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  1. Questions about Lower School auditions

    I think if you get your applications in early, then you will be seen at an audition. Most places seem to work that way. Leave it until a bit later when they are getting booked up though, and you might not.
  2. How much (if anything) should I be doing?

    I'd get all the applications collated and ready if I were you!!! You probably need a giant piece of paper, and calendar and a spreadsheet, with all the requirements/photos/solos/songs etc, and find out when the closing dates are. If she applies for too many places, at least she can change her mind and not audition ... or go to as many auditions as possible, they are all a good experience, and she'll learn a lot about what she really wants (and what she doesn't). If she doesn't apply in time she won't be able to change her mind after the event. Once the auditions are done, she (and you) will have a good idea of what direction to go in, based on where any offers come from. Even then, she doesn't have to accept, she can postpone the decision until 18.
  3. Genee 2017

    My dd did the opposite, only 2 terms after taking Adv1 she crammed it in like mad and did her Adv2 on the very last day they were examining the old syllabus!!
  4. Questions about Upper School auditions

    The bus is free with a Zip Oyster card, tube half price I think.
  5. Access to vocational training

    Are you looking for somewhere she can do A-levels alongside vocational training, or to stay on at school until 18 and then audition?
  6. Access to vocational training

    What sort of training does she have in mind - classical, contemporary or all-round/MT?
  7. What would be the best way of contacting ballet patrons?

    Well, you could try that approach, but actually I meant a letter to be published in the magazine in the hope that the potential sponsors you are looking for will read it and contact you.
  8. What would be the best way of contacting ballet patrons?

    Write a letter to the Dancing Times asking for support?
  9. Room 101

    My enterprising local supermarket has a paper recycling bin next to the magazine racks so that customers can chuck all the unwanted leaflets straight in
  10. Dancing Times Collection

    Maybe put a link to this thread in the 'doing dance' section of the forum?
  11. Importance of pianist in an exam

    Gone are the days when every village hall and community centre had a (albeit probably fairly knackered and in need of tuning) piano supplied as standard. Such a shame.
  12. Dancing Times Collection

    Perhaps contact ENBS or other vocational schools - they might like them for the school library.
  13. Which brand is this pink leotard with lace cap sleeves?

    I think it looks like a Bloch-type of style too.
  14. RAD Marks awarded

    That's how to do it - overlap the grades and take several classes a week. There's no other way really.
  15. This makes me slightly cross

    They can label it however they like in the shops, but they seem to have forgotten to change things on their website.... Oops. Epic fail there, JL.