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  1. Ahhhh, village gala season! Over the years I have watched dd attempt tap on a shiny gym floor (it was very tentative!), ballet on gym mats (far too squishy!), and acro on a lumpy field (heart in mouth!). Now I would just say no if she can’t perform the dance properly on the surface - it just makes her miserable that an audience has seen an inferior performance. Agree with taxi4ballet - is there another dance she could do instead?
  2. Yes, my dd (you know the one Pixiewoo!) did this last year for a year. She found it to be really worthwhile. The ballet classes, in particular, were excellent. The woman that teaches the jazz is very strict and shouts a lot, and her feedback is blunt to the point of rudeness at times which isn’t to everyone’s liking, but in terms of quality of training no complaints! There are some excellent dancers on the course (some that you will recognise from local comps). They are more understanding than most associate schemes about absences to attend comps and the like, although you still have to pay of course. Dd would still be doing Scholars if she hadn’t been offered a place on the Northern Ballet CAT, but 4 days a week at Northern, plus still doing 1 evening at local dance school, is enough for us! Anything else, feel free to PM. Congratulations on the offer!
  3. It seems to me that whilst there are far fewer boy than girl dancers aged 7-14, the vast majority of boys that do dance are very good. Whereas a girl might just drift along with the crowd (of girls), and subsequently become a happy recreational dancer, in general boys will only try and stick at dancing if they have a real passion and aptitude for it. It’s the boys who might just enjoy dancing at a recreational level that maybe need to be encouraged to have a go because they are missing out.
  4. My dd is there weeks 2 and 3, so will no doubt meet your dd Pointetoes, but miss yours Loulou.
  5. My dd is also 15 and attending BW summer school with a view to applying for September 2018. Hadn’t considered asking to audition during the summer school. Not sure if it would add some stress to what would otherwise be a lovely stess-free experience? Then again, year 11 will be so busy, it would be nice ………. What weeks are your dd’s attending?
  6. Thoughts ………. there are lots of different levels of competition in the dance world, from the novice sections at a small local festival, to the open sections, to bigger festivals, All England qualifiers and regional championships. I think it would be unfair if a dancer who had just won a place at a voc school was entered into a novice section at a small local festival, but at All England regional finals I wouldn’t expect any restrictions. It is a very high level of competition, so I would expect many of the dancers there to have trained a lot (either at voc school or otherwise). Part of the point of competing at that level is to test yourself against the very best dancers out there.
  7. If a determined dancer like you gets onto a good associate programme (like you have with Moorland), even if the class is only for a couple of hours a week you can then go away and practise practise practise the exercises from the class for as many hours as you choose on top of that. So I would say - soak up everything you can during those associate classes and work on it at home. Then fit in as many holiday intensives as you can - there are loads of good ones out there. Good Luck
  8. It is the responsibility of the parent to ask to see a private tutor’s DBS and references, and then take a view on whether they want them to work with their child. I think it’s a bit of a loophole when it comes to private arrangements. I would have thought the same loophole would apply to dance classes not affiliated to an organisation (like RAD or ISTD).
  9. So if you have ‘substantial access to children in a contact heavy environment’ you are legally obliged to be DBS checked? I am just curious because I know that private tutors in other areas (e.g. music or maths) do not legally require a DBS, although most do get it. Obviously that isn’t a ‘contact heavy’ situation, but it is often one-to-one.
  10. Do you actually have to have one? I thought it was ‘good for business’ to show that you had been police checked, but not actually a legal requirement.
  11. This may be a quirk of where I live, but I think there is a gap in the market for non-syllabus dance, especially for teenagers. It seems that there are a lot of 12/13 year olds who give up because they don’t want to do grades and exams any more, but they would still love to dance. If I was advising a local friend who wanted to start up a dance business I would say to run classes like jazz, contemporary, commercial, ballet and tap for ages 11-15 and 16+. I might even be tempted to join in myself
  12. Dd has done several Easter and Summer intensives at Northern Ballet as she was an Associate there for 3 years before joining the CAT programme there last year. All of the CAT scheme dancers are at the summer intensive, plus many dancers from voc schools both in Britain and further afield (there were quite a few Italians last year!). Dd loves the intensives there. It’s very friendly and welcoming and the facilities are fabulous. They do ballet, contemporary, rep, and Pilates. Class sizes are approx 15-20 (I think!). Any other questions - feel free to PM me. We have never done Ballet West but it received good reviews on here last year. We were attracted by the fact that she could do 2 weeks residential there, and it does look lovely!
  13. So, where is everyone going this year, apart from RBS and YBSS? Dd (15) is at Northern Ballet in Leeds and Ballet West in Scotland (weeks 2 and 3). Really would have loved to have done Central and/or Rambert as these are her 1st choice schools for applications this Autumn, but dates/accomodation/logistics proved too challenging for us!
  14. Dd used to have a very nice salsa tap routine to ‘Let’s Get Loud’. You can show off your syncopated rhythms too!
  15. Photos and videos taken by parents whilst children are performing are a definite no at the comps we go to in West/North Yorkshire, although some people still manage to do it! Sometimes people take photos in the foyer (or on the stage during breaks), and sometimes there is an official photographer/dvd person who takes photos/dvds that you can buy. Ballet, tap, modern, character, song & dance, Greek, acro, National, lyrical, and vocal sections all feature at our comps and are all performed individually. Typically at the comps we go to there are 15 to 30 dancers in a section and adjudication is at the end of every section. The only time I’ve ever seen children all perform together is for impromptu/improv sections, when they all have to dance to a piece of previously unheard music. I believe ballroom, Latin, and freestyle competitions do involve collective performances though. There are also duet, trio and group sections at our comps, which obviously do involve performing together on stage.