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  1. YBSS application 2018

    You have to complete both forms. I did one and got an email from them asking for the other one too. X
  2. Prix de Lausanne 2018

    Finalists have been announced !
  3. Questions about Lower School auditions

    So sorry for your no ☹️ My dd auditioned for year 7, made finals and got a no. 2 months later she was spotted by a member of staff at a ballet class and offered a place. She is now in 6:1. My Ds started ballet that year aged 12 and was spotted at the same ballet class and invited to be an associate. We did a 7 hour round trip every Saturday 😬 He auditioned twice for lower school and never made finals. He did an audition for upper school but it was again a no. He started his A levels locally and applied for the RBS advanced associate program, he was offered SAs in Covent Garden and we began another 7 hour round trip Saturday ! He was planning to audition for degree programs on completition of his A levels but thought he would give Elmhurst one last bash. He got in ! 4 th attempt ! He is now in 6:2. It’s been a rough ride but perseverance and the support and belief of a fantastic local teacher has paid off. There have been tears and traumas and there are tough times to come too. My advise is, don’t give up something that you love because someone says no. What’s right for you will not pass you by and you must grab every opportunity as it comes along. Good luck to your Dd xx
  4. Christmas at vocational school

    My Dd was in year 11 this time last year, injured, off dance, crutches and awaiting an MRI. She was off for 5 weeks yet still bounced back to complete her January auditions. I feel that sometimes a break is the best preparation for an extremely stressful year 😬 The very best of luck to your Dd x
  5. Christmas at vocational school

    Elmhurst continue classes right through to the end of term as they have a Christmas sharing of work afternoon / evening for parents. Every student takes part and demonstrates a selection of their class work on the stage from year 7 through to 6:3. I personally love this as you get to see the progression through the school and you get a glass of wine 🍷😊
  6. Central school of ballet prelimary audition

    Nice Pret a Mange on the corner for waiting mums 😁
  7. Central Audition for 2018 Entry

    And for the shorter ladies so was my 5ft 2 Dd 😁
  8. Audition fees

    Forgot to say, thank you Busymum xx
  9. Audition fees

    There seems to have been an increase in fees this year ! RBS is now £62 😲 if you can’t get it in by the end of the week ! ENBS is £45 with no guarantee of a preliminary audition ! There are 7 dates for international students and 1 in London. Am I reading this right ?
  10. Living away from home at 16 upper schools

    I have dc at Elmhurst 6th form. The 6:1 and 6:2 live in a supported house 5 minutes walk from the school. They have 2 houseparents and have all their meals at Elmhurst. They have to do their own washing. The accomadation is very good and my dc are happy with it. As for dance and studies, be prepared for a real boot camp ! They leave the house at 7:45 and don't get back til 7 in the evening. Then they start their homework, washing, exercises etc. Ds was non vocational prior to starting so found it a real struggle but Dd has done 5 years and is finding the increase in dance tiring but is managing well. If you have any specific questions I'm very happy to help xx
  11. Siblings

    I have a Ds and Dd, both at vocational school. They are competitive yet very supportive of each other. I think it is easier that they are not the same sex as then they can rationalise success as boys, especially in competitions and selection for performances, get more opportunities. I feel the real difficulty in siblings is the non dancing one that feels left out / jealous of the time and investment that parents put into the dancing child.
  12. Another audition leotard post

    If you like a simple cap sleeve with a little rouching at the front try Gaynor Minden. Available through eBay, all sizes and a range of colours. Dd wore one to all her Upper school auditions in Navy. It doesn't have to be strappy. Good luck 🍀
  13. Cost of living away from home 6th form dance colleges

    Zurich Ballet Academy, Dutch National, John Cranko, Hamburg, Princess Grace, Vaganova, Bolshoi, Danzare and POB.
  14. RBS National Skirt desperate plea

    The Totnes JA teacher is lovely and will not mind I'm sure. Good luck to your Dd, mine loved her time at Dartington 😁
  15. Cost of living away from home 6th form dance colleges

    I think the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland offers the same degree funding arrangements x