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  1. At 9am there were no tickets available for the insight celebrating Fonteyn. Now over 3 hours later there are tickets available and I've just grabbed one!
  2. "The pigeons can only fly from left to right across the stage, as that is what they have been trained to do" Woman during the interval last night!
  3. BB6 isn't worth booking either, unless you want to end up with a stiff neck from looking around the pillar that obscures the full view of the stage. After four visits to the Linbury I am beginning to get quite a list of seats to avoid in the future!
  4. Bag checks back in operation at the Bow Street entrance but not at the Piazza doors! I too was told that I could take a photo of the cast changes if I wanted to do so.
  5. ,There were no change of casts slips, no notice as far as I saw, except for a small one in the amphitheatre corridor. I thought it was very rude to the dancers that no announcement was made either. I agree with many of the above comments but would like to add that it was good to see Gary Avis in a dancing role again!
  6. No problems with watching Infra or the beautiful SIC Richard. I will be interested to see if there have been any adjustments tonight when I am sitting further back. It was such a pity as, having been to the Insight and also watching a rehearsal on one of the Month of Sundays, I was looking forward to seeing The Unknown Soldier.
  7. We were sitting in the mid amphitheatre for the rehearsal today and couldn't see the heads of some of the dancers at the back until it rose higher for the next section.
  8. The dancers were Anna Rose O'Sullivan and William Bracewell in the first rehearsal then later it was Mayara Magri and Marcelino Sambe. Good to see Ed Watson taking part in the discussion.
  9. I had no problem last night - walked in, picked up cast list plus changes slip from the front desk (Bow Street entrance). Reading the above I must have been lucky! My heart always sinks though when I see them on the desk. I am surprised that no one has commented on the candles flying around in the last act and how carefully both Nela and Natasha avoided tripping on them.
  10. I'm not surprised that you wanted to comment on Rothbart, Capybara! My friends and I did the same when we met up in the interval! Did you get his name? It is not clear in the photo I took of the cast list. Something like A. Laidkin??? I know that Dmitri Akulinin danced the part on the first night but it was definitely not him!
  11. I also went to see the matinee today and thought the production was dire - only saved by Kimin Kim. Any excitement in Act 3 was undone by Stepanova milking the applause for so long, but this is the Russian way I know. The jester is always a good dancer but I find him extremely irritating. I can just about accept him in the 1st Act but have always thought that he gets in the way in the black act. I won't comment on Von Rothbart as I might upset the moderators! I came away thinking thank goodness I had seen so many excellent performances at the RB earlier this summer. As regards the audience - don't get me started!!! People wandering in and out, talking non-stop during the overture and the pause and poorly behaved children. I was glad that I had purchased a concessionary standby as opposed to paying full price.
  12. Last year I was able to cross The Strand quite easily on my way to the ROH - the police told me to dodge between the stragglers who were still running!
  13. When I looked earlier Akane Takada was not listed as a Principal either.
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