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  1. I've actually got a ticket for Bayreuth this August, after only two years of waiting, thanks to the online sales. I'm so glad I don't want to try for the gala, just reading the instructions toursenlair posted made my head ache - imagine trusting everything to the notorious Italian postal system!
  2. Aruna S

    ROH Surtitles

    I paid £69 per night for an Upper Amphi ticket for the Ring Cycle. I see that the same seat is showing as £58 for Lohengrin.
  3. I've always been a fan of Tamara Rojo, both as a dancer and as someone who has done a lot of good for ENB. However I feel that in the current circumstances, a proper external investigation is called for, in everybody's interests. Perhaps especially in Ms Rojo's interest. Sweeping things under the carpet and pretending that everything in the garden is lovely is doing nobody any favours.
  4. Given the increasingly bizarre stagings, I've decided that so long as the music is good, I can live with the rest. This made me very cross with the Munich staging of Der Fliegende Hollaender in which the closing bars were not played by the orchestra but by a tinny recording from far away. This will be my very first live Ring, unless I get tickets for the Munich Opera Festival which I'm still hoping for. so I'm very excited about it.
  5. The Bayerische Staatsoper will be livestreaming Die Walküre directed by Kirill Petrenko on 22nd January. More details here : https://www.staatsoper.de/en/staatsopertv.html
  6. Thanks to this thread I discovered the 1966 film Ballerina and have just finished watching it on YouTube.Very enjoyable. I quite liked the recent cartoon too, but I found it annoying that the final big performance ostensibly at the Paris Opera had some rubbishy pop music. Surely it couldn't have hurt to put in some Delibes/Tchaikovsky/any real ballet music?
  7. I too have tickets for the Ring, which will involve staying in the UK for 10 days, so I'm very hopeful that there will be interesting ballet to watch. I'm afraid Swan Lake doesn't appeal to me. I'm curious, why is it unthinkable for the RB to dance Neumeier? Nunez would be perfect in Kameliendame.
  8. I cry for the beauty too, usually, or the music. Sometimes I just have goose-bumps ( a lot, in the recent Sylvia). but a few tears arrive for especially moving moments. - Tamara Rojo as Juliet sitting on the bed before she runs off to Friar Laurence - Alina Cojocaru in Aurora's frenzied dance after pricking her finger, and in the final pdd in Giselle - Marianela Nunez as Giselle, in the final pdd of Fille, as Tatiana at the end, in the final pdd of Sylvia in Rome where she danced with David Hallberg -Lauren Cuthbertson in Sylvia last week Also, but I can't pinpoint specific moments, Lucia Lacarra, Friedemann Vogel, Aurelie Dupont, Matej Urban in illusions.
  9. Aruna S

    ROH Ring cycle les

    Reading your post makes me very anxious. Can't possibly afford top price and am really hoping to see this production.
  10. Aruna S

    Royal Ballet Autumn booking

    Yes, I was wondering about this too. I was hovering over the keyboard and clicked on 'Buy' as soon as it appeared, at 9 a.m., and found about 1100 people before me in the queue.
  11. Aruna S

    Royal Ballet Autumn booking

    I'm absolutely thrilled to have got tickets for Sylvia, both the Osipova/Bonelli and Nunez/Muntagirov casts. I was strongly tempted to buy for the Cuthbertson/Kish matinee too, but restrained myself. It could be a bit of a Sylvia overdose! If anyone else is going (30th November and 1st December) I'd be very happy to meet up. ll be wearing my badge
  12. Another vote for the corps' diagonal leaps across the stage in Act 1 of Onegin, one of my favourite moments in this gorgeous ballet. I'd also like to add : -Juliet sitting absolutely still on her bed before rushing off to seek Friar Laurence's help -Siegfried drowning in the waves at the end of Nureyev's Swan Lake for the Vienna State Opera -The Prince facing the Shadow in Illusions like Swan Lake -The final moments of the Grand PDDs in Sleeping Beauty and Sylvia -The end bit of Myrtha's solo to surprisingly happy music -The Russian dance of the Nutcracker and Cossacks in... the Nutcracker - That amazing moment in Bright Stream when the Male Dancer swings the Ballerina orund and round. I could go on.
  13. Aruna S

    Marianela Nunez Feature

    I'm also looking forward very much to that, Don Q Fan. Are you going to the premiere too?
  14. Aruna S

    ROH Meistersinger

    A recording of this can be heard on BBC Radio 3 for 24 more days (I only discovered it the other day thanks to a ROH post on Facebook.) If it's allowed, and anyone needs it, I can post the link. Listening to the very informative commentary cleared up a mystery for me, apparently the entire riot scene, including Pan as the nightwatchman, was Hans Sachs' nightmare. This however raises further questions for me, why should Sachs be deploring all the Wahn when this was only in his own mind and not reality? I'm glad I was able to listen to the music without having to relive all the gimmicks of this production.