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  1. That's great - Dancique is fantastic! Small world ArucariaBallerina - my dd was at the workshop too today! You all looked lovely in the demonstration.
  2. I know of someone with a flamenco skirt for sale if you want to pm me arucariaballerina x
  3. Just stumbled across these on the Elmhurst website/twitter feed - a series of 3 podcast interviews with the artistic director, Robert Parker and two graduate year students, including Genee bronze medalist Hamish Scott. http://www.thewonderfulworldofdance.com/elmhurst-ballet-school-robert-parker http://www.thewonderfulworldofdance.com/elmhurst-ballet-school-hamish-scott http://www.thewonderfulworldofdance.com/elmhurst-ballet-school-lydia-holt I've only had chance to listen to the first one so far, but found it very interesting!
  4. Lucky Leo do this beautiful Revolve top. It is designed to be worn with the revolve leotard but watching the 'how to wear it' video on the website, it looks to me like it could be worn over any leotard (maybe with the addition of a couple of loops as shown) quite expensive but if it worked, would transform lots of different sleeveless leotards she may already have. https://www.luckyleodancewear.com/collections/womens-custom-leotards/products/revolve
  5. Sorry I have only just seen this reply! The skirt s a c2 size waist 22 inches but needs the zip replacing. Congratulations to your daughter, I am sure she will be very happy at Elmhurst x
  6. A short documentary, balance (sorry don't know how to do an accent on here!), featuring Laura Purkiss of BRB is currently being shown at various film festivals and is all about balancing a ballet career and motherhood. Not sure how/if/when it will be available for general viewing but a trailer is available on the film's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/balancefilm/
  7. We also had our £100 refunded one year when dd unexpectedly got White Lodge Summer School and a lovely 'hope she enjoys it' message from Miss Porter. I do think the YBSS team works incredibly hard to secure an unprecedented level of funded places and I am so grateful that my daughter, amongst many others, has been able to access such a fabulous summer school with an amazing faculty as a result.
  8. Thank you Amos73. Is your dd going to be a junior, intermediate or senior? Mine will be senior.
  9. My daughter, who was in the second audition class, is thrilled to have received a scholarship. This will be her third year at YBSS and she just loves it!
  10. Some bursaries are also available for those unable to pay the course fees. See the following link to the YBSS fees and funding page. I personally think it is amazing that so many funded places, be it scholarships or bursaries, are on offer for this very high calibre summer school! http://www.ybss.co.uk/fees.php
  11. Sophie strikes me as an intelligent and self aware lady who has found comfort in dance. This interview really touched me. https://www.thestage.co.uk/features/interviews/2016/sophie-rebecca-its-unlikely-i-will-be-a-ballerina-but-not-because-im-transgender/
  12. Does anyone have any ladies small leotards for Elmhurst 6:1 for sale?
  13. Elmhurst, on the other hand, will take a much wider range of heights, from shorter than CDRs dd to my own at the taller end at nearly 5ft 8"!
  14. Thanks to who ever moved this - was sure I had put it in sale and wanted, that will teach me for trying to do it on my phone!
  15. I have a ladies medium Elmhurst formal skirt (years 7-10) for sale. £10 to include postage.