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  1. Sadly my son is not able to appear in this due to injury so I have 3 tickets for sale. Stalls A 23, 24 and 25. Face value £37 each.
  2. Yes, on the rare occasion they do mix it’s mainly because of height. My 6:3 Ds has only done Pdd once with the 6:2 girls. I must admit though that they don’t do much Pdd in 6:1 and 6:2. But make up for it in 6:3 with the EBC performances and outreach etc.
  3. Hi, the numbers vary. In Dds year there are 13 in total, that’s boys and girls. Dss year has ? 16 girls and 6 boys. The lower year has far more of both. In Pdd the boys are paired with height appropriate girls, 2 or 3 each. Xx
  4. There is no discount when one goes onto a DaDa, or both are on DaDas. It just doubles the fees 😢
  5. https://www.linkedin.com/content-guest/article/importance-words-why-you-should-talk-investing-sport-henriksen/
  6. That was mine 😂 Not too good with technology 🤪
  7. Stumbled across this interesting article 🤔 as we reflect on our vocational ballet journey. https://www.linkedin.com/content-guest/article/importance-words-why-you-should-talk-investing-sport-henriksen/
  8. My Dd and Ds have attended MBS every year and love it ❤️
  9. My Dd was offered a place at Central prior to finals of Elmhurst, RBS and ENBS. We accepted her place, explained the situation and didn’t pay the deposit. It is worth asking. Good luck with the auditions xx
  10. Elmhurst Ballet Company do an outreach programme for the community. Before Christmas my Ds performed the Nutcracker Pas de deux for the residents of a local nursing home. He found it a lovely experience, some of the ladies were tearful 😢
  11. My DS is just about to fly off to his first company audition 😬 This is a whole new ball game for us. Is there anyone who can kindly give us some advice, guidance, experience of going through this etc. Xx
  12. Elmhurst provides excellent houseparented boarding for its 6:1 and 6:2 students 5 minutes walk away. 6:3s rent shared houses again very close to the school. Another positive is that all meals are provided on site.
  13. My dd was an RBS Ja and Elmhurst Associate, Ds was an RBS SA, neither wore their uniform for their auditions. They wore what was comfortable and suited them cut and personality wise. Both are at Elmhurst. Good luck to your dd 🍀🍀x
  14. Gary Norman, former leading faculty, The Royal Ballet School, UK. The participants get a list of scholarships to choose from prior to the semi final. RBS usually offer places for full time, short term and SS. Not sure if they are offering anything this year and who would be presenting 🤔 we will see.
  15. I see that RBS and Elmhurst are part of the judging panel at YAGP semi in Paris 🤔 I would like to know what prizes they are offering.
  16. I have 3 tickets for tomorrow’s opening night. Stalls Row B, 19,20 and 21. Dd has an injury and won’t be dancing in Plymouth 😩 i paid £40, £40 and £36 but will consider any offer. Need to save up for Sadlers Wells. Can leave at the box office.
  17. Dd is 6th form Elmhurst and only wears light make up, powder and mascara, some wear more but it is a personal preference thing not a rule. Dd went bare faced one day and the ballet teacher thought she was ill 🤢
  18. I have a cynical hat on too 😊 It makes more sense to me that RBS would choose to conduct international auditions instead of attending YAGP for example as those children have not paid RBS for the privilege of being considered for the school. At, is it £60 a go now for the audition, it’s a real income generator. Im going to keep my hat on today 😂
  19. It has been the toughest decision 😓 but Dd has decided to stay at Elmhurst. Harid is a wonderful school and it was an amazing opportunity but it came with risks. We truly wish that we had discovered the school a few years ago when Dd was younger and not fast approaching grad year 😬 We are so grateful that YAGP gave her the opportunity to experience training elsewhere in the world. I would 100% recommend it, the masterclasses, performance opportunities and friendships that have come from this journey are wonderful. And Dd got to dance at the Lincoln Centre ♥️ Thank you all for your advice and experiences, it was very much appreciated.
  20. We hope that she will get a contract with a ballet company 🤞 Entering YAGP has given us a glimpse into the global world of ballet and the competition that our UK students are up against. We have Ds graduating first so we will hopefully be better prepared and informed the second time round. X
  21. The US school is tuition fee free. There is a cost for boarding but they offer financial aid testing and unlike the UK DaDa they take your outgoings into account. It would actually work out cheaper to send her to the US even with medical insurance and flights 3 times a year. I have a Ds on a DaDa too and the system allows no extra support for two 😢 Both schools have pros and cons, we just want to make the right choice that will give her the best chance of getting a job at the completion of her training x
  22. Dd is 17 and has been in a uk vocational school for 6 years. She has 2 years to go and is on a DaDa, which we would have to pay a terms notice on if she were to leave. Students at the US school graduate at 18 and secure contracts with ballet companies, studio companies and apprenticeships. But they are US citizens and do not require a full visa. Dd is 50/50. She doesn’t want to regret not taking this opportunity but knows that it comes with risks. She would start in 4 weeks time so there isn’t a lot of time to mull it over. Do you have any experience of jobs post US training for British students ? X
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