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  1. The Yorkshire Post photos http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/stunning-pics-of-ballet-stars-ahead-of-tonight-s-gala-in-hull-1-8757215
  2. Made a quick trip to my local newsagent. Gorgeous photo, and what a handsome couple they are! Such a shame Miss Naghdi is not given a go this time around. I understand senior Principals Osipova, Nunez and Cuthbertson have priority over her but surely she could have been given a Matinee...Now we'll have to wait 3 or 4 years I guess before Sylvia returns
  3. Fonty, I agree with you but I can't imagine Evening Standard readers getting excited about a headline reading: " Former Junior Associate and ex-White Lodger has been promoted to Principal at The Royal Ballet" WE know it is a big achievement for a White Lodger to become a Principal but the ES readers' attention will be grabbed far more easily by "First Londoner in over 25 years to become a Principal at The Royal Ballet"
  4. The Evening Standard article: "Yasmine is the first Principal dancer from London in more than 25 years" and the article in The Times: " She is the first Londoner to become a Principal dancer at the Royal Ballet since Darcey Bussell in 1989"
  5. I think so, looking at the Promotions 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. No student/graduate from the Royal Ballet School was given a contract to join the Company this Season. Six dancers do join as "Aud Jebsen" dancers giving them a year of experience to work alongside the corps de ballet. Some may be lucky to be offered a contract by the of Season but this is not guaranteed.
  6. Well what a great news to wake up too! Absolutely thrilled to see Mr Kevin O'Hare has promoted Yasmine Naghdi to Principal of The Royal Ballet. She full deserves it. In a matter of 1 season she jumped from Soloist to First Soloist to Principal. Her Juliet, Rose Fairy, Mathilde Kschessinska, Sugar Plum Fairy, Aurora, Symphonic Variations,...to name just a few, were nothing short of stunning. Mr O'Hare clearly recognises her outstanding classical talent, as well as her beautiful musicality and dramatic talent, and he nurtured her in a matter of a few years all the way to the top. Also delighted for Matthew Ball, Marcelino Sambe, Reece Clark, Anna Rose O'Sullivan and Benjamin Ella, each one outstanding in their own right. Congrats to the new Principal Character Artists, and corps dancers for their promotion to First Artist. The Royal Ballet truly gave us many amazing performances this Season, giving me great joy in this somber world. Wishing all the dancers a wonderful holiday, thank you all for your hard work, and thank you Mr'O'Hare for driving the company to new and great heights. Wishing you a wonderful holiday too!
  7. Fingers crossed...I hope it will be announced this coming Monday. Many companies have already made their announcement; the Royal Ballet is making us wait far too long.
  8. Surely all the dancers had their meeting with Mr O'Hare before departing on Tour. It seems like an endless wait this time around Tour finishes this weekend so I hope they don't make us wait much longer!!!!!!
  9. Thanks Yaffa. So now we know, it will be after 9th July.
  10. Well...when will the RB announce the promotions to their audience and fans here in the UK? I must admit I am really curious to find out who has been promoted after such a wonderful Season. What are they waiting for?
  11. Is this part of the official RB Tour or is this totally separate? What will be performed there and who are the dancers?
  12. As far as I know, in order for a dancer to be considered for promotion, they have to have danced a full Season with the company.
  13. This Season has been a tremendous success and ALL the dancers have contributed to it. Mr O'Hare, since becoming the AD, has consistently built up the Company from the bottom upwards with a wealth of talent that has come out of The Royal Ballet School. The result is there for all to see: the Company has never looked better and unified in style, and it is a most exciting time for us - the audience - to see all those young and superbly talented dancers rapidly climbing the ranks. EVERY dancer does contribute to this success but... there are some who do stand out. I have never enjoyed a Season more than this one (I am not too sure about next Season, certainly not about the first half but we shall see...). It is very clear who are the dancers who consistently stood out and also improved throughout this Season: Matthew Ball, Anna Rose O'Sullivan, Reece Clark, Marcelino Sambe, David Yudes, James Hay, young Sissons (recently impressed), Calvin Richardson, Isabella Gasparini, and last but certainly not least Yasmine Naghdi. Based on all the roles danced this Season my (wish) list is: to Principal: Yasmine Naghdi - the repertoire she has danced over the past seven Seasons is very wide and varied, she has danced to great acclaim full-length dramatic MacMillan roles such as Juliet, and The Invitation, she has performed in some of the finest Ashton ballets (Monotones and Symphonic Variations), has danced some of the greatest Classical roles such as Rose Fairy, Sugar Plum Fairy and Aurora, and in Anastasia as Mathilde Kschessinska, she was stunning in Balanchine's virtuoso role/Tarantella, besides dancing the principal role in Jewels/Emeralds, just to name a few. To me she has shown her versatility as a dramatic as well as classical dancer. Naghdi is one of the finest and purest Classical dancer amongst the current First Soloists and Soloists. to First Soloist: Marcelino Sambe and Matthew Ball, both for obvious reasons (Ball greatly impressed showing his acting abilities as well as technical abilities), and Sambe is outstanding in his own way. to Soloist: the gorgeous Reece Clark and wonderful Anna Rose O'Sullivan: both dancers impressed in a variety of roles this Season. to First Artist: David Yudes, Calvin Richardson, maybe Joseph Sissons (still very young yet outstanding at this level), perhaps Gina Storm-Jensen (has potential and with a bit more time could grow into a more secure dancer). Wishing them all the best on Tour in Australia, and afterwards a well deserved rest!
  14. Yasmine Naghdi was in the 1st cast only but at Stage door last week I heard that she'd danced five SV's in a row: two Thursday stage rehearsals (one in which she had to replace Magri) , the Friday General rehearsal (replacing Magri), followed straight after by the Opening Night, and again the following day in the afternoon performance (replacing Magri). Worse than running a marathon I guess!!!
  15. Last night we were treated to an amazing array of most glorious dancers in the company. From Steven McRae and Akane Takada in "The Dream", to Marianella Nunez, Yasmine Naghdi, Yuhui Choe, Vadim Muntagirov, James Hay, Tristan Dyer in "Symphonic Variations", and Zenaida Yanowsky and Guest Principal Roberto Bolle in "M&A". I can't add much to what has already been said in Sim's post. I loved Akane Takada too in The Dream. Nunez/Naghdi/Choe and Muntagirov/Hay/Dyer are the veritable SV dream cast, all were exceptional and together they turned SV into a visual feast of true perfection. I saw this cast two years ago and it simply amazed me to see how Miss Naghdi has matured in this very short space of time, she has grown into such an incredible confidant dancer, she gives me the greatest pleasure whenever I am lucky enough to see her on the stage. (that's not to say I didn't enjoy the glorious Nunez or Choe!) "M&A"- a very emotional affair it was. What a wonderful evening to end this amazing Season and I wish all The Royal Ballet dancers a successful Tour in Australia.