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  1. DD had her sports day today. She was definitely the most graceful in the skipping race, but unfortunately the slowest 😁
  2. Thank you - I'll ask her teacher to contact them. Well done again to your DD xx
  3. I think your daughter is doing so well - she has places at two really good associate schemes already so she's clearly very talented. We've had a no from RBS two years running, which I've always expected as my daughter while long limbed, is small for her age which as far as I can tell isn't their ideal. We're still deciding what to do next year regarding vocational applications, as while DD loves dancing, I think we both feel that any added pressure might dampen the joy of her favourite pastime. We've decided not to talk about it until September so she can relax all summer and decide what to do with a clear mind. Glad you're feeling better Xx
  4. My DD has auditioned for both, and I would say that LCB is harder to get in to. Mainly because it's free, so you get a huge amount of children going for relatively few places ( our experience was roughly 450-500 for 30 places in LCB and around 100 children going for 50 EYB places) My DD was accepted for EYB, only got to finals for LCB, but interestingly found the audition much more challenging for EYB. As far as I know, LCB rehearses at weekends. Hope that helps!
  5. I do agree with you Mrs Moo, they just want to dance don't they?! Sounds like all the results are finally coming through, fingers crossed for those waiting xx
  6. We got a no for year 6 too - DD is absolutely fine thank goodness! It's a tough process, and agreed it can make you feel quite despondent - but I'm focusing on how proud I am of DD - I'd never have had the guts to audition for anything when I was 9! She's happy at YDA too. Shame they haven't got the resources to give a little more feedback, it was heartening to get that when she applied for Tring. Best of luck to everyone still waiting to hear, hopefully lots of yeses! Fingers crossed for you all xx
  7. I think it could be a while yet, last year there were three working days between Totnes and London results coming out - I hope I'm wrong!
  8. We saw it and it was so lovely! DD got to the final LCB audition and had to do some of the dances, so wanted to see how it all turned out! Hopefully she'll be back auditioning again this year.
  9. Well done - that's a great achievement considering the numbers auditioning! What centre did you audition at? X
  10. It doesn't seem to follow a pattern, last year if I recall correctly, there was a gap then Birmingham and Eastleigh came, then another day or so then Bath and Totnes, with London another four days after that. Results can come through quite late in the day. Ours came at after 6pm last year! Hope this helps, it's not easy waiting is it? X
  11. Congratulations to the yeses - especially those on a second attempt! My DD got a very positive no letter telling her to try again, it's her first attempt at CBA, so I expect we'll be back again in November. She's lucky enough to already attend another associate scheme, so won't be too downcast. It's all experience, and good to have areas to work on. Well done to your girls xx
  12. They come centre by centre in date order. Hope the wait isn't too long x
  13. Our London result came on the 20th of June last year, so roughly two and a half weeks after the audition. Some were sent the day before, so we had an extra sleepless night to get through 😣
  14. Don't worry about her flexibility at the moment - my DD is an associate at YDA and there are at least two girls in her class who can't do full splits yet. So it's not the be all and end all. Hope it goes well!
  15. You can also download the Royal Ballet School's annual report from their website which shows the number of children that applied last year, and the number they gave places to - for both JA and White Lodge.