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  1. Was anyone at the opening night tonight? I am going on Thursday so would be interested to have any views. It was the cast, not the content, that first attracted me to this piece: turning a Bunuel film into an opera must be challenging, to say the least....I hope it has worked?!
  2. I love it during her thanks...."and to my husband, who didn't do much but wasn't in my way". Gotta love her!! 😝
  3. Yes..I will be there Friday and twice on Saturday....yikes!!
  4. Wow....just as well I will be saving money on the RB season....loads I'd like to see here!!
  5. I am a Director of the newly-formed NK Ballet Foundation, a charity whose aim it will be to raise funds to enable talented children from low-income families to have the chance to attend professional ballet school. The Foundation will grant full scholarships to enable such children to attend the NK Ballet School. To this end, we are delighted to announce the inaugural NK Ballet Foundation fundraising gala, which will take place on June 18th at the Cadogan Hall in London. At the time of writing, dancers from the following companies are confirmed as participating: Bolshoi Ballet Mariinsky Ballet Paris Opera Ballet Vienna State Opera Ballet Birmingham Royal Ballet Dutch National Ballet La Scala Ballet We are awaiting confirmation of a couple of others, and when we can officially announce the participating dancers we will do so. I do hope as many of you as possible will support this very worthy cause. The gala promises to be a wonderful evening and we hope to see as many of you as possible there. Here is the link to the relevant part of the Cadogan Hall website:
  6. What if Scotland were eventually to secede from the Union? Would we have to give up St. Andrew's Day BH??!!
  7. Ah I just saw that Capybara already mentioned this above. Glad I am not the only irked person!
  8. In the article about the winner Jan posted above we get a photo of Darcey instead of the winner! There is a lovely photo of Nafisah in ToThePointe's interview above.
  9. Yes taxi, I do. Most people would have looked at the ballet pdd and said 'but she's doing all the dancing, not him', without realising what is involved with the partnering. Darcey did her best to explain it, but I will be surprised if a ballet dancer wins anytime soon! And I hope to be eating my words next year.... πŸ˜‹ My hubby thinks they should add Irish dancing into the mix....
  10. When I did ballet as a youngster in NY they were toe shoes! May I take this opportunity to send warm congratulations to Sophie_Rebecca, not only for passing your exam but for the gutsy way you have put yourself out there, and for your total lack of bitterness and even good humour in the way you handle the nasty stuff thrown at you. You are inspirational in many ways, and long may that, and your ballet studies, continue. Very best to you dear lady.
  11. I am also very happy with the winner. I said last week she was my favourite! Congratulations to all the finalists.
  12. I wasn't impressed by the choreography. I thought it quite dull. Frustrating because they are all good dancers.
  13. Yes I preferred his duetting partner!
  14. Thanks Duck for that incredibly detailed description of what sounds like a fascinating documentary. As I have no plans to be in France soon I will have to hope that it comes out on DVD or YouTube eventually! πŸ˜€
  15. Just to be clear, that horrible review was in the Express, not the Standard....