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  1. Three brief thoughts on PC revisionism: 1. Those who take offence all too frequently share few, if any, cultural national or domestic links with those upon whose behalf the offence is taken. 2. Many galleries and museums have already taken to removing exhibits that they fear may enrage those same offence-takers. 3. We are rapidly, and very sadly, reaching the stage where disagreement with the offence-taking minority is increasingly being seen as subversive. I do not wish to become political so will say no more but I am saddened that this type of censorship and the re-writing of history should be allowed to pervade the arts.
  2. I would add Magri to that list. She is someone who always holds the eye. As did - and still does - Choe.
  3. As with the opening night (and, I imagine, the other performances), the corps and the three solo shades were all wonderful. I also felt that the two leading ladies were better balanced tonight. We know from her Giselle that Osipova can be heartbreaking and she filled that brief tonight. Nunez brought lyricism to her Gamzatti - a more measured desperation than the calculation of Osipova's more obviously bitchy Gamzatti. Both were terrific. And Corrales ... What a debut! Ardour, bravado, great partnering skills delivered with attentiveness, care and maturity. I felt that he and Osipova really worked well as a partnership which bodes well for their Don Q performances. Loved it!
  4. Scheherezade

    Tony Pappano (not) to leave the ROH in 2020?

    The ROH has announced that Antonio Pappano will extend his tenure until 2023 and, having been in situ since 2002, will be the longest serving music director by the end of the 2018/19 season.
  5. I seem to recall Nureyev describing Dowell as the finest classical dancer in the world. How wonderful if Corrales and Muntagirov can recreate even a little of the Nureyev/Dowell vibe.
  6. Whilst Muntagirov is no Nureyev on the charisma front - but, then, who is? - I find that he brings his own brand of understated charisma. In his ENB days, whilst his dancing was sublime, his characterisation needed development. That soon changed and his nobility, generosity of spirit and overall breathtaking technique are imbued with a charisma all of their own.
  7. Still feeling too emotional to write anything and anything I could write couldn't come close to what has already been said. My goodness, the company is on fire! From the corps, through the soloists to the incomparable leading ladies. With Mr Muntagirov weaving Va-dreams beyond belief. And now to bed ...
  8. So true, Annamk, it was all in the nuances, wasn't it? For me, at least, that is what made this partnership and this performance so extraordinary, and one that will stay with me for a long time. It wasn't contrived, it wasn't try-hard, it was captivating, mesmerising and utterly convincing.
  9. Scheherezade

    Verdi's Requiem 23rd October, ROH

    I remember her from the Operalia final a few years ago. And voted for her. She was outstanding then and more so now. And, of course, we have had her fabulous performances in The Ring . And not to forget Jamie Barton, who was also outstanding.
  10. Yes, to all your reactions, Capybara. Mendizabal was affecting. And it was good to see Kish making a positive impression, something that I have only previously experienced in abstract rather than dramatic roles. The portrayals of this cat were a triumph of honesty over artifice.
  11. Scheherezade

    Verdi's Requiem 23rd October, ROH

    I also noticed the very marked improvement in the brass section. Who could fail to? I had to smile, though, when the surtitles came up referring to 'the terrible trumpets'.
  12. I, too, found Bonelli and Morera utterly heartrending. What struck me most was how natural they were. Both performances seemed completely uncontrived, something that, to me, made the emotional arc that much more compelling.What an empathetic dancer Morera is, and how under-rated. I found myself noticing the little things, such as the flutter of her hands when she was first alone with Rudolf and I loved the youthfulness and spontaneity that seared through her portrayal. And what a perfect foil for the entitled, lost boy loneliness that defined Bonelli's Rudolf. This was a prince who suggested something of the qualities that must at one time have engaged Bratfisch' desolate devotion.
  13. I walked through without a single ticket check, both at the start and after the intervals. The ushers on duty smiled very pleasantly and just let me through. Perhaps it was because I looked particularly purposeful and made a point of smiling back.
  14. Scheherezade

    Verdi's Requiem 23rd October, ROH

    It was, indeed, wonderful - the soloists, the chorus, the orchestra, Pappano ... There were times when I could barely breathe. Absolute heaven!