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  1. Thank you for all your comments, both kind and informed. One of the comments on YouTube said they all looked bulky and the exercises were all too fast. Just made me feel a bit nervous but of course it's YouTube, who knows if the commentator had in any way an informed opinion.... yes I agree we also loved the drama of the in and out the end doors, which was even more dramatic in real life as they waited until they felt ready to come back in (the actual exam lasted 1 hour). DS says they worshiped the pianist (she was really feted at the end by the boys and the audience)! DS also mentioned one of the mariinsky dancers came to do class with them and pretty much had to sit out half way through as he didn't have the stamina to keep going. I think it genuinely is an extraordinarily difficult class, and as LinMM astutely observed definitely Tsiskas chance to prove himself as a teacher... more news on contract offers in due course when a bit more concrete (all good though)...
  2. Yes it is. He is centre at the barre (I think the camera zooms in on him quite early too so you can spot him more easily after that).
  3. Is on YouTube.... there are some negative comments about the speed of the combinations and the boys physique, I would be ally interested to know what those on this forum who are knowledgeable about ballet (unlike myself) think...particularly in light of Diana Vishnevas reported comments about the diluting of the Vaganova style as a result of a Bolshoi director for the school.... also I have to report the applause originated with the audience below (senior dancers, judges, assorted ballet luminaries), I was in the balcony with other attendees and the senior students and the students are far too respectful to applaud without their senior teachers taking the lead. i thought the quality was astounding but again I am no expert so would value others opinions. Although the judges seemed to agree- all the students I this class received the highest grade.
  4. i would stay chilled at this age. My DS (I'm sure you are all bored of hearing) didn't start any ballet classes until aged 10, didn't really take it at all seriously til aged 12, went to vocational school at age 14 and is about to graduated from the Vaganova Acadamy in Russia. Boys can afford to wait until they are a bit older and hopefully a bit more robust vis a vis others' comments...
  5. If she is in St P in May would she like to see the Vaganova school? DS will be there (they will be deep into rehearsals for graduation performances) and may well be able to get her in for a tour - I can ask him anyway (if you think she would be interested...).
  6. oh I don't think it's dorky at all. It's incredibly common for people to make injuries worse by 'protecting' the bit that hurts and then ending up putting strain elsewhere on the body. The origin of many a back/leg/ankle problem.... Maybe it's too soon to go to centre work? I know for example when practising head stand in yoga if I haven't practised for a while or am doing a different variation I have to revert to being near a wall instead of in the middle of the room- I never actually NEED the wall for balance- it's just a psychological prop. Once you have had a few more months of confident barre work you may find you get less anxious about the centre. Or even ask your teacher to stand by and support you (gradually moving from holding her to just having her arm there 'in case' and so on). So that you have the experience of being in the centre without the 'fear' of collapsing with no one to rescue you. Or even wear an ankle brace? I know they aren't usually a good idea as they will reduce the speed of strengthening the ankle but perhaps its better to do the centre with one than not do it at all? (I would check your physios opinion though just to be sure)... And (easy to say I know) try not to stress too much- it can only make it worse.... 6 months is not all that long- DS had the best part of 6 months off when he was 17 and it doesn't seem to have done him any harm. A friend of his from school had an entire year off (age 17-18) when he fractured a vertebrae and went on to get a contract with the Danish Royal Ballet 18 months after. So there's no need to panic too much about the speed of your recovery...
  7. Hmm- this sounds quite familiar - my DS definitely struggled (and struggles I suspect still) with a fear of injury caused by having a chronic hip and foot injury that was *sort of* ignored of the best part of a year. Essentially no one could work out why he had hip pain - he got various therapies that all helped a bit in the short term but it wasn't until he got a new teacher that the problem was solved (he has been doing his barre work standing not quite at 90 degrees to the barre hence he was slightly twisting on one side in almost all his work). Since then I would say he has been extra paranoid, and every twinge and twitch has put him in a panic that he has an injury that is more meaningful than just 'oh I pulled a muscle a bit and now should just rest it a bit til it gets better'. So his work can sometimes be a bit inconsistent as he tends not to put in 100% for fear of 'breaking' something. As for what helps that sooo hard. On the one hand the Vaganova are 100% of the opinion that if you have any kind of injury you sit out of class. He has never felt pressured to do class if he is in any pain, nor is anyone else. On the other hand the director sometimes seems to me to be driving the students to and then beyond their comfort zones in terms of stamina- almost to prove to them that actually they DO have more reserves than they realise. For example recently DS was made to practise a really tough variation I think 4 times in a row with literally no break inbetween (when previously he would have though once was only just possible). By the time he got to the 3rd run through he said he genuinely thought he was going to collapse and be unable to move. But he did then go on and manage a 4th. I stress completely that this IS NOT WITH INJURY- I am telling the story only to show that sometimes a little pushing CAN be good as it pushes you through the fear. But i wouldn't at all advise pushing yourself if there is ANY chance your injury isn't really fully healed. As Janet says it seems to me that you need to have an assurance from your physio/clinician that your ankle really is up to the task of what you are asking it to you. And more advice from your ballet teacher.....
