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  1. Millie3

    Goodbye - but only as a moderator

    A thank you from me too. 12 years ago, on the old forum, you sent me a lovely informative pm. Helped to guide an unknowing parent through the minefield of auditions
  2. Millie3

    Adult ballet classes in Sheffield

    Might not be what your dd is after but does the university have a ballet society? Dd’s offer advanced, intermediate and beginners classes. Lots of other opportunities too and a great place to meet students on other courses. Edited to add congratulations to your dd for gaining her place.
  3. Millie3

    Post Offices (or lack thereof)

    Our village post office relocated recently and now only opens 9-12 Monday to Friday. So for anyone who works outside the village it’s impossible to pick up a parcel unless a kindly neighbour will pop down and pick it up.
  4. Millie3

    Departing Parent Envy

    Indeed. Do you upset the apple cart whilst your offspring are studying there and perhaps make your dd/ds life even more difficult. Or once they have left? But then they need a reference for further study. Therefore scuppering their future plans. Or a few years later?? It’s so hard.
  5. Millie3

    One last post ....

    I think we need a thread on: “life after vocational school” to celebrate all the strong, determined young people who have battled through mental health issues or injuries and are no longer pursuing their dream as a professional dancer. The insular environment they experience when training is so different to life outside the ballet bubble. Out here they can thrive and be themselves without all the constant scrutiny and pressure of perfection. After training hard for 3 years and overcoming her own problems, dd gained a first, this along with her GCSE results (so, so important they keep going academically in year 11 - even when they know they have gained a vocational place) meant she was accepted at a regular uni onto a degree - unrelated to dance. She’s now living life to the full! Enjoying the opportunities in the university dance clubs without any pressure. Our young adults are all fab and have so much potential. Whatever they are currently going through remember there is light at the end of the tunnel. x
  6. Millie3

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” would perhaps be an apt phrase. Dd doesn’t regret going to vocational school at 16 and the quality of teaching could not be faulted. However, as others have said, it is the emotional put downs by those who should know better that was the problem. Those who complained were ridiculed. Those injured or ill told they had no resilience. The mental health of our youngsters is so important and is sometimes just ignored or overlooked. I’m so glad this thread has appeared - this information needs to be in the public domain.
  7. Millie3

    The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    Not a gift-but for those that send Christmas cards- the RNLI have a lovely card this year. Dancers at the barre with yellow RNLI wellies on. Had to buy a few packs when I saw them. https://goo.gl/images/1Mt14a
  8. Millie3

    Degree awards at Vocational schools.

    Dd just completed her degree and received the transcript on the same day as her degree classification. It was issued by the university rather than the ballet school. However, may be different for other schools. I'd ring the university -I'm sure they'll be able to help
  9. Millie3

    Student finance for Ballet West 3rd year

    It should be dd's home address that is taken into account for funding, not their term time place of residence.
  10. Millie3

    Those elusive beautifully fitted pointe shoes

    Also highly recommend dancewell in Bristol. Only place that has ever fitted dd's feet correctly, after years of being sold ill fitting shoes from the obvious shops up and down the country!
  11. Millie3

    A Levels & dance training

    Pictures, not sure if your dd is planning to study physio straight after completing A'levels or not. If she's wanting to find a dance/MT job first and then go to uni later it's worth noting that they require academic study to have been undertaken within the last 2 or 3 years before starting the degree.
  12. Millie3

    Need some balletco support

    Dramascientist - hope you are all OK. Lots of us have had "moments" which have made us question whether we should allow our dc to go and fend for themselves at such a young age. Think we should all order one of these for them: www.notonthehighstreet.com/leelu/product/little-bag-of-happiness Would be fab if they worked and cured all. The link hasn't worked!! Not sure how to do that!
  13. Millie3

    Opes summer school 2016

    I emailed straight after dd arrived home - you both assumed I hadn't. It would not be acceptable to post on here without having done so! I agree - students vote with their feet - if they enjoy it they return, if not they find an alternative. So, if your child was at a regular school and their life was being made "uncomfortable" by others. Would you tell your child that the school: "did not suit them, let's find a school that suits you better"? What word would you suggest then for a person who does not carry out their job to the standard expected? If my original comment is not appropriate then please can a moderator remove it? The teaching at OPES was second to none - DD really enjoyed this. I am not going into any more detail about the negative aspects I wouldn't have commented if I had not read Lemongirl's post and saw that others had a similar experience. I have been a member of this site and its predecessor for over 8 years - making many positive comments - I think we should feel free to post our experiences and make this a balanced forum.
  14. Millie3

    Opes summer school 2016

    My DD must have been there the same week The behaviour of a small number of students was unacceptable and not dealt with appropriately by those who were supposedly house parents. DD has attended loads of residentials over the years and this is the only one she said she would never do again..
  15. Millie3

    advice if possible, please (teachers)

    From my experience it is purely financial reasons that some teachers discourage dance outside of their own dance school. DD attended a local dance school and non of her achievements were ever mentioned or publicized, until after she left for vocational school at 16! Although they supported her - it was made clear they did not want her to mention associate schemes, holidays schools or the fact that she attended another dance school to others. They had the monopoly on dance in the area anyway and I really don't think they would of lost students - as only those really wanting to take their dancing further would bother to drive the 1 1/2 hour round trip to the local city where their nearest competition was located. They would have lost money though - with children deciding to take part in EYB, holiday schools etc rather than the dance schools own productions (where all costumes had to be bought through the school and extra lessons paid for!). It's a shame that some schools don't encourage their students to experience ballet outside of their own "dance school bubble". The teacher at dd's other school was absolutely fantastic - extremely encouraging and taking pride in all of her student's achievements.