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  1. Is an hour enough ballet a week for a 9yo?

    It is a logistical nightmare isn't it, all this timetabling/scheduling business! (I remember it well, hence my username)
  2. Is an hour enough ballet a week for a 9yo?

    Yes, I agree with Huddsballetmum, although whether you can continue with a variety of styles depends on timetabling, and whether your dc has a particular aptitude for one of them, so would benefit from extra classes in that style. (And also, how many classes you can realistically afford to pay for!).
  3. How did you choose schools??

    The majority of ballet teachers tend to use those two, they are the largest and most well-known. Some of the others offer exams in a wide variety of genres, so are less well-known for classical. It's really down to the parent to find out, and some of the websites of the other examining bodies don't give much information and thus leave a lot to be desired in that respect.
  4. Attending ROH questions

    Good grief - is that all?
  5. Recommendation for 17 yo dance novice

    Tring Park School might also be somewhere to look for one-off workshops, and I agree with 2dancersmum that the RAD would be good as well. They have recently begun a special project encouraging more boys to dance and their HQ is in Battersea.
  6. Recommendation for 17 yo dance novice

    If Laban is easy to get to, then that would be a good place for him - there will be other young men taking class there too. Pineapple is good if you know what you are doing, but probably not for a complete beginner as it's unlikely he would get enough individual attention/correction.
  7. Room 101

    We were in a very large hotel recently and (along with a couple of hundred other guests & many children) were sitting having breakfast in the huge dining room when the fire alarms went off. Most of us trooped outside, but a few people sat resolutely scoffing their fry-ups oblivious to the evacuation in progress. The waiting staff had to waste time persuading them to get off their backsides and leave. What kind of idiot ignores a fire alarm?
  8. Is an hour enough ballet a week for a 9yo?

    If she's keen on auditioning for youth ballet then it would probably be worth dropping tap if it isn't her favourite and swapping it for a second ballet class, either the same grade (if the school has more than one a week) or the grade above. Some schools offer a non-syllabus/free work class and that might be an alternative as well. It really depends on what the school can offer.
  9. RAD grade 5

    Hooray! Well done to your dd
  10. Room 101

    A lot of people don't get up at the crack of dawn to put their towel on the lounger - they do that at 4am on the way back from their night out! (No, never done it myself.... not me... oh no...)
  11. Room 202 - on the positive side

    I've been thoroughly entertained for the last day or so by a truly epic thread on Mumsnet (anyone else who's a regular on there will know the one I mean!!). It involves damage to a listed building and includes dodgy builders, furious council planning department inspectors, patio doors, disappearing neighbours, drunken Glaswegians, garden gnomes, a Victoria-Wood-Style tribute song, a Spanish paella-pan wielding grandmother, and a Spiderman bouncy castle. Should you want to read the thread, then settle in as it will take you a long time to read - 1000 posts per thread, and it is now on thread 6... on AIBU, you can't miss it
  12. Room 101

    Autumnal as in cold and wet? Here too!
  13. Room 101

    Hardly anyone picks blackberries hereabouts apart from us (free range ones Dave, don't worry!!), DH and DD went for a walk last week and came home with about three pounds of them, they said there is a fantastic crop this year.
  14. Royal Ballet Autumn booking

    Not this forum member & family - £100 per person is pretty much our entire annual theatre-going budget. Frustrating too, not just for me, but for everyone either on the way to work or already there (with no opportunity to sit on a computer for hours waiting for the ROH website to get its act together) at the very time all the general tickets are released. Nowt much left but crumbs for us lot by the time we get a look-in It also appears to be disappointingly difficult for people needing to book accessible seats.
  15. New to the ballet world and have some questions.

    Linda Moran, a ballet teacher at Central School of Ballet recently competed at the 5th IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Minsk and won several medals.