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  1. British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    Quite a few from WL decide to give up classical and go to places like Laines.
  2. Accomodation/rent room

    Try Liberty Living who run many of the London student accomodation blocks.
  3. The "Why On Earth?" thread

    Alison - they may restrict the lifts on purpose to avoid overcrowding on the platforms at CG.
  4. Who will follow Bintley?

    I would think a big question is whether the Board want to appoint an AD who will also be a choreographer and produce new works or do they want someone with the vision to commission new (or buy existing) pieces from other choreographers whilst preserving BRB's heritage. Quite different scenarios.
  5. Dance Teacher's Mondegreen

    There are several Teacher only groups on Social Media where teachers can exchange ideas on various matters, exam boards, admin, music systems, teaching particular steps etc. etc. However, they are also a good place to let off steam! Recently a Teacher was exasperated by teenage pupils who were getting a bit too big for their boots. So she wrote that she really dislikes these Pre-Madonnas.
  6. Royal Ballet 2018/19 Season?

    Gosh I didn't know Voldemort had opened a Vocational school!
  7. Russian ballets

    Again, not Russian dancers, but open air in France, in the 1970s too. POB used to have summer seasons on a specially constructed stage in the courtyard of The Louvre museum in Paris. While watching Sleeping Beauty there you could believe you were at the Royal Court of Versaille. So sad the authorities built the pyramid!
  8. Russian ballets

    It was! On a balmy mediterranean summer's evening, the audience sitting in the amphitheatre on the original stepped seating (those in the know took cushions), watching Maximova pick her way through the original Roman columns for her entrance was beyond belief. And Vasiliev was fabulous in the true meaning of the word!
  9. Russian ballets

    One of the most memorable performances I have ever seen was Maximova and Vasiliev dancing the pas de deux from Spartacus in the semi ruined Roman amphitheatre at Cimiez above Nice. In summer the Nice ballet used to perform open air galas with international ballet guests.

    There has also been an announcement that the Vacani school is going to be giving more Vocational classes.
  11. Questions about Lower School auditions

    I have telephoned to ask for feedback about unsuccessful Associate candidates a few times over the years and have always been given helpful advice on why that particular candidate was not taken. Although I also had successful candidates, I don't think this influenced anything and they would be gracious with any teacher making enquiries. Just ring the main school switchboard in Covent Garden and say why you are ringing. In recent years it has been Sylvia Hubbard who has called back.
  12. Flowers in Giselle

    I remember a fairly recent Giselle live streamed (or recorded for cinemas) with Gary Avis as Hilarion, where he was way too gorgeous and sympathetic. I was smitten and couldn't understand why Giselle wasn't!
  13. Posh is as posh does

    One of Jilly Coopers first non fiction books was called Class. It was a light hearted analysis of society at the time - 1980s. I was quite surprised to see she had categorised ballet as lower middle class!
  14. Flowers in Giselle

    https://petipasociety.com/giselle/ I have just found this on the Petipa Society website which is fascinating. If we are not allowed to quote something this long, moderators please delete the text. You can follow the link above and scroll down until you find the heading for Peasant Pas de Deux. Peasant Pas de deux The Peasant Pas de deux is another of the most famous passages in Giselle and has an interesting history. After the 1841 Paris première, one of the Paris Opèra ballerinas, Nathalie Fitz-James was determined to have her own pas in Giselle. Like many of her colleagues, Fitz-James was a mistress of one of the Opèra’s most influential patrons and used her relationship with him to influence the arrangement of a new pas to be added for her. However, Adolphe Adam was unavailable at the time to write new music, so Jean Coralli had to look elsewhere. In the end, he arranged a new pas de deux for Fitz-James to music by the German composer, Friedrich Burgmüller from his suite Souvenirs de Ratisbonne. This new pas was christened as the Pas des paysans (aka Peasant Pas de deux); it was first performed by Fitz-James and the danseur, Auguste Mabille and has remained in Giselle ever since. In Petipa’s time, the Peasant Pas de deux was performed by the likes of Tamara Karsavina, Mikhail Fokine and Vaslav Nijinsky. The Sergeyev Collection includes notation scores for the pas de deux when it was performed by Agrippina Vaganova and Anatoli Obukhov.
  15. Flowers in Giselle

    Joe - I much prefer the traditional Peasant Pas de Deux too, and rather dislike it being rearranged as a Pas de Six.