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  1. Dance shop discounts

    We've never thought of asking for a discount at either Bloch or Capezio before (& she's bought lots from there over the last 4 and a half years though mostly tap/jazz shoes, not ballet) To be honest she tends top go to dancique for pointes as she finds Monday lunchtimes with Stardust too rushed for proper fittings. its only the fact that we are visiting Covent Garden next week and her flats have holes in them that she thought she may as well get them from the shop direct.
  2. Dance shop discounts

    I know that several of the London dance shops give discounts to Dance/MT college students on production of your offer letter. Does anyone know how far ahead you can do this. Dd needs new shoes & we are in London next week. She’s at lower school but has two offers for September & will probably accept the first. Is it a bit early to try?
  3. Hammond Centerary Concert 9th Feb

    He started off as a Lower School dancer (in fact he was in the final 10 in the find a Nancy/Oliver programme) before going onto the senior Musical Theatre course then onto a very prestigious musical directors course. Very multi talented.
  4. Remind me how old is your dd? The problem with the summer courses at RCS is that they run to Scottish terms so they ballet summer schools run early - mid July. There is one week commencing 16th July.
  5. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Im afraid that if you are not resident in the UK she wouldn’t be eligible for a DaDa so you need to look at schools that offer school scholarships.
  6. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Degree places will be dependent on apssing GCSE's but diploma places at vocational schools rarely are. however by law if someone hasn't got a Grade 4 in maths & English they have to re-take.
  7. What does this mean? (comment by JA teacher)

    I had this feedback about dd from her vocational school jazz/modern teacher. Dd was 14 at the time. They meant she still danced like a little girl rather than a young woman. it was more of an attitude maturity thing than a focus/technique thing.
  8. Hammond Centerary Concert 9th Feb

    How was Jordan Li Smith’s specially commissioned composition? He is such a multi-talented lad.
  9. Audition Solo questions (Lower School)

    Just to reassure you if its the school I think they will be accommodating and understand the different levels of experience and teacher involvment the year 6 auditionees have. I don;t know what they did for a solo (I never asked) but one student who started the same time as dd had never done ballet before - they were spotted/discovered/whatever you like to call it for potential at a primary school dance outreach type workshop. If he does have a solo he's done for a festival in the past then I would use that, or I think some children used their ISTD Modern exam amalgamation. You mention a "thingy reasoning test" - Is that something the school have sent you. if so, then don;t stress about that. I'm assuming its verbal and non verbal reasoning CATS type tests. They can be really good in giving schools an idea of a child's actual academic potential, spiky results led dd's school to pick up on the fact she may have a specific issue and be under-performing. Children will not be chosen on academic ability, just the school will want to know how best to place and support them whatever their academic ability.
  10. RAD Grade 4 Exam - etiquette advice please

    And worst of all is the parents! Its horrible sitting in an exam/audition waiting room with no influence whatsoever over the outcome.
  11. Feb half term

    There is a 1 day Jenna Lee workshop in London on the Saturday if that’s any use.
  12. Balletdadblog

    Having a husband who teaches in a vocational school I would say it is completely innapropriate to tell a child "I love you" especially in the context of you shouldn't complain because I love you it's going against all best practice.
  13. Feb half term

    All our local schools break up on 16th so I'm quite glad Hammond do as well. To to be honest we've never done half term workshops (we are going to London to watch Hamilton this year) but I'd check the Birmingham area as I think their schools are that week.
  14. Ballerina attire

    Hi Jade - my daughter does not wear a bra under her leotard but she always, always wears knickers. Nude coloured, high leg seam free ones.
  15. UCAS Tariff Points

    Back when my husband applied for conservatoire in Birmingham they accepted Grade 8 practical AND theory in lieu of one A level but on the whole I agree. There is no written academic content to dance grades so whilst it might indicate practical competence & be taken into consideration for some courses especially if the child attends a school where A Level dance, drama or music is not on offer it is the academic written content of an A Level or btec most institutions will be loailing for.