  8. I don't think these are new at all- didn't one of the children in the film 'First Position' show one off? Didn't think it looked like a good idea at the time.
  9. Spoke to DS today and he had a fantastic time and is now completely in love with the Bolshoi. So impressed with the quality of the stages, the grandeur of the whole establishment and the ethos of the company. He knows some of the new company members, as they graduated from vaganova last year, and he got to have a chat about how life is in the company- it seems that despite being a huge company the corps members frequently get given soloist roles and are definitely nurtured to progress in their careers. He also (such a small world!) bumped into a former teacher from London Russian Ballet School who is now dancing with the Bolshoi (and who couldn't believe DS had only been in Russia a year and was so fluent in the language- in fact DS says he now sometimes has to tell folk he is English as they assume he is Russian), did company class with the principals and had the best stage make up for Fairy Dolls ever (it is fabulous I have to say- he sent a pic). He and his 2 partners were the only students there dancing with the company so a huge honour. He didn't think it was his best performance (was a bit thrown by how huge the stage is compared with Mariinsky) but had a very funny moment where he snatched the rose from his fellow clown to give to the fairy doll, and the flower head fell off- quite by chance his fellow clown caught the rose - and all 3 of them then ad libbed- when DS went to present it to the fairy she shook her head and he acted astonished to only have a stalk- clown 2 then shoved him aside and presented the flower head, DS made a super sad face and offered his hand, which she accepted - making it obvious she was taking pity on him... I thought it was amazing that the three of the managed to pull this off - (Tsiska in the audience was apparently laughing his head off). Anyway they must have done ok as DS asked for a day off today and they were granted one
  10. Many thanks! it is a nice review in the main- tho' a little harsh on poor Xander. I understand (via DS) it is a difficult piece for a taller dancer...
  11. congratulations- and good luck!
  12. Well am delighted to report that DS had a fantastic time performing at the Coli amongst such an amazing cast- he got to have company class at the Royal with all the principals, dance on home turf for the first time ever, and was even startled to be asked for autographs at the stage door! He made some new friends too And even better the Director of the Bolshoi liked their performance so much that the 3 in the Fairly Dolls Pas de Trois are off to Moscow on Sunday to perform at the Bolshoi as part of a gala.... I know I am not a ballet expert to be able to really judge their performance but I did think DS seemed to be really sparkling and to be enjoying himself immensely and from where I was sitting the Vaganova students got one of the biggest rounds of applause. There was a short interview on Russian TV which has a snippet of the performance (as well as a few snippets of the other performances) for anyone interested https://tvkultura.ru/article/show/article_id/170067
  13. well he has a job! so I think that puts him closer to the crème de la crème than you are so modestly suggesting
  14. what lovely news! many congratulations! and of course here is the exact right place to 'brag' (I would say celebrate) as we all truly appreciate the immense effort that has led to this moment- ENJOY!!!
  15. It probably isn't much help but maybe of interest to know what Vaganova do, as I have been very impressed by the support offered. I suppose in one sense they consider all their graduates to be the crème de la crème so do get a lot of visiting directors coming to watch class/exams/performances and cherry pick, and maybe they have an easier job placing their graduates because of their reputation. However, in terms of process, DS says all students get to sit down with the director fairly early in the final year to discuss where they would LIKE to work; he will then start discussing the students with the appropriate ADs. A month or so ago DS was feeling a bit anxious about assuming he would get offered a contract by a Russian company and asked how he would go about applying to other companies such as (for example) Vienna. The head of the international students said she would initially discuss with the Director (as apparently he already has 'plans' for DS) and then write to the company asking them to give him an audition. Directors of the big Russian companies and many of the German ones also attend exams etc. DS says the graduate exam is the most widely attended and publicised event of the school year. As far as I am aware amongst the boys last year all had a job offer by the end of the school year... This is very different to his experience at Kirov in Washington where he effectively had no support- I guess they were so USA focussed (and perhaps carried less 'clout'?) he was pretty much left to his own devices vis a vis jobs in Europe. Students tended to send a DVD and covering letter to company ADs and hope for an audition. One student was offered a contract on the basis of the DVD alone but I think she would come under the banner of exceptional.. They certainly didn't have 100% graduate employment but of course are much less selective compared with the big name schools...