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  1. I wouldn’t worry about mistakes . The panel have already had a look at her , at the preliminaries . What seem like ‘ lots of mistakes ‘ to the candidate - is probably just a little slip or two . The physio check will reveal her facility etc . Musicality and coordibation can easily be assessed - regardless of mistakes! I really wouldn’t worry
  2. K155 - are you waiting for Elmhurst results too ?
  3. Haha ! Has anyone actually got an MDS lol !!
  4. Reserve list for an MDS for my little pupil . Her audition was last Monday . She had a physio check , for what it’s worth . Good luck those still waiting .
  5. Thank you . Well maybe the MDS results are out , and the reserves will follow . Who knows !!!!
  6. I wonder if 6th form auditions were earlier ? Lower school funding final was last Monday . Hammond were so quick to get theirs out !! Patience is a virtue .
  7. Congratulations Ms Sunshine . My pupil also has MDS for Hammond year 7 !! Same boat as you , in that we are waiting on Tring and Elmhurst !! I thought Tring would be quicker than this but there are so few MDS there , we are not optimistic for that one , even though she did get a physio check . Which school is your daughter’s first choice ? They may end up together - and they probably know each other from the ‘ circuit ‘ ! All the best for your other results anyway . Tutugirl
  8. My pupil loved Elmhurst audition yesterday , too . She came out beaming . She was in Group 1 . Best of luck with the waiting everyone !!
  9. Jeteitallaway Please don’t be despondent. One of my pupils has recently graduated and has gained a job in a reputable company in the U.K. . She began at my own school , then Hammond , then another vocational school for post 16 . My DS went to Tring in year 9 and graduated in 2017 . He gained a job in a lovely classical company abroad and is extremely happy . He had an amazing time at Tring - gained 8 GCSE , 2 A levels . He also made lifelong friends , particularly one , who still comes on holiday with us . His time there included 3 trips to Sweden , a fully funded Summer school in Hong Kong for 3 weeks and much more . These are just a couple of the many many success stories out there . Of course there will be a few who don’t make the grade , or have a change of heart , but equally those who go on to happy and fulfilled careers in the industry . My DS has a friend who gave up dancing aged 18 after being at vocational school since 11 . He says that he doesn’t regret a single minute . Good luck on your journey into vocational world , I am sure exciting times lie ahead .
  10. Balletbrokemybank Dont worry about the WL boys - because they may well end up going to Elmhurst or Hammond . Not everyone who is offered an MDS at Tring accepts it . Best of luck for Elmhurst - and I believe you already were offered Hammond ?
  11. I may be wrong ! But I think only 2 of the 5 girls started in year 7 .
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