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  2. NYU's CBA (Center for Ballet and the Arts) announces 2019/20 Fellows - Included in these are the British choreographer GEORGE WILLLIAMSON http://www.nyu.edu/about/news-publications/news/2019/april/the-center-for-ballet-and-the-arts-at-nyu-announces-2019-2020-fe.html George's self determined CBA brief is as follows: At CBA, Williamson aims to develop a new way of working with classical language, exploring how to engage with complicated current issues through ballet without either diluting the art form or descending into cliché. Working intimately with a group of dancers and collaborating with dramaturgs and contributors from other fields, he will develop a way of working which seeks to allow him to tell complex, contemporary narratives through ballet. He intends to challenge how classical dance is seen, to expand his skills as a choreographer, and to develop a way of creating ballets that engage with a diverse, modern audience in new and innovative ways. Also included as a Fellow is NYCB principal JARED ANGLE (brother of Tyler who local audiences saw in Ivan Putrov's gala recently). J. Angle;'s CBA brief is as follows: As a dancer known for partnering skills, Angle wants to explore the style and technique of partnering in George Balanchine’s ballets, and hopes to define what he has spent his career practicing. Angle is also interested in the ways that Balanchine’s ballet partnering technique can be used in new ways and to portray different relationships onstage.
  3. Well, this year has been really tough in WL (8, 9, even 7!) as never before probably (as insider you know it). The reasons are never given 100%, It is destroying not only child life, but the whole families (and siblings), people been admited to hospital with chest pains, stress related health decline, few more gray hair (mostly parents), not to mention income related disasters... Yes, there are other places/ schools to train,... but it pretty much depends on parental income (at WL all children fairly entitled to MDS, at all other schools just very, very limited funded places if any at all!!! Especially for older years, if you are a girl, and yes, if you're from WL; not just rumours). This year a few of WhiteLodgers (assessed ones) got a 'no' (or 'not really', unless you can pay a full fee) purely because of this. If only UK schools were all fairly funded or better were State ones, there would be less stress and more movement for talented dancers. Regarding going back to normal school, it can be difficult - they are total different world by now in any aspects, even 2 years - they're not wasted, and she have to be proud - it is in her for the rest of her life (not just ballet-wise, but discipline, loyalty, style and culture for a young Lady). And I think it is wise idea to complete this year. Get stronger at the same time, for you as well, as there's lot's to do before next September. Best of Luck. Very hope you DD would find a good place to train, courage, confidence again and don't lose love for Ballet Xx
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  5. I can’t help with a dietician, Wimdancer, but there is a very good book by Zerlina Mastin called “Nutrition for the Dancer” which I can recommend. What is it you’re trying to achieve? The right “fuel” to ensure your dd is eating enough for the amount of exercise she’s doing?
  6. So sorry to hear this. It must be terribly difficult to deal with. I have no practical advice sorry, but I will share the advice that a wise person gave me many years ago when my now adult DD didnt get into JAs. It went something like this.... "I know this seems like the end of the world now, but remember that there is more to ballet than the RBS, more to dance than ballet, and more to life than dance. She, and you wont be able to see it right now, and that is understandable, but in the long term this wont seem so bad, and one day you may even see it as good." Now I dont for one moment think our experience was as traumatic as being assessed out, but I do think the advice I was given was very, very good. I hope it proves to be as true for you and your DD as it has for me and mine.
  7. Yermakov has, in my opinion, long deserved this promotion, but I think there are others, most notably Stepin among the men and Novikova and Osmolkina among the women, whom I also would have promoted years ago were the decision mine to make.
  8. https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/company/ballet/soloists
  9. Hello Sarahw, I've just emailed you. Apologies for the late response, I've been offline for Easter!
  10. Have you thought about Moorlands ? The teachers are wonderful , and would give you good advice , even if they couldn’t offer a place . 2 boys who were assessed out of WL are doing phenomenally well there . One is in the finals of YAGP . All the best .
  11. Wondered if anyone might be able to recommend a good dietician? My DD is 13 and her body very mature for her age. She is not an ectomorph but has a more athletic body shape. We could do with some advice on how best to support her dancing with the right diet for her body shape. We're based in SW London. Any suggestions would be most appreciated! Thanks so much!
  12. I’m not tall so I avoid the stalls and only go for the front row in the dress circle. I think the stalls boxes front row are generally ok but possibly you can also be unlucky if you have a tall person in front of you in the last row of the stalls. This is for the historic stage for the new stage view is good everywhere but dress circle is much further from the stage.
  13. I haven't been for many years, but my recollection is that as long as you are reasonably central, views at all levels are fine. The equivalent of the gallery is a long way from the stage, though, and you would certainly need opera glasses. The Mariinsky is not nearly as much of a horseshoe shape as Covent Garden. I have actually watched from one of the stage boxes and even that wasn't too bad.
  14. For the historic stage, most of the stalls seats are relatively flat, so I would only take the first row, or the aisle seats in the side sections. The front rows of the stalls boxes and dress circle, if not too far to the sides, offer a very good view.
  15. Very gentle hugs sent to you all, you will both get through this x
  16. Beaverelliot unfortunately for most British students they will be dependent on the NHS (state health service) which does not have well developed sports injury services on the whole. Also dance related injuries are not seen as a priority in a heavily rationed service.
  17. Looking promising! From Andrej Uspenski’s Instagram page. Melissa and Timofej in rehearsal for R&J.
  18. Hi all, Looking on the Mariinsky Theatre website and it doesn’t seem to show the view from the seats like the ROH website does.... Can anyone who has been to the Mariinsky please recommend which seats have a good view of the stage? Thanks!
  19. I have 13 May R+J Amphitheatre C34 (Stix-Brunell / Hirano) for sale for R+J @ £21. It's a 'real' ticket, so I'll post it (or hand over in person if you are in London?). Kindly send me a PM if you're interested. Thanks.
  20. Big hugs from me too !! It must be awful to see your DD so upset !! Please remember that this doesn’t have to to be the end of your daughters dancing journey ..... it is just going to follow an alternative path.....one that I’m sure you’ll work out together. Her dance experience gained from WL will stand her in good stead for the future and this awful time will pass and make her stronger eventually. There are many alternatives to training at WL and hopefully in the future - your lovely daughter will see all of this very differently to how she does now .
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