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  1. Thanks.feels like there will be a lot of form filling/deadlines to keep on top of going through this process!!!
  2. Does anyone roughly know when you apply for 2018 entry to Elmhurst??? Does anyone have any experience/info on life at Elmhurst?
  3. Wow!! That's amazing Noobag06.Where did your DD choose to go in the end?? YDA or Elmhurst? We love YDA Associates & have never visited Elmhurst.What's Elmhurst like?? Your DD sounds amazing!
  4. Juliet that is inspiration indeed!!! Wow! that's like a movie script!! Well Done to your DD!!
  5. Any inspiring stories from people never accepted as JA's??? But got to WL or Elmhurst? I think I read 95% accepted into WL are JA's I just like to have a dream!!! Also do the JA's audition along with us normal folk or do they do it separately. Also are all the auditions still at all the JA centres & then finals take place in London??
  6. Does anybody have any first hand experience of this??
  7. My friends gorgeous DD been offered a place at London off SWL
  8. I was at watching week too!! yes we did get feedback was very helpful. DD determined to carry on.She got an amazing report from YDA.Have sent you a private message!x Keep telling myself Darcey Bussell did not make it until 13!!!
  9. my original question was just about improving flexibility. Nothing to do with the course my DD loved it & the teachers. Just made me realise we were perhaps not that flexible as we don't do gymnastics & was wondering whether we should. It DD usual classes they don't spend vast periods of time on stretches.& whether we should be doing a series of daily stretches at home
  10. when she got SWL she was only doing 1/2 classes a week.So we felt inspired decided to up the amount of lessons so she was then doing 4 classes in the week, Saturdays at YDA then every other Sunday at a local associates.I think I had just got it in my head if she got wait list doing so little then after a year of hard work & determination we would make it!!! People have often said she has the perfect ballet physique but who knows!! Not sure her neck is that long!!! She is very dark skinned with random blonde hair which is quite unusual maybe they thought she was covered in fake tan!!! who knows!!! She does have that American beauty pageant look but its all natural!
  11. Thanks lovely forum peeps, beginning to feel a lot better.thought doing the 11+ was bad but waiting for ballet results seems even worse!!
  12. yes when we got SWL in Year 5 no place came up at London. But if its your destiny then it will happen!! Does anyone have any inspiring stories to lift my disappointment after a NO?? Do you still just keep plodding along & trying. Just can't even work out now if its worth applying for vocational schools. DD is totally fine, not sure whats wrong with me but not sure how much rejection I can take!!!!
  13. I remember last year we got it the following day to everyone else xxx
  14. Think the later you hear in the day the better!!! I will the deliver the news with a positive spin!!she is very happy at YDA! Think I had got it in my head we had a chance because of waiting list place previous year!! but to get a NO after that seemed hard to take in!!
  15. She is a robust little thing she will be fine. Just feel like giving up to be honest this whole process is just too stressful & you get false hope & carry on!!