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  1. Premiere of Maina Gielgud’s new production of The Sleeping Beauty will open on 29th March with Joburg Ballet at the Nelson Mandela Theatre Johannesburg, with guest artists Anais Chalendard, Principal Boston Ballet, and Florimond Lorieux, Sujet Paris Opera Ballet.
  2. And the lovely Freya, redhead, who was in almost every Bayadere corps de ballet with Royal Ballet?
  3. It makes the legs look longer - that's all, more attractive for some.
  4. Serait-ce la Mort (Vier Letzte Lieder) choregraphy by Bejart, and another to the same Richard Strauss music, by Hans van Manen, or is it Rudi van Dantzig. Both beautiful...
  5. Is it possible to share this gorgeous documentary on Xander on Facebook?
  6. But the young cast of Callum Linnane and Dimity Azoury was something way special. Wow. Quote above indeed it was - an ideal cast of Giselle and Albrecht - living roles they were born to dance! Ah the days of type casting so long gone in this ‘democratic’ age . When the audience sees the real thing - they recognise it - but if it’s not offered, they don’t know the difference...
  7. I would like 5 November I think - where is the seat in the balcony?
  8. Except that's a bit of a legend. A number of Balanchine dancers were not particularly long legged, tall or that skinny! Not discussing the particular example in your second paragraph Fonty, but dancers don't always dance similarly throughout their careers, and while they may be suitable or unsuitable for a particular role at some juncture in their careers, they may become more or less so at another point...
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