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  1. tutugirl

    Elmhurst auditions for 2019 entry

    Did your DC audition today Lifeisgood ?
  2. tutugirl

    Elmhurst auditions for 2019 entry

    Thank you all . Good luck to you too
  3. Hello . Just wondered if anyone is going to the Elmhurst audition this Tuesday , for entry to year 7 ? Tutugirl
  4. tutugirl

    Tring Park sixth form auditions

    My DS had a small flat in grad year at Tring There are also home stays available . I don’t know how to go about it but maybe school can help you tutugirl
  5. tutugirl

    Tring Park sixth form auditions

    Hi there My DS was at Tring . He took 3 A levels but found it too much and dropped to 2 . His friend , however , took 3 A levels and got high enough grades to get into medical school . A pupil of mine has just completed her first year . There is a mix of new pupils and those who have come up through the school . i don’t know much about fees as my DS and my pupil both had MDS Its normally DADA I think . I imagine outside lessons would be permitted , but shouldn’t really be necessary . PM me if you like tutugirl
  6. tutugirl


    Is anyone on their way to Hammond ? New year 7 ? An excited pupil in our car !
  7. tutugirl

    Hammond deposit

    Thank you pictures .
  8. tutugirl

    Hammond deposit

    Does anyone know what the £350 deposit is for , at the Hammond please ? My friend has just had her invoice . Thank you
  9. tutugirl

    Just for the boys...😉

    There were 10 boys of mixed ages ( 7-20 ) on my recent summer school . This is a great way to meet other boys and their Mums .
  10. tutugirl

    Tutugirl's summer school

    Thank you ponklemum , for this lovely review . It has been a fabulous fortnight . Wonderful to work with non vocational students , along with those from Elmhurst, Tring, Hammond and Moorlands . The show lasted over an hour and a half , so every child was well showcased . This afforded a rare opportunity to vocational parents , to see their child perform on stage for a good length of time . The senior group tackled all the swan repertoire beautifully . Their corps de ballet work was amazing . Soloists cut no corners and the audience gave a standing ovation after the pas de deux which included 32 fouettés en pointe. The fortnight included daily classes in ballet , plus ,pas de deux or rep and optional jazz and tap . Two masterclasses from Northern Ballet guest teachers proved popular with all the students . Friday night was pizza and games night , much fun had by all . I was deeply touched that everyone seems to want to return next year . dates and ballet to be confirmed - but considering Don Quixote or Sleeping Beauty . Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone x
  11. tutugirl

    Dance school recommendations Leeds/Bradford

    Well I’m biased but can recommend the Sara Packham theatre school Currently : 5 Royal ballet JAs in Leeds 2 students at Tring Park on full scholarship 2 at Moorlands international on full scholarship 2 at Hammond on MDS 2 completed TV work on ‘ Victoria ‘ Winner of RAD awards day Runner up for Markova award at Tring Park Winner of Most promising dancer at Cecchetti competition 17 th year of sunbeams at Bradford Alhambra pantomime . Majority of students who wish to pursue full time training have gained places at the Royal ballet school , Elmhurst , Tring Park , Hammond and Moorlands , with scholarships . Highly acclaimed annual summer school . If that doesn’t tempt you - I can recommend the Maillot Rose school in Harewood Tutugirl
  12. tutugirl

    Summer School

    Hi Moderators I recently posted ‘ places remaining ‘- but unfortunately listed the wrong dates . ( hence your query Mrs Moo ) I dont seem able to edit it - so here are the CORRECT dates . July 30 th to August 11 th Places remaining on Swan Lake summer school 2018 Delighted that some forum members are joining us again . Although classically focussed , with ex professionals and vocational staff teaching ballet , we also offer commercial , jazz , tap and musical theatre genre too . These are included in the price but are optional . At the end of the fortnight ( 30 th July - 11 th August )we stage a full scale production in the theatre . Our own version of Swan Lake . Our prices are the lowest ( from £250 per week ) Our faculty is exceptional Our classes are small Forum members compare us favourably with Elmhurst and Hammond Summer courses Scholarships remain for boys . Please contact me on 07988 484347 if interested. Thank you
  13. tutugirl

    Summer School

    Hello Mrs Moo this is a 2 week summer school . It is in Keighley, West Yorkshire . Do please ring me on the number given if I can help with any questions / queries .
  14. tutugirl

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Thank you for the info This is encouraging . Very thrilled for you / her