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  1. I cry for the beauty too, usually, or the music. Sometimes I just have goose-bumps ( a lot, in the recent Sylvia). but a few tears arrive for especially moving moments. - Tamara Rojo as Juliet sitting on the bed before she runs off to Friar Laurence - Alina Cojocaru in Aurora's frenzied dance after pricking her finger, and in the final pdd in Giselle - Marianela Nunez as Giselle, in the final pdd of Fille, as Tatiana at the end, in the final pdd of Sylvia in Rome where she danced with David Hallberg -Lauren Cuthbertson in Sylvia last week Also, but I can't pinpoint specific moments, Lucia Lacarra, Friedemann Vogel, Aurelie Dupont, Matej Urban in illusions.
  2. ROH Ring cycle les

    Reading your post makes me very anxious. Can't possibly afford top price and am really hoping to see this production.
  3. Royal Ballet Autumn booking

    Yes, I was wondering about this too. I was hovering over the keyboard and clicked on 'Buy' as soon as it appeared, at 9 a.m., and found about 1100 people before me in the queue.
  4. Royal Ballet Autumn booking

    I'm absolutely thrilled to have got tickets for Sylvia, both the Osipova/Bonelli and Nunez/Muntagirov casts. I was strongly tempted to buy for the Cuthbertson/Kish matinee too, but restrained myself. It could be a bit of a Sylvia overdose! If anyone else is going (30th November and 1st December) I'd be very happy to meet up. ll be wearing my badge
  5. Another vote for the corps' diagonal leaps across the stage in Act 1 of Onegin, one of my favourite moments in this gorgeous ballet. I'd also like to add : -Juliet sitting absolutely still on her bed before rushing off to seek Friar Laurence's help -Siegfried drowning in the waves at the end of Nureyev's Swan Lake for the Vienna State Opera -The Prince facing the Shadow in Illusions like Swan Lake -The final moments of the Grand PDDs in Sleeping Beauty and Sylvia -The end bit of Myrtha's solo to surprisingly happy music -The Russian dance of the Nutcracker and Cossacks in... the Nutcracker - That amazing moment in Bright Stream when the Male Dancer swings the Ballerina orund and round. I could go on.
  6. Marianela Nunez Feature

    I'm also looking forward very much to that, Don Q Fan. Are you going to the premiere too?
  7. ROH Meistersinger

    A recording of this can be heard on BBC Radio 3 for 24 more days (I only discovered it the other day thanks to a ROH post on Facebook.) If it's allowed, and anyone needs it, I can post the link. Listening to the very informative commentary cleared up a mystery for me, apparently the entire riot scene, including Pan as the nightwatchman, was Hans Sachs' nightmare. This however raises further questions for me, why should Sachs be deploring all the Wahn when this was only in his own mind and not reality? I'm glad I was able to listen to the music without having to relive all the gimmicks of this production.
  8. After trying both the Orchestre and Balcon sections I would definitely recommend the latter. IIRC the price is the same, and the Balcon has less cramped seating and better views. Like MAB I splurge on the tickets and economise elsewhere. You should register on the website and maybe do a dry run before booking opens - assuming that you'll be booking for something which isn't already on sale. The system automatically assigns seats in the category you choose, but it does give you a view from the seat before you confirm your booking, so you can change the seat if you don't like it. I've always found the site swamped when booking opens, but the queue works quite well. Good luck!
  9. Thank you, Bluebird. I'm very pleased to see that Nunez/Muntagirov and Cuthbertson are dancing on the dates that I hope to go for.
  10. Misplaced ear worms

    Years ago there was a programme on the BBC World Service, presented by Gordon Clyde, where you could send in requests for music. A man wrote in asking for an aria from Rigoletto which his very young son persisted in calling 'elephant's ears'. It was "La Donna e' mobile", and I've never been able to get it out of my head since.
  11. Thank you so much, Angela. I'm very excited to see that Illusions is on in April/July.
  12. Royal Opera Season 2017/18

    In my excitement over the Ring, I forgot to say I'm very pleased about Lohengrin too :-)
  13. Royal Opera Season 2017/18

    I don't quite know why the Ring Cycle isn't included, I'd read that it was expected to be staged in 2018 and was surprised to not find it in the season announcement. And then I found it on the website. After greatly enjoying Pappano's Meistersinger I'm looking forward to his Ring. Tickets go on sale in November, nearly a year in advance which is very useful for hotel planning but I wonder whether this is usual?
  14. ROH Meistersinger

    I attended last Saturday's performance and have mixed feelings. I went for the music, which was sublime, but the production itself was - far from that. My heart bled for the poor nightwatchman, hobbling forward on cloven hooves to take his bow at the end. Who in God's name would employ a faun as a nightwatchman at all, let alone in an ultra-conservative gentlemen's club? The mind boggles. What were all those strange masks in the riot scene? Eva flouncing off at the end is all very well, but where is she going to go and what is she going to do, with no means of support and no resources to provide for herself? In a society where her behaviour would have been found unacceptable? She throws open the doors and lets the light in, what a meaningless, rhetorical gesture it seemed! Still, it's a better ending than the latest Munich version which I watched in a livestream. That ended with Beckmesser rushing onstage and shooting himself.
  15. Was it supposed to be Marie or Olga? In one of the rehearsal clips with Gary Harris and Viviana Durante they speak of her as Olga.