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  1. Yet another wonderful interview, TTP. I am always interested to see how dancers fare after they stop dancing. From this interview, and the recent one with Daniel Jones, it's great to see how happy they can be!
  2. I would also recommend Kondaurova.
  3. Just in case anyone's DS might be interested in having a go!
  4. Is that usual, Capybara? I will post the link in Doing Dance, in case anyone's DSs would like to audition.
  5. Thank you everyone for all your comments and suggestions, positive and negative. These things are always a learning curve, so we really appreciate what the audience has to say. We will be taking into account all of the comments when we meet soon.
  6. Many thanks Geoff; I think we were about 2/3 full, so not bad for a first go!! Hopefully next time it will be a sell out!!
  7. Thanks Capybara. A great review that encapsulates all my feelings about that marvellous triple bill!
  8. Thanks Blackdove....I am so glad you enjoyed it!
  9. Last night's Gala was really enjoyable, and it was so lovely to see such an array of wonderful dancers, performing pieces different from the usual gala fare. Interspersed with this were performances by some of NK Ballet School's students, so the audience could see how some of them have benefitted from scholarships and bursaries provided by NK Ballet Foundation. As one of the organisers and a director of the Foundation, I guess I shouldn't really review our own evening, but I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the forum members who came along to support us; it was great seeing some of you. I will just say that some of the dancers who particularly struck me were Chloe Reveillon (POB corps member; she is absolutely beautiful and I think/hope will go far. Those of you lucky enough to see POB regularly, do keep an eye out for her) and Dinu Tamazlacaru (Berlin State Ballet), who danced a lovely pdd from La Syphide. Even more impressive is that they had never met before yesterday afternoon! Melissa Chapski and Giovanni Princic were also memorable. Liudmila Konovalova and Jakob Feyferlik were very moving in Casta Diva, as were Kristina Kretova and Andrei Merkuriev in Anyuta. Brandon Lawrence and Delia Mathews shone in the Nutcracker pdd. It was also such a treat to see the wonderful Ksenia Ovsyanick dance in London again. It almost seems unfair to single any dancer out as they were all excellent and had different things to offer, but one thing in common they all offered was their time to come and dance for the Foundation, so a huge thank you to them all.
  10. I would also add that Lauren is one of those dancers who is getting better and better with 'age'. Her Aurora this season was up there with the best, and she also has energy in spades. She also has a very commanding stage presence. Osipova is always interesting to watch, so Sarah if you can possibly stretch to two matinees, I would see both!!
  11. Original post removed. Good luck everyone!
  12. The moderators have discussed a 'dislike' button in the past, but for the reasons stated above it is not something we would ever implement. So, as Fonty said: "If we disagree with something someone says, then we have to do it in a civilised way by discussing it." (bold is mine - please everyone take heed!). We moderators understand how passionate we all are about our beloved art form, and how this passion can lead to deep and sometimes defensive feelings about a dancer, a piece of ballet, a choreographer, a production, a conductor, a costume, a wig, etc. etc. Others may feel just the opposite of how you feel, and THAT is where the civilised discussion should begin.... thank you!
  13. Very interesting interview from ToThePointe with Daniel Jones, ex-ENB dancer, who has many interesting things to say about bullying, tenacity, going to White Lodge, working with MacMillan and many others, and whether there is life after ballet. A fascinating read.