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  1. Thanks - that may be the answer. One day I will catalogue all my old programmes. Can't rely on my memory to be exact!
  2. I saw the première of this at Pavilion Dance Southwest earlier this year - one of the most interesting and satisfying dance evenings I have seen for a long time. All the choreographers were there, Lady MacMillan representing her late husband. All the pieces were good, and the cast must have been exhausted, but the evening definitely belonged to Jonathan Goddard and Dane Hurst. There was a Q & A session afterwards, but as it was one of the snowy nights, many of the audience didn't stay. Robert Cohan didn't speak as he is quite elderly and also left. Sophie Stoller was very likeable - as was her choreography. Lady MacMillan talked about Playground. She said it had been commissioned for the 1979 Edinburgh festival, but the corporate backers were so shocked it was never seen again! It is definitely shocking even today but I did like it. However, does anyone know if it really has never been performed as I felt I had seen bits before. It was also nice that they also had senior students from Rambert and Central taking part. As it was getting late I had to leave then so I wouldn't be snowed in, so didn't hear Yolande speak. But her piece was well crafted and I would have liked to hear her. I have refrained from writing more as it would probably be too much of a spoiler. Beg, steal or buy a ticket if you can!
  3. Doublebase Gel is the name it is sold under, Diprobase cream is a different one. My elderly mother has had both prescribed over the years and I have administered. She is now in a nursing home, but I buy Doublebase Gel for myself.
  4. Try Doublebase Gel - it is pharmaceutical rather than cosmetic and widely available. (In a rush - didn't mean to sound curt) - so sorry to hear of you problems.
  5. Lisa Howell ballet physiotherapist Do have a look at the link above. Lisa Howell has lots of videos about correct placement of feet on pointe and strengthening exercises. To be honest I wonder whether your DDs teachers know how to train the flexible foot you describe Piepie. It also rings an alarm bell that not one is willing to accompany her to a fitting. In some places (particularly online) there is a fashion for going over the box too far if your foot allows it. On the contrary, there should be a straight line from the centre of the thigh, through the ankle bone to the box. Very sway back knees and highly arched feet will form an "S" shape around this central line. So as well as searching for a good shoe fitter, it might be worth looking at other schools.
  6. And when applied to houses, it means sterile boxes that look like an airport hotel.
  7. There have always been a number of WL girls who change tack if not offered US, and go to Laines, Birds etc. for a more West End career.
  8. Oh dear - I doubt there is anything that can be done.
  9. Having read all the above posts, I totally agree that the ballet world is in disarray. There have been certain historical events which have impinged greatly on job prospects. After the Second World War the rebuilding of theatres was given priority in many cities to provide a return to Civilization and Civic order. However, particularly in Germany there was not a pool of dancers trained at local ballet schools, so this is when many British and Commonwealth trained dancers spread across Europe. Mid 1970s UK joined the Common Market - which meant that all other member Nationalities had to be accepted and preference could not be given in UK to British nationals (or Commonwealth nationals with British connection.) Then about 10 years ago there was a major economic downturn throughout Europe. Many companies closed or downsized to Contemporary groups. So, fewer jobs coincided with the rise BA Hons degrees funded by Student loans in UK, allowing many more dancers to embark on professional training. A very broad brush overview, I know, but I would be interested to hear others comments.
  10. I had a pupil do Trinity Laban BA hons degree some years ago and another has an offer of a place for this September. It is a very good instution. From what you say this could suit your DS. He would have a year in London receiving excellent training and be able to see which way forward would be best for him afterwards.
  11. I have made this point before, but I can't help thinking that if so many students are assessed out then there is something radically wrong either with the training they have been receiving or with the selection process in the first place.
  12. I don't think there is anything missing at the sides. It is just blank, kind of like a small photo being put in a frame that doesn't fit, so there are gaps. You sometimes get the same with old very wide screen films where the black line is at the top and bottom "letterbox effect".
  13. When I have had this problem, I find going onto Zoom 1 works, if you have that option. You only loose a little bit and everything is in proportion.
  14. Also Macmillan created Juliet on her and it was a great shame that she wasn't allowed to be first cast.
  15. Gosh who knew! But seriously it seems a shame, when so much of Lynn Seymour's career was in UK and the Queen is Head of State for all the above mentioned Commonwealth countries. I suppose Sir Robert Helpmann wouldn't be allowed his Knighthood either these days.
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