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  1. taxi4ballet

    How to find a good school for a boy

    Don't patronise me, I know far more about vocational ballet training than you do. This is a thread about a child finding a suitable dance school, not a platform for discussing whether or not boys should be taking pointe classes.
  2. taxi4ballet

    How to find a good school for a boy

    It's not really anything to do with that, it is more to do with the fact that many teachers don't have much experience of teaching the boys syllabus because there are so few of them. What young lads need is to be taught by someone thoroughly experienced and ideally in a school with a number of other boys. Associate programmes are a really good idea too, as they will often have a boys-only class and when they are older, they will be able to start learning partner work with senior girls, which is a whole subject in itself.
  3. taxi4ballet

    Assessments / reports

    Brilliantly put Kate, I have to say that I think this is one of the best posts I have ever read on this forum.
  4. taxi4ballet

    Curtain call photo help needed

    Sidetracking totally, but I'm really impressed with the photos I've taken on my iPhone - I even managed to get one of the International Space Station as it flew overhead a few months ago. 400+ miles up, and the picture is fuzzy but the shape is recognisable. As you were...
  5. taxi4ballet

    Dance and mental health - BBC2

    Haven't watched the programme yet, but have read an article about it. I suspected it would be all about the benefits of dance and wouldn't go anywhere near the opposite end. Seems like that was the case.
  6. taxi4ballet

    Magic of Ballet magazines

    These are still around if anyone wants to collect - they will be going to the charity shop otherwise!
  7. Nice to see the name of one of dd's friends in the main cast.
  8. taxi4ballet

    Northern ballet School Manchester

    Yes, you need to find out as the schools are entirely separate and have nothing to do with one another. Northern Ballet runs an associate programme and CAT scheme in Leeds, and Northern Ballet School in Manchester is a vocational upper school.
  9. Yes, well, whatever. None of that is relevant for a such a young child in the early stages of vocational training, and perhaps it is more useful to the op to hear from teachers and parents whose dc have actually trained in the associate programme at the school.
  10. taxi4ballet

    Daft caution/warning labels

    But no message on the Pigs in Blankets ones though. Surely they should make it quite clear that the packet doesn't include any actual blanket? Or perhaps it does, who knows?!!
  11. taxi4ballet

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    I've just been perusing the bar and restaurant prices. Not with any intention of every buying anything, of course. A chocolate brownie is £4 A biscuit £2 A cup of coffee £3 Bit peckish? An egg and cress sandwich will set you back £11.50 The cheapest item on the restaurant menu appears to be mushroom soup at £9.50 At least the service charge of 12.5% added to your bill is discretionary. Stuff that for a lark. (If they want to discourage elitism, then might I suggest that they think again about all the poncy ingredients in their food).
  12. taxi4ballet

    Being muslim at ballet

    The reason that ballet clothing is so tight-fitting is that the teacher will need to see your posture closely in order to explain to you how to adjust your positioning, so that you can learn to do the exercises correctly. There is no cultural-specific reason. The teacher can see your placement and which muscle groups you are using. I'm sure that a long slim-fitting black t-shirt and black leggings would enable them to do that. My dd had a school friend who was muslim and she did GCSE dance wearing those. I'm sure any dance teacher would be happy to accommodate your requirements re uniform. Best of luck
  13. taxi4ballet

    Daft caution/warning labels

    Hang on Sim... there's another packet left, I shall go and look... Aside from potato etc, it says: Brussels sprout seasoning contains: Rice flour, salt, flavourings, sugar, onion powder, colour (copper complexes of chorophylls and chorophyllins). My guess is that the colouring is extracted from a green leafy thing. I wonder what it could be?
  14. taxi4ballet

    Bunions - advice needed!

    When was the last time she had a pointe shoe fitting?
  15. taxi4ballet

    Daft caution/warning labels

    It had to happen. Walkers Brussels Sprout flavour crisps. The packet says: "Image of sprouts for illustrative purposes only. Product contains no brussels sprout; contains flavouring only" I have tested them well somebody had to. If you can ignore the fact that they are green and taste of sprouts, the crisps are very nice 😋