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  1. Incidentally for anyone interested in Mayara Magri there is a video clip on the ROH facebook page of a rehearsal from Act 2 of Mayerling.
  2. What I do not understand is why McRae has been named in the Swan Lake casting for the tour to Madrid. I thought the reason there were only six casts for the London run was due to time and money.
  3. I forgot Sarah has danced Alice twice too.
  4. Sarah lamb has also danced Aurora and Juliet in cinema screenings in recent years.
  5. I have a spare amphitheatre ticket £31 if you would like it. Please reply ASAP as I have to leave to travel at 8.15 am.
  6. greypuss

    RB Summer Season Casting

    I don't suppose it matters about the cast sheets as they aren't printed too far in advance. However Polunins' bio and picture were in the recent programme I bought.
  7. Geoff, I think the events in the ballet take course over a period of eight years which would make Mary about 10 in Act 1. so you are correct. Stephanie was 16 when she married Rudolph, who would have been aged 22 when he married and 30 when he died.
  8. greypuss

    RB Summer Season Casting

    McRae partnered her beautifully in Mayerling.
  9. greypuss

    RB Summer Season Casting

    I think McRae did partner Morera last time round, replacing Bonelli if I remember correctly.
  10. greypuss

    Dance on terrestrial TV

    The royal ballet production of Frankenstein will be broadcast on BBC4 next sunday 30th October at 8 pm.
  11. greypuss

    RB casting - Spring 2016

    Liam Scarlett shares some thoughts on his new production in the San Francisco section of World Ballet Day. It's at approximately 3 hours in. Sorry I cannot provide the link.
  12. I shall be there this afternoon and I am really looking forward to seeing BRB. Like you Nottsballetlover, I more regularly travel to London for my ballet fix.
  13. I was very shocked when I heard about the booing of Roberta Marquez, she was wonderful when I saw her this week in her scheduled performance. I cheered extra loud!
  14. greypuss

    RB Alice casting changes

    Alexander Campbell is now listed as the mad Hatter for tomorrow night.
  15. greypuss

    RB Alice casting changes

    I just assumed that it may have been an injury that affects lifting, as the Mad Hatter doesn't do any partnering, rather than one which affects the legs or feet.I'm sure one of the articles about the RB trip to Brazil mentioned an injury to McRae.