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  1. Ballet West School

    For me there is one particular issue of concern that I have been told about 'in real life' that hasn't really been mentioned so far as to do so would be breaking the terms of the forum if done so under a pseudonym. Not so much of a pastoral issue as an attitude issue. My husband has taught in four different vocational dance schools/colleges & there is a difference in general pastoral care attitudes between the more school type places & the college/degree type places but on the whole all places he has worked have had systems in place to support their students. I know this isn't the case everywhere.
  2. Audition fees

    Also candidates already at Lower Schools don't have access to a Studio especially if they need a parent to film.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if the recall is more about putting children next to each other & finding teams of identical heights now than anything else.
  4. Audition fees

    Dvd's are incredibly difficult to produce though. It assumes everyone has access to a space large enough to dance in & someone able to do the filming.
  5. Ballet West School

    To expand on the previous post I think that one question to ask is drop out rate. A very high dropout out rate at a school can indicate pastoral issues & high injury rates amongst other things. (I've heard of very talented students who have previously been in vocational lower school training being pushed too far, too fast both physically & mentally at some schools) Also the policy on speaking to parents. Whilst it is understandable that once a young person reaches the age of 18 schools cannot legally speak to parents about any problems or concerns some degree awarding institutions are also refusing to speak to parents of 16 year olds (even if the young person has granted permission).
  6. Winter training

    Dd went to Malvern last year & loved it. The same people (Olivia & Errol Pickford) slso run Winter classes at Dance Xchange in Birmingham between Christmas & New Year. No accommodation but we stay at the premier inn.
  7. Budget friendly Hotels, London, If they exist!

    Very often the premier inn at Kensington is a lot cheaper than others in the area & it's only a few stops away on the Victoria line.
  8. Auditions and away from home eating out

    Yes, I believe it is available in the Upper School (which is classed as FE/HE anyway) but not for Lower School students in Year 11.
  9. Auditions and away from home eating out

    Student ID cards arn't available at the OP's school.
  10. Only so many nuts to crack.....

    Birmingham has Jersey Boys & Manchester has Beautiful.
  11. Under leotard - what's good for a child?

    I don't think comps come under the jurisdiction of children's licensing, only performances. It's one of those strange anomalies.
  12. Under leotard - what's good for a child?

    I'm sorry Nicola you've lost me there. The laws regsrding children in entertainment licensing & chaperoning are fairly specific & reference changing arrangements for children over the age of 5. This doesn't have to be in a "dressing room" quick changed side stage are permitted but certain rules have to be adhered to.
  13. Under leotard - what's good for a child?

    There are no laws that say you can't have costume changes in the wings for under 16's but they have to be 'decent' hence the modesty undergarments. There would be an issue with a child stripping down to skimpy underwear. Screens are also allowed. The rules dont change when a child hits 16 but when they leave school which is officially the last Friday in June of Year 11.
  14. Vocational school transport assistance

    It's generally only children with an EHIC plan attending the nearest suitable school that get transport assistance. In my area they have cut the faith & grammar school travel assistance provision also. Kent specifically state that sending a child to a selective school is a parental choice & doesn't qualify for transport assistance.
  15. Questions about Lower School auditions

    I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't.