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  1. Evidence of an all-purpose Bravo being used by dancers!!
  2. [MacMillan performances in ROH Clore] Clusters of tickets are currently available for the second and third performances of Jeux and for all performances of Sea of Troubles.
  3. This has been resolved, and I am no longer looking for a ticket.
  4. Looking for a ticket for Jeux on Wed 18 Oct 6.30pm. If one is available I can either purchase it OR offer this ticket as a straight swap: Jeux, Tue 24 Oct 6.30pm, Clore D18 £8. Thank you.
  5. Sorry capybara - I have just edited the post above to give this information.
  6. Some information about participants in the first MacMillan Insight event on 10 Oct is given in the drop down text here: Sorry - the text does not appear to show in the embedded version above. The event will include Birmingham Royal Ballet rehearsing Concerto pdd, Royal Ballet rehearsing The Judas Tree and interviews with Monica Mason, Darcey Bussell, Alessandra Ferri and Leanne Benjamin. Hope OK to post this here. Perhaps the thread could be renamed to cover ROH MacMillan Insights in general??
  7. The ROH Facebook page has a post from 3 Oct with an insert for you to set a reminder. Confusingly this currently states that the ROH 'plans to go live at 2.00 tomorrow'. But perhaps this refers to the start time for the entire live relay rather than specifically the RB section??
  8. Yesterday evening some tickets were showing as available for both Macmillan Insights (10 & 13 Oct) and for all performances of Jeux and Sea of Troubles, all in the Clore. For Jeux and Sea of Troubles the tickets were mostly in exactly the same block of row A on each date. I'm not sure if this was true for available tickets for the Insights as well. I would guess that the simultaneous release of clusters of tickets for several Clore events resulted from some inhouse arrangement, not from a flurry of returns by high level Friends.
  9. David Nixon will be talking about The Little Mermaid on BBC Radio 3's In Tune tomorrow afternoon, Tues 19th Sept. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b094sxfd
  10. Alice in Wonderland insight

    Information about the dancers taking part is given in this Instagram post by Beatriz Stix-Brunell.
  11. I am very sad to read that Eric Underwood is leaving: http://www.roh.org.uk/news
  12. Royal Ballet Autumn booking

    A few tickets are currently available for the MacMillan Insight on 13 Oct: http://www.roh.org.uk/insights/insights-the-legacy-of-macmillan
  13. I'm shocked by this casting decision for The Winter's Tale. For me Bennet Gartside and Marianela Nuñez together delivered the performance of a lifetime. Very moving to recall. I agree that Bennet Gartside transformed Wheeldon's work, giving exceptional clarity and insight to his finely drawn portrayal. Even if partnerships are changed, it is extremely sad that he is not to dance Leontes at all next season.
  14. Zenaida Yanowsky is one of four guest Principals listed on the updated Dancers page on the Royal Opera House website: http://www.roh.org.uk/about/the-royal-ballet/dancers
  15. Royal Ballet in Queensland 2017

    A lovely Instagram post by Claire Calvert (this is a public account so I hope it is OK to post the link here).