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  1. The ROH magazine popped through the door today. One thing that caught my eye was something that I had meant to query before. On the "when to book" page it gives a date for "Friends (including Standard, Senior and Insiders)". What exactly is a "Senior" Friend or an Insider ? I have looked on the ROH web page but not found anything that explained it, or how one could sign up for it. Is it possibly a concessionary rate for older people ? I wonder because of a possible comparison with the National Trust which has a cheaper rate for pensioners, but only if you specifically ask them for it, otherwise your direct debit continues at the same price.
  2. Coming to Wilton's Music Hall next year. Jonathan Goddard and Eleanor Duval as the Macbeths. https://www.wiltons.org.uk/whatson/399-?dm_i=1EXC,57APL,NQOSY0,K0EHW,1 23rd Feb to 17 March.
  3. Just noticed that Shiori Kase is back in the casting after a very long absence through injury. Good news.
  4. ROH page with timings http://www.roh.org.uk/news/world-ballet-day-5-october-2017 Starts 12 noon, continues till 5pm.
  5. This afternoon's performance was halted by an injury after 10 minutes. After a short break, it restarted with Aitor Arrieta in place of Fernando Bufala as Albrecht. Edited to add: I was posting at just the same time as annamk. I should also say that there were some big hugs and very relieved smiles from the leads at the curtain calls.
  6. Nice to see Junor Souza back on stage on Thursday afternoon after a long absence, even if the Landlord is not a dancing role. Sarah Kundi in truly commanding form as Myrtha.
  7. Sissens just seems to have one performance as the Mad Hatter on the 28th. The role seems rather unevenly distributed.
  8. I do hope they bring back Broken Wings sometime, it was the work on the She Said bill that I most want to see again.
  9. Van Gogh Sunflowers Live

    The National Gallery are obviously keen to keep trying out these Facebook live events, as they have some more planned, though not in collaboration with other museums this time. These are four in the next month (Sept 2017) Leonardo / Michelangelo / Rapael Monet Degas The Pre-Raphaelittes Details here http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/whats-on/live-broadcasts?utm_campaign=428661_2017SeptMemb&utm_source=dotmailer&utm_medium=email&utm_content=facebooklive_button&dm_i=3SDP,96R9,13FBIC,X8ZP,1
  10. Spotted on the Sadler's web site: one performance by Ballet Cymru in November, featuring a guest appearance from Mara Galeazzi. Details here http://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/2017/shadow-aspect/ I don't think the company has been to London that often (if at all) - can anyone recall ?
  11. The V&A do a number of yearly courses and there is a new one beginning in September. This is A History of Performance, with the three terms (each 11 weeks) covering Opera, Ballet and Theatre. The Ballet segment is presented by Jane Pritchard. The course is on Fridays from 11am to 15:30. There are details here https://www.vam.ac.uk/event/2VpNB30l/new-course-history-of-performance There's a detailed pdf of the course contents available within that link. It is possible to book for an individual term (though only the autumn term seems to be bookable as yet). The autumn term will coincide with the Opera exhibition at the V&A.
  12. Wayne McGregor's + / - Human is on at the Roundhouse, featuring dancers from his own company, some from the Royal Ballet and seven floating orbs which hover above the action. There are a few performances left next weekend. The dancers from the Royal taking part are Mara Galeazzi, Edward Watson, Calvin Richardson, Chisato Katsura and Joseph Sissens. (I don't recall him having featured the last two in any previous work but I could be wrong). It's a 40 minute piece, with the audience standing around the edge of the area, with the dancers sometimes very close. Afterwards you can enter the main space and interact with the flying robots, which proved very popular.
  13. Not ballet exactly, but you might consider The Little Match Girl in the Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler's In December. It is described by them as suitable for 5+. It's a real charmer, the running time is not so long, about an hour I think, and it is on during the day and has at least one "relaxed" performance. Details here http://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/2017/the-little-match-girl/ When I saw it I was sitting next to an enthralled rather young boy.
  14. Van Gogh Sunflowers Live

    On Monday August 14 five museums each of which holds a Van Gogh Sunflowers painting collaborate live on Facebook to bring them all together. I don't think this sort of thing has been tried before. Details here https://vangoghsunflowers.atavist.com/live "Live broadcast schedule: Monday 14 August 2017 5.50–6.05pm (BST) Live from the National Gallery, London 6.10–6.25pm (BST) / 7.10–7.25pm (CEST) Live from Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam 6.30–6.45pm (BST) / 7.30–7.45pm (CEST) Live from Neue Pinakothek, Munich 6.50–7.05pm (BST) / 1.50–2.05pm (EDT) Live from the Philadelphia Museum of Art 7.10–7.25pm (BST) / 8.10–8.25pm (CEST) Live from Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam; presented by Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum of Art, Tokyo"
  15. This is on tomorrow (Friday 11th) and will be televised on BBC4. Robert Fairchild (late of An American In Paris) is appearing in it as Will Parker. https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/e9qgwh Given the enthusiastic response to his performances in AAIP I thought some of you might like to be aware.