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  1. York Dance Scholars is a wonderful Summer School.
  2. Just as well she doesn't then hoglett
  3. How unforgivable that they should say that ALL applicants (WL) would hear by Friday 10th of March. If they are not going to stick by it then they should not say it!!
  4. I am pretty sure that they no longer put Uni students in with NBS students at Medlock House even if it means an empty room in a flat. The free Metro bus into town is still a plus as is the train station at Oxford Road and indeed Piccadilly.
  5. Most of the NBS students are in Medlock House which is just around the corner from The Dancehouse. They are all usually put together in the same block. No NBS student has to share a flat with a Uni student. Medlock House is a bit tatty around the edges but a very safe place to be. There is of course a bit of noise from the rowdy Uni students but they all seem to just get on with it!! My daughter went at 16 and absolutely loved her time both at NBS and at Medlock House. She has never been out of work either since leaving in 2012. Happy to answer any questions if any one wants to send me a PM.
  6. Is it just the certificate you have asked her to post balletmummy or her report too? I would certainly expect any pupil of mine, regardless of whether they have left or not, to come in to collect their report in person. After so much hard work from pupil and teacher, marks need to be explained to the pupil and discussed with the parent if so wished. I would happily forward on any certificate but would expect to hand over any report 'in person'.
  7. No it isn't. They are happy to give any teacher feedback so give them a ring.
  8. Absolutely not ParentTaxi and it makes a huge difference in an audition situation to be so used to picking up enchainment's quickly. You sound to be at a very good school so stick with it!!
  9. Primark do! In the ladies underwear section, three pairs for £5!!
  10. That is why I love ISTD. There is so much more 'free' work. Even from Grade One children are expected to pick up steps that are joined together on the day by the Examiner. By the time they reach Intermediate level all free work becomes second nature and your pupils are SO quick to pick up enchainments It really is a bonus....especially in any audition situation
  11. Really? Well if my 'older' girls came out with anything worse then they would be asked to leave. Can't be doing with any of it.....and they know it too
  12. Would you?? Must be time for me to retire then because the day I had resort to talking to anyone like this, let alone a pupil, is the day it is time to give up! Hope your son has more luck at a more suitable school Happymum.
  13. A yes today for my pupil, Manchester Yr 7 White Lodge It was worth the wait!! Hope you have good news too discomonkfish & Dizzyballetmum.
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