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  1. I have never heard of them but from the videos posted above I like the look of them.
  2. Merci bien encore une fois, Duck, for that very detailed review. Your reports on dance in France are much appreciated, and reading them is the next best thing to being there! Please keep them coming.
  3. Awww what lovely news! Many congratulations to them both.
  4. I am going to Vienna next Monday so will report back on anything I find that relates to food; I don't think we will get to the Staatsoper, unfortunately.
  5. I think there are about five 'Rudolfs-in-waiting' in the company at the moment, and I really hope they get their chances in the next few years. Some may be a bit young and need more experience with partnering and interpretation, but they are definitely there.
  6. What a lovely idea! Thanks SBF.
  7. SPD44.....I believe Penelope is referring to the glossy programmes which list all the season's dancers. I don't know how far in advance they are printed as they don't list the casts.
  8. Thanks for that lovely in-depth review, Scheherezade.
  9. Would anyone please comment on Akane Takada's unplanned debut tonight?
  10. Thanks Rutette. Looks like a nice piece but the camera work doesn't do it justice, sadly.
  11. As far as I am aware they always film two performances for that reason. A live broadcast is just that, mishaps and all!
  12. Beautifully put, BridieM! Time stopped, and in Act 3 the audience stopped breathing. Just sheer wonder at what was unfolding before us.
  13. Wow.... I am bowled over by the intensity and sheer passion of Watson and Osipova tonight. The whole cast was wonderful, but this was their night. What a way for Ed to say farewell to the role that he has made his own these past years. Great night at the ballet.