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  1. In the past his productions have been accompanied by masses of obscure verbiage that seem to have no relevance to his choreography. Now he seems to be going to the other extreme. I've always taken the view that the language of ballet is movement and that explanation should not be necessary. However, as has been made clear on another thread, cast lists ARE important and their absence is insulting, particularly to the dancers concerned.
  2. Not really I'm afraid. Since I cancelled my Friends membership a couple of months back I have been deluged with emails, trying to get me to buy tickets, visit and generally spend money. Ironic really when you think that the reason I severed my connection with them after over 50yrs as a regular was the growing non-availability of tickets to Friends and that I no longer felt they wanted me there! Fortunately there are many other exciting alternatives.
  3. Did anyone else catch Stephen McRae in the first episode of "The Sound of Movie Musicals" with Neil Brand - demonstrating Frd Astaire's style of dancing? Boy, can Stephen McRae tap!
  4. It's from the third para down of his review of the year entitled: Time for a bloodbath at the Coliseum.
  5. The way in which Stefan Herheim subverts Queen of Spades in his production to focus on Tchaikovsky himself and his sexuality is a good example of what I find so unacceptable in recent Royal Opera productions. I know it has received some good reviews from critics on the continent but I care too much for the work to see it so abused. I am curious though - we know programmes are organised years in advance. Is this I wonder a dying gasp from the previous regime or an example of what we can expect from Kasper Holten's successor?
  6. A masterly exposition that expresses what many of us are feeling and have been trying to say. Thank you Floss.
  7. I agree - but even a short run as a celebration of new choreography across the country would be good,
  8. If Mr O'Hare is still planning to build the 20/21 season around new commissions (tho I haven't heard him repeat the pledge recently) there is virtally nothing that will draw me. There was a time when I would have invested if only out of my lifelong commitment to the ROH but the present management have destroyed that. Much of the more exciting new work over the past decade has been undertaken by other companies and their involvement would interest me. Perhaps he should widen his brief for the 20/21 season to embrace new works across the country along the lines of his excellent MacMillan initiative - and their companies of course!
  9. Yes it has to be something very very special to get me over to the Barbican these days. I still spend time on the South Bank tho - and am part. pleased to have got a couple of tickets for Cate Blanchett and George Benjamin's A Team at the Dorfman!
  10. I may be wrong but I get the impression that it is the Royal Opera that is being most hard-hit by the new ticket marketing strategies. There seem to be a considerable number of unsold tickets for Traviata, Pique Dame and Cosi fan Tutte - surely more than one would expect in this stage in the Winter Season booking process? Or are people finally tiring of all these European Regietheater Directors as I did under the stewardship of Kasper Holten - tho that doesn't explain Richard Eyre's long proven Traviata?
  11. https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-difference-between-chest-and-breast
  12. You've tipped me - order placed! I was just waiting to be convinced. And I'll check out their Carmina Burana. Thanks again.
  13. Thank you Stevie. As you say the Ashton Collection is just another Opus Arte re-packaging of previously released material and like you I already have it all. The Nutcracker trailer is attractive (thnx) but doesn't really tell us a great deal and I'm still in two minds. I have so many Nutcrackers on my shelves and I'm reluctant to lash out on another version unless I know it's exceptional. And I'm already committed to releases of the RB's Woolf Works and the new Swan Lake next year, to say nothing of some very attractive opera and concert disks. Decisions, decisions! I do so need to win the lottery!
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