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  1. I know it has been discussed in previous threads, but I highly recommend Zerlina Mastin’s book for encouraging young dancers to eat healthily.
  2. I was aware that you had a successful ds, but didn’t know these details - so not bored of hearing! Very interesting, and nice to know
  3. My ds also danced with and because of his sister a lot at home, but resisted dance classes for a long time. I couldn’t even tell you why, as there has never been any suspicion of bullying of any kind. The ‘for girls’ thing was in his head, but not sure how it got there. When he was 8 he started a performing arts group (where they do some musical theatre dancing) because there were other boys there. 9 was the magic age when he was mature enough to realise for himself that he didn’t like football and he’d much rather be in dance classes even if he was the only boy! That was last September. He started with a 45 minute tap class as that was the only class with another boy in it. By Christmas he had added on ballet and commercial, and now says ballet is his favourite. All of his friends think it’s interesting and unusual, but he hasn’t experienced any negativity so far
  4. I stand corrected on my ‘why is this newsworthy?’ remark! Obviously it is as it has got lots of people interested and talking about it. My first thought when I saw the story was, as you said yourself, ‘why would it matter anyway’ that you were trans, and therefore at first I just thought - so another person took IF ballet, big deal. I’m glad that you didn’t get any special consideration, and fully understand why this would be important to you, as it makes your achievement ‘authentic’. I apologise for implying that you appeared to have been given special consideration - the footage shown obviously didn’t do you justice. Congratulations!
  5. I struggled to see why this story was newsworthy. I can’t recall any other ‘first transgeneder person to ………’ stories, so why report this? Just because it’s ballet? And if that was correctly reported as IF, surely she was given special consideration, which seems a little patronising.
  6. I think most would get a student loan to cover the fees. These don’t have to be paid back until you are earning above a certain amount, and then the amount you pay back each month is on a sliding scale depending on income. After a certain period (20 years?), they right it off. Dancers might as well get a full fee loan as chances are (sadly) they will the never have to repay it in full.
  7. Just think that the adjudicator needs to be able to see her face, and facial expressions, clearly. We have been to festivals where the adjudicator is a long way away, up in a balcony at the back of the hall. So this is no time to be overly subtle and tasteful - be bold! I always think a bit of sparkle looks good
  8. Can I add to that, or maximum?
  9. On a bit of a tangent - you say your daughter is only 8 and several grades behind in tap. In my (limited) experience, for most children (and of course there are exceptions), they shouldn’t even start tap until they are about 8. Before that they seem to lack some essential skill - co-ordination, limb-control, musicality, timing?? - and just stamp about making an awful racket. Similarly, most children don’t start learning to play a musical instrument until they are about 8. They can play around and make noises, and maybe they will find that fun, but they are not really dancing (or playing an instrument).
  10. I would agree with the suggestions above to look at Ballet West. They had 2 finalists (out of 5) in the ballet section of BBC young dancer, and they were great ambassadors for the school. The female dancer in particular was fabulous. My dd is spending 2 weeks there this summer with a view to it being one of the schools she applies to for 2018 entry.
  11. I don’t know much about either Laine or Urdang, but I have to say that the Urdang performance we saw at Move It was an absolute showstopper. Every single dancer was amazing - so huge congrats to your ds for earning a place with them
  12. No! Don’t worry at all! It’s just one person’s opinion on one day. Lots of very good and experienced festival dancers (who aspire to careers in dance) don’t place sometimes - maybe because they didn’t nail their routine as well as usual, maybe because the other dancers were just fab, maybe because the adjudicator just didn’t like the routine or thought it was too simple - who knows! But definitely not a thing to worry about. Festivals are just for fun - it’s the training you do day in day out that will determine whether you can make a professional one day
  13. Haha - unless there are two in our area, the Avatar you saw would have been my dd! Who wouldn’t want to paint their daughter blue at 8am on a Sunday morning?? It’s a nightmare when they have another section an hour later though! She’s changed it now to Marilyn Monroe.
  14. My favourite ever character was The Grinch, which was done brilliantly by a girl of about 13/14. Also seen Cat in the Hat done very well. Tricky make-up efforts for you though! Personally, I don’t like characters that take too much explaining - you know the ones with a title like ‘girl arrives at a train statin on a stormy day only to find …… blah blah blah’.
  15. I don’t know how many places they offer (guessing 25 ish??), but I got the impression from a recent Q&A session at the end of an open day that if anything they preferred 16 year olds. They seemed to be suggesting that there was more they could do with them at that age, as opposed to older applicants who were ‘already set’ (my words, not theirs!). They did, however, stress that applications were very welcome from ‘older' dancers too! Edited to add ………… The answer given at the Q&A may have been influenced by the fact that the questioner was female. Quite possibly the age thing is less of an issue for boys. Just noticed your ‘name’ Ballet4Boyz!