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  1. Totally agree Peanut, our experience of seeing health professionals who treat dancers is that they want to do everything they can to solve the problem and get you dancing again!
  2. I know of several dc's who have been offered places at Rambert at 16 in the past, both vocational and non vocational.
  3. You could try Dancing Boutique, they provide uniform for lots of dance schools and they supply Flamenco skirts and shoes for Elmhurst students. Not sure if it's exactly a flamenco style skirt you are looking for, but I seem to recall that Dancing Boutique make them to measure. I imagine they may also be able to advise on shoes that are suitable for flamenco and won't damage dancefloors. I'm afraid I can't recall what these items cost. You could also post in the 'Wanted' section in Doing Dance as someone may have these items for sale second hand.
  4. I remember also being advised to place a cotton pillowcase on top of the netting before ironing.
  5. It's around 3.30/4pm depending on how long the demo performance is.
  6. Kat09, last year it was 5pm arrival on the Sunday.
  7. My dd has always been covered by Bupa and it has been invaluable. It's not that physio sessions or other treatments are limited to a certain number, but there are £ limits on the various categories of treatments and there is usually an upfront excess.
  8. Ashbourne Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic.
  9. Boots have gel toe spacers. I think you can either get Scholl ones or Boots own brand.
  10. Harwel, such a shame that your ds won't do a video for YBSS, it is a fantastic summer school. The teachers are wonderful and the environment is incredibly supportive and inclusive. I was so emotional last year, that after 7 years dd won't be going any more
  11. If you don't mind a bit of a trip, Just Ballet in Wisbech have some beautiful tutus. My dd had a bespoke one made by them last year and it is gorgeous. They also have stock tutus and I believe they also hire them out.
  12. I am assured by my dd that the food is excellent. Last year a typical day consisted of a ballet class, then either pdd or solos and contemporary at the end of the day. The accommodation is pretty good too. In the evenings there were quiz nights and swimming. Generally just a really nice atmosphere, common rooms to hang out in. Also in the evening tea, hot chocolate and biscuits always available. Lots of lovely people, dd had a great time, she just wished it had been longer.
  13. It was also an issue 3 years ago. Tring was the first upper school final then.
  14. I think it's Portugal.
  15. Just Ballet in Wisbech may have something. They have a website.