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  1. Picturesinthefirelight

    How to find a good school for a boy

    Hammond also are having a boys day of Dance and I believe there is an associate scheme in the East Midlands run by a male teacher. Taxi Ive liked your post. I can’t see the whole context as my settings are set so they don’t show posts from certain posters but I wholeheartedly agree with you.
  2. Picturesinthefirelight

    Best starting class for 7 nearly 8 year old

    So by that reckoning ds who started dance aged 13 would have gone straight into Grade 8. (He’s currently working on Grade 2 jazz & Grade 3 tap).
  3. Picturesinthefirelight

    Best starting class for 7 nearly 8 year old

    I agree with Colman, thats a big difference in age at that age and in terms of school its also a different Key Stage. She will feel like she is in with the babies (infants) in the Primary class rather than junior age children.
  4. Picturesinthefirelight

    Best starting class for 7 nearly 8 year old

    I think the average 7 year old might find Primary a bit babyish (is she just 7 as in Year 2 at school or does she turn 8 this academic year - year 3?) But I agree with Colman that throwing a 7 year old beginner straight into Grade 2 is a bit much. I would maybe look for a different dance school.
  5. Picturesinthefirelight

    Assessments / reports

    Each school will have their own methods of reporting & assessing so it’s difficult to say. From experience no one seemed to share their marks at Dds school.
  6. I contacted the moderators about this post. A very talented former student of my husband who originally trained in Dance & Musical Theatre at The Hammond before moving into Musical Directing write a beautiful choral piece for the Hammond’s Centenary Concert. What I didn’t know is that he was moved & inspired to compose the piece by hearing of the suicide of a former Hammond student Olivia Faulkner who several members of the forum knew. He would like to release an album to raise funds & awareness of mental health in dancers via the fund Olivia’s parents set up & has asked for help bye especially wants to get in touch with any former Hammond or Laine students who knew her who may want to get involved or indeed anyone who can help in any way with this undertaking. A link to his original facebook post is here.
  7. Picturesinthefirelight

    Northern ballet School Manchester

    Its very confusing. There is Northern ballet Academy (linked to Northern Ballet who run part time CAT scheme and summer school classes. Then there is Northern School of Contemporary Dance who are a vocational school also based in Leeds with a focus on Contemporary dance Then there is Northern Ballet School in Manchester a full time college who run dance diplomas in Ballet or Jazz Theatre
  8. Picturesinthefirelight

    Jazz Pants nightmare

    I'm not quite sure what to say to that image.
  9. I notice that the casting for this has just been announced. There are several young people that dd knows who are either current or past members of her school who have been cast including one who was in her year at lower school and one who is in her year now. Huge congratulations to them.
  10. Picturesinthefirelight

    Jazz Pants nightmare

    Sorry dd hasn’t worn jazz pants since she finished Stagecoach 5 years ago and then they were going out of fashion and most were switching to leggings for jazz class. I’ve never known anyone wear them for tap. It’s always leotard and footless tights.
  11. Picturesinthefirelight

    Being muslim at ballet

    I think a compromise definitely can and should be reached. If the teacher is accredited with any of the major organisations then they should be following their equality policies. However be prepared they may not have considered this issue before. The big issue will be attitudes of other students. Is the class going to be full of people who are used to going to school with and working with Muslim girls who won’t bat an eyelid or are you going to be gawped at? If the latter then it’s a great opportunity to educate your fellow classmates but that will take confidence and resilience at the same time as you are trying something new. I really hope it goes well for you.
  12. Picturesinthefirelight

    Being muslim at ballet

    You bring up a topic that has long been a bug bear of mine whenever anyone talks about increasing diversity in the performing arts. Having seen friends of my daughter have to give up ballet past the age of 7/8 and having noticed that despite living in an area with a significant population of people of Pakistani/Bangladeshi origin when I look at local dance schools and youth theatre companies none of these girls are represented. Other minority groups are talked about, initiatives put in place etc but in the general conversation on increasing BAME participation no-one seems to want to address this fundamental issue that traditional ballet uniform and perception of it prevents participation of Muslim girls past puberty & if adaptations to the uniform were made It would open the door for wider participation.
  13. Picturesinthefirelight

    Recovery from Osgood Schlatters/long-term injury?

    There is also a clinic in Bath too. I would highly reccomend them.
  14. Picturesinthefirelight

    Christmas present ideas 2018

    They used to sell large portable flooring squares that came with a wooden underfloor. Dd has one in the conservatory we bought for christmas a few years ago.
  15. Picturesinthefirelight

    A Level Dance or Dance BTEC

    There are different sized btecs. The Extended Diploma is equivalent in size to 3 A levels and most colleges who offer this course treat it as full time and you would find it difficult to do an A level alongside. However some schools and colleges offer the btec that is equivalent in size to 2 A levels and so wou would study either a 2nd btec in a different subject or an A level alongside. There is also a btec equivalent to 1 A level.