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  1. yes you watch Billy Elliot & feel inspired that the average person might make it with potential!! But then you get to these places & they are having private lessons from Principal soloists at well known ballet companies!! It seems so hard to compete!! Then the international students seem amazing!!! Sarah2203 your DD sounds amazing with regard to West End shows etc we have no singing talent!!
  2. OK that makes me feel a bit better!! I am sure she could get more bendy with time & correct instruction. Sometimes it seems when you see the people that are getting into the schools especially girls they seem AMAZING & like the finished article!!!
  3. Just wondering how flexible does a 10 year old need to be?? what are RBS & others looking for.My DD who I thought was very flexible can do all splits etc was told at a Masters of Ballet course she was not flexible enough. Her usual teacher does not spend a lot of time on stretching. She has not done gymnastics should she have done!! Too late now. Are most children that are successful doing gym?? What sort of stretches should we do at home?? there seemed to be a few children with great back flexibility, how do you achieve that!!some looked super human!!!
  4. We are doing a Ballet Boost course.DD (10). She is really looking forward to it x
  5. Yes a gorgeous lad in my DD class was Year 6 JA,got Year 7 WL & has summer school place!Lucky him, he is amazing & the nicest boy you could ever meet. So hard not to be jealous!! we would be happy just to go to something once just to say we have been there,I guess they have an invested interest in the people & its good for them to get used to be away from home.Would be interesting to see a breakdown of the 632 places just to see how many places go to international, how many to JA etc just then to know a more realistic probability of chances. It must be so exciting if you are going what a week. We just booked a Ballet Boost course & DD is with her friends so she will be very happy. We should really just be concentrating on our 11+ realistically!!
  6. Please don't panic, a lovely lady had emailed me & you did not need to click on link. Everyone that was offered waiting list is on the waiting list. Fingers crossed for everyone!!! although we have now just paid for a different summer course for the same week so would be a nightmare in the very unlikely event!! Are most people that get the summer course JA's etc??? Can a random outsider have a chance???
  7. yes, I spoke to them too & said we are all on the waiting list!sorry to cause any panic!!!!
  8. Can I just confirm but my email regarding the waiting list said to only click on the link if you wanted to be taken off the waiting list. It just said they would contact you if a place became available. I just clicked on the link & there were lots of options where you had to click that you have to choose to confirm your place on the waiting list.I did not do this, was I meant to?? So not actually even sure if my DD is actually on the waiting list!! not that she would have got a place anyway but now feel worried I have wrecked it for her!!
  9. Very jealous!!! That was the Week my DD Year 5 was on the waiting list for.Your student is very lucky & obviously talented!!!
  10. That's so exciting!!!! May I ask how old she was??
  11. There were 1160 last year!! chances are soooo small. We are going to London & last year they took 26 girls out of 355!!! so best to view it as a fun day out!!!! Must be a tricky job to be on the judging panel.Can't wait for it to be over!!
  12. when does she do these assessments?? Is it part of when you are doing an EYB production? Or can you see her privately.My DD did an EYB a while ago but did not know you could ask for an assessment.
  13. We love YDA!!! Best of luck. Can't believe this was us a year ago!!!
  14. We are trying for a Year 6 place this year in London. My DD got the SWL last year. It really was a lovely day out & she really enjoyed it. We also auditioned for YDA where she did get a place. She loves YDA so much. It has a lovely feeling about it & she really looks forward to going. I have found the teachers brilliant & think she has come on loads. I have also found my DD has been fine with the rejection!! Think its me who probably feels more disappointed!! But I guess you just have to tell yourself if its meant to be it will happen!! Has also taught her to persevere, be determined & keep working hard.
  15. sorry just read up a bit more about them & see they do musical theatre!!