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  1. Pas de Quatre

    Fallen arches and ballet

    A few years ago one of my teenage girl pupils was having trouble with her feet (can't remember the exact details now), but when she went to see a chiropodist/podiatrist, she had to take her normal days shoes along to the appointment. She was advised to throw most of them away, did so and soon recovered! The first thing I always suggest now if a pupil has problems is for parents to check day shoes and trainers. Another common issue is trainers that are too high at the back and irritate the achilles tendon.
  2. Pas de Quatre

    To guide or not guide vocational choices ... ?

    Also, just as in the auditions for Vocational school place, there may be some dancers with multiple offers of jobs and others who have no offers at all.
  3. The actual weight of a female dancer is only going to vary by a few kilos (pounds) whether tall or small. Quite a small percentage of the overall weight, and so it doesn't really affect how easy a dancer is to lift in most cases. Much more important is how the dancer being lifted (usually female in classical but not always) works to support her own weight and contribute to the process!
  4. Pas de Quatre

    To guide or not guide vocational choices ... ?

    I know one girl who got a classical job after doing the classical course at London Studio Centre, probably 3 years ago, and she has now moved on to a second classical contract. Won't give names of companies as it would too easy to identify the dancer, but both contracts are small UK companies.
  5. Pas de Quatre

    Dubious teacher CPD - what would you think?

    Just as in the Academic world, degrees vary enormously in quality and content! Unfortunately I feel some ballet exam boards are milking their members with high training fees for a qualification to allow the teacher to enter pupils for exams and very high prices for CPD. These ballet organisations are beginning to feel more like a franchise along the lines of copyrighted workouts like Zumba, Body Balance etc.
  6. Pas de Quatre

    Tring Park CBA Auditions 2018

    The Akeman is an excellent brasserie/cafe in Tring. It also has a small garden where dogs are allowed to accompany you!
  7. Pas de Quatre

    Something less tragic?

    Jazz Calendar would get my vote too!
  8. Pas de Quatre

    Central Preps Auditions

    Just a few years ago there were only 3 groups. Prep 1 and 2 were Yrs 7 - 9 followed by Pre Seniors which were Yrs 10 & 11, although I did know a girl with an early September birthday who went into Pre Seniors in Yr 9. So it was normal for many people to spend two years in one group.
  9. Pas de Quatre

    Leotard sizing advice

    Many of the brands or suppliers websites have size charts so you can compare child and adult sizes.
  10. We can't know for sure, but as it is all about her life and training in North America that is how I understood it.
  11. Remember a US size 8 is a UK size 12.
  12. Pas de Quatre

    Classical Ballet - UK or Russia to study?

    There is another British dancer Tala Lee Turton who trained at the Bolshoi school and is now a professional ballet dancer in Russia. Her mother also sometimes posts on this board. However if she is not following this thread, Tala has an informative blog and website, so you can simply google her name and find lots of information.
  13. Pas de Quatre

    Repeating the year at vocational school

    At DD's independent school two summer birthday children repeated a year. They thrived after previously struggling. This was in junior school though.
  14. In Sleeping Beauty the Princes were suitors, vying for the Princess's hand in marriage, so putting on a display of wealth and power, from the lands they rule. Princesses sadly tended to be more of a commodity, the marriage reinforcing treaties between Kingdoms. So unfortunately not the same at all!
  15. As far as the Princesses are concerned I always think of them as following strict etiquette in their dress, like the Debutantes at Queen Charlotte's Ball or the Vienna Ball where the girls all wear white and look very similar. Wouldn't Royalty and the Aristocracy normally wear similar finery, wherever they came from, and it would be lesser ranks who wore National Dress.