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  1. A 1960s production photo featuring Christopher Gable and Lynn Seymour (I think) appears to show three pigeons! This is a cropped detail, as the full image was too large to upload here. I have been unable to confirm the photographer's name. Moderators: please remove image if my posting it here contravenes AUP. Thank you.
  2. For sale: Don Quixote on Wed 20 Feb at 7.30pm. Stalls Circle Standing D51, £10. Note: this is behind tall seats in row C. This is a paper ticket. I will need to post it first class and request payment by bank transfer please.
  3. Josephine

    Ballet and dance on BBC Radio 3

    David Bintley will be a guest on In Tune later today, Mon 11 Feb: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0002hf9
  4. This is no longer available.
  5. For sale: RB New Work New Music, ROH Linbury Sat 9 Feb 7.45pm. Upper Circle A39 [side block] £15. I will need to post this first class or leave at ROH for collection, and arrange payment by bank transfer please.
  6. Please see message just sent.
  7. In terms of dramatic momentum and vivid emotional clarity I am ever grateful to Thiago Soares and Roberta Marquez for a treasured memory of their performance together in Giselle, from maybe 10 years ago.
  8. Josephine

    Royal Ballet Summer Season casting

    Even if Summer season casting cannot yet be fully publicised I think that by now ROH should have been able to release some more information about the potential programme content of the Fonteyn Gala celebration. This omission indicates that perhaps the event has been planned a little belatedly, as discussed in another thread I think.
  9. Josephine

    Ballet and dance on BBC Radio 4

    I would love to see more focus on ballet and dance in both TV and radio schedules. Radio often succeeds in generating a sense of greater iinsight in arts features and discussions (for me), but like bridiem above, I rarely see TV these days. Sadly Radio 4 gives inadequate coverage to reviews of dance performance compared to its frequent discussions of film, theatre, art exhibitions etc. I loved the rehearsal room soundscape conjured in the BBC R4 feature on Marianela Nunez!
  10. Josephine

    Ballet and dance on BBC Radio 4

    Absolutely agree bridiem - with both points!
  11. Deborah Bull on Alessandra Ferri, on World at One today, at approximately 23 minutes in: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00021qt
  12. Josephine


    Thank you for this link. The Twitter hashtag cited on this page is not ROH specific: #Fonteyn100. I'm hoping (probably in vain!) that this could imply the possibility of additional celebratory events being planned by other organisations during the year. Fingers crossed!
  13. I was very fortunate to see all three casts! I think the work does allow for some range of dramatic interpretation, and for me Vershinin is definitely not a romantic hero. But I treasure the memory of Vadim Muntagirov's glorious dancing! I think you mentioned Kristen McNally's solemn solo in an earlier post. I loved this too, and also the following sequence when MacMillan so beautifully evokes the joy and affection in the sisters' shared childhood memories. I do hope the work will return soon. The Linbury stage seems maybe too small for some sections of the choreography and also for the visual impact of the stage space in conveying dramatic themes in this work (for me). But perhaps the stage in the redeveloped Linbury is larger than before?? I would also like to revisit the play and have been intrigued to read about a forthcoming production at the Almeida, Islington which sounds interesting, for anyone based in or near London.