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  1. Nick Allen at the Jerwood Centre in Birmingham.BRB's medical director 01212453544.
  2. I Will have a few hours to pass on Sunday morning.Any suggestions for good coffee shops / relaxing near the RAD headquarters .I will be on public transport.
  3. Good news here also for my DD
  4. My DDs first tutu was £19.99 off eBay crushed velvet stretchy lilac Lycra body comfy & forgiving - looked effective on stage & didn't stop her winning medals. Hanging in a corner in her bedroom as a memento now.
  5. DD said no pointe work at prelims last year but to take pointe shoes as it changes year on year, but she did do pointe at Tring as her solo was en pointe .Pointe was required in finals- fouettes were required at English National Ballet School and the Royal Ballet School. DD also said requirements also can vary between groups.
  6. 12/15 on my specialist subject !
  7. Absolutely down to a fine art! Had to sacrifice the gummy bears in post #21 to fit in a few strepsils
  8. Today's parcel contained USB stick to back up work on dodgy laptop, more dance thongs, train tickets home , silly card , photo of Cumbrian cows in the rain , heart and star confetti ( drives her mad when she opens the envelope) some gummy bears & lots of love .Roll on leave out.
  9. Very disappointing pups mum.I would definitely raise it with the school .
  10. My DD got to WL and Elmhurst finals for year 7 but didn't get a place. She reauditioned in the January prelims for a year 8 place and was offered an immediate place in year 7 as a place had opened up and started after Easter in year 7 - so go for it if your DD wants to
  11. DD really enjoyed this course which had a good friendly atmosphere.Well organised though practical information was quite late in coming through ( 2 weeks before the start) due to a change in course coordinator. There was no dress code. There were 3 ladies groups of about 20 students and 1 men's group. There were 7 French girls in my daughters group, and others from the USA , UK, Australia, and elsewhere in mainland Europe.Students were mainly from elite vocational schools .Age range 15-21. Classes ran from 10-5.30 Monday to Friday and Sat am.All days started with a 1.5 hour ballet class , then pointe, or Pas de deux for the oldest group, then rep/ contemporary. Tuition was top rate,and inspirational . Classes were conducted in English but individual corrections were given in English or French depending on the students origins, as the majority of the teachers were French speaking. It was possible to audition for the Dutch National Academy during the course.About half the students stayed in the StayOkay hostel in Zeeburg which was an 8 -11 minute tram journey away .Tram travel cost about €45 for the 2 weeks using the chip card travel card, including use in free time. The hostel was in a quiet residential neighbourhood , spacious , bright and clean.Communal meals were provided at breakfast and dinner, except at the weekends.Students were expected to make up a lunch pack from the breakfast items. Snacks such as muffins and Pringles were available for purchase.DD was not impressed by the food, but she is very picky , but still managed to find adequate nourishment.There is a supermarket across the road from Dutch National Opera and Ballet where the classes were held.My DD had a preloaded travel card with euros which was a MasterCard- a number of shops however only accepted Maestro cards including the Albert Hein supermarkets, she was able to use this to withdraw cash from ATMs.Wifi was patchy in the dorms but adequate in the communal areas. There was a secure luggage storage area.My DD was in a 6 person dorm, very basic , no soap or towels provided. The dorm accommodation was arranged by age and the dancers were housed with others on the course. The hostel is very large sleeping 600.No supervision was provided outside of class times ,suiting confident ,independant dancers .My DD enjoyed the freedom to explore Amsterdam with her new dance friends and found it a friendly ,safe city.Sensibly she declined the offer of cocktails (at 16) in the Ice Bar.There was a comprehensive 2 hour studio presentation at the end of the course at 3:15 on the final Friday featuring all the dancers in at least 3 pieces of work and attended by the Artistic Director of Dutch National Ballet Company.The course was expensive but worthwhile.
  12. At the Royal Ballet School Upper School auditions this year I know the students were numbered by age and birth month and lined up accordingly (15.01;15.02; etc)
  13. Feeling very proud of myself negotiating Amsterdam by train , metro and tram to drop DD off at the Summer School today.Now back at the airport after my day trip. Dance mom job done. DD taking it all in her stride despite end of term exhaustion, coming alone and sharing with Belgian, French and American girls.Any other balletcoers out there.
  14. My DD is going this year. Any other balleocoers going.The course finishes on the Friday.Does anyone who has been before have an idea of when the end of course show of work was scheduled and the finishing time.I am keen to get flights booked.DD is staying in the StayOkay hostel.Whats the best way to get there from the airport.