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  1. Last year I was able to cross The Strand quite easily on my way to the ROH - the police told me to dodge between the stragglers who were still running!
  2. When I looked earlier Akane Takada was not listed as a Principal either.
  3. Matthew was loudly cheered by those of us who were there until the end of the curtain calls! OOps - I did something wrong there!
  4. I haven't heard anything from them either. I have a ticket for 21April - Row B.
  5. I totally agree with Ruth - a beautiful performance. Lovely tribute from Thiago on Instagram as well.
  6. I was also there. It was an excellent evening and I think I will be watching it again before I go to see it at the ROH.
  7. cackles

    Annette Page

    There is an announcement in today's Times. There will be a private funeral and a Memorial Service in London in the spring.
  8. Gary Avis has tweeted that Annette Page died yesterday. Sad news.
  9. Elizabeth Harrod and James Hay were the goats at both the rehearsal and last night's performance.
  10. The wind could be felt in the amphi! I was in row D and it got quite chilly.
  11. I recently took a 4 year old to see ENB's My First Cinderella at the Peacock. It was her first trip to see a ballet in a theatre. She loved it and asked at the interval if she could go on stage and dance with them! When a child in the row behind began talking she turned and glared at them just as I do in the ROH! I thought that bodes well for the future! Having an on stage narrator is an excellent idea. I thought that the length of the performance was just right. She went home happily wearing a Fairy Godmother's tiara and clutching her magic wand ready to dance it all for her Daddy.
  12. I managed to get a seat in the front row last night and I am just a lowly friend! I had to make a quick sprint up the stairs though, or the nearest I can manage to a quick sprint these days. However, I did notice that the audience seemed to be a different mix last night with quite a number of "usual faces" missing. (I don't mean that rudely!) I enjoyed the masterclass and hearing the comments from the dancers during the discussion about the difficulties they were experiencing with the Bausch being so different from their usual style, having to dance barefooted and concerns about dancing on earth. Also Madison was talking about it being her 4th Sacre, all from different choreographers! I thought Aitor Arrieta did very well as he only began dancing the role yesterday when he replaced another dancer who had injured his wrist.
  13. I can't always applaud as much as I would like as I have arthritis. A bad flare up of my hands means it is too painful, but I always feel guilty when there has been an excellent performance. I have got used to receiving funny looks from others around me in the amphi!
  14. I totally agree with Bruce and SPD444. A wonderful performance. I floated down Floral Street, not too gracefully, with a big smile on my face!