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  1. London Waterloo - EVEN MORE major disruption

    Luckily my train comes into Euston tomorrow. We have a Kinky Boots matinee booked tomorrow followed by American in Paris on Thursday.
  2. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    For ballet I would add OPES to the list.
  3. How did you choose schools??

    I would agree with pas de quatre.
  4. Dance bags

    My dd has the non wheeled version of the cspezio holdhall. It's withstood daily use for over 3 years now
  5. Questions about Lower School auditions

    On the whole schools don't take entry into year 11 except possibly international students who already have a gcse equivalent. At dd's school they took a couple of students part way through year 10 & it's not ideal gcse wise (lots of catching up etc). It would seriously muck up your GCSE's to change schools in Year 11.
  6. Summer school 2017

    That sounds good (& what Dd has experienced at all ofthe other 5 summer/Easter schools she has been to over the years) This year she found only one meal option available (no salad bar/alternative option) strictly no seconds & no snacks apart from a biscuit mid afternoon. Not even a piece of fruit available in the evening once tea was over.
  7. Summer school 2017

    Did she have enough to eat this time? Dd has just returned from a summer school where she was left hungry (not allowed to take own snacks). It was a very interesting experience.
  8. Questions about Upper School auditions

    It doesn't look like Dd will need photos for the MT courses she is interested in so that's one less stress at least.
  9. Ballet Skirts recommendations

    I take it you succombed then. Dd had one of the very first skirts made & is developing a little collection!
  10. Questions about Upper School auditions

    I can't believe it's time to start posting on here. Year 7 audition surely wasn't that long ago. Dd's shortlist of where she wants to apply is very short so we also need a back up academic local dance school plan. A summer school she attended has also thrown a huge spanner in the works.
  11. RAD grade 5

    Fabulous - tell her congratulations from us.
  12. Opes summer school

    My daughter isn't going this year (time & financial constraints) but for the last three years she has been in the middle (senior B group). That was between the ages of 12-14) Year 8-10). I think the highest group is around 16-19 years old.
  13. Pointe Shoe Prep Question!

    My dd point blank refuses to darn her pointes!
  14. Questions about Lower School auditions

    I'm busy burying my head in the sand.
  15. Questions about Lower School auditions

    And we graduate to the Upper School thread!