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  1. Scheherezade

    Emma Maguire (Royal Ballet)

    Her loss will be felt keenly by everyone who has seen her perform. May the future bring her peace and contentment in whatever she chooses to do.
  2. Scheherezade

    Schubert’s last Piano Sonata

    Oh, Ninamargaret, I couldn't agree more!
  3. Scheherezade


    I will, Lizbie. Since the online plan was black and white, it didn't occur to me to click on the prices.
  4. Scheherezade

    Schubert’s last Piano Sonata

    Anyone who knows better can correct me but I'm sure that Van Manen used the Hammerklavier.
  5. Scheherezade


    Thank you so much, Lizbie, simple when you know how!
  6. Scheherezade


    Is it just me or is anyone else unable to work out what prices apply to which seats? Whenever I click on this and similar links, all I can see is a black and white plan with a list of prices printed beneath but no way of ascertaining which prices apply to which seats.
  7. I went on a journey. And in the company of a RB principal. I tripped daintily down the back stairs at the ROH pursued by Matthew Golding after my daughter and I had earlier been shown to the royal box as late arrivals.
  8. I also saw parents taking their children home after Winter Dreams and felt at the time what a shame it was.
  9. Best wishes to one and all for a fabulous New Year and may 2019 bring everything everyone could wish for.
  10. I would happily settle for the Nureyev option. And why can't Siegfried illustrate his wistfulness and dissatisfaction before the party gets into its swing? We now have an explanation for Odette's transformation by way of prologue so why not Siegfried too?
  11. I suspect, JohnS, that the subsidized attendees are included in the"'less (than}" percentages but has anyone asked for this to be confirmed?
  12. I really do think that Siegfried needs more involvement early in act 1 otherwise Benno becomes the pivot rather than providing support.
  13. I am with both sides on the Benno conundrum and this isn't a cop-out since, on the one hand, I welcome the opportunity that the expanded Benno role provides and I agree about the narrative continuity in utilising Benno and Siegfried's sisters but what I would also like is an additionally expanded role for Siegfried. Doesn't the ENB version, for instance, give Siegfried a long, moody solo right at the beginning and why, in any event, can't the RB version do something along these lines? Not only would it explain, right from the outset, the prince's state of mind, but it would also give the current, rather splendid crop of male principals the chance to show us what they can do.
  14. Just wanted to add a 'me too' to the plaudits for Kish's performance in The Concert. I had also been largely underwhelmed by him in the past (although he did stand out for me in Monotones) but what a fabulous comedian he turned out to be. Who knew?