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  1. If you are able to get to the Just Ballet shop in Wisbech, I'd recommend them for a fitting, and they carry a huge variety of stock there. What is the issue, does she have a high arch and go over too far?
  2. Boys are in short supply, so they tend to nurture them and hang on to them if possible. There is a huge surplus of girls so they can pick and choose whoever they like from all over the world.
  3. Fighting for survival? It's children we are talking about here. And the article in that ballet journal (the Dancing Times, it was) - well, that went down like a lead balloon with the students. One of them told me so.
  4. That isn't the case - other schools do take assessed-out WL students, and are happy to have them. Sometimes students will have auditioned there previously anyway and been offered a place, which wasn't taken up due to going to WL instead.
  5. If I remember rightly, my dd took her ISTD modern grade 2 when she was 9, but she didn't start modern until she was 7. She then moved dance schools for modern and they messed her about a lot so I lost track after that! I think that generally they get to around grade 4/5 level age about 12/13ish, some sooner if they are particularly adept, but it usually depends on how often the dance school arranges exams.
  6. That's what I was getting at, yes.
  7. Practice more on the weaker side.
  8. To broaden your vocabulary now, you probably need to start attending non-syllabus classes at an appropriate level for you.
  9. An all-time classic.
  10. Hear hear to that The quality of the teaching is the most important thing, and not the specific syllabus taught.
  11. You can get stirrup ballet tights, Move Dancewear do them, and probably other suppliers as well.
  12. The Genee is a competition run by the RAD and you have to have passed RAD Adv2 with distinction to be able to enter. Relatively few British students take part in other international competitions and those that do are usually in full-time vocational training already and as such, will not be studying a specific examining body syllabus per se.
  13. Spotted yesterday while I was walking round a garden centre in the lovely sunshine - a comma butterfly
  14. Please don't be discouraged, my dd got a merit at Intermediate and was successful in her upper school auditions. Don't bother re-taking the exam unless you really want to. Continue with your training, and if you have issues with your pointe shoes, then it would be a good idea to be re-fitted at a different shop to where you usually get them. People's feet change all the time, especially as you gain in strength and start to do more pointe work at a higher level, and there may well be some shoes that suit you better. Best of luck
  15. Have you checked the fingernails and toenails, and the putting-on method?! We found the Dance Line ones lasted quite well (while I was buying them a few years ago) - once dd was at vocational school and started buying them herself, I don't know what make she was using. Maybe keep a bottle of clear nail varnish in her dance bag and dab a spot on the minute a little snag starts (even while being worn), that helps prevent them running too much.
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