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  1. Very well said Jane !! ......... and I'm hoping everything was resolved for your DC in the end & he/she is now flourishing x
  2. ............yep, mine too please !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  3. Balletmummy18 - sounds like a good plan to me and is probably the conclusion I would have come to !! Prestige isn't everything and if your DS remains unhappy ....... he will struggle to reach his full potential through no fault of his own, but through lack of support & nuturing from the school & this teacher in particular......and wouldn't that be a shame !! x
  4. Wigglybunny - we also found that when our DS started at vocational school, the subject of dance belts becomes a common subject of conversation amongst the boys, with older boys giving advice to the younger ones . Our DS found wearing his dance belts suddenly for much longer periods of time did cause him some problems - soreness etc. The houseparents have come across this problem many a time, were very sympathetic to DS and asked a couple of the older boys to have a chat with him . He then realised it's often something that improves with the right belt and simply becoming used to wearing them for longer. Sudocrem is very soothing !!!
  5. Watched Giselle last night with our DS ......... WOW !! Congratulations to all the Hammond students who performed brilliantly alongside the professionals & also to the staff at Hammond for staging such an amazing production. The standard of ballet training at the school is fabulous. Well done to everyone πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜„
  6. You can also Google "Dr Dancebelts Guide" . This is a website covering advice on every aspect of dance belts and you could get your DS to read through it. Basically dance belts are primarily for protection and appearance. Everything is packaged in a forward position, fairly tightly (but comfortably) to limit movement. Without a dance belt , during certain dance movements the testicles could become trapped/crushed between the thighs......very painful I would imagine. When putting a dance belt on, all the tackle should be positioned forward with the penis in an upright position (pointing towards the belly button) - swoop & scoop as they say. Fortunately our DS didn't seem embarrassed about any of this & fell about laughing the first time he donned one.....walking around more like a duck than a ballet dancer for a few minutes The first time he wore one in class - he announced to his teacher - if I dance "a bit funny" today Miss, it's because I'm wearing my new dance belt !!! - to which she replied - "don't worry I will let you off & well done for trying" . This of course caused much amusement, hilarity & intrigue amongst the girls, which DS just laughed off.....think he secretly liked the fact he now 'needed' to wear one Apologies if this contains a bit more detail than some would like, but I remember knowing very little at the time about such things, and often there aren't any older boys parents to ask at your own dance school. I'm glad our DS got used to wearing one before going to vocational school as its one less concern for them when everything else is new & challenging. Our DS is fine with them now, although glad to de-robe at the end of the day !! πŸ˜†
  7. Oh no Balletmummy, that sounds really awful & actually very shocking to me - I can truly understand the dilemma your faced with. I reckon personal happiness & the health of your DS is the most important thing here as can his dancing be nurtured & improve if he is anxious and so unhappy ? Hopefully - a new ballet teacher next year may have a totally different approach & your DS will feel a lot more positive. If he were my DS, I'd keep a very close eye on how he's feeling, keep talking to him & if worst comes to worst, consider leaving the school & possibly apply to another vocational school if he wants to carry on with his training . I've always told our DS that whilst he is lucky to be attending such a school & must try hard to take full advantage of such an opportunity - his happiness comes first and above everything else. There are several examples here on the forum of children being unhappy at certain schools and once changed schools - loving it & their dancing going from strength to strength . X
  8. I'm really shocked that it's boys that attend ballet class that are behaving in such a way to your DD !! You'd think they would know better and be supportive towards her !! Rotters !! Please let your DD know that the vast majority of boys that are ballet inclined wouldn't dream of upsetting a girl in this way and are generally lovely. What a shame she's happened upon the exception !!
  9. Ahh bless her, children can be so mean & horrid at times , we've had bullying issues in the past with our DS - related to his dancing, and it can become horrible for the child & all-consuming & worrying for us parents. I think it's very wise words to keep talking to her about it - let her know this happens to other children too & usually there is a solution. Reassure her that whilst sometimes feet can become a little sore - but there are ways of minimising this & looking after her feet properly, so it's not as bad as these horrible kids have led her to believe. They are more than likely jealous of her and the fact that she enjoys her dancing. Big hug x
  10. Can't wait - we're going Saturday too πŸ‘πŸΌ
  11. Thanks Dancing Unicorn
  12. Our DS also wears a thong dance belt and started at around 10yrs. He still finds them a tad uncomfortable & quite glad when he can take them off. He prefers the padded variety as he says it gives him some added protection from the occasional wayward knee or foot placement of the girls when practising pas de deux. Think he's still got to learn to stand back a little further !!! ouch
  13. I would say Hammond is a very good school for an all-rounder. Our DS is a bit of an all rounder although his preference is classical ballet at the moment. For an MDS funding award - I would say that is based on potential in ballet, but many students attend Hammond with generous school bursaries who have other talents - be it in drama, music or other dance genres . If you want classical ballet to be your focus, I can only speak about our experience and our DS feels challenged & pushed with his ballet (in a good way) and is flourishing. He loves the school & the training
  14. Can anyone tell me if the students attending Summer school have to wear a particular uniform or can they wear their usual dancewear? especially re the boys. Thanks all.
  15. Thankyou CeliB ........ fascinating story & very enlightening !!