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  1. taxi4ballet

    To guide or not guide vocational choices ... ?

    Agreed, and it isn't always easy to find out as some schools don't always publicise their grad destinations in full. You're right, Tring does cover a lot of bases, but there are some other schools which might show a different picture. It's no good, for instance, if you are classically-minded, to go to a school where the vast majority of former students are now in MT or contemporary, and only the odd one or two are with ballet companies.
  2. taxi4ballet

    Tring Classical Ballet Academy audition

    At your dd's age (9) they will be less concerned with current grade and more at future potential and a trainable physique. They won't worry whether candidates are strong or flexible yet, and will look at whether there is facility for that to be developed.
  3. taxi4ballet

    To guide or not guide vocational choices ... ?

    When researching schools and courses, it is always worthwhile to look at recent graduate destinations of the students who trained there, and see whether that fits with your chosen career pathway.
  4. taxi4ballet

    Performing to modern music -licensing

    A friend of mine works for the PRS. The venue should be licenced anyway, so there shouldn't be a problem with permission. The PRS has a complex method to work out what music gets performed where, and they use their statistical model to calculate any royalties etc - which I presume comes out of the licence fees collected.
  5. taxi4ballet

    To guide or not guide vocational choices ... ?

    If she isn't thinking of one of the classical schools, then I'd strongly suggest that she does A-levels and auditions at 18. That will take the pressure off her re the ballet, and she can take more time rather than taking exams before she's completely ready. Many of the contemporary and MT schools don't take them at 16 anyway. Contemporary dance schools are much more relaxed about body type by the way. Have you had any advice from the CAT staff?
  6. taxi4ballet

    Departing Parent Envy

    So sorry to hear about these troubles. Speaking as a fairly recently departed - and now somewhat jaded and cynical - parent, I'm sorry to say that this situation is not all that uncommon, and you would find much the same occurring in vocational training everywhere. Some will sail tharough the whole thing and will have nothing but praise for the school, the training and the staff. Others, training there at exactly the same time and in the same class, will tell the opposite story. The favourites (and occasionally also the moneybags overseas ones) get all the attention, all the extra coaching, all the support they could possibly need if they get injured or are suffering emotional difficulties; they are encouraged to enter competitions, they are handed principal roles in school shows, and are given opportunities galore. The middling also-rans are pretty much ignored and are treated as cash cows, and corps fillers for performances. The ones who fall behind (for whatever reason) don't get the extra support and coaching they would benefit from, and really need and deserve. They are metaphorically thrown on the scrap heap and pretty much written off from then on. There seems to be a culture among some staff of... well... not institutionalised bullying as such, but more of an attitude that the professional dance world is brutal, and these students need toughening up if they are going to succeed. It is a case of survival of the fittest, and it is the school's job to weed out the ones who are going to break, either physically or mentally. Some of the students are treated appallingly, yet they are afraid to rock the boat, to complain or make any kind of fuss, in case it jeopardises their position, either to continue training at the school, or that word will get out that they are 'difficult' and they will never get a job. The ballet world is a very small one. Nobody wants to stick their head above the parapet. They have too much to lose. And we are talking about young people under the age of 18 here, who may be living far away from home for the first time, and have no-one to turn to when they need help. As parents we put our trust in these schools to do their best to nurture our young dancers, and we put our faith in the belief that the schools will take care of them and have due regard for their welfare and well-being. I can't tell you how much it hurts to have that trust betrayed, and to have your young dancer's love of dance destroyed, and their aspirations and future career ruined.
  7. taxi4ballet

    Room 101

    It hasn't escaped my notice that initially, they put up the price of the 'full sugar' soft drinks. Funnily enough, it didn't take all that long before the sugar-free ones were also the same higher price.
  8. taxi4ballet

    Strange Signs

    Another Tesco lorry one seen today: "Avocados welcome careful drivers" 😄
  9. taxi4ballet

    Strange Signs

    I spotted this legend on the side of a Tesco articulated lorry recently: "No baguettes are left in this vehicle overnight"
  10. taxi4ballet

    It's Goodbye from me

    All the very best to your dd
  11. taxi4ballet

    stretching concerns

    There have been numerous threads on the forum over the years, so have a search and see whether you can find anything on here. The posts by drdance will be particularly relevant.
  12. taxi4ballet

    One last post ....

    Wishing your dd all the very best, and you too xx
  13. taxi4ballet

    Room 101

    The complete and utter shambles that is passing for a train service this weekend.
  14. taxi4ballet

    What type of feet do I have? Help!

    The most important thing is getting the correct fit, not what looks prettiest. Incorrectly fitting shoes can cause injury and even permanent damage. Neither we (nor anyone else) can tell you which shoes would suit you over the internet, and you shouldn't be buying them that way either. What you really need to do is to go to a reputable dancewear shop and ask the staff. They will be trained in fitting dance shoes, will be very experienced and they will be able to help you. Sometimes dance teachers like to accompany their students to fittings, so perhaps you could ask yours to go with you.
  15. taxi4ballet

    How to get a Distinction in ballet exams!

    88 for Intermediate is great, well done you!