I imagine they are continuing the random trialling of the new look website. I did get a version of this, then it reverted back to the old one. You might get a box popping up (if you get the new-look screens) asking for your feedback on the new screens (I did) - do let them know what the experience was like for you.
  8. The newly-built Bridge Theatre addressed this issue of the view from the side of the auditorium by making those seats angled towards the stage so you don't have to twist is your seat towards the stage. I recall that some of the seats at the Royal Albert Hall are the same, they can swivel slightly. It's not rocket science. It just needs thinking though sensibly in advance.
  9. Sad news. I remember him as a warm and lively presence at the old ballet.co Christmas lunches. He will be missed.
  10. The film Primeiro Bailarino certainly made very clear the punishing toll taken on the body by a dancing career. It was a very clear eyed and unsentimental look at what it takes to succeed and what the impact is. Best wishes to Thiago in his future endeavours.
  11. I think that to celebrate the centenary we ought to have the chance to see Fonteyn herself on film. The Linbury has proved now to be a good venue to see film. There are a number of recordings available. Wasn't there some on at the BFI some years back. Does anyone recall that ? Or what is potentially available that you would like to suggest ? I recall recently stumbling across Fonteyn as Ondine on an obscure freeview channel. I'm sure many people already possess favourite recordings, but I think the chance to see the works on the big screen would be welcome.
  12. Well, tickets for his London Palladium performances are still on sale. Prices range from £23.50 to £409.50.
  13. Someone asked where do you find out details of these events. They are listed on the what's on page as it currently exists, but direct links are http://www.roh.org.uk/functions (includes studio live, family Saturdays etc). Booking for next period from 30 Jan. http://www.roh.org.uk/workshops (the above includes dance with the Royal Ballet) Booking for next dates opens 30 Jan. http://www.roh.org.uk/recitals The above includes Crush room performances and the Friday lunchtime events.
  14. Something seems to have changed with booking Friends rehearsals at the ROH in the latest booking period. I am sure that previously, as a basic "Friend", it was only possible to book tickets in the amphi. But for the rehearsal of the Within the Golden Hour triple bill, it was possible to book anywhere in the house. The ticket price structure had changed as well. It used to be that there were just two ticket prices in the amphi, which last year for ballet were (I think) £4 and £19. Now in the amphi the tickets were in three rice bands, with the top price now £24. So yet another price rise then. I'm not sure if the availability of tickets in other parts of the house is just an abberation for this bill, or might apply more generally to ballet rehearsals. Has there been some announcement on this that I've missed ?
  15. I just thought I would record how helpful the ROH box office staff have been recently. I made a bit of a boob when booking online on Wednesday and managed to book an evening performance instead of the intended matinee. When I managed to get through to them on the phone (which admittedly took a while) they were very helpful about swapping the ticket for what I wanted. All done very quickly and pleasantly. I do hope the box office staff are retained. I'm not sure what the procedure would be if only online interaction was possible.
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