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  1. Pas de Quatre

    Natalia Osipova -- her own projects

    That looks amazing!
  2. Pas de Quatre

    Demi pointes for auditions at Royal.

    Sorry Pups mum I think that is exactly what might happen. Great technique, musicality but poor grooming and presentation would lower the candidate's overall score. There is so little to choose between the best dancers the panel wants to see an effort made in every way.
  3. Pas de Quatre

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Ayrosered, auditions in Yr 11 for your dd would be over a year from now, so it seems rather a premature decision. Your dd's teacher may have good reason for saying this, but anything can happen in a year. I would suggest your dd do as many courses, Spring, Summer, Dance days with as many different institutions as you can fit in time/money wise and see if you get a feel for the others in her year who she would be auditioning alongside. Does she match up to the standard or is she behind? Is her current school large or small, so are there others at her level too?
  4. Pas de Quatre

    Demi pointes for auditions at Royal.

    Glissade, I think you may be doing your daughter a disservice. Nobody demands new, but it is very easy to hand wash canvas shoes and trim any stray threads. This would come under presentation and is the same as wearing laddered tights or having messy hair.
  5. I have been a keen follower of Rambert Company since its Classical days - Madame Rambert was a friend of my Russian ballet teacher. So I shall be interested to see how this new chapter unfolds. I saw Rambert 2 on their recent tour, and although the dancers were fabulous, I was not overwhelmed by the choreography or the way the programme was put together. Rather strident music for all three pieces and gloomy lighting, made them all seem rather the same. David Dougill wrote a piece in the Sunday Times (?) which was mirrored exactly what I thought, though I didn't see a link for it here.
  6. Pas de Quatre

    Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions

    LearningCurve, is there any reason why you aren't looking at the school of Royal Winnepeg Ballet or the Goh academy in Vancouver? Both are Vaganova based and have excellent reputations.
  7. Pas de Quatre

    Northern Ballet Class Live

    Quite normal to wear pointe shoes for class if a professional dancer feels that is what she needs. All ladies in Balanchine's classes were expected to wear pointe shoes for class and warm up before if they needed to. In one of the companies I worked for in France females were also expected to wear pointe shoes for class and this was fairly common. It is the soft blocks that I think are a waste of time, no professionals use them. It is soft shoes or pointe shoes.
  8. Pas de Quatre

    Christine Woodward - another sad loss.

    This month's Dancing Times has a long obituary for Christine Woodward who died in Ocotober. She had a long and varied career, trained RBS, danced with Rambert (classical), RB Touring, RB Covent Garden, eventually moving on to stage management. Then later retuning to ballet to teach and coach. However, in recent years she taught Central's Pre Senior girls which is where I met her. She was one of the best teachers I have ever encountered, and combined her knowledge with a kind, generous personality.
  9. Pas de Quatre

    Footage on DVD/BluRay/Other?

    In our area we have an amateur, but very good, person who films many of the dance school productions. He uses multiple cameras (4 or 5) with a feed from the theatre technicians for sound, and then edits the master himself. He sends it to a professional company for reproduction on DVDs and Blu Rays. At first, some years ago, he used to burn the DVDs himself, but did have quality control problems with the quality of the actual DVDs he was burning onto.
  10. Breast sounds more poetical, chest more medical!
  11. In those days the Amphi had a separate entrance & concrete stairwell so the hoi polloi wouldn't get in the way of the poshos! Many people just went down to get some air in Floral Street during the intervals. It was common knowledge that it would be easy to join the audience as they returned. In fact one well known ballet master used to recommend it to impoverished ballet students!
  12. I have had pupils train as Pre Seniors and agree it is an excellent programme. However you should be evaluating it for the extra training it gives. For senior school there are more students taken in from outside than from the Associate scheme. This holds true for all Associate schemes, only a minority are taken on for the full time training at the relevant institution. So these schemes cannot really be thought of as feeders, but rather as a way of getting more good training at that point in a pupil's journey.
  13. Pas de Quatre

    Dance on Sky Arts

    I haven't had time to watch it all, somcheated and fast forwarded to the entrance of the Shades - superb!
  14. I thought Western Theatre Ballet simply moved to Scotland and changed its name, not that it folded.
  15. Does Ballet for hire mean a full production with someone to mount the choroegraphy, or is it just that they have the costumes and set safely stored and available? I imagine it is the latter.