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  1. Pas de Quatre

    New Nureyev documentary

    In both Times and Telegraph today there is photo of female dancers "attending" the premiere. In the former they are in a pretty balletic pose. In the latter they are in the auditorium with feet over the seat in front and eating a tub of popcorn. Anyone know who they are, from a school or freelancers employed for the occasion? Just curious.
  2. Pas de Quatre

    Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions

    Thank you yvonnep - that was lovely!
  3. Pas de Quatre

    Ballet summer schools for 2019

    Over the years I have had several pupils attend the summer school. All have loved it and some went more than once. However the last pupil to go was a couple of years ago, so not totally up to date info, but I don't think it has changed much. The big difference with other summer schools is that there is no photo selection. They state the minimum requirements for each age group and then it is a "first come first served basis".
  4. Pas de Quatre

    Arthur Mitchell RIP

    I have vivid memories of DTH premiere of Giselle in London. Arthur Mitchell was one of ballet's giants. He will be missed.
  5. Yes it's the one with the "Norwegian Blues". Definitely very "ex parrots"!
  6. Pas de Quatre

    Tring Park sixth form auditions

    Tring don't have any DaDa funding at present. see Harwell's reply above. Even though signed up for the 3 year classical course, quite a few do leave after A-levels to do a dance degree elsewhere or an Academic degree.
  7. Pas de Quatre

    Royal Swedish Ballet International Program

    It is a new program, starting 2019.
  8. Pas de Quatre

    American teen relocating to London

    Masters is first class, and I would heartily recommend. Another Vaganova based school not yet mentioned is Natalia Kremen.
  9. Pas de Quatre

    More problems at New York City Ballet

    One major difference between NYCB and RB is the length of contracts and therefore the amount of rehearsal time available. Like most big European companies, contracts are full year. NYCB are only work and get paid for 40 weeks in the year, and many USA companies are less.
  10. Pas de Quatre

    Paul Taylor, RIP

    So sad, such a talent - I loved the musicality of his work.
  11. Pas de Quatre

    Miko Fogarty

    It was 2nd Act of Giselle - one of my favourite ballet film moments!
  12. Pas de Quatre

    Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions

    Roland Petit coaching and comparing extensions a la seconde You may find this clip of interest. From 2.25 Roland Petit shows the difference between a modern very high extension and a classical Petipa one, much lower. The commentary is in French with German subtitles, but it is easy to get the meaning!
  13. Pas de Quatre

    Claudia Dean's thoughts on when to go full time

    Sorry, I am out of date. Don't you need a PGCE to obtain QTS?
  14. Pas de Quatre

    Claudia Dean's thoughts on when to go full time

    As pictures says, anyone can indeed be a dance teacher, as the qualifications available only mean that you are authorised to advertise that you have qualified with that particular board's course, can teach their syllabus and enter pupils for their exams. (I think the RBS course is the only exception.) Most of the currently employed performing dancers who teach at intensives and master classes do not have any formal qualification. Even in the Academic sector, to teach in a state school you need PGCE, but the private sector can employ who they think fit!
  15. Pas de Quatre


    Yes, I have too. Do you like cryptic crosswords?