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  1. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    A reminder of our 2 week summer school in West Yorkshire - culminating in a production of Swan Lake in the theatre . July 30 th - August 11th small classes amazing faculty best value for money - 2 weeks from just £450 scholarships for boys Full details on a previous thread . regards tutugirl
  2. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    A yes for my pupil , for Elmhurst finals . Very happy !
  3. Hello everyone I hope to see lots of you again this year . Our annual summer school will be 2 weeks this year - culminating in a performance of Swan Lake in the theatre . It is as usual held at UAK Keighley. dates : Monday 30 th July to Saturday 11 th August . Prices : Day students £450 residentiall £650 faculty - professionals and ex professionals from : ENB BRB Northern Ballet Estonian National Ballet National Moravian Silesian Ballet The above will not only be coaching , but dancing alongside our students in Swan Lake . we offer small classes , with a focus on classical technique and performance . Plenty of air time on stage !! Value for money ( check out other summer school prices ) Expert tuition Schedule : generally 9 30 - 5 30 pm Ballet , rehearsal , repertoire, pas de deux ( advanced students ) optional - tap . Please email me : sarapackham5@gmail.com for further details thank you
  4. Trinity Diploma certificate

    My DS just received his
  5. Summer school 2017

    Thanks everyone . Exciting news - a) likely to be 2 weeks next year ( by popular demand ! b ) guest professional invited to dance in the end of week show . I will try to release dates asap . all the best for your new terms , wherever you are tutugirl
  6. Summer school 2017

    Thank you Harwel . We have had a great recipe of amazing teachers and amazing students . It is going to be 2 weeks next year ! I will try to get dates out soon ! Never knew your DS was such a good comedy actor ! Had the audience in his palm for Fille !! tutugirl
  7. Best ballet Schools in Kingston Upon Thames ??

    Susan Robinson ! Definitely !
  8. For Sale - Northern Ballet CAT Uniform

    Hi . please could I have the 2 leotards if still available regards tutugirl
  9. Brand new revolution dancewear tutus

    Hi there . is that £50 each or for both ? if both , I will have them please tutugirl
  10. Good luck British entries ! I'm sure some will at least make finals ! A friend of mine is dancing and I will eat my hat if no final ! As long as you all enjoy it and learn from the experience that's all that matters . italian ice cream is to die for x
  11. West Yorkshire Summer School

    Thanks so much we will miss him this year - but appreciate the accolade x
  12. West Yorkshire Summer School

    Hi everyone . I hope you all have a good summer , and wish you every success with your chosen summer school . Looking forward to meeting new and old forum members , bringing their DC to my summer school . If anyone is searching for a last minute place - there are the following remaining : Advanced : 2 places intermediate F / inter : 2 places grade 4/5 :3 places grades 2/3 : FULL grade 1 : FULL Reminder it's 21st - 26 th August small classes : excellent faculty : two full shows in the theatre on the Saturday : reasonably priced at £350 residential £250 day student. PM me if interested . Or call : 07988 484347 tutugirl
  13. Did anyone see the RBS show today ? Interested to hear opinions tutugirl
  14. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Oh that's lovely sunrise81. she will be in with my 2 lovely pupils . Do you live near Leeds ? I will be bringing them occasionally - so perhaps a coffee sometime ! tutugirl x
  15. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Congratulations ! what year group Sunrise 81 ?