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  1. Thank you very much for confirming this! I have been baffled by the links not working for me, and will follow your suggestions later today.
  2. Thanks very much for this link. It has helped me greatly!
  3. Is there a way please to access the event list for an individual date from the bookmarked old website calendar page? I can do this using the separate link and instructions which I believe RichardLH provided in an earlier post. However when I click on any date from the bookmarked old website calendar page (link as in Bluebird's post above) it takes me to the tickets and events listing on the new website. Could the page view result depend on which browser is used??
  4. The Natalia Goncharova exhibition opens at Tate Modern, London on 6 June. One room will focus on her work with the Ballets Russes, featuring costume designs and examples of ballet costumes. https://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/exhibition/natalia-goncharova https://ca.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/3619528/uks-first-ever-retrospective-of-russian-avant-garde-artist
  5. There is a separate page link for Cinemas on the new website. It's the page I've referred to in my posts above: https://www.roh.org.uk/tickets-and-events/all?event-type=cinema-broadcasts But a further check on the 'Find a showing' link for La forza del destino is now taking me straight back to Faust again!!
  6. Thank you - yes I do have this page bookmarked from earlier times. It is exactly the old website cinema page which I referred to in my long post above. However, if the link to this page is disabled in the future then this helpful filter option will be lost, unless it can be transferred to the new website cinema page.
  7. Thanks Alison - my point remains that currently the new website cinema page seems to give the 'find a showing' option only for those productions for which the live relay has yet to happen, with the sole exception of La forza del destino, as stated in my post above. Currently it is not possible, as far as I can see, to check for future recorded screenings of other productions once the live relay date has passed.
  8. Another apology - I've just checked again the 'Find a showing' link for La forza del destino, and this time it did work, thankfully! Perhaps the new website cinema page will continue to give accurate links to recorded screenings for productions from now onwards, even though those for future recorded screenings of earlier productions currently remain concealed??
  9. Apologies, I did not distinguish between encore and recorded screenings in my earlier post. The cinema page on the new website seems to give links to information only about forthcoming live relays and associated encore screenings. The new website cinema page does appear to imclude the 'Find a showing' link for La forza del destino, for which the live relay date has passed but was fairly recent. However, when I click on this link I get the 'Screening search' page for Faust (this live relay is yet to happen). I know from links via the old website cinema page that there is a UK recorded screening of La forza del destino in Littlehampton next Tuesday: https://windmillcinema.co.uk/WindmillCinema.dll/WhatsOn?Programme=2548328 A link to this information appears unobtainable via the new website cinema page. As far as I can see, the new website cinema page currently omits productions for which live and encore screenings have already occurred but which still have forthcoming dates for mostly international recorded screenings. Setting the filters on the new website to, for example 'Type of event - cinema broadcasts' plus 'Booking season - Autumn 18/19' gives the result 'No events found', even though there are still some future dates for US recorded screenings of Mayerling and La Bayadère from last Autumn's ROH season. The old website cinema page gave filter options for 'Live and encore' and 'Recorded'. The 'Recorded' option gave links to information about these later screenings after the encore dates. I found this filter useful, for example in finding a recorded screening of Swan Lake in Brighton last summer. At present I can't see any option for a similar search on the new website cinema page. But I'd be very pleased to know if there is a filter I haven't spotted!
  10. I don't remember being able to select a list of opera cinema screenings only (for example) on the old website. However, the cinema page on the old website did allow you to search for forthcoming encore screenings of productions for which the live relay had already occurred. I can't see how to do this on the new website, where the cinema page appears to list the 'find a showing' link only for productions where the initial live screening has yet to happen. Any advice on this would be welcome!
  11. Some tickets for the 'Fonteyn and Me' insights have been released this morning.
  12. At time of posting there are currently some tickets available for the Celebrating Fonteyn insight, previously shown as sold out.
  13. It is there, as yumiko says above. After the list of performance dates with booking information there are three subheadings. Scroll to the third one 'Latest Cast details' and click on the date(s) required. This works for me in both Firefox and Chrome.
  14. This online feature about Mona Inglesby went live today as part of the Dance Passion season: https://canvas-story.bbcrewind.co.uk/sites/searchingformona/
  15. Jann Parry expresses some reservations about aspects of performances in the first night of this run: https://dancetabs.com/2019/04/royal-ballet-romeo-and-juliet-london-2/ I did not see this performance, and so I can't comment on it. But in principle the idea of playing Tybalt as sympathetic seems to me fundamentally in opposition to both MacMillan's and Shakespeare's intentions in the context of the themes explored. I'm interested to hear what others think, but given Jann Parry's expertise in writing about MacMillan's work I am surprised by her comment here.
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