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  1. Anyone know anything about ballet in Belgrade, Serbia? I'm in the city and there's supposedly a performance of La Bayadere tonight. I'm thinking of going to see it but does anyone know if the company is any good? I might be reading wrong but the ticket seems to only be 1000 RSD which is £6. Is that right?!
  2. Thanks, it looks like the cheaper tickets are at the back of the stalls or the back of the circle, not sure which to go for?
  3. What about a tinted moisturiser? Will give a little bit of coverage and colour but still show the freckles and not be too heavy.
  4. I'm hoping to go and see this on Friday night but I have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone might be able to help with. Do they do day tickets or last minute seats? Also is the stalls raked well or is there a best place to sit for someone short?
  5. The terms and conditions of each ticket should be somewhere on your booking. It depends on the type of tickets you've booked.
  6. I need to order some stuff off move dancewear and they have free postage until midnight but I'm not sure on their sizing. How does their stuff come up? I'm looking at the seamless Vittoria brief but do they come up small? Also how is the sizing and quality of their tights? For reference I normally wear s/m in capezio tights and small leotards but I'm a size 8/10 in jeans.
  7. It's worth researching the facilities the university provide for international students as these will be useful for anyone flying to university. Many universities have a box with all the essentials you can buy and it will be at your halls when you arrive, not the cheapest option but saves shipping or rushing around to buy bedding ect. Poundland, TK Maxx and similar bargain stores will all have kitchen and bedding that will be reasonable to buy, although I warn against buying the cheapest things as sometimes they'll only last a few weeks. TK Maxx has some really good quality frying pans for example at the same price as tescos, but lasted much much longer (I speak from experience on that one!) I flew to university in Belfast and shipping a large cardboard box was around £35. Then you have additional costs for each suitcase you take on a plane. It does add up. It may be cheaper to find storage than ship things home for the summer, it's again worth researching any suggestions the university give international students. I suggest he has a look at the university website, they will have a lot of guidance for students in terms of budgeting and finding jobs I'm sure. There will be people he can talk to in person once he gets there as well who will be able to help and if there is an issue with finances whilst he is there, talk to the university. I know certainly at Belfast they had a hardship fund that gave small amount of cash to applicants to tide them over. Good luck to both of you!
  8. I was standing for the matinee and it was very very worth the trip into London. Yasmine Nagdhi and the entire company were beautiful. Very happy I was lucky enough to see such an incredible performance.
  9. River cruising is very different to ocean cruising in quite a few ways and the atmosphere varies again between companies. I work in the river cruise industry so if you have any specific questions I'm happy to answer them
  10. I need a new skirt for class and I'm looking for a ballet skirt that is flattering if you aren't completely skinny on the bottom. I've got just a plain black wrap skirt but I'm thinking something softer might be more flattering? Any suggestions?
  11. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. Don't know if you like crafts but could you decorate pointe shoes or something together?
  12. If lots of hair is a problem try a Balanchine bun, it's sort of like two buns above and below each other but will create a long line down the head rather than one big lumpy bun!
  13. You can apply for a basic DBS check as an individual either through Scotland or Northern Ireland. I don't know if there is an age limit though. I had to get one as it is a requirement for anyone working on a BBC or ITV production as background, whether or not there are children present on the day. I mention Northern Ireland because the process is actually simpler than the Scotland one, or at least it was when I did it!
  14. I managed to get a last minute ticket to see the final performance last night thanks to a lovely forum member! I'm so glad I made the effort to go and stand though the performance despite being up at 4:30am this morning for work. It was brilliant! I've never seen Marquez or Campbell dance so I feel lucky and sad at the same time this was my first and last chance to see her. The company was full of energy and Campbell was an excellent partner, the lifts were solid and his acting and dancing was very impressive. I wasn't expecting so many laugh out loud moments but the audience was giggling the whole way through, the comedic timing was great. But my favourite part still has to be Roberta's performance. Her artistry and expression is stunning, every little subtle look and movement exuded her character. She was so graceful and her use of her head, eye lines and arms is a truely excellent example of epaulment.
  15. Just a warning on the capezio tights, the colours are very different. I can't remember which is which but one is very pink and one is paler and more orangey. Double check before you order if you are fussy about colour like me! I ended up with some very long lasting tights but brighter pink than I wanted. My ballet flats are a pale canvas that has more orange under tones and I'm very fussy about things matching! Also they've come out with a self knit waistband version that is great if you don't like the tight waistband digging in like it does on the old style.