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  1. Hello I’d like the ticket please.
  2. betterankles

    ROH Stalls Circle Seat Availabilty

    Their ears are not so squeamish
  3. But the young cast of Callum Linnane and Dimity Azoury was something way special. Wow. Quote above indeed it was - an ideal cast of Giselle and Albrecht - living roles they were born to dance! Ah the days of type casting so long gone in this ‘democratic’ age . When the audience sees the real thing - they recognise it - but if it’s not offered, they don’t know the difference...
  4. Is Nov 6 still available?
  5. I would like 5 November I think - where is the seat in the balcony?
  6. betterankles

    Claudia Dean's thoughts on when to go full time

    Horses for courses...
  7. And was/is, a great artist...
  8. betterankles

    The dead hand of Artists' heirs?

    Except that's a bit of a legend. A number of Balanchine dancers were not particularly long legged, tall or that skinny! Not discussing the particular example in your second paragraph Fonty, but dancers don't always dance similarly throughout their careers, and while they may be suitable or unsuitable for a particular role at some juncture in their careers, they may become more or less so at another point...
  9. Anton Dolin Foundation in Berlin, Kyian Foundation Nederlands
  10. Almost every ballerina dancing Odette/Odile or any other role, would have various niggling injuries... Sometimes substituting another step or doing the same enchaînement on the other side/foot is sensible. Niggling injuries do not prevent dancers from performing, not do they necessarily make for performances that are of lesser standard then normal. Indeed sometimes they are greater artistically, as the dancer, perhaps feeling less then adequate technically, concentrates more on interpretation. In such ways too, do dancers often develop their artistry...
  11. It is wonderful to see and hear of this generation of Royal Ballet dancers performing so well as both dancers and actor/artists! I only wish there were more recognition, even if a bit late, of the fact that all or virtually all come from the time of Gailene Stock’s directorship ...
  12. Faster tempi when Ratmansky does his restagings yes. Re putting heels down or not in Bournonville. Since Balanchine works and technique is greatl admired by Royal Danish Ballet dancers it now occurs that heels are not put down. This is not part of Bournonville technique, although a smaller and quicker demi plie is used for jumps, rather then the Russian maxi demi plie and pronounced take off.
  13. Balanchine did not allow his dancers to put their heels down - so that they could move fast... In fact it’s possible to move fast as well as put heels down, but weight must always be on metatarsals.
  14. betterankles

    Royal Ballet 2018/19 Season

    Similar to many many exchanges some years back, with ABT, Birmingham Royal Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Mariinsky Ballet....
  15. betterankles

    Are 32 fouettés necessary?

    There are several points here 1 Are the feet in question supposedly LOOKING ‘wrecked’ when in pointe shoes? 2 Or are the feet LOOKING ‘wrecked’ when the pointe shoes come off? 3 Or does the forum member believe that the feet are INJURED perhaps for ever, yet allowing the dancer to perform incredibly beautifully despite the injury/ies?