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  1. Nemo

    Managing attachments?

    Geoff, this is an attachment I uploaded from my computer desktop just by dragging it into the editing area using my ordinary user Nemo alter ego. I assume you can do the same. As for the endless curtain call snaps, we shall see! John Mallinson
  2. If you click the search box (or lozenge) at top right there is an arrow which lets you select what feature you wish to search. If you select Members but then don't type in a name you get the whole list.
  3. By Jove, I seem to have fixed it! This seems to be a well-known problem with I.E. 11 and I've just installed a little workaround. Pat, is that any better? John Mallinson (Posted with I.E. 11 under Windows 7)
  4. ...whereas this with Firefox 3.5.7 under Windows is fine. John
  5. Bruce, I haven't been aware of Explorer problems as I don't normally use Windows and even less I.E., but this is posted with I.E. 11 under Windows 7 and quoting doesn't work. I will pursue the matter a bit. John Mallinson