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  1. Dd has done several Easter and Summer intensives at Northern Ballet as she was an Associate there for 3 years before joining the CAT programme there last year. All of the CAT scheme dancers are at the summer intensive, plus many dancers from voc schools both in Britain and further afield (there were quite a few Italians last year!). Dd loves the intensives there. It’s very friendly and welcoming and the facilities are fabulous. They do ballet, contemporary, rep, and Pilates. Class sizes are approx 15-20 (I think!). Any other questions - feel free to PM me. We have never done Ballet West but it received good reviews on here last year. We were attracted by the fact that she could do 2 weeks residential there, and it does look lovely!
  2. So, where is everyone going this year, apart from RBS and YBSS? Dd (15) is at Northern Ballet in Leeds and Ballet West in Scotland (weeks 2 and 3). Really would have loved to have done Central and/or Rambert as these are her 1st choice schools for applications this Autumn, but dates/accomodation/logistics proved too challenging for us!
  3. Dd used to have a very nice salsa tap routine to ‘Let’s Get Loud’. You can show off your syncopated rhythms too!
  4. Photos and videos taken by parents whilst children are performing are a definite no at the comps we go to in West/North Yorkshire, although some people still manage to do it! Sometimes people take photos in the foyer (or on the stage during breaks), and sometimes there is an official photographer/dvd person who takes photos/dvds that you can buy. Ballet, tap, modern, character, song & dance, Greek, acro, National, lyrical, and vocal sections all feature at our comps and are all performed individually. Typically at the comps we go to there are 15 to 30 dancers in a section and adjudication is at the end of every section. The only time I’ve ever seen children all perform together is for impromptu/improv sections, when they all have to dance to a piece of previously unheard music. I believe ballroom, Latin, and freestyle competitions do involve collective performances though. There are also duet, trio and group sections at our comps, which obviously do involve performing together on stage.
  5. 10 year old ds here, only been dancing for 6 months. I didn’t even know specialised boys underwear existed! Just when I think I’ve gained a decent bank of knowledge for dd, ds starts dancing and it’s a whole new ball game (if you’ll excuse the pun). Any other surprises in store for us??
  6. Places are allocated solely on video application. The audition is just for those who wish to be considered for a scholarship, which is based solely on ability and not means-tested. They don’t tell you if you have secured a place before you show up for the scholarship audition though, so it could be a complete waste of time!
  7. It does seem odd that they don’t offer places before the scholarship auditions. It’s a huge waste of time and money for some people traipsing off to scholarship auditions when they aren’t even going to get offered a place let alone a scholarship. As you say, they must know the yeses from the videos, so why not tell the nos before the the scholarship audition and save them the extra time and expense?
  8. Also worth looking at Renaissance Arts Scholars in Leeds - roughly fortnightly on a Sunday, and it’s not too late to apply for this September.
  9. I assumed that most students who attend are already at vocational dance schools.
  10. I know it has been discussed in previous threads, but I highly recommend Zerlina Mastin’s book for encouraging young dancers to eat healthily.
  11. I was aware that you had a successful ds, but didn’t know these details - so not bored of hearing! Very interesting, and nice to know
  12. My ds also danced with and because of his sister a lot at home, but resisted dance classes for a long time. I couldn’t even tell you why, as there has never been any suspicion of bullying of any kind. The ‘for girls’ thing was in his head, but not sure how it got there. When he was 8 he started a performing arts group (where they do some musical theatre dancing) because there were other boys there. 9 was the magic age when he was mature enough to realise for himself that he didn’t like football and he’d much rather be in dance classes even if he was the only boy! That was last September. He started with a 45 minute tap class as that was the only class with another boy in it. By Christmas he had added on ballet and commercial, and now says ballet is his favourite. All of his friends think it’s interesting and unusual, but he hasn’t experienced any negativity so far
  13. I stand corrected on my ‘why is this newsworthy?’ remark! Obviously it is as it has got lots of people interested and talking about it. My first thought when I saw the story was, as you said yourself, ‘why would it matter anyway’ that you were trans, and therefore at first I just thought - so another person took IF ballet, big deal. I’m glad that you didn’t get any special consideration, and fully understand why this would be important to you, as it makes your achievement ‘authentic’. I apologise for implying that you appeared to have been given special consideration - the footage shown obviously didn’t do you justice. Congratulations!
  14. I struggled to see why this story was newsworthy. I can’t recall any other ‘first transgeneder person to ………’ stories, so why report this? Just because it’s ballet? And if that was correctly reported as IF, surely she was given special consideration, which seems a little patronising.
  15. I think most would get a student loan to cover the fees. These don’t have to be paid back until you are earning above a certain amount, and then the amount you pay back each month is on a sliding scale depending on income. After a certain period (20 years?), they right it off. Dancers might as well get a full fee loan as chances are (sadly) they will the never have to repay it in full.