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  1. Or is the ROH planning even more alterations?
  2. Sorry to appear so ignorant but why can't it be before 2020 please? I've been assuming that it will probably be the Bolshoi again in 2018 and then the Mariinsky in 2019?
  3. That's interesting Petunia. Thank you. About the same as the highest UK prices quoted here! It would be interesting to hear the prices charged in other countries.
  4. I agree. Sometimes, sitting in a pretty well empty cinema watching one of the 'non-traditional' Royal Ballet shows I wonder how on earth they can make this pay or indeed how long it can continue. Obviously the RB has a vested interest in getting their stuff out there and they don't want their relays priced out of the market. Equally the cinema networks need to show a profit. It is of course a world-wide initiative and I don't know how far it is justifed by results in other countries. On the other hand, the 'traditional' RB and RO relays are often completely sold out and they have to arrange repeats so there must be a market of sorts here in the UK. The comparison is made with the cost of tickets at the ROH itself but for me, living 200 miles away from London, that is not the real problem. It's the add-ons - public transport, particularly rail fares and, when there isn't a matinee, the hotel costs that ratchet up the prices for me and make a trip to the cinema the only viable alternative. And it's when there isn't a matinee performance OR a cinema relay as is happening too often this season, that I am really miffed!!!!
  5. As the prices seem to be consistent between the performing companies, both here and world-wide but vary between the various cinema networks, I suspect these are commercial decisions largely determined by the cinema networks and that the performing companies pretty well well have to take it or leave it! The same applies to the commercial theatre transmissions where similar pricing patterns obtain.
  6. I apologise if I misunderstood your meaning Kat_N. I think most of us assume that when a Company speaks of a "live" transmission, they mean that they are actually filming and transmitting the performance as it is taking place. Obviously it is not the same as being there but still the next best thing. Indeed while it is a different experience it is often very illuminating as one sees so much more detail than one does in the theatre - as of course one does if a DVD is eventually issued, though that doesn't always happen. I
  7. I think we can take the assertions by the various companies on trust. After all if they falsely claim a broadcast is live it's easily disproved! Royal Opera and Royal Ballet are live transmissions unless clearly labelled "Encore". They do tend to have an earlier filming of the same cast but I assume that's to resolve any technical filming difficulties and to have a back up if transmission on the designated night fails. When that happens, my experience is that they make an announcement. It also enables them to iron out any problems for the eventual release to DVD by slicing in a cut from the earlier recording. Bolshoi transmissions sometimes are live, sometimes are repeats but it's easy to check - here's one convenient link: http://www.pathelive.com/programme/the-bolshoi-ballet-2017-2018-1#programme National Theatre show a lot of repeats but since they hardly ever transfer to DVD it's often one's only chance to see a favoured broadcast again. The Met broadcasts are live but inevitably subject to transmission delays in the UK because of time zone differences. Generally speaking I find repeat showings tend to be cheaper! I agree prices have risen but it's still an amazing deal - particularly for those of us who can't afford to get to get to London to see the shows live.
  8. Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    I'm told Woolf Works will be released later this year by Universal Classics. I assume that means under the Decca label since they have issued Royal Ballet recordings in the past. I haven't heard anything about a release date as yet. I thought the BBC broadcast was really good - and with a late night repeat the same day which meant that I was able to record it twice as a fail-safe so I was well-chuffed!
  9. Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    In what is becoming a familiar marketing ploy, Opus Arte are re-packaging two previous releases – Dutch National Ballet’s Cinderella with Anna Tsygankova and Matthew Golding and the Royal Ballet’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with Lauren Cuthberton and Sergei Polunin – under the rather clever title “Two Ballet Favourites by Christopher Wheeldon” - due for release on 1st Sept on both DVD and Blu-ray. It’s a good deal as it works out as two for the price of one but I guess most will have acquired one or both already!
  10. OK Jules - have sent you a pm..
  11. Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Amazon have not yet listed their prices for Anastasia but at £21.50 and £25.50 for the DVD and Blu-ray respectively including postage, Presto Classical may well prove to be the best deal. Unless anyone can suggest a better source?
  12. All praise to Scottish Ballet for reviving MacMillan's Fairy's Kiss and great that it is returning to the Royal Opera House where it surely belongs. Despite the fact that tickets are limited to 2 per booking it is already virtually sold out there so I'm all the happier that I've booked a family outing to see it in Edinburgh! Hopefully the Royal Ballet will take it up while they still have the likes of Jonathan Cope who performed it in the 1986 revival among their numbers. As with Song of the Earth, the Company has been up-staged but hopefully, as with Song of the Earth, they will have the sense to take the opportunity to bring it into their repertoire! My one sadness is that I shan't be able to see Scottish Ballet at the Royal Opera House this time round but hopefully the door has been opened and there will be other opportunities. And incidentally, it is a d.... sight cheaper (tickets/rail fares/hotels) to see it in Edinburgh that it would be to catch it in London!!!!! PS. I see the two performances at the Royal Opera House are being filmed - does anyone know what for? The BBC perhaps?
  13. Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Opus Arte will release Anastasia on 1st September. The initial listing is up on Amazon: Product description: "The Royal Ballet recorded at the Royal Opera House in London. Natalia Osipova performs the title role with the supporting the cast including Marianela Nuñez, Federico Bonelli, Edward Watson, Thiago Soares and Christina Arestis, with Simon Hewett conducting the Royal Opera House Orchestra. "
  14. I have a ticket as below that I can't use and am happy to pass on to a good home. If interested, please pm me an address and I'll pop it in the post: 3rd October (Tuesday @ 7.30pm) - Birmingham Hippodrome - Birmingham Royal Ballet - Aladdin Stalls K24