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  1. cotes du rhone !

    Ballet skirts

    Dd has skits by Love Lily and Designed by Alice x
  2. cotes du rhone !

    Vocational schools GCSE results

    Elmhurst last year was by phone. The pupil rang the school x
  3. cotes du rhone !

    Travel to and from vocational school

    Elmhurst book taxis on account to Birmingham New Street for children travelling together. There are little possies of them going in all directions. I have two DCs in sixth form who lookout for the younger ones travelling from the southwest. Dd started in year 7 but didn’t start using the train until year 8. We found it was too far to travel home after a Saturday RAD class to return on Sunday so we only got to see her every 3 weeks unless you go up and take them out for the day. It’s painful but you get used to it 😬
  4. cotes du rhone !

    European schools and intensives advice

    Have you considered YAGP ? Most of the European schools artistic directors are present and there is an opportunity to gain short term scholarships or summer intensives to their schools. It is excellent performance experience too and a fantastic opportunity to be taught by the AD and dance with international students. My dd had an amazing time and has made some lovely friends. Paris and Scilly I think this November !!
  5. cotes du rhone !

    Student benefits for 16 year olds

    I have had no problems with family allowance payments as both my dc took A levels and are under 19. It stops at grad year as they are only completing the Diploma then. Speak to Rachel at Elm xx
  6. cotes du rhone !

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    Dds British school has not prepared her for the competition. Not one private coaching class. Just her normal training and the solo she danced in her school competition. She hasn’t done bad on that though 😂
  7. cotes du rhone !

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    My dd won a scholarship to attend the YAGP semi final in Paris last November from the Cecchetti International Ballet Competition in Florence. We had only heard of it from the documentary 𝙵irst Position. She went for the performance experience and is now one of only 3 UK girls attending the finals in New York in 3 weeks time. The final list of competitors came out yesterday. This will be Dds third international competition outing. It has been an amazing experience dancing with others from all over the world in masterclasses. Very expensive though 😓
  8. cotes du rhone !

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    I can’t yet begin to reflect on our vocational journey as we are still on the roller coaster. I’m not as brave as some of you parents at sharing your experiences. It’s reasuring, in not a good way, that we are not alone in our struggles. I firmly believe that very few children go through the ballet training system unscathed. I feel very upset just writing this but I’m so glad the moderators have let those strong enough to share their experiences do so. Thank you x
  9. cotes du rhone !

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    No it hasn’t 😔
  10. cotes du rhone !

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    Be nice if it had been more though 😕
  11. cotes du rhone !

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    Out of the 13 original year 7 girls who started Elmhurst in 2012 only 2 are in the 6th form. A total of 5 from year 11. So similar statistics to RBS. I calculate that more than 20 girls have been part of the year group at some time. Comings and goings, for a variety of reasons, in vocational schools are the norm I feel.
  12. cotes du rhone !

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    That happened last year too x
  13. cotes du rhone !

    Dance for 6th form

    Elmhurst offer 2 A levels and a level 6 diploma in professional dance x
  14. cotes du rhone !


    I would use your private health care for a referral x
  15. cotes du rhone !

    Can someone tell me the best way to sew on ribbons?

    I like the Grishko technique !