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  1. Sophie strikes me as an intelligent and self aware lady who has found comfort in dance. This interview really touched me. https://www.thestage.co.uk/features/interviews/2016/sophie-rebecca-its-unlikely-i-will-be-a-ballerina-but-not-because-im-transgender/
  2. Does anyone have any ladies small leotards for Elmhurst 6:1 for sale?
  3. Elmhurst, on the other hand, will take a much wider range of heights, from shorter than CDRs dd to my own at the taller end at nearly 5ft 8"!
  4. Thanks to who ever moved this - was sure I had put it in sale and wanted, that will teach me for trying to do it on my phone!
  5. I have a ladies medium Elmhurst formal skirt (years 7-10) for sale. £10 to include postage.
  6. Thanks Karen!
  7. Are the candidate/parent interviews happening for upper school auditions too? Just curious as the parent of a current year 11, I was assuming I wouldn't need to be there that day! We haven't had much information from school regarding the day itself.
  8. Have you tried scrubbing with a paste made of baking soda? This helped with a coffee stain on the heel of dd's brand new (eek!) pointe shoes. Didn't quite remove it fully on first go, but reckon a second shot would do the job.
  9. Parking on the meters in Lower Essex Street and Bromsgrove Street (as described by dancing unicorn) is free on a Sunday.
  10. Yes it is Pixiewoo I'll pm you x
  11. We have a Sansha black and grey size S3 fleece unitard for sale. It is as new, having been worn only once! Asking £12 including post and packaging.
  12. Has anyone had results from Royal's Sunday auditions yet?
  13. Hi Karen Just had our email - group 2 on Sunday, 5th February at 11:45. Maybe see you there!
  14. Has anyone had their email from RBS regarding the upper school preliminary audition being held in London?
  15. With regard to authorised absence, attendance at an interview (so for dance read audition) should be authorised with the code J - page 19 of this document might be useful to refer to in any dealings: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/518586/Advice_on_school_attendance.pdf Incidentally, codes P and F might help those who struggle to get time off for summe schools - the get out clause is 'someone/an organisation approved by the school' but I think it would be difficult to not approve the Royal Ballet Schhol for example! But to defend schools, attendance is a VERY significant factor in inspection judgements especially in the current policitcal climate, with a focus on safeguarding children and 'children missing education' being something that could send even the very best of schools (however that's is judged) into a requires improvement or special measures category. But to reiterate, yes you are most definitely entitled to an authorised absence to attend interviews/auditions at other educational establishments and I am sure the school would rather give you an authorised absence for those occasions than an unauthorised one! Good luck!