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  1. Spring/Easter dance intensive course for 9 year olds

    Tring Park School has an Easter course, aged from 8 upwards, either residential or non-residential. Details under 'Associated Courses' on their website.
  2. English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    That's not a lot then. There's usually over 100 in each audition group, but for a small theatre a smaller cast makes sense. Have they been to Rickmansworth before or is it a new venue for them? So your dd's 7th one then, wow!
  3. English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    Were there a lot of people at the audition last night?
  4. Audition disaster!

    My dd did her Grade 5 exam with a streaming cold and went in to the studio clutching a box of tissues, she was convinced she'd done really badly but got a good mark in the end. I think the examiner felt sorry for her!
  5. Thank you

    Brilliant news, well done to her, and good luck for the festival
  6. English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    Best of luck to all those auditioning in Rickmansworth today
  7. Gardening News

    I have a very confused hydrangea in my garden - it is just coming into flower.
  8. Room 202 - on the positive side

    If it has figs in it I wouldn't go over the top...
  9. BBC "Eat Well for Less"

    There are definitely bargains to be had out there. The other day I bought a frozen turkey crown in Aldi for £9.99 and the following day I happened to be in Morrisons - where one the same weight would have cost me £17
  10. English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    The first time my dd auditioned she was 11 and in grade 5 / InterFound. They gave her the senior audition and I even rang them to check that they hadn't made a mistake.
  11. I don't know what to do!

    Yes, you're right, the vocational upper schools are aware of this though, and do take account of it. I seem to remember it being mentioned during an open day/audition talk for potential students at more than one of the schools we visited during the process.
  12. I don't know what to do!

    Well, it may be true to a large extent at 11+, it certainly isn't for 16+ audition entry - they have way too many candidates to choose from. It is probably different for boys who often take up ballet later though.
  13. I don't know what to do!

    Would you be thinking of moving completely, or staying where you are and doing to-up classes at one of these other schools? Perhaps you could have a trial lesson at each of the schools you've found and see how you get on and whether you like it there. You might find that you really 'click' with a teacher there, or that actually, there's not a lot of difference. One thing you could bear in mind would be that perhaps there might be a conflict of interest if any of them do festivals, and also if they teach using the same syllabus/examining body.
  14. Ballet School by Camilla Jessell. It's one dd really loved when she was about that age, and I've known others say it's good too.
  15. Room 101

    Dear ambulance driver, Yes, I know you were behind me, I could see your blue lights. Yes, I know you wanted to get past. But we were travelling up a steep hill on a narrow carriageway with loads of cars coming the other way, double white lines, nowhere for me to pull in, and a blind summit and a sharp bend at the top of the hill. Then there were several more sharp bends and nowhere for you to overtake. You could see those road conditions as well as I could. There was no opportunity for me to get out of your way or to let you pass safely. So why were you blasting the siren, horn, flashing your headlights and waving furiously at me? What was I supposed to do - levitate?