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  1. Well I just bought tickets for the Royal Ballet when they visit Japan in June. I know it must be a huge cost to bring such a large company, costume, sets, etc such a long distance but my goodness, the tickets were eye wateringly expensive! £56 for the cheapest section and I dared to get the next section up which cost me £77. I got one ticket for Don Q and as there were no tickets for the gala at all on the NBS website, I was forced to go to Viagogo where tickets in the section before the last were £109. Viagogo whacked on another ¥4250 (£29) for delivery and 2 tickets later I’d paid £297. I think we may rethink the weekend in Yokohama and just schlep in and back home for the performance. I never complained about ticket prices at home and after I move back (thinking positively) to the UK I swear I never will complain. Now it looks like ramen lunches for next month or two after this spending spree. Eek 😬
  2. Horses for courses I guess because I have never really taken to George Balanchine’s version despite trying several times when I lived in New York. I don’t think there’s a perfect version (disliked ENB’s version) but I’ve come to appreciate the RB’s version.
  3. An inspiration and thankfully a role model as well.
  4. Spot on Lizzie1! Software development is a bit more complicated than the media makes it seems and I think ROH probably for itself in a pickle with what seems like some not fully thought through changes so let’s hope they get it right this time.
  5. I also saw both performances yesterday and I am of a similar opinion regarding Winter Dreams. Laura Morera’s interprétation conveyed much more emotion and made the farewell pas de deux difficult to watch for me. I’ve always liked Akane Takada and thought her to be a lovely lovely dancer so there was less of a surprise there. I think that she has become more comfortable coming outside herself and inhabiting the different characters and that’s become more apparent.
  6. Well you were correct. Apparently she was such an excellent Sylvia that she was promoted to Principal Dancer immediately after her debut performance on Saturday evening (10th)!
  7. Well mixed feelings on this... I’ll be in attendance at a couple of the performances for sure but sure wish they would’ve chosen something else. If I am really lucky perhaps Symphony in C will be one of the gala pieces. That’s two trips to Yokohama then!
  8. I adore Lambarena and love Frances Chung. I’d like to see the piece live but SFB has always had a bit of strange timing in its season that I’ve only ever managed to see the company abroad and never in it’s home city. Passing through London on June 8th 2019 and hoping to fit in a SFB performance and RB performance on the same day!
  9. 😫😢☹️😱😡😔😖 - sorry-just despair and resignation here as won’t get to any of the performances but loving the reviews! Slinking off to figure out when cinema performance likely to land in Tokyo.
  10. Well I am not sure that colour needs to be the major casting consideration for the Caterpillar ...I can’t remember which company but I think Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will be done by a local company here in Tokyo and I think they may take a different approaches casting. I am not sure when the last time a white actor was cast as Othello but my surprise was more at the “so normal to have black actors play ‘white’ parts” as that is contrary to the experiences of many of the prominent black actors in the UK who have openly discussed the scarcity of good work in Britain and the fact that they have to go to America... I imagine that there are also people asking about the last time a Black opera singer in the UK was cast as Aida in a significant production.
  11. Interesting that you say that - the role was created on Eric Underwood so I guess that’s why? The male lead in Agon which was created on Arthur Mitchell has often been cast that way every time I’ve seen it..
  12. Who said that it should matter ? That was not the point of my post. But actually in one sense it does matter .. representation matters. You might feel differently because it’s not the vantage point from which you see things but if there are others fully willing, able, and talented enough who want to dance and are not getting the opportunity, it matters. Also in another sense, if it didn’t matter the experience of many wouldn’t have been what it has been and still continues to be. If you mean that it doesn’t matter to you what colour the dancers then fine but there are other people for whom it matters in very different ways...
  13. I don’t think that a broad swathe of the public believes that the RB selects on that basis but I do think that a broad swathe believe that ballet selects on that basis and if so, why not the RB? It happens in other fields and other institutions so why not ballet or the RB? This has been the experience of many in ballet so how can anyone be so sure the RB is immune? I am not claiming that it is but I certainly don’t agree that it is so readily apparent that it isn’t if one would only look at the background of the dancers.
